Her Visit


Her VisitYou, Emma, stand, apprehensively, on the wooden porch guarding the entrance of the large, weatherboard house. The scent of roses escapes from the garden and freely caresses your robust form as you hold your breath. Fighting the butterflies in your stomach, you take a step forward. The heel of your black, leather high heels crashes down on the porch, killing the nervous silence. You know I would be standing on the other side of the Chinese Red front door. Aware of your presence, I am waiting until you ring the doorbell. Regaining your breath, you gingerly reach out toward the doorbell. A strand of luscious blonde hair spills across your face. You press the button; I open the door immediately.Smiling my approval as my gaze embraces you. Your shoulder length blonde hair frames an innocent face. Your sweet cherry lips reside in a perfect pout as your eyes seek mine. Your pale throat is half hidden by the mid-calf length black overcoat you wear. Shifting from one foot to another uncomfortably while under my gaze, your shapely stocking-clad calves tapering into slim ankles above chic black heels. Blushing as you move, you are aware of the wetness already growing between your creamy thighs.Wordlessly, I step back and invite you in. Shutting the door, I coax the coat from your frame. Without warning, I push your naked shoulders back against the wall of the hallway. The blue satin corset hugs your figure. As a result, I mention my appreciation as I run my fingertips over your delicious 42DD cleavage. This sends a shiver through your body. Holding in a sigh as I place my hand at the lacy top of your black thigh-high stockings. Softly I massage your warm skin. Leaning into you, I press my lips hard against yours and slip my tongue deftly into your mouth. Suddenly I break off the kiss and step back before you have time to reciprocate.Lightly, I grasp your hand in mine as I lead you down the hallway into the cavernous guest room. The curtains are drawn. The room is engulfed in obscurity. Turning to you, I press lightly down on your shoulders. Obediently, you drop to your knees on the soft, plush carpet and kneel, motionless. I move around the large room lighting candles. I return, standing before you in the warm glow of the flickering light. You raise your head, looking up at me as I lock my eyes on yours. Delving into my pocket, I pull out a violet silken scarf. I lean forward, dr****g the scarf across your eyes before tying it firmly at the back of your head. The violet hue of the silk contrasting against the rich colour of your hair. Your heart quickens as your world falls into darkness. Now you’re forced to rely on your other senses. A tingle moves swiftly through your attentive body as I trail a fingertip across your cheek. It lingers, momentarily, on your full lips.Unable to suppress an audible sigh, you hear me fumble with my belt buckle. Eagerly, you run your tongue over your soft lips. Your ears caught the unmistakable sound of a zipper unzipping. I smile to myself as I watch you lick your lips hungrily. My dick is hard in my hand. I allow my pants to collapse around my feet. I stand motionlessly in front of you, making you wait until you shiver in anticipation. Without thinking, your hand moves to the ever-increasing wetness caught in the sheer panties between your legs. Hearing me growl causes you to quickly retract your hand, though not before I reprimand your with a short, gentle blow across your cheek. Shamed, the crimson creeps across your face.Painting a finger with my pre-cum, I slowly and deliberately, smear it across your lips. Your tongue snakes quickly across your lips. You murmur softly as you savour my taste. I step closer to you; you inhale deeply, smelling my deep, masculine scent. I press the head of my hardness against your warm, alluring lips. You’re barely able to contain a sigh as you respond by running the tip of your tongue over me. Keenly, you engulf the head of my prick into your inviting mouth. Feel me pulsate against your tongue. Swirling your tongue around me adeptly, you elicit a guttural groan from my lips and a twitch from the base of my shaft. Tightly pursing your lips around me, you swiftly begin working your mouth over the head of my dick, sighing as my pre-cum coats your red lips and slithers across your tongue. I drink you in through my eyes. Your sweet tunalı escort face blemished by the silk blindfold, is violated by the hard dick in your wholesome mouth. I battle to contain the orgasm I feel rising deep within.Suddenly, you swallow my entirety greedily, drawing a cascade of moans from me as I feel the tip of my length nudge the back of your throat. Your nose almost presses against my stomach. Overcome with desire, I place my hands over your ears and hold your head still, my sex buried deep within your mouth. You caress my dick with your tongue and squirm from the wetness now smudging against your thighs from your soaked panties. My breathing grows ragged as I continue holding you still and, slowly at first, begin moving in and out of your mouth. Quickening my pace, I thrust my hips as I fuck your lovely mouth, barely able to control myself.I stop and hold myself deep in your mouth again, before withdrawing completely and taking my hands from over your ears. You are a beautiful sight; your slightly swollen lips glisten in the muted candle light. Your panties are visibly wet. I tap you on the shoulder, motioning for you to rise. You do so obediently. Next you run your tongue around the inside of your mouth, relishing my wonderful taste. Desperately you are wanting more. I step in to you, holding your arms and drawing you closer as I kissed you firmly, my tongue enjoying my own flavour. Breaking off the kiss, I move behind you and breathe hotly in your ear. This causes an explosion of shivers over your body. My hands roam