Hermione Teaches Ginny and Harry how to Share


Hermione Teaches Ginny and Harry how to ShareHermione Teaches Ginny and Harry how to ShareRough flight to the BurrowThe butterbeers were helping to take the edge off, but tensions were still running high at the Burrow. Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters had struck the moment they took off from Harry’s c***dhood home, and the battle took a terrible toll. Mrs. Weasley had just stopped crying. Fleur was still pacing about. The rest were silent, still processing the loss of Moody. Mrs. Weasley hopped up from her armchair. “That’s enough. Everyone to your rooms. We have a lot do tomorrow, and we’ll all need some rest.”Harry was up the stairs on his way to bed in an instant. Harry helped Hermione rise from sofa, She was unsteady on her feet from fatigue and not a few butterbeers. Harry lingered behind as Ginny and Hermione went off to sleep in Ginny’s room. His eyes locked on Hermione’s flowing hair as it swept back and forth across her tight butt, then followed down the line of thighs. Harry blinked hard and started towards the stairs as well. Ginny can’t shrug it offThe door closed quietly in Ginny’s room. Hermione cast a partitioning spell down the middle of the room, and each girl changed into their bed clothes in relative privacy. Ginny wore an undersized tank top and loose red shorts so small they barely covered her round ass. Hermione donned one of Harry’s old t-shirts that reached halfway down the length of her tanned thighs. Ginny’s head hit the pillow next to Hermione’s. They two lay next to each other silently, waiting for sleep to come but instead finding each sleeping position more uncomfortable than the last. After 15 minutes of tossing and turning, Ginny turned to face Hermione. “I can’t get those images out of my mind. I saw him fall. We were up so high,” Ginny said in a tiny voice. Hermione opened her eyes and met Ginny’s. She lifted her arm and swept away the beautiful red curls from Ginny’s. “I can’t sleep either, Ginny. It’s the stress. That battle was terrible. It’s only natural to be on edge.”“I wish there was a spell we could cast to just feel calm again and get a good nights sleep,” Ginny replied.Hermione shares some stress relieving techniquesHermione leaned into Ginny and gave her a hug, inhaling Ginny’s sweet scent as she pulled tight. Then Hermione’s eyes opened a little wider, and she knew what to do. “Well, it’s not a spell, but there is this one technique I learned when I was recovering from the Basilisk attack. I had a lot of sleepless nights after that. Want me to show you?”“I mean, sure. I’ll try anything.”Hermione pulled back and took her younger friend’s face in her hands. “To be clear, this would mean doing things that we’ve never before. At least together, that is…”“What do you mean? I’m not sure I understand,” Ginny said meekly. “How about we learn by doing then, ok?” Ginny nodded almost imperceptibly. Hermione leaned in slowly, stopping just the smallest of distances before Ginny’s ruby lips. Hermione could feel the heat they gave off. She leaned in the last bit, and met Ginny’s warmth. The soft kiss sent an electric shock down the young redhead’s spine. Hermione’s tongue parted Ginny’s lips, and probed its way into her wet, warm mouth. Moving on instinct, Hermione pulled Ginny closer, their legs intercrossing. She ran her hand down Ginny’s soft arm to her round hips, grabbed at the fabric of her tiny shorts until their breasts pressed into each other. Her hand followed the lines of Ginny’s ample ass and slipped her fingers in the crease between her thighs. “How often do you touch yourself down here,” Hermione cooed as she traced the outline of Ginny’s slit through her shorts. Ginny gasped and closed her eyes, and shook her head. “I, ugh, I never really have. Well, never successfully that is…”“I think we can fix that. Can you show me how you did it the last time?”Ginny slowly moved her hand to the top of her loose shorts, which were barely hanging on, curly red wisps of pubic hair spilling out over the top. Shutting bursa escort her eyes harder, she dipped her hand down past her waistband. Her middle finger disappeared into a bright field of crimson and ran down her slit. She rubbed back and forth over her hole, the wetness coating her finger with each pass before plunging into her pussy up to her first knuckle. Ginny tenderly finger fucked herself a few more times, then opened her eyes to Hermione’s. “I like sliding it in and out like that too. But I do it a little different, and think it feels even better. Here, watch,” Hermione said.Hermione lay back, and pulled her oversized t-shirt up to her belly to reveal an immaculately shaven vulva. Her delicate clit popped just over her thin lips. “I like to rub here,” Hermione whispered as she moved her index and middle fingers to her little button. Lightly but lightning fast, she whipped her fingers side to side. “Do you see how I’m doing it? Why don’t you try?”