Her Lover


Note to readers: Like all my other stories this is written from a woman’s perspective, so its about a woman being with a woman.


We are lying on the bed; there is a soft glow peeking in through the curtains from the early sun. The blankets feel warm from our body heat and are tucked snuggly around our bodies. I’m trying to resist moving while I’m on my side, one knee bent, and you’re behind me your leg tucked up behind mine, your warm body pressed to my back. I can feel your breasts, the nipples hard and budding against my skin. I smile and sigh softly my eyes still closed. I can smell your perfume, still on your skin from the night before. Your hand is on my leg, slowly brushing back and forth from my knee to my hip. Your nails graze softly against the skin and I repress a moan as my toes curl involuntarily under the tickling touch. I can feel your breath on my skin, fluttering my hair slightly by my neck. You bring your lips down, kissing me softly on my shoulder, leaving a soft, damp kiss on my skin. I squirm slightly, my arse pushing against your groin as I feel desire start to burn low in my belly.

Your hand comes up again, this time passing my hip and slipping around my stomach, you tuck your arm in, pulling us closer together. I can feel the heat of your pussy, seeping into my skin, and your smooth skin moving against mine with your every breath.

You bring your lips to my ear “Good morning sweetheart.” I can feel your soft lips graze the sensitive skin as you whisper. I shudder slightly as I snuggle back into your embrace.

“Good morning darling.” I reply, resting my hand over yours at my stomach. I intertwine our fingers, enjoying the sensual feel of our fingers sliding together. You kiss my neck again, this time administering a small nip, which has me tilting my head, exposing my neck to you. I hear you chuckle softly against my skin as you kiss and lick the spot you have bitten before slowly moving upwards. You untangle your fingers from mine and using only a slight pressure as you shuffle back, I roll onto my back, looking up at you. The blanket slips down, exposing my large breasts, the nipples budded and hard, begging for your touch.

You look down at me, your hair messy around your face from sleep. Your eyelids are heavy and there is a definite pout to your lips that I find irresistible. My eyes flicker from your lips to your breasts, now much closer to my face, I moan slightly as I watch your nipples bud and harden under my gaze. I can’t resist and I raise my hand, caressing your breast, cupping it softly in my hand as I brush my thumb over the sensitive tip. You smile at me, as you mimic my action, bringing your hand to my breast, cupping the heavy weight before brushing your thumb over the nipple.

I shudder slightly, feeling my nipples start to harden until they ache. I arch my back slightly, silently begging for more. You raise your eyebrows at me, you mouth pulling into a wicked smile. I reach up brushing your hair from your face, tucking it behind your ear, before cupping your jaw, letting my thumb graze across your bottom lip.

“Make me feel good darling.” You shake your head slightly, unhappy with my request. You graze my nipple again with your thumb, teasingly, not giving me what I need. I move again with your touch, my hand squeezing your breast softly in reflex to my own desire.

“Will have to do better than that.” You tell me and I raise my eyes to yours, locking them on your face.

“I want you to suck my nipples, eat my cunt, make me cum.” I force out, fighting the blush I know is threating my cheeks. I watch you smile, its full of wicked promise and I can feel my pussy start to ache, grow wet in anticipation. You capture the nipple bursa escort bayan you’ve been playing with, squeezing it hard, tugging on it, until I whimper in pleasure.

“Mmm… good girl. You will eat my cunt too, wont you?” I nod, consenting to your terms. You brush my hand aside, quickly coming up over me. You kiss me, your tongue brushing the seam of my lips and I open my mouth to you unthinking. Your tongue slips inside, brushing mine. I moan as I start to kiss you back, my hand snaking up to capture your head, my fingers running through your soft hair. Your lips are so soft, and I can feel your nose softly brushing my face as you move against me. I arch towards you, knowing my pussy is greedy for your touch. Breaking the kiss you move your body, climbing astride my waist, your smooth thighs feel slick as they slide against my waist, your knees tucking in around my ribs as your pussy is opened, wet and hot against my stomach. We both moan as you adjust yourself, your pussy lips grazing and slipping against my skin.