over the satin corset. You c feel my hardness pressing against you. As you wriggle back against me, I release a sigh. It takes flight from my lips as your full, round ass caresses me. Stepping back, I grip the cord of your corset in my hands and undo it carefully. The corset falls, exposing your pale satin skin, your large, ripe breasts and rosy pink nipples. The colour blooms in your cheeks as you hear me move in front of you, somehow aware of the lusty stare falling on your chest.I stand, silent and unmoving, as my eyes greedily fondle your half-naked form. Your chest rises and falls with each quickening breath as your ears strain to hear the noise I am not making. Reaching out, I take a pink nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeeze it forcefully. The unexpected touch causes you to whimper softly. Smiling, I strum both your erect rosy nipples with my fingers before trailing my fingertips lightly down your stomach. They finally rest atop your sheer, hip-hugging panties. Observing your body quiver under my touch, I hear your breath catch in your throat as I run a finger teasingly over your panty-covered pussy. I then press softly against your tender clitoris. You feel flush as I peel the panties from your hips, rolling them slowly down your stocking-clad thighs and allowing them to fall to the floor. I kneel, placing my hands on your hips. I tug you closer. Afterward I kiss your warm, wet pussy as passionately as I would your mouth. A low moan falls from your lips as you enjoy my nimble tongue working at your needy pussy. You press yourself hard against me. I fill my mouth with you, delighting in your enticing taste before, much to your dismay, standing again. Gently, I take your hand.You follow across the soft carpet until I stop, removing my hand from yours. As you remain still your heart is ready to explode in your chest in anticipation of the unknown. Placing my hands firmly on your lily-white shoulders, I turn you. Then, in one swift move, I push you backwards. Falling, you gasp in relief as you feel the springy mattress of the large four-post bed embrace you. The cool blue silk sheet caresses your hot skin. You enjoy the sensation. I arrange you on the bed with your legs spread wide and your arms away from your torso. I bind your wrists and ankles to the bedposts with strips of the same blue silk that is covering your eyes. You are an erotic, luscious version of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man as you lie spread-eagle on the bed. Gazing, I drink in the delicious vision of you, your delicate feet hiding in the stylish black heels, the sheer black stockings only adding to the shape of your legs. They stop in a flurry of lace mid-way up your thighs. Your smooth pussy pouts at me as it glistens in the flickering light. Your stomach, pale yenimahalle escort and slightly rounded, leads up to your full, globular breasts where pink nipples erectly pose in need of attention. Your golden hair spills across your creamy shoulders and slides onto the blue sheet. Only the silk scarf tied across your eyes mars your perfect face.Moving away from the bed, I walk to the cupboard and open a drawer. Hearing my every move; your mind races with possibilities as I rummage noisily and deliberately, through the drawer. You listen to me return and stand beside the bed. Your nerves feel abuse as I unexpectedly bring the black leather riding-crop hard down against the silk sheet you lay on. This causes your whole body to twitch in shock and a warm tremble of excitement to follow. Running the tip of the crop over your stomach, I watch in satisfaction as a wave of goose bumps spread over your form. I trail the crop up, over your breasts and loop the leather tip over one of your nipples. Sighing, you relish the cold leather fondling one nipple and then the other. In one swift motion, I lift the crop up and bring it down firmly against your breast. You gasp as the leather hits your soft skin, your breast stinging initially then spreading a familiar warmth across your torso. Your pale skin glows a gentle pink as I smack the crop against your other breast. Gently I teased your nipples with the leather tip before hitting you again, a little harder this time. Sighing again, the tingle in your breasts courses directly to your pussy; your wetness increases with each smack of the crop. I whip you more. Your sighs turn to whimpers each time the leather cracks your tender, reddening skin. I stop as a quiet sob escapes your mouth and leaning down, I gently kiss your stinging breasts. Softly I run my tongue over your puffy red nipples.Standing again, I lightly drag the top of the riding crop down your stomach to the top of your delightful pink slit, causing you to quiver at the touch of the leather. Pressing the crop against your clitoris, I circle it gently, luring a composition of moans from your sweet mouth. Suddenly, lifting the crop up, you firmly smack your pussy. You writhe under the stinging blow, your breathing grows ragged as the sensation rings throughout your body. Pain mingles with pleasure as I draw my attention back to your sensitive clit, fondling it gently with the black leather. Your pussy smoulders as I smack you again, pushing you another step closer to the edge of orgasm. Without warning, I shove the crop deep inside your wetness. You cry out, your pussy trembles as I begin fucking you with the crop, demanding you to cum for me. Your face twists with pleasure as your moans crescendo; I could feel how tight you are around the crop as I thrust it into you quickly. Your thighs twitches involuntarily as you explode inside, your back arches as your heart gallops as you climax hard. Your juices coat the crop and smear against the inside of your thighs. I pull the crop from you as your orgasm subsides. Laying still, you try regaining your breath as your