Her Version


She concentrated on sipping her glass of wine, trying to ignore his eyes boring into her. One, two, three, look up – as if on cue, his gaze locked onto hers.

She tried to feign interest in her friends’ conversation: something about an office romance gone awry; identical to a thousand other conversations in the hotel bar on a Friday night. She glanced up quickly, hoping to catch him off guard, and instead instantly caught him staring.

She tried to ignore the growing heat between her legs, shifting in her seat and crossing one leg over the other, but her pussy only became wetter, the friction like an electric shock setting every nerve in her body on fire.

Trying not to blush or stammer, she excused herself and headed toward the bathroom, deliberately avoiding looking in his direction. She had to get a grip on herself, it was her workmate’s birthday and she’d barely listened to a word anyone had said all evening. She wasn’t here to make eyes at some stranger like a horny teenager.

She pushed open the bathroom door and headed for the furthest away cubicle. As she crossed the tiled floor she became acutely aware that her five-inch stilettos were not the only footsteps – a duller, heavier step followed right behind her. Almost afraid to turn round, she pushed the toilet door but wasn’t surprised when it didn’t swing straight closed behind her.

Before she could react, a strong hand covered her mouth and the door clicked shut, locked. She felt hot breath on her ear, then a voice muttered, “keep quiet, bitch, and do as you’re told”. As though he’d turned on a tap, the wetness between her legs became a pool of hot, sweet liquid soaking her silk panties through. Her nipples strained against her lacy bra and she felt a familiar flush creep from her cunt up to her chest.

Without warning, he shoved her forwards and she reached out just in time to steady herself against the cistern. With one hand still over her mouth, he yanked her skirt up with the other and pulling her panties to one side, roughly shoved three ısparta escort fingers in her dripping snatch.

She cried out with no sound. He pumped his fingers in and out of her sopping cunt, his thumb roughly finding her throbbing clit. She felt her legs tremble as she got closer and closer, but before she could cum he pulled his hand away from her slit and smacked her hard on the arse. “Not yet, my little slut.”

Tears sprang to her eyes. Taking his hand away from her mouth, but before she could make a sound, he ripped her panties off, leaving cunt juice dripping down her firm, tanned thighs. He stuffed the soaking silky material into her mouth, filling her with the taste of her own cum – sweet but a little salty.

He grabbed both of her hands and she fell further forward, managing not to smack her face against the wall. Her wrists were suddenly bound together – she couldn’t see what with, but from the feel of the fabric she guessed it was his tie. Realising she was completely at his mercy, she was surprised to feel no fear, just a delicious anticipation of what would come next.

She wasn’t left guessing for long. A couple more rough slaps to her peachy backside, then she felt her cheeks being spread apart, her arsehole suddenly stretched open. His tongue, hot and wet, probed her tight hole, then pushed inside. Nothing had ever gone up there before and she was surprised how good – and nasty – it felt.

While his tongue delved deeper into her back passage, two, three, then four fingers worked into her soaking pussy. Just as she was on the edge of cumming for the second time his hand and mouth withdrew and she was yanked backwards by the hair, just managing not to fall at his feet.

Instead he spun her round onto her knees, facing him, and for the first time she saw his face close up. His eyes had a look of desire mixed with disgust as he pulled her panties out of her mouth, unzipped his trousers and his rock hard cock sprang out. “Suck it bitch.”

Her hands still bound behind her istanbul escort back, she had no control as he fucked her face relentlessly. She gagged and choked but he pounded her throat harder and faster, her spit and his pre-cum dripping down her chin as she lost control. If she could have screamed as he yanked her hair to match the pace of his thrusts, she would have, but instead she just felt tears stream down her face.

When she thought she couldn’t take any more, he grunted, shuddered and a stream of hot cum shot straight down her throat. She tried to swallow it all but some escaped and trickled down her chin – she hoped he would not be too angry. Finally he finished, zipped his huge cock back into his trousers and slapped her across the face, making her fall back. “My room. Now.”

He roughly pulled her into a standing position, tugged her skirt back to cover her now-red arse and threw his suit jacket over her shoulders to hide the fact her hands were still tied. As he led her out of the cubicle, she caught sight of her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her eye make up had run down her face, her hair was a mess and spunk was drying on her chin. She looked like a cum slut who’d been used and abused – and she had a feeling this was only the beginning.

As he led her through the bar, she felt like every eye was on her. She couldn’t see her friends – they were probably so wrapped up in their own lives they’d forgotten she’d been there, or assumed she’d gotten lucky and gone home so they moved on.

In the lift, he ripped open the buttons on her sheer silk blouse and yanked her bra down so her small, firm tits were exposed. She prayed no one else got in. Her nipples were already rock hard and he ran his tongue over each one in turn, before biting down so she gasped in surprise and pain.

The lift doors opened and he shoved her out, half-dragging her along the corridor until he opened a door and pushed her roughly inside his room.

He threw her onto the bed so she landed on her back, her izmir escort hands now tied above her head, and her still-exposed tits pushed upwards. He pulled her skirt off and went to work licking and sucking her dripping cunt, reaching up to roughly tug her nipples and slap her tits and face hard.

She couldn’t take any more and came hard, soaking his stubble and screaming out as her whole body shook. He looked furious. “Did I say you could cum, bitch?” “No…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” “You’ll be sorry you little slut”.

Without warning, he rammed his cock into her pussy, filling her and stretching her til she felt like she was being ripped apart. He showed no mercy as he slammed into her cunt over and over, her tight little hole no match for his massive, throbbing dick. As she screamed again he shoved his fingers into her mouth, and she could taste her own sweet cum on him, mixed with the taste his own had left in her mouth in the toilets downstairs.

Just as she felt his massive cock was going to rip her in two, he pulled out, and pumping his fist up and down the huge shaft, sprayed his second load of hot cum all over her chest and face. There was even more than the first time – she was covered and the room stank of spunk.

He smirked down at her. “Look at you lying there like a little cum-drenched whore. There’s only one was to clean you up.” Before she could even think about what that meant, a stream of hot piss hit her straight on the chin. He aimed downwards, washing the spunk off her tits, then back upwards and she knew from the look in his eyes what was expected.

She opened her mouth and the piss hit the back of her throat – again, she gulped thirstily to swallow every last drop, to keep him happy. He seemed satisfied with this and only gave her one more slap across the face, and pinched each nipple hard, before standing up straight. He fastened his trousers and put his suit jacket back on, but seemed happy to leave his tie binding her wrists together.

With one more smirk he turned and left her, in a complete stranger’s hotel room, used and too exhausted to move, hands tied, naked from the waist down apart from her stilettos and her tits exposed, nipples red raw, lying in a pool of piss with the smell of spunk in the air, for housekeeping to find.

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