…..Harry Decides Enough is EnoughHarry was the last to reach his bedroom, and Ron was fast asleep by the time he got there. Harry got undressed and dropped face first onto his bed. His mind raced through the events of that night. Time and again, his thoughts came back to her. Hermione had always been the one he wanted. And the thought that he could have lost her tonight was driving him mad. What if he never got the chance to tell her how he was crazy about her? What if he never got to kiss and hold her? What if he never got to fuck her?Harry felt himself stiffen at the thought of grabbing Hermione, pulling her close, and kissing her deep. One hand grabbing her hair, the other tracing her mosquito-bite tits.Harry catches Hermione practicing her magic on GinnyHarry jolted up. He had to tell her. He crept out of the room towards the stairs and Ginny’s room, where he would find Hermione and confess everything and make his move. He tiptoed to the door, turned the handle as quietly as possible and nudged it open a crack. He could just see the outline of the bed when he heard the moans draftily softly towards him. There were two distinct shapes, writhing next to each other, in and out of each other. Squinting in the darkness, there was his friend’s sister laying on her back on the bed, her shorts pulled halfway down her thighs and tank top yanked over her round breasts. A purple, fluffy quilt was floating in mid air, tracing Ginny’s nipples with its feathers. Hermione lay on her side beside Ginny, propped up on right arm. She was mouthing commands to the quill while teasing her twat with her left hand. Harry could feel the blood burning in his face. “Hermione can feel how bad we want each other. How could she be fucking their mutual friend?” he thought. He wanted her so bad his cock hurt each time it throbbed in his pants. He grabbed his shaft through his pajamas. He couldn’t think anymore. He shoved the door open and ran in. “What the hell! You know how long I’ve been after you, Hermione! How could you!”Hermione’s magic works on everyoneHermione’s head shot up. She grabbed her wand and shouted, “lassorium legrande!” Thick white ropes screamed out of her wand and wrapped tightly around Harry’s legs and arms. He fell to the floor with a thud. Hermione ran to shut the door. “Harry, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be asleep!”“Hermione, I had to come find you. Tonight got me thinking a lot. I can’t die without having you. But then I see you and her!”“Keep your voice down! Listen, I can’t keep you off my mind either. I’ve wanted you since I can remember. I lie in bed and touch myself thinking about you. But what I have with Ginny is different. Why should I have to choose? Can’t we all enjoy each other?”Hermione glanced down at the bulge in Harry’s pants. Apparently he didn’t mind the situation as much as he appeared. Hermione handles HarryShe reached out and ran her fingers down the seam on his pajamas. Harry moaned and struggled at his ropes as she rubbed harder and harder until she was grasping bursa escort bayan his shaft through his pants. She could feel the heat through the fabric, and the wetness seeping from his cock head. “I think we can work out an arrangement…” Hermione cooed as she commanded the quill to start stroking Ginny again. She took hold of Harry’s waistband and pulled down until his manhood spilled out. Harry could only gape with his mouth open while straining against his bindings. Hermione bent down and ran the tip of her tongue from his balls to the tip of his head, where she lingered a moment to lick thoroughly. She could taste the pre-cum seeping out of the crack, and felt her blood rush further at the sensation. Ginny does as she’s told“You don’t seem to mind this too much after all” she whispered as Harry closed his eyes in ecstasy. “Good. If you behave, you might get what you were looking for. Ginny, why don’t you come over and help me feel good too.” Ginny edged her way to Hermione’s side, unsure how to look at Harry, who until a few moments ago, she had never considered as anything more than a friend. He has a nice cock, she thought. “Just come here,” Hermione commanded as she lowered her beautifully freckled face towards her pussy. “That’s it, like I showed you you.” Ginny’s tongue darted Hermione’s pink, fragrant folds, running circles around the shapely clit. Hermione gasped and squeezed onto the cock in her hands, and shoved the whole thing in her mouth in one go. Her head bobbed up and down, faster and faster. She could feel her mouth getting filled further and further as Harry engorged all the way. Her face still buried in Hermione’s perfect snatch, Ginny grabbed desperately for her own swollen button, rubbing furiously just like Hermione had taught her. Hermione began bucking her hips into every lap of Ginny’s tongue as she swallowed more and more of Harry’s cock. Moans were coming from all corners. Hermione shook hard, and then lifted Ginny’s face out of her crotch. Playing well with othersPulling herself on top of Harry, she lifted his penis and rubbed the tip lightly along her slit. “I’ve wanted this just as long as you have,” she said before driving her hips lower and sending his cock to the back of her vagina. “Oh my god, you fill me up, Harry!” She lifted her hips slowly until her pussy was poised at the very top of his head, then plunged back fully down until her hips grinned against his. She pressed her nails into his bare chest and bucked harder into his sex. “Ginny, come here and let me taste myself off your lips.” Ginny sat up and rose to her knees at Hermione’s side, placing one arm around the small of her friend’s naked back. “Take this off me.” Ginny lifted the t-shirt up and over Hermione’s outstretched arms, and cupped the tightly shaped buds on Hermione’s chest. She