pussy continues throbbing. I place the wet leather of the crop against your lips, aware of the eagerness pulsing through my groin as you lick ravenously at your own essence.Throwing the crop to the floor after you had licked it clean, I hasten around the bed, untying your wrists and ankles. I take you roughly by the shoulders. Sliding you across the smooth silk sheets, I turn you, until you are kneeling on the carpet beside the bed and leaning over it. Your large breasts squash against the mattress as the cool blue sheet caresses your cheek. Obtaining another violet scarf, I bind your wrists behind your back. Trembling, you whimper in anticipation as you feel me impatiently pushing your thighs wider apart. Running my finger down your slippery slit, delighted at how wet and utterly aroused you are. I am throbbing now, pre-cum coats the head of my hard dick. I need you quickly. Grabbing your hips, I rub myself against your wetness, the long-anticipated touch drawing moans from both of them. Desperately you try pushing back against me, inviting me inside. In one smooth action, I enter your wet pussy, pushing in as deep as I could, a low guttural groan tumbling from my lips as I revel in your warm silkiness ulus escort snugly around me. You gasp as I fill you and hold myself deep inside you. Pulling back from you, I almost completely withdraw, before I thrust my entirety into you again. Clenching yourself tightly around my shaft, you feel me pulsate inside you. I stay buried deep inside as I remove a hand from your hip. Reaching around underneath you, I coat my fingers in your slick juices. Teasing your sensitive clitoris, I am making you sigh and shudder in pleasure. Slowly, but forcefully, I move rhythmically in and out of you as my fingers nimbly circle your clit, urging you to cum.A composition of sighs flies from your mouth as your entire body quakes. My relentless fingers tease your clit while my hard prick feverishly fills your greedy pussy.This pushes you towards another orgasm. You spasm around my length. I pinch your clit firmly between my fingers, sending you flying over the edge. You moan loudly into the mattress, your body rigid as your heart stops momentarily. Your cum dribbles down your thighs, wetting the lacy tops of the black stockings and smothering my dick. Removing my hand from your clit, I withdraw my shaft from your wetness as your orgasm fades. You catch your breath.Running my sticky fingers slowly down the crack between your buttocks, I stop at your small anus. Soon though, I am wriggling a finger inside you. Responding instantly, your sphincter clasps tightly around my finger. Now you are moving your hips back against m. Taking my finger from you, I spread your ass cheeks with my hands. I press the head of my shaft, glistening with your juices, against your opening. Without warning, I grip your hips and slam myself deep inside your tight ass. You cry out, cumming immediately. The top of your stockings is soaked with your cum. You push back against me as I withdraw entirely and then begin moving just the head of my dick quickly in and out of your ass. You writhe underneath me, unable to contain your moans as I invade you. Your anus is hot against the head of my dick, turning my desire into frenzy.Driving deeply into you, I groan as I feel you tighten around me. I withdraw and push back in forcefully, the loud sound of my skin slapping against yours is barely audible between our mingled moans of pleasure. Quickening my pace, I am aware of the tightening in my balls as I fuck your ass fast and fervently. You shudder underneath me as I slam into you powerfully as I retrieve my hand from your hip. Reaching out, I take a candle from the bedside table. I moan in anticipation as I extinguish the candle. My dick slips in and out of your gaping ass easily now. My heavy balls spasm as I quickly approach orgasm. I push as deep inside you as I am able. Unable to contain myself any longer, I bellow out as I climax, my whole body twitching as I erupt far inside you. Tipping the candle over you as my orgasm hits fully, my breathing is heavy and ragged as the warm wax splashes along your spine. Yelping, you whimper as the wax hits your unready body. My moans mix with yours, the combined sensations of the wax heating your soft skin and of me bursting inside you are too much. Again you climax. Shuddering hard, you gasp for breath as your ass tightens around me, milking me of my cum while your juices flowed freely down your stockinged thighs, pooling on the floor between your knees.Collapsing on you, I tenderly kiss your shoulders and neck as the last of my orgasm washes over. Murmuring underneath me, you sigh contentedly as I soften, slipping out of you. Standing, I release your wrists and help you to your feet. Turning you to face me, I kiss your mouth ardently as I reach behind you and undo the silk blindfold. Stepping back, I caress you with my content gaze one last time. Your luscious blonde hair unkempt, your china-white face flushes crimson, your beautiful lips are swollen and there is satisfaction in your bottomless eyes. Your breasts are pink and tender, your nipples puffy and standing proud. Your pussy is soaked and sticky. The inside of your black stockings are stained dark from your own cum. You are gorgeous.Gathering your corset and panties, I place them in a bag. Smiling, I clutch your hand and lead you, clad only in stockings and heels, to the front door. I grab the heavy black coat from the hanger and help you into it, doing the buttons up slowly as my eyes give you my thanks. I kiss you softly on the cheek as I place the bag in your hands and open the door. Stepping outside as I close the door behind you, the heel of your black high heels crashing down on the porch and reverberating into eternity …

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