Her perverted mother and the shemales

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Her perverted mother and the shemalesThe next day, Jess was busy at work and texted me to ask if I would mind doing her a favour. She wanted me to go around to her sister’s house to pick up some of Ellie’s textbooks. I agreed I would, partly because I was intrigued to meet Ellie’s mother, imagining a mature version of the beautiful student whose mouth had made me come the previous day, crossed with the elegant dirtiness of Jess.I had also heard from Jess the real reason why Ellie was staying with her during her exams. Officially, it was because Karen, Ellie’s mum, wanted to keep Ellie away from the guy who lived next door, who Ellie had been having an on-off relationship with. Understandably, Karen didn’t want any distractions for her daughter during important exams. However, Jess also told me that Karen was keeping Ellie away so that she could have her own regular fucking from this young guy next door.So when I rung the doorbell at Karen’s house, my mind raced with the idea of some horny middle-aged cougar that I could flirt with a little to see what might happen. When Karen answered the door though, she was not what I expected. Shorter than Jess, a little younger but a little pudgy compared to her statuesque sister, Karen bore a resemblance to Jess but was scruffily dressed in a sweater and tracksuit. “Jess sent me to grab some things for Ellie,” I said to Karen, disinterestedly.“Oh yes, come in,” said Karen, and showed me to the open plan lounge/kitchen. She blushed a bit but otherwise looked a little flustered and went off to gather up Ellie’s books from upstairs. Within a minute, she was back with everything, and offered me a cup of tea. “So how is Ellie getting on?” she asked. “Fine,” I replied, trying not to make eye contact in case I gave the game away about what we had been up to. “Good, I’m glad my sister is looking after her well.”We got chatting over tea, and Karen told me about her recent divorce and how it had been difficult for Ellie, as well as mentioning the boy next door, Jim. In fact, she mentioned him a few times, and I think she kind of wanted me to figure out that they had been fucking each other for some time. Finally, Karen said, “hey, I was about to eat something, do you want to stay for a bite?” I was not too fussed about staying which Karen sensed. “Hold that thought though, I just need to go to the loo” she said.Two minutes later, Karen returned, wearing nothing but a tight sheer bodysuit, panties and stockings. “Sure I can’t get you to stay?” she said, alluringly. My God, it was a transformation, somehow her curves looked incredible in that outfit even if she was a little on the plain side compared to her close female relatives. I could feel myself stiffening as I nodded. “Great, well I think we should go upstairs then.”I followed her into the bedroom and she grabbed me, wildly kissing me and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed, she stripped me down to my boxers and gazed admiringly at the bulge that had developed inside them. “Mmmm…” she moaned, “now I’m definitely hungry. But you’re my guest, so you should eat first.” I couldn’t have agreed more, and lay her down on the bed to kiss all the way down over her large breasts, releasing each in turn from her bodysuit and sucking all around the nipples. I then worked my way across her flabby stomach and could see a mountain of pubes sticking out from around her lacy panties.It was too inviting. I pushed my face into her panties, savouring balçova escort the musty smell of her nasty minge before peeling down her panties. Her pussy was slick with her juices already, with little white flecks of lady smegma all around her labia as I gently opened up her cunt. I plunged my tongue right between her folds to lick up her juices and then began to flick my tongue all around her labia and clit. Karen was moaning and shuddering rapidly, clearly still sensitive to clitoral stimulation despite her age. It took only a couple of minutes of nibbling on her clit for her to tense in orgasm, and she pushed her fingers right into her sopping cunt to finish herself off.As she came, she lost all control and a hot jet of yellow piss suddenly spurted out of her pee-hole. “Oh my God” she yelled, embarrassed, but I was so turned on this only made me clamp my mouth even more over her pussy as more squirts of amber fluid made their way into my throat. I slurped up what I could and swallowed it down, while Karen took her fingers out of her cunt and sucked them clean.I pulled myself away from her pussy, licking up all of the residue around her pubes, and kissed Karen full