I look up at you; you look beautiful above me, your body bathed in the early morning light. Your body naturally moves, your hips rolling slightly, unable to resist your own pleasure. I bring my hands up, catching your waist on both sides before pulling you forward. I lean up slightly until I can capture one of your nipples in my mouth. I close my eyes, holding you still as I suck softly. Hearing you moan I suck a bit harder, letting my teeth graze the tip before capturing it and using my tongue to flick and rub the nipple. Finally I let go, planting soft, open mouth kisses across the valley of your breasts, coming to the other side where I provide the same treatment for the other nipple, I let my hand slip to your back, catching you at your spine, so I can more easily feast on your breasts. I let my free hand come up and capture the wet, sensitive nipple, squeezing it firmly; I start to tug it in time with my mouth. Your hands brush my head, pressing me closer to you. You’re moaning softly now and as I break free and draw back slightly, I look up at you, making eye contact, I blow softly on your wet, glistening nipple. I moan softly watching your eyes darken with pleasure.

I feel your hands start to lace in my hair, I moan softly, unsure where you’re taking this. Once you have a firm hold you tug my head back, so I’m looking directly up at you. My lips part, suddenly dry and I let my tongue slip out to wet the full bottom lip. You smile at me, in this knowing way as you slowly lean forward, planting a firm, open mouth kiss on my lips. I feel your tongue push aggressively into my mouth and helplessly groan as you start to fuck my mouth with your tongue. Pulling back you look up at me, so close now I can feel your breath puffing and breaking over my skin. You let go of my hair, pushing me back slightly onto the pillows. I watch as you lift yourself up onto your knees, then onto one foot on the mattress, with your knee bent your wet cunt is totally exposed to me. I lick my lips, remembering the musky, sweet taste from the night before. I watch transfixed as you bring your hand down, slowly over your body until it’s resting on your inner thigh. You run your fingers up and down the pouting pussy lips, they’re already swollen and pouting open, coated in your juices. I sigh, my hands itching to touch my own aching pussy.

You slowly spread your lips, exposing your sweet, pink pussy to me. As I watch, you start to slowly rub your clit, almost lazily. I shift between your legs, feeling my own desire spike as your head drops back and you let out a low moan. You look so divine kneeling over me, open and so inviting. I start to lean up, but your eyes open and with just a look you make me lay back down. görükle escort I continue to watch as you leave your clit and trail your fingers down to you wet cunt, I moan, anticipating what is about to come. My eyes lock on your fingers and I watch as you slowly toy with your entrance, deliberately coating your fingers in your own juices. You then ever so slowly slide two fingers in, until you’ve taken them to the third knuckle. My legs come together, rubbing against one another as my desire rises. Helplessly I watch as you start to fuck your pussy, slow, relaxed I can see your juices coating your fingers, making them reflect the light as you slide them in and out of yourself. Your free hand is on your breasts, playing and teasing with your nipples, your head is rolled back, your eyes closed, as you get lost in the sensation. I chew my bottom lip, knowing I won’t last much longer.

Noticing your total lack of attention to me, I slowly shuffle forward, before sitting up. I slip my hands around your arse, grasping a cheek in each hand and before you can stop me, I lean forward and nuzzling past your hand as it works in your wet cunt I press a soft kiss to your clit. You moan and your hand drops from your breast, cupping the nap of my neck you bring me closer to you, as I suck your clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue across the sensitive bud. You continue to caress my head, as your moans become more insistent. I start to flick your clit with my tongue, nuzzling you opens with my chin and nose so I can get better access. Using me for balance you start to roll your hips against my face, and I drop my hand to my own aching pussy, seeking out my clit, as you get closer to cumming. I moan into your pussy as my fingers brush my clit, rubbing it quickly and hard to ease the ache there. Your fingers start to tighten in my hair and your breathing gets short, sharp as you approach your orgasm.

I suck harder on your clit, mercilessly flicking it with my tongue. I move my other hand, bringing it to your cunt; I drag your fingers out and quickly slide in my own two, thrusting them quickly into your slick cunt. You groan your slick fingers dropping to my shoulder as you brace yourself over me, pulling me hard with your other hand against you. As I breathe in on every short breath I can smell you, musky, intoxicating. I keep thrusting and I can feel your clit start to shift under my tongue, you’re so close.

