Here Comes The Night


The balmy night air snaked itself around my tender, sleeping form, mingling with the moonlight streaming in from the half-eaten moon pinned to the middle of the night sky. I stirred momentarily, kicking off the covers in a vain attempt to find relief from the pent up warmth caught under the sheets. My red hair spilled across the pillow and came to rest upon my shoulders, a stark contrast against my creamy white skin. The hem of my silken light blue nightie almost failed to cover its matching panties, which were hugging my soft hips tightly.

You stood, naked and lustful, in the shadows of my doorway as I stretched out on my back, sighing contently at the dream circling in my mind. You crept quietly to the edge of my bed and sat, drinking my sleeping form in through your solid gaze as your hand made its way to your already hard cock.

Your eyes fell upon my unblemished thighs and crept upward, coming to a halt at the soft material of the panties stretching across my virginal treasure, a moan almost escaping from your lips. Your cock was hot in your hand and, slowly, you began to stroke yourself as you placed your other hand against escort ataşehir my thigh, your fingertips dancing lightly over my supple skin and causing goose bumps to ripple across my body.

Your gaze slithered upwards, caressing my silk covered stomach and resting on my ripe breasts heaving from each deep, peaceful breath. Your soft touches on my bare thigh had caused my nipples to stand erect against the pale blue silk. Carefully, you lifted my nightie over my stomach and breasts and leaned down, lightly pressing your nose against my warm, fair stomach as you inhaled my fresh, youthful scent. Your cock was aching in your hand and, peeling back the foreskin, you rubbed the head with your pre-cum and began to stroke a little faster.

Your fingertips ran delicately over my stomach to my firm breasts, and circled my excited nipples. You leant down, taking me into your hungry mouth, your tongue flicking desperately over my sensitivity as you pinched my small nipple between your lips. Your groin twitched as a sleep-filled murmur fell from my peaceful lips. You allowed my nipple to fall from your mouth and, slowly and deliberately, kadıköy escort you trailed your tongue down my stomach to the waistband of my panties, savouring the taste of my young feminine skin. Gently, you pressed your nose against my panty-covered pussy, your hand tightening around your hard cock and a look of wild desire sprawling across your face as you breathed in my pure aroma.

Shifting quietly, though no longer caring if I woke, you knelt over my face and admired the tranquillity of my slumbering features before faintly tracing the outline of my full, crimson lips with the head of your cock, smearing your pre-cum across my serene mouth. Your hand worked your cock quickly, and frantically you tried to hold back your orgasm as my beautiful, angelic face stained with yourself flooded your mind.

Sitting again, on the edge of my bed, you took your hand from your straining cock and ran your fingers from my firm nipples down my soft stomach to my hips then, delving your fingers into my panties, you cupped my warm, smooth pussy in your large hand. I squirmed against you in my sleep, sighing as you slid a finger maltepe escort bayan along my sweet slit, finding my secret wetness. You took your finger, painted with my honey, from my panties and pressed it against your tongue, unable to contain a moan as you tasted my enticing flavour. Your breathing grew ragged as you pulled my panties down, revealing my tender pussy and soft hips.

You stood over me, your eyes devouring me as I lay asleep; my innocent face tainted by the pre-cum coating my pouting lips, my red hair entangled with the pale blue nightie you’d pulled up to expose my ripe 18-year-old breasts, stiff pink nipples and soft white stomach, and my bare pussy wet and glistening against the moonlight while my silken panties hugged my thighs. Furiously, you stroked your twinging cock as your eyes filled themselves of me, your thighs twitching and your heavy balls in throws of spasms as a composition of sighs took flight from your dry lips. Trying hard to retain the guttural moan escaping from your throat, you held your breath as you came hard, your hot white ejaculate mixing with the warm air and landing in random splatters on my youthful body.

You caught your breath as I stirred in my sleep, and took one last, longing look at my exposed form, your cum laying in quiet droplets on my smooth pussy, stomach and breasts, before you slunk away though the shadows guarding the doorway to my bedroom.

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