It was a Thursday morning. My girlfriend and I had been fooling around all night and morning. Continuously, teasing her, while she got ready to go to work. Damn, I was still horny while stroking my stiff cock. While she was warming up the car, my mind started wondering. I decided to mess with her to see how horny I could make her thru out the day. I knew she had at least a thirty-minute drive to work. Therefore, I started sending nasty text messages.

To my surprise, she responded back almost immediately. Due to the fact, she was stuck in traffic. I knew it was on then! By the time she arrived at work, my plan was in full swing. I cannot remember how, but the conversation took a turn in new a direction. In the heat of the moment, my girl slipped and shared an experience from her past. What will be forever known as the “Hercules” story!

It started at a party in Monterey, while wondering around mingling. She came across three guys having a lit conversation about gangbanging. They asked her if she had ever tried it before. She lied and said yes! So they decided that they should hook up sometime to have a group session. Which actually turned out, to be the following weekend. As she describes it, the two men were athletic built men, number # 1 and # 2. # 1 picked her up early Sunday morning from San Francisco as # 2 waited patiently at the motel room in Hercules.

# 1 already looked like he had been partying all night. He was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. My girl was wearing a short mini skirt no panties and a tank top no bra. During the drive, exchanging dirty comments between one another while puffing on a blunt and doing key shots. She sat with her legs wide open so

could rub coke on her cunt, fingering and enjoying the cream dripping, staining the fabric of the car seat. Upon arrival at illegal bahis the motel,

was playing with his cock warming up, while watching what ever was on T.V. The three of them sat on the bed continuing to get lit relaxing in intoxicating heat, for the nasty episode. Stuffing more coke in her snatch, getting it nice, numb, and wet, for the intense pounding her voluptuous crispy cream pussy was about to receive.

# 2 got the horniest first, carried her over to the dresser with her back against the mirror. Hiking up her skirt and spreading her legs wide open, so he could enjoy licking that milky white cream oozing down her ass and inner thighs before thrusting his black hard thick meat in between her tight, thick pussy lips. While # 1 sat back telling # 2 to fuck the shit out of her pussy, # 2 banged raped her juicy pussy, fast and slow, hard and deep. Then

came by her side helping to remove her top, to have full access to those perky nipples, while she fondled his huge cock with her hands.

Number # 1 got really aroused seeing all that cream # 2 pumped out of her gorgeous cunt. # 1 got too enticed, he was in need for his turn. He shoved his head in between her legs to get his tongue and face frosted. Then took her off the dresser and positioned her on all fours over the bed, so he could fuck her tight ass. Lubricating with her thick cream that dripped from her pussy. # 1 took his time to cram his 10 inch cock all in so deep then pulled out to fuck her petite ass hard and ruff. # 2 sat on the bed enjoying the show cheering # 1 on! At that point # 2 wanted a turn to dip all up in her ass, after watching how # 1 slammed his pole in and out of her slippery, wet hole.

Three hours passed, they switched positions, as # 2 laid on his back on the bed. Drilled my girl backwards with her legs open, illegal bahis siteleri while # 1 got seconds of her frosty covered pie. # 2, dipped in and out of her deep hole. Thrusting his shaft, all up to his swollen balls. Both of them talking shit, as my girl craved and hungered for more. Feeling their rods growing inch by inch from the coke they kept rubbing on their engorged black tools. One could not wait any longer he just had to shove his 10 plus cock in her sticky, messy pussy. Filling up both of her holes with dark meat. They gave her double the pleasure, double the fun, double the dick, and double the cumms.

After getting double penetrated for a while, on the edge of the bed. # 1 pulled out, to lick more of the cream dripping down her pussy. # 2 kept, feeling and fucking her ass from the bottom. # 1 pulled her off # 2 to lay her on her back over the table. # 2 at the top of the table, for her to suck his cock, getting deep throated over the edge of the table. # 1 at the bottom eating and deep penetrating her pussy, with her legs up and wide open. After a while, they switched, turning her over to her stomach. # 1 deep throated her mouth with the longest cock crammed down her throat. # 2 posted at the bottom, spreading her ass to lick and fuck her ass. They bragged out at each other how they were going to gang rape the shit out of her with all the coke they got. Making her beg for more and more black meat stuffed down her throat, cunt and ass.

# 2 helped her gently off the table, leading her to slide his cock in her ass on the chair, backwards. # 1 helping to hold her legs wide open to suck her juicy cunt and deep throat her pussy. She was amazed how good it felt to have two huge cocks in her at the same time, giving her the ultimate satisfaction. Then they switched positions, she canlı bahis siteleri rode # 1 on the chair and # 2 fucked her ass from the back. # 1 shoved his cock up to the back wall of her wet sore cunt. She got hornier by the largest members swollen cock growing thicker filling up her cunt. Sliding her sweet pink walls up and down the entire length of his porno size cock! Making more cream collect, caking up all over her cunt. # 2 love to pull in and out of her ass then sticking his tongue deep in her hole.

After awhile they all moved to the bed, # 2 and her sixty-nine, with hunger for each other’s flesh meat in each other’s smelly, wet mouth. # 2 spread her ass cheeks apart so # 1 can tongue fuck her tight ass hole then stuff her ass with his creamy coated thick cock. Then they switched positions # 1 and her sixty nining, slobbery and wet. # 2 slamming her ass hole harder and slow, she begged to slam her tight asshole while # 1 sucked and ate her pussy making her wetter and creamier. Then she turned to ride # 2 and told # 1 stick his black stiff pole in her ass to be double penetrated so hard and ruff before the last hour of cumming with cum juice all over her ass and mouth.

# 1 pulled on her hair as to express he was set to cum. His cock grew thick as if it was loading. She can feel the veins of his dick popping, with every thrust of his dick. She moaned aloud in pleasurable pain. # 2 vigorously sucked and bit her hard nipples, in one hand and the other hand on her ass. # 1 eventually came in between her ass, and then pulled out. # 2 told her to slide off his pole and lick his creamy coated balls because he is about to cum. He pulled on her hair off his mouthful balls so he could fuck her mouth. He gagged her mouth slowly pushing his creamy, covered, wet totem pole down her throat. A couple of pumps of that, he pulls out and grabs her wrest fully. Onto her back, held up her legs, spread and wide open, then hungrily bangs his huge, rock hard cock into her swollen thick wet pussy. Pumping fast, hard, and deep till he came in a bursting hot rush.

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