Hero’s Life Ch. 03


Since Peaches and I hooked up in a long evening sex session at work that first night, we added sex play to our nightly work routine. Now it was: Work, Food/Booze, Work, Sex, Home, and Repeat. We were both getting home later at night, closer to midnight, but our morale improved.

Our sex consisted entirely of rubbing, kissing, licking and sucking. Peaches had grown particularly fond of what she came to call “treats” – my tongue ravaging her teenage ass from behind while I rubbed her clitoris with a thumb from beneath. On occasion, if it were done just right, she would have a squirting orgasm. Goddamn that was hot. We hadn’t worked our way up to full sex yet. We made it a little over two more weeks before actually having intercourse. That finally happened in a uniquely Peaches-esque fashion…

It was around 10 pm, time to wrap up for the night, when Peaches appeared at the door to the conference room where I was still working during our late night sessions. She was wearing nothing but a freshly pressed men’s blue dress shirt. It looked suspiciously like one from the collection I kept in my office to change into for dinner meetings with clients. Of course, the shirt looked better on her. Its blue picked up the sky blue of her eyes. Its first few buttons were undone enough for me to see the upper swell of the enormous D-cup 18 year-old breasts that were disproportionately large on her petite, 5’2″, 110 pound body. I hoped to see those boobs completely uncovered someday; Peaches had remained coy on that particular front. How she rationalized letting me stick my tongue up her bottom while steadfastly concealing her chest from me was a mystery I puzzled over often. The bottom of my shirt hit her several inches above the knee and I was treated to a mouthwatering view of her tanned teenage thighs.

She was also carrying a large easel and a flip pad. I watched with interest as she entered and set up the easel. She turned the flip pad forward and shot me an impish look. I opened my mouth to ask what it was for when she impatiently tapped the front of the flip pad with a black marker. The flip pad read:

Silence please.

She flipped the first page up to reveal the next page.

Good evening. Please remove your pants.

I followed the escort ataşehir directions, barely fighting off a laugh at the absurdity. The leather conference room chair felt funny on my bare buttocks.

She flipped again.

You and I… (here, there were 2 helpful stick figures drawn below – the first had 2 large circles on its torso, the second had a thick line descending from between its legs.)


…are finally going to…


FUCK. (this was written in enormous balloon letters that Peaches now energetically underlined with the clutched black marker for emphasis).


There will be no talking until we are finished.


I will decide when we are finished.


Yes, it’s OK, I’m on the pill now. (there was a smiley face added for good measure).


One last thing…


If you come before I do, I’ll kick your ass.

Peaches dropped the marker she was holding to the floor and made her way towards me with a determined look I’d never seen on her before. She covered the distance between us in three steps and straddled me in the chair, placing her knees on either side of my hips. She bent down and silently kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth eagerly, as her hand dipped down to encircle my ready hardness.

I felt the warmth of her body from a distance as she slowly lowered herself into my lap. I felt the simmering heat of her young cunt when it made our first contact at the head of my cock. I even worried briefly about lubrication until Peaches wriggled her little pussy down over my end and I realized that she was wet enough for both of us.

She narrowed her eyes in concentration, exhaled slowly, and slid down until she sat in my lap, sheathing me entirely in her moist, hot depths. She held still there a moment and laid her head on my shoulder. Her huge round breasts pressed into my chest. I kissed her neck. We had been building up to this for several days and we both paused to savor finally joining this way.

Peaches began by rolling her hips in a few small circles. Inside her, I received a complete tour of her young vagina. Every millimeter of her clutching cunt rubbed against me in a hot, wet greeting. kadıköy escort Satisfied, she began to rock up and down a bit, just an inch or two. I got a bit too eager and lifted my hips to bump her higher. It freed more of my length which she promptly swallowed on a hard downward swing. We both grunted at the impact. We quickly began fucking in earnest and it was better than I had dreamed it would be. Her blonde hair bounced around her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes flashed as she panted through barely parted little pink lips. Her giant boobs rose and fell beneath the shirt.

While we continued our increasingly frantic fucking, she grabbed hold of the chair for leverage and leaned back a little. She looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of her little bald cunt for a few long moments then looked back up at me with a smile. I took advantage of the space she’d made between us and reached into our laps to strum her clitoris. Her eyes slid closed. She brought her free arm up under the blue dress shirt and beneath the cotton I watched her small hand palm, then squeeze, a huge breast. Her breathing grew more ragged. I doubled our pace, now pistoning in and out of her, and her mouth fell open; eyes squeezed shut. Her body racked silently with pleasure.

Moments later, her eyes shot open wildly and she came, jamming herself down onto me and grinding herself around in the same little circles she had started with. I felt the inside of her cunt flutter along my length with her orgasm. I watched her shirt covered hand pinch her nipple cruelly. When her orgasm ended she laid her head forward onto my shoulder and went limp in my lap.

We rested like that for awhile and I stroked her tiny back.

Eventually, Peaches leaned back again and poked a finger into my shoulder to indicate that it was my turn now. She began to post up and down on my cock in slow, long strokes. Her cunt had become, if possible, hotter and wetter with her orgasm. She began fucking me freely and vigorously now; swallowing and releasing me from her tight sex. It felt fantastic and I wouldn’t last long. I stopped her fun by grabbing her by the hips and she looked at me questioningly. Her eyes went wide in fear when I levered the two of us up out of the chair maltepe escort bayan and into a standing position. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around me, squeezing tight.

I walked us to the nearest wall and pressed her back into it, mashing her tits into my chest. I started fucking her at the pace I wanted – hard and deep. The nearest painting banged against the wall in protest. We gasped together as I savaged her spasming young cunt with my pistoning cock. We managed this together for a few minutes before I ground into her