on the lips again, making her taste her cum and piss. She lapped at my face, before pulling down my boxers and pulling me towards her so that she could steer my hard cock straight into her sopping fanny. Jesus, she was a great fuck. While the thought of Ellie flashed across my mind once or twice, I was too engrossed in her dumpy mother’s cunt to think about much else, and I hammered away at her as she groaned and squealed in my ear.Finally, I was ready to cum and I pulled out and squirted the contents of my balls all over Karen’s hairy cunt and in between the rolls of fat on her belly. “Wow,” she gasped, as she scooped up my cum and sucked it off her fingers, “I’m surprised you enjoyed yourself so much on a real woman considering what I’ve heard about you.” Woah, so she clearly knew about our trans friends. “Don’t worry though, as you’ve got such a taste for sperm these days you’ll be pleased to know that Jim spunked inside me just this morning, so I’m sure you’ve had your fill.”Evil bitch! Now I’m cleaning up teenage boy cum as well? When I got home later that night I even Googled to find out how long cum stays in a pussy for – upshot is that I may or may not have been inadvertently eating this guy’s sperm while I was munching away on Karen. Still, it was a small price to pay for some delicious old cunt and, given the cock-whore I was now, this felt like another step in my journey. But it was time to leave the devious Karen now and go and fuck her daughter.Typically though, little more than an hour later, I was kneeling in Jess’ bedroom with two cocks in my mouth. Lela and Maria had both gone around to hers for a drink and a fuck, and I had got there just in time to clean everyone up, my new favourite task. After sucking the last remnants of Jess’ holes and she-cum off the softening dicks, I started to suck up the fluids from Jess’ pussy and arsehole. “How was Karen?” moaned Jess. “Did you give her a good fucking?”“Mmm-hmmm” I affirmed. “Good,” said Jess, “so now you’ve fucked the whole family except Ellie. She’s not here by the way.” I was naturally disappointed by the news, but knew that she really did need to study and was sensibly at the library. Her exams were just a week away and that delectable body, mouth and pussy would escort balçova have to wait a few weeks. This did give me the opportunity to continue regularly fucking Karen, with the sneaky slut occasionally inviting me just after her teenage lover had shot his load into her. I still had no interest in boys but there was something so appealing and filthy about being cuckolded by this nasty old whore that I didn’t mind the odd tang of sperm in my pussy cocktail. Plus, I was soon inviting one or more of my shemale friends over with me to ensure that we were servicing Karen properly. On one of these occasions, Lela was slamming into Karen’s cunt and making her squeal uncontrollably while I was simultaneously fucking Ellie’s slutty mother’s arsehole, using Maria’s cum, freshly delivered into my mouth a few moments earlier, as a gloopy lube. It was lovely and tight up there, and I would intermittently pull out and thrust my spunk-coated cock into Karen’s mouth so she could lube me up even more. She was so dirty and needed to taste her arsehole I thought, and I also wondered if Jim had ever been in this hole. Those thoughts were all the encouragement I needed to spurt powerfully into her anus just moments after Karen’s whole body shook with a huge orgasm.After a couple of squirts I pulled myself out of Karen’s brown hole with a pop so that I could spunk the rest over her cunt and Lela’s balls as she deepened her thrusts into her. Before long, she was letting out a loud grunt as she filled Karen’s slit with hot she-cum from that lovely cock of hers. As she was unloading into Karen, Maria had positioned herself by Karen’s mouth so that Karen could lick her cock, and suddenly unleashed a hot stream of piss all over Karen’s tongue and face. Karen was taken aback, and clearly had never drunk piss like this before, and it dripped down her chin and dripped onto Lela’s cock as she fucked out the remaining drops of cum into Karen’s cunt.I wanted to show Karen how it was done, so moved myself round to lock tongues with her as Maria’s piss poured into both of our mouths. Maria’s piss was salty and tangy but I was loving it, and loving sucking it off the tongue of a nasty forty-something slut as her shemale lover finally pulled out of her cunt. As Lela pulled away, she pulled my already semi-hard cock back towards Karen’s cunt and rubbed it up and down her labia, coating it in pussy and cock juices. She then rubbed it over Karen’s arsehole as my own cum dripped slowly out, and