Her Night with Mommy – Prequal, Part 1

Aunt Nephew

Jazmine chose being an accommodating whore over a decent mother. She wasn’t neglectful, or abusive. She never ceased having a roof over her head or that of her daughter’s, Roxy. The fridge and cupboards were always stacked with food and nutrients. Medical needs were seen to, and clothes were abundant. But the fucking, and cocks, and strangers, and Jazmine being gangbanged and gang raped were never even remotely hidden.
Sometimes, Roxy would walk in on her mother sucking or fucking, say, in her bedroom. Sometimes, Jazmine would plop down on the sofa in the living room next to Roxy with some guy and begin what would become a routine: become interested in what Roxy was watching; ensure that she was sitting between Roxy and her guy; Start to fondle the guy’s cock and occasionally lean into his lap and suck a bit of the head; the guy spreads her thighs and begins to rub her nani; Jazmine moves to the floor between his legs “to get more comfortable” after he completely removes his pants and underwear; Jazmine opting for a “more comfortable” spot on his lap, which would coincidentally include his cock sliding into one of her holes; all of this and more, while all three sustain the charade that they’re all interested in the television program.
Not infrequently, a customer or fuck friend of Jazmine’s would wander into the living room – or her bedroom – and find Roxy alone. The least of these moments involved the men sitting next to Roxy, draping their arms around her and stroking theirs cocks until they exploded, while Roxy would drape her legs over theirs and watch as she gently rubbed their thighs. The most severe involved a ten year old Roxy being fucked double anally by her first “boyfriend”, along with his own young “boy toy”, a fifteen year old black kid he had purchased earlier that year. This “boyfriend”, a twenty-two year old Canadian whom Jazmine owed a large sum of money to, would straddle the line between open and flagrant display of sexual gratification and affection with Roxy toward Jazmine (i.e. openly asking Jazmine how she liked the taste of cum, or having her sit on his lap, both nude, while watching a movie with Jazmine) and sloppy discretion (i.e. sucking out his cum from Roxy’s asshole while Jazmine was deep asleep).
Jazmine was 28 years old, five feet, eight inches tall and weighed one hundred and forty pounds. She was thick, but had no excessive cellulite, stretch marks or “cottage cheese”. Flat stomach, fat as, thick thighs and natural, bouncy 36-D tits (with large areolas constantly brimming with bumps indicting horniness, and pierced, protruding nipples), she was tanned skin, light caramel, taksim escort really, and covered in tattoos. Only a few on her neck and none on her face, though the rest of her body was not to be spared.
She had a series of intricately designed stars traversing her body – down the back of her left leg, semi round her front waist, down her spine – That told a story, or series of stories, rather. For each time she was raped, when she was younger, whether by her stepfather, mother’s boyfriends, cousins, uncles, teachers, police officers, social workers, guidance councilors, clergymen, manager or coworker, she had a star. Interestingly, she never included the rapes she endured at the hands of her pimps, boyfriends, roommates or clients.
Jazmine had Roxy when she was 13 years old. She had an abortion before that, and two more after. Roxy immediately went to live with Jazmine’s grandmother, and when she was seven years old, mother and daughter began to live together.
During the first two months of Roxy living with Jazmine, she was diligent in shielding her daughter from the various sexually explicit things going on. While getting ready for work at the strip club, Jazmine would always dress as “J. Crew” as possible, and be sure to return home, no matter the time, in the same condition. She always locked Roxy in her room and gave her strict instructions as to not leave until Jazmine herself came to reliever, prior to her appointments with her men who came to fuck her. She would limit her friends, fellow strippers and whores, and further restrict their conversations and activities.
Soon, though, Jazmine got lazy. This stemmed from the belief, however totally false, that Roxy was beginning to grasp the nature of her mother’s life. Thus, less effort was put into what she wore to work, until it was little more than what she actually wore at work to perpetrate and sustain hard cocks. The rules for the friends became more lax until the conversation solely consisted of robbing, surviving robberies and rapes, fucking men and women, and work (essentially more fucking), while lounging around the apartment topless, and often rubbing and fingering each other, and eating each other out.
As for the men who came to fuck, first Jazmine stopped leaving Roxy’s door locked. Then Jazmine would have the guys come over first before putting Roxy away. Soon, Jazmine simply gave no thought to Roxy as the guys came over.
It was in month 5 that a newly-turned eight year old Roxy walked in on her mother sucking dick. To be exact, she was getting her face fucked, as she sat upright on her bed while the man was standing beşiktaş escort over her, plunging his cock into her mouth. Roxy seemed to recognize the act so much, she was actually more stunned by the radical nature of the position: You can suck dick like that?
