Her Loss is His Gain


I am sitting in the hotel bar where I am staying after a business meeting minding my own business, sipping my vodka and coke.

I’m only half watching the news on the tv screen above the bar when I hear you slam your phone down on the table muttering the words ‘for fucks sake’ under your breath.

I turn around and have a quick glance wondering what has happened.

I see you sitting in a booth along the edge of the hotel bar. You look upset.

I call the waiter over and ask him what drink you ordered earlier. He tells me it was a rum and coke. “Send her a drink from me.” He nods and prepares the drink.

I swing around on my stool as he brings the drink to you. I watch you both talking as he points to me informing you that it was me that bought the drink for you. You smile politely and raise the glass mouthing thank you to me.

You take a sip of the drink but still look sad. I take my drink and walk over to where you are sitting. You look up. I extend my hand to you. “Hi I’m Paul.”

“Nice to meet you Paul, I’m Sarah.” you say as you extend your hand to mine.

Your hands are soft to touch. I notice your red manicured nails. You look like you take good care of yourself.

“Can I join you? Or are you waiting for someone?” I ask.

“Well I was supposed to be meeting my best friend here for a few drinks but she has decided she would prefer to see her boyfriend of five minutes than her friend of 10 years!”

I can tell this annoys you talking about it. I take a seat. “Her loss is my gain.” I say smiling at you.

You smile back at me shyly. You aren’t used to compliments like that.

We sit there chatting for a while, drinks are flowing. Before we realise it, the barman comes over to our table to tell us they are closing in five minutes. “Wow, has it really been that long?” You ask checking your phone which you put back in your bag earlier. You see 5 missed calls and a few text messages from your friend who is worried because she hasn’t heard from you in a while.

“I guess I should be looking to get home now and call my friend”. Just when you are starting to collect your things ready to go, I place my hand on yours, Instantly feeling a spark. “Do you have to go? I am staying at the hotel here, how about a night cap from the mini bar?”

You know you really shouldn’t go with me as we have only just met but you are also intrigued to see what might happen. “Why not.” you say as you smile grabbing your belongings and sliding out the booth.

As you stand up it is the first time I have seen you properly. You are straightening yourself up. You are wearing tight white t shirt which has a random picture on it. You have skinny blue jeans on and a pair of dark blue heels. Your hair is in a pony tail. You are carrying a black leather jacket over your arm with your handbag. “Shall we go.” You say, snapping me back to attention.

I place some notes on the table to pay the bill as we walk out the bar towards the elevator. We step inside and select floor 24, Penthouse. I can see the intrigue and shock in your eyes via the mirrors in the lift. The doors open directly into the Penthouse, your jaw drops as you take in the sight in front of you.

I step out of the lift and you follow slowly vampire academy izle behind me, still trying to take it all in. “Are you ok?” I ask laughing at the same time. “Sorry, I have just never seen a hotel room like this before. I am normally cramped for space when I stay somewhere.”

“Here let me take your coat, make yourself comfortable, I will fetch us some drinks.” I take your coat and place it over the back of a chair as you walk around taking it all in. You sit down on the 4 seater sofa, kicking your heels off and tucking your legs underneath you. I walk in holding 2 glasses, handing you one. “You didn’t waste any time did you.” I say smiling. You take the drink saying thank you and smile back a bit embarrassed. I notice how your toe nails are nicely painted as well. You really do take a lot of care of yourself.

We have a few more drinks while we carry on chatting. You reach in your bag to check your phone. You forgot to let your friend know where you were and now you have 10 missed calls. You excuse yourself to call her quickly. I watch you walk into the other room to make your call, noticing your hips sway as you do. What an amazing figure you have I think to myself.

After a few minutes you come back into the room, placing your phone back in your bag while apologising.

“Everything alright?” I ask handing you your drink again. You look a bit upset. “My friend thinks it’s a bad idea me being here with you and worries something might happen.”

“Well maybe she should have thought about that before she stood you up.” You laugh knowing I am right.

“Can I be honest with you?” You nod while sipping your drink. “I don’t normally do things like this myself but you seemed upset so thought I would try and cheer you up.”

“It’s working.” you say placing your hand on my thigh. I take your drink from your hand, placing them both down the the table. I turn to face you, leaning forward not breaking eye contact as I place my fingers under your chin and kiss you softly on your lips.

The kiss lingers for a few seconds, I pull away smiling at you. You look back at me, clearly wanting more.

I take your hand and lead you over to the bed. We sit on the edge as we start kissing again. I lay you down slowly while still kissing you. My hands running through your hair as our lips part and our tongues meet. The kiss becomes more passionate and you let out a moan through it. My hands are slowly moving down the side of your body as I take the hem of your t shirt in my hands and slowly start to manoeuvre it up your body. You are lifting your back to help with this. Your red lace bra now on show as I break the kiss for just enough time to remove your t shirt.

We carry on kissing as one hand is slowly and gently running over your stomach. Your skin is beautifully soft.

Your hands are now unbuttoning my shirt as you reach inside, running through my hairy chest. You move the shirt off my shoulders as I manage to slip my arms out of it throwing it over the side of the bed.