finally, once she was satisfied that my cock had collected enough sticky fluids, ordered Karen onto her knees to suck it all off, as Maria shook the last drops of her piss straight into my mouth.Maria’s cock slid gently into my open mouth and was ready to stiffen once more. I hungrily chewed on her purple tip as Karen continued to lick and nibble my shaft, and Maria and I were both getting hard again together as Lela lay down to lick Karen’s dirty arsehole clean of the rest of my cum.Just then, there was a knock at the front door. “I bet that’s Jim” moaned Karen, breaking away from my cock. She hurriedly put on her dressing gown and went to fetch her teenage fuck-buddy. “You must be Jim” smiled Lela, licking her lips clean of my cum as the poor lamb stood there open-mouthed. “So, Jim, we hear you’ve been a naughty boy with your girlfriend’s mum. I think you need to sit over there and watch us fuck her as punishment.”Jim nodded, still looking balçova escort bayan surprised, as Karen slid off her dressing gown again and lay herself on the bed for us to fuck her. Lela wasted no time in spitting onto Karen’s arsehole and sliding her cock inside that nasty but inviting sphincter. I was ready for another go inside Karen’s slippery cunt and Maria completed the chain by thrusting her shaft deep inside Karen’s willing mouth. We were all having the time of our lives, and I was enjoying the sensation of Lela’s cock pressing into mine through the flesh between her arse tunnel and slimy cunt-hole as her juiced up pussy swallowed my cock.By now, Jim had pulled his cock out of his pants to wank himself over the sight in front of him. Being the expert on dicks now, I couldn’t help noticing that it was long and slim, and he was circumcised. In fact, watching him masturbate to us was turning me on just a little bit more, and I leant over to kiss Maria’s cock as it slid in and out of Karen’s lips. Lela and I were fucking Karen really hard now, and she was squealing in pleasure. Eventually, she couldn’t take it any longer, and yelled out a piercing screech as a huge orgasm ripped through her.This was Jim’s cue to go over to Karen’s mouth and empty his balls over her face. Jesus, he came in fountain loads, and his cum splattered all over Maria’s cock and balls as she continued to fuck Karen’s throat. Karen sucked up all of his cum and swallowed it down, before we all clambered off of her. “Who told you that you were allowed to cum?” snapped Lela, as she slid her cock cheekily into my mouth for a quick taste of Karen’s brown hole. “You need to be taught some manners young man. Now, come here.” She gestured to the bed, and ordered him to bend over. I couldn’t believe what I was about to see. Lela quickly slobbered all over Maria’s cock to lube it further, before Maria began to rub it up and over Jim’s balls and arsehole. Jim stammered to try to stop her, but before he could, she was poking her stiff cock right around his hole. Jim yelped as his arsehole involuntarily opened up and Maria slid herself inside. Embarrassment and shame were etched across Jim’s face as he was being fucked by a shemale – probably the last thing he could have imagined happening when he knocked on the door half an hour ago. But he seemed to get used to the sensation quickly, and Maria slapped his arse as she goaded him. “Tell me how much you like my cock. Make me fuck you harder!” Jim did as he was told, and Maria intensified her thrusts.Meanwhile, Lela was now standing right behind Maria, and soon had pushed her way into Maria’s dirty she-cunt. It was time for me to complete the chain, and I gladly pushed my cock into Lela’s lovely arsehole. Karen was the only one not involved at this stage, but we weren’t to worry as she was busy rubbing her clit furiously at the sight of the anal foursome at the other end of her bed. Soon, she was cumming again, juicing up her minge and shooting out the odd blast of uncontrolled piss all over Jim’s face.After a few minutes of fucking, we decided to give poor Jim a break, and each went over to Karen’s mouth so that she could suck our cocks simultaneously, tasting the brown holes and edging us all to our own orgasms. Maria shot her load first, right onto Karen’s outstretched tongue, while Lela and I followed together moments later, filling Karen’s mouth with sticky cum. Karen sloshed our sperm around her mouth for a moment or two, glancing in the direction of Jim, who was wanking his hard-again cock once more. She winked at him, then swallowed down all of our seed in one gulp. Such a wonderful slut.We then all got dressed and left Karen to it, no doubt to a right royal fucking from Jim.

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