“Ohh, I’m… I’m…” You pant before your explode, contracting around my fingers, dragging them deeper into your wet pussy. I continue to thrust, feeling your juices pooling in my palm as I keep licking your clit, dragging every last wave a pleasure from you. I feel your hand start to relax in my hair and I tilt back, drawing in big shuddering breaths. Your face is relaxed, your eye lids heavy as you look down at me. You stroke my hair softly, embracing me to your stomach for a moment before leaning me back. I slowly draw my fingers from your pussy, looking at them totally coated in your juices. You watch me as I slowly bring them to my lips and suck them clean. You moan as I lick my lips, catching any trace of your juices.

You shift back, spotting my hand on my pussy, lowly rubbing my clit. Planting your hand on my stomach you guide me back, as you sink into the gap between my legs. You nudge them further apart, moaning softly as my pussy lips part, exposing my slick and pouting pussy lips, my fingers as they slowly work my clit. You slide forward onto your stomach, and look up at me past my body.

“You are just lovely,” you tell me as your eyes return to my pussy. I blush a little, feeling exposed. You slowly run your hands up my thighs, pushing my legs even further apart. When your bursa escort bayan hands reach my inner thighs, framing my pussy, I can feel your breath on my lips, and I shiver. You watch as I continue to play, my hips shifting slightly as I build towards my own orgasm. I hear you breath in deeply, knowing I had done something similar not moments before, I feel myself get wetter imagining what you are experiencing. I reach out with my free hand, cupping your face. You look up and smile at me; it’s so sweet I return it. You release my thigh with one of your hands, and slowly slip it under your body. I see your arse move up as you shift half onto your knees before you lay back down. You raise your hand to me; my breath catches as I realize why you are showing me. I can see as your hand shifts that you’ve coated them in your juices, now thick and glossy, they cover two of your fingers and as you separate them I can see strings of your juices hang between them. I shudder knowing what is going to happen next.

Kissing my inner thigh you whisper, “So I will be able to taste us both.”

I keep watching you as you bring your hand down, your free hand parting my lips as you slowly slide your two fingers inside. I easily take them to the third knuckle and we both moan my walls milk them in response. You start to slowly thrust them in and out of me, still watching as you encourage me to continue playing with my clit. I can feel your hair tickling my legs as you work your fingers in me. Your breath is coming out in short puffs, blowing over my slick and sensitive skin. I can feel the sheets starting to stick to my sweat pricked skin. I bring my free hand up to capture my nipple, firmly tugging and pulling it. A moan passes my lips and your eyes flicker up my body.

“Suck on the other one.” You demand, as you push your fingers deeply into me and start to roll them in a ‘come here’ fashion. I release my clit, whimpering softly as I bring my hand up to my other breast, moving it so I can capture the nipple. I bite and suck on it, in time with my other nipple. I moan around it as I feel your fingers spreading me, a second before your hot breath brushes over my clit and you take it into your mouth, sucking softly. I can feel your soft lips brushing against my hot skin as you position your tongue. I groan deeply in my throat as I feel your teeth nip my clit. I close my eyes, imagining your pussy for the taking, waiting to be sucked and touched. I imagine your breasts, your nipples in my mouth as I suck them deeply. You continue to thrust in and out of me, faster now, I am helplessly groaning on every breath. The images move faster in my mind, spinning as I drop my hand from my tender nipple, catching the nap of your neck, pushing your face closer to my hungry cunt. I can hear the clicking of your fingers as they move faster in and out of me. I can feel my orgasm rising, closer I suck harder on my nipple, imagining its yours, deep in my mouth hard, begging to be sucked. I let go of my nipple suddenly, letting my head fall back, my eyes shut as I let out the first scream as I cum, rolling over me my body rocks against yours.

You keep licking my clit, pushing your fingers in and out of me, making me take as much of my orgasm as possible. I feel myself coming down and release your head, letting you up as my body runs over with goose bumps. Slowly you climb up my body, until you lay fully against me, breast to breast with me. You genteelly tuck my hair from my flushed face, resting your forehead to mine. You drop a light kiss to my lips and I can taste myself there.

“That was wonderful.” You whisper softly against my lips. I smile softly at you “Yes, it was.” I close my eyes, feeling sleep slip over me, as you roll off me I cuddle up behind you, feeling our cooling, damp bodies pressed against one another I slip my hand around your waist tucking you close to me. I breath in smelling your shampoo and perfume mixed with the smell of our sex, smiling I snuggle down and drift to sleep.

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