pinched the puffy nipples gently and ran circles around her light pink areoles. Licking her lips, Ginny lowered her mouth and sucked tenderly on each nipple, suckling each into perfect hard peaks. Hermione let out another muffled moan as she writhed on Harry’s member then pounded the man’s young body harder. She craned her neck towards the round face next to hers, kissing Ginny deeply and licking the juices off. Ginny responded by dropping her hand towards her waiting clit. Her fingers grazed Harry’s cock, and she felt an electric pulse through her pussy. “Rub me Ginny, oh magic it feels so good. Keep going, faster,” and Ginny did as she was told.Harry is a free man“Do you think I could get out of these ropes now?” Harry asked in disbelief at what was happening to him right now, his eyes focused on nothing but the beautiful body rocking up and down on him. “Think you can behave if I let you free?” Hermione asked with a smirk. She reached for her wand, said the incantation, and cut the ropes free. Harry jumped up and ripped off his pajama pants. He bent Hermione over the side of the bed and she pulled apart her pillowy ass cheeks, waiting for his cock. He slid between escort bursa them and threw his head back hard. Grabbing her hips, he pumped her mercilessly, smacking his hips into her waiting ass. Ginny could hardly process watching her brother’s best friend fuck her best friend. But her cunt still ached terribly, and watching Hermione’s sexy body at work made it ache even more. She slid herself past the pair, and wedged herself on the bed against the wall, her legs spread wide. She pulled Hermione by the chin towards her waiting pussy. Hermione lapped and licked hard until Ginny’s juices coated her face, her tongue swirling around her friend’s throbbing clit and sucking on the lips. She reached her hand around, grabbed a handful of red pubes, and pulled until Ginny let out a cry. “Fuck Hermione, I’m so close, but I can’t go over the edge!” Ginny screamed. Just over the horizon of her pubes, Ginny could see a smile spread on Hermione’s face. She then felt a strong, sharp pressure push on her tight asshole, circling around and slowly working its way in, while Hermione’s continued to work away at her pussy. “Holy shit, what is that!” She cried as Hermione had worked two fingers into her asshole up to the hilt. All of a sudden, Ginny’s body froze entirely, then shook in one violent arch from her head to her toes, and she came for the first time in her life, releasing all the pent up sexual energy and frustration which streamed out of her pussy onto Hermione’s waiting tongue, who lapped up every drop eagerly. She dipped two fingers into Ginny’s creamy hole, screamed “fuck!”, and shoved them in her hot mouth. Harry is almost thereHarry glanced when he heard Ginny cumming then stared back at his cock sliding in and out of Hermione. The combination of the two was overwhelming.“Ugh, you’re gonna make me cum Hermione! Fuck!” yelled Harry. Hermione pulled herself out of Ginny’s moist crotch, and swiveled around to face Harry’s hard cock, swollen and dripping with their sex. “I want all of your cum, too, Harry!” Hermione gasped. She practically swallowed his shaft whole, her nose coming up against Harry’s belly. She sucked hard and fast, while Harry grabbed her hair tight. Ginny whispers encouraging wordsGinny had recovered enough to wobble over next to Harry, and lean her head on his shoulder. “Doesn’t she feel so good? How the hell does she know how to fuck like this?”Ginny looked at Harry on the verge of cumming by Hermione’s hand, and whispered in his ear, “Here, this helped me.” She plunged her finger down to Harry’s puckered anus, and snuck her finger into his ass before he could respond. Hermione saw the action, and pulled Harry’s hips tighter towards her. “What the, oh my, Jesus fuck…arghhh” Harry wailed as he felt an enormous pressure release from his balls, race down his shaft, and stream out of his cock into her hot open mouth, onto her face and hair and nose and down onto her sweaty breasts. Thick strings of jizz flowed from his cock head and he felt himself become entirely drained. Hermione ran her fingers all over her face and wiped all the hot cum towards her, swallowed all she could, sucked on her fingers and rubbed all over her tits. “Oh my magic, you two taste so fucking good!” Hermione let out between gasps for air. Harry and Ginny return the favorHarry collapsed on the bed next to his cum-covered friend, the weight of the world gone. Ginny lay down on Hermione’s other side. “Hermione made us both feel so good, but she hasn’t come yet. Wanna help me help her out, Harry?” Ginny asked. Ginny ran her hands over Hermione’s small, tender breasts, and kissed her neck and nipples. Harry slipped his hand between her legs and found her smooth, hairless patch. He dipped one finger into the moist hole, and rubbed her little button. After all that night’s hot sex, Hermione didn’t need much prompting before succumbing to Harry and Ginny’s pressures. She gripped hard on the sheets, and pulled her body taught, before letting out a silent scream and cumming all over Harry’s fingers, the juices flowing over his wrist and soaking the sheets. Hermione kissed each of them and snuggled in between them. Thoroughly spent, they sank into a deep sleep in a pile of interwoven limbs.

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