My hands over your stomach again as I start unbuttoning your jeans. You place your hand on mine, making me think you want me to stop. I pull away from the kiss about to say something to you velma izle when you give me a wry smile and taking my hand guiding it into your jeans and under your panties. You move my hand between your legs as you spread them. As your jeans are skin tight there isn’t much space in there. I can feel the heat coming from between your legs. You stop my hand as we reach your already wet lips. You slowly push 2 of my fingers inside you with yours resting just above them. You gasp as it stretches your tight pussy. You push them as deep as you can, yours now slightly inside as well. You hold my hand there as your lips tighten around my fingers. I start to kiss you again as I begin moving my fingers in and out of you. Your fingers just following my movement. I can feel your fingers release mine as you are enjoying the feeling. You slide your hand out as I start to speed up the movement inside you. My thumb finds your clit, teasing it. Your hands now running through your own hair as you can already feel the orgasm building. You let out a loud moan along with the words “Oh fuck don’t stop.” Your body begins to spasm as a wave of pleasure passes through you. You can’t remember the last time you orgasmed like this, if ever.

As your body tries to adjust and come down from the orgasm, I slowly remove my hands from your jeans. I start to kiss your neck, my hands on your shoulders. As I move my head down kissing the top of your chest, my hands slowly slide the shoulder straps of your bra down your arms. I kiss between your breasts, luckily for me you are wearing a front clasping bra. I snap it open and pull the cups to the side. I stop to admire the beauty of your breasts directly in my vision. I place my hands over your breasts and begin to massage them while still kissing between your cleavage. You let out another moan as you place your hands on the top of my head just holding them there.

After a few minutes of massaging your breasts I remove one of my hands and place my mouth over the now free breast. Taking as much of it in my mouth as I can, I flick my tongue over your already erect nipple, teasing it. Yet another moan, this time slightly louder, escapes your lips.

I remove my mouth and hand from your breasts and continue to kiss down your smooth stomach, kissing it all over. My hands start to unbutton your jeans while I am kissing your stomach as you lift your hips helping me to remove them. I manage to hook your panties into my fingers at the same time and remove them both together. While sliding your jeans and panties down slowly I kiss every inch of your thighs as they are exposed.

I can smell the musk coming from your loins as I kiss your legs. Moving further down towards your shins, your jeans and panties slide off your legs totally. I kiss your feet all over as I spread your legs gently, beginning to kiss up the inside of your thighs.

I can feel the heat coming from between your legs as I reach your pussy. My tongue brushes over your already wet lips, tasting your juices.

I spread your lips with my fingers as I begin to lick you out. My tongue pushing inside you, lapping up your juices. You place your hands on my head as you lift your hips grinding into my face, wanting my tongue deeper.

I place vikings valhalla izle my hands under your pert bum cheeks getting as deep as I can. I lick up and down your lips as I tease your clit with my tongue.

As I lick down you are expecting me to go back up but I don’t. I keep licking lower as my tongue reaches your anal area.

Surely I’m not going to do that you think to yourself? You have never dreamed of anything like that. Low and behold my tongue starts teasing your anal bud. It retracts and contracts with every lick.

Teasing your asshole with my tongue is too much for you as my fingers play with your clit at the same time. This time a huge orgasm passes through you and you let out a loud scream.

You aren’t able to move while waiting for the orgasm to pass as I kiss back up your body gently.

“Wow.” is all you can say looking me in the eyes. Your hands running through my chest hair again, I can feel them start to move further down my body. “Now it’s your turn.” you smile as your tiny hand grips around my 8 inch thick cock. You start stroking slowly without losing eye contact. I have to close my eyes as the feeling is immense.

While still stroking my cock, you start to kiss down my chest. You reach my cock and tease the head with your tongue. You start to take the head in and out of your mouth while still stroking me. I feel your hand release as you take more and more of me in your mouth until it is fully engulfed. Your hands now around my balls playing with them. I feel the head of my cock hit the back of your throat. You hold it there for a few minutes as you begin to deep throat me.

Your nose buried in my pubic region, you are still playing with my balls as you suck me.

Now it’s my turn to enjoy something that I have never felt before. My balls being played with is one of the things that teases me the most.

You carry on doing this for a good ten minutes or so as you pull off of me trying to catch your breath. “I want you inside me.” you say.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to go all the way if you don’t want to.”

“I’m sure.” as you climb on the bed on all fours. “But don’t go gentle on me now.”

I manoeuvre myself into position behind you, my cock head resting against your wet hole. I do in fact start off slow, sliding my cock into you inch by inch letting you adjust to it.

As I am fully inside you I hold it there then pull out so just the head is inside you now. I grab hold of your hips and thrust forward hard and fast. Pulling back again then thrusting forward.

Your face is buried in the pillow, hands gripping the sheets as I speed up. I reach forward and grab a handful of hair pulling your head back.

This time I thrust forward so hard you yelp in pleasure. Rhythm now starting to flow, I take my other hand and bring it down onto your ass. “Yes, more please.”

I do it again and again, matching every thrust with a spank on each cheek. “Oh fuck. Oh my god. I’m going to cum again.”

I let go of your hair and grab your hips again, balls slapping against you with every thrust. Your pussy lips tightening around my cock I feel myself getting close. You can tell as well as you tell me to cum inside you.

I don’t need asking again as I release my hot seed deep inside. You cum as you feel it inside you. I keep thrusting making sure every drop is drained. I can feel it dripping out onto the bed.

I am finally drained. I stay inside you as we fall onto the bed together, spooning.

I pull the sheet over us as we fall asleep together, you in my arms.

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