Her Midnight Dreams


You got me excited and calming down wasn’t possible. When I was in the shower I was soaping up my body, and I thought about if you were the one touching me and lathering my body up.

I had started at my arms, and my mind started to wonder and before I knew it I had my eyes closed and my soapy hands over my breasts caressing them slowly, but firm enough to seem like your hands. After a couple minutes I had slowly made my way down to my stomach moving my hands in the same circular motion I had been doing over my breasts. I obviously was keeping myself excited, I had started to work my way down and to the sides of my waist; I tend to get turned on when I am firmly held around the waist. I moved my hands from my waist back up to where I started, and then firmly slid my hands back to my sides. I wanted to go in between my legs, but I hesitated as I got my fingers closer. I opened my eyes and rinsed the soap I had all over me off. I could feel a chill coming from the cool air on the other side of the shower curtain so I turned to where my back was facing the warm water. I wet my hair down and I started to notice that my mind was wondering, I could picture hearing us moan together in my head. I quickly finished in the shower, so that I could lay down…I stepped out dried my body and then walked to my room to put on a white tank top and some panties.

My hair was still dripping and was getting on my shirt, I could feel the water drops and they were cold. I walked to the bathroom as I was drying my hair, I looked at myself in the mirror my mind still wondering, and now I imagine you standing right behind me in front of the mirror and helping me dry my hair by guiding my hands and squeezing them to signal when to squeeze the towel. After a couple minutes of that I started my way down stairs.

I brought out my blanket a sheet and a pillow from the closet; I set up my bed (the couch) and sat down. All the lights were already turned off except for the glow of the fish tank in the hallway. vampire academy izle I found myself rubbing my thigh again, and imagining it was your hands. I thought I would start there again. I used my palms and rubbed from the top of my thighs slowly and using light pressure all the way to my knees. I did this for about a minute, and then I started to get a chill; I knew that this meant I was ready to move a little further. I spread my legs a little more apart, and started to rub my inner thighs, the further up the more sensitive I was. I started from my mid inner thigh and worked real slow up closer to my pussy squeezing my inner thighs with my hands, as well as rubbing in a circular motion. I got to my pussy and I felt to see how wet I was, thinking in my head that you would have checked by now. I was really wet so I took my middle finger of my right hand and moved it from the clit down till my finger was soaking, I felt like this was the right time to lay down so I laid on the top of my covers, but before that I took my panties off since they would be have gotten in the way.

I laid down with my legs spread open, one leaning against the back of the couch, and the other half on and half off the couch, I was completely exposing my pussy. I could feel the air against it; I must have been pretty hot down there since it wasn’t that cold in the room. I decided to get completely naked, I didn’t know why I had the urge, but since everyone had gone up stairs I knew it was the perfect timing for it. I slipped my white tank top off but I did it slowly like you were watching me do it. Then the thought of having to ask you to please myself came into my head and I thought about how I would want you to control me. It felt good, thinking that you were allowing me to please myself.

I took my hands and moved them both down over my pussy, I could feel how wet I was and I started to squeeze a little, from there on I moved one of my fingers velma izle to my clit and started circling it, my eyes still shut and thinking of your tongue taking the place of my finger. I then moved my finger up and down over my clit, and then further down to my opening and stuck my finger in part way and then slowly pulled it out and moved it back up to my clit. My mouth was open a little and I knew I was breathing harder then normal, and the idea of tasting myself popped into my mind, so I brought my other hand to my pussy and got two of my fingers wet and brought them up to my mouth still playing with my clit with my other hand. I took the two fingers and licked the tip of them.

Then pushed the fingers into my mouth a little more tasting myself already, I started pushing my fingers in more and sucking on them. I had my other hand rubbing and circling my clit and then I moved my hand down and stuck a finger into my pussy, I pulled my fingers out of my mouth and played with one of my nipples with my moist hand, moving my finger in and out of my pussy I started pulling my nipple and squeezing my tit a little harder, I was moaning conservatively but getting into it. Out loud I was answering quietly “yes” as if you were asking me if I was enjoying myself, and if I liked being fucked by you. I then was using two fingers moving in and out going a little faster and a little deeper, I moved my other hand down and played with my clit, I was about to cum.

I started arching my back, and getting my hips into an up and down motion, I could feel it coming; I stopped breathing for a moment. My hand was getting tired but I kept going, I felt my self start to quiver and I let out the air I had left, I started moaning more, but it was coming to an end. I laid back down and started to relax myself. I laid there naked after a few minutes while I was catching my breath. Lying there I started to feel a little tired and I closed my eyes, and I fell asleep pretty vikings valhalla izle soon after that.

–4:00AM– I started tossing and turning, I opened my eyes and was staring at the clock I thought about how good I pleased myself and it was making me excited again I was on my side so I was rubbing myself against my leg. Why was I still excited? I thought to myself maybe if I sat up it might go away.

It didn’t work; before I knew it I was rubbing my pussy against the couch. I didn’t think I was going to get back to sleep. I laid back down looking up at the ceiling; I was kind of cold so I decided to lie underneath my covers. I slid my hand down to my crotch and started rubbing lightly, I could feel I was a little wet but not like before. I started rubbing a little more aggressively while thinking about you holding my arms down. I thought of you inside of me, pumping in and out while I moaned your name…

I was fantasizing but it could have well been real. I could tell that I had expressions on my face as if you were actually inside of me at that moment. It made me rub even harder, I decided to play with my clit, using two fingers and sliding them on the outside of it, pinching just a little and rubbing it up and down then in a circular motion. I slipped my middle finger into my pussy to get it wetter and moved it back up to my clit soaking it and making it slippery I used the same finger and placed it on top of my clit and moved it back and forth, but slow at first. I noticed myself holding my breath every few seconds, so I knew it wasn’t going to take long to get myself off. I moved my other hand over my pussy and shoved in two fingers, and tightened my pussy while moving my other finger back and forth over my clit, I felt that feeling like your about to orgasm a few seconds after that so I tighten my pussy as much as I could.

The thoughts of you fucking me aggressively had been turning me on all night. I moved my finger even faster over my clit, still with two other fingers held tight inside of me moving in and out. I let out my breath real fast I kept my two fingers inside of me and let my pussy relax for a moment my fingers were soaking wet. I slipped my fingers out of my wet pussy and into my mouth to taste myself the last time for the night. If only you had really been here.

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