Roxy, for her part, has always been a sexual person. She began to play with herself at age 4. By first grade, she was encouraging the other kids to play house, and Roxy would always be the wife and mother. By second grade, she was suggesting that some of the families have two mommies, and even demanded that there be a bed time, so that she could lie down with her “other mommy”. When she would hear the sounds of her mother fucking, she seemed to instinctively know that sex was pleasurable, and her mother’s sounds were the soundtrack. When Jazmine’s friend Krystal said, “All he does is fuck my ass, now. Any money he’s bi.”, Roxy grasped that whole phrase. You could fuck in the hole you poop from. But that’s not the only place you could fuck. “Bi” is not something nice.
In month seven of living with Jazmine, Roxy walked in on something that made her head spin. She quietly walked into the living room, discovering her mother bent over on her knees on the couch, with her head buried in a pillow, getting fucked anally from behind by a slim but built man. As Roxy came to view them from behind, she saw the man extract his nine inch cock from her asshole, and held, suspended, over her ass. Within seconds, cum began to ooze out of Jazmine’s asshole. Roxy was perplexed as to what was happening, but the mystery was instantly solved.
“You busted inside of me? That’s an extra $100.”, Jazmine cooed, breathing more quickly than normal, but not too heavily.
“Can I get a discount if I suck it all up?”, asked the chiseled, bald man as he came down and sat next to Jazmine’s ass, positioning himself to ear her cum-drowned asshole out.
“My asshole is the discount. Had you busted inside my nani, that would be $150.”, Jazmine, countered, smiling and pleased that this guy was so freaky and generous.
“Nani”. Is that what it’s called? Well, that sounds about right, so nani, it is.
As the man was eating Jazmine’s asshole out and slurping up his cum and drooling it out into her asshole or lapping it up into her nani, he began to stroke his cock. Roxy focused on this particular latter action. Standing at the threshold separating the living room from the dining room, she watched as he stroked his cock to a consistent rhythm. This was a cut cock, so she could see the head, as his stroke ended right at its base, going about one inch down from the nişantaşı escort base. Soon, his stroke changed rhythms, and thereafter he began to squirt out a white liquid onto the carpet. There were about three large squirts, then two lesser ones. The liquid continued to come out following the last squirt, but this time it was more of a leak.
What this did to Roxy could not be explained. “What did I just see?” Roxy knew that was key and vital to this whole sexual enterprise. “Those white things that came out of his cock must be what came out of mommy’s asshole.” This was a Rosetta’s Stone moment for Roxy
Two months after this, Roxy walked in on a bisexual gang rape. Five men were fucking Jazmine and each other. Roxy was shocked but not surprised. She was shocked by the bisexuality and roughness toward her mother, but she had seen her mother gangbanged before (and even seeing that first gangbang wasn’t as radical as seeing that man ejaculate). When her mother saw her standing there in a short, tight tee shirt and panties, she lifted her head from a guy’s asshole she was forced to rim and demanded Roxy leave. One of the men who was by the bed being fucked pulled away from the cock in his ass, and grabbed Jazmine by the face, and reminded her who was in charge. He then walked over to Roxy and put his arms around her.
“If she stays, half your debt is wiped.”, the man said, while, accidentally, though intentionally, rubbing his cock on Roxy’s arm.
“Really?! Half?!”, Jazmine asked, incredulously.
Another man sitting at the head of the bed, being ridden by yet another man, removed the man from off his cock, leaned forward and grabbed Jazmine by the waist. He sat her on his cock, sliding it into her asshole, leaned her back as she settled balls deep onto it, and began to rub her right tit with his right hand, all in full view of Roxy. Jazmine’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, as she reached back and caressed his head, this man being her favorite of this group.
As Roxy watched all this, she could feel and smell cock of the man who had his arm around her. She got closer to the cock, reached out and grabbed it, lifted it and pressed her nose to his balls. She began to sniff his scrotum deeply, asking if that’s her mommy’s scent. The man replied that it’s her mommy’s and one of the other guy’s. Roxy asked if the man with his cock in her mommy will shoot the white milk inside of her. When Jazmine heard this, she opened her eyes, saw her daughter’s face buried into the man’s scrotum and was about to protest. Her favorite rape-fucker’s hand gently covered her mouth area.
“Remember, half.”, he whispered while thrusting his cock into Jazmine’s asshole.
“I can shoot that white milk, too.”, said the man getting his balls sniffed by Roxy. “Do you want to see?”
“Yes. Can you fill it in me like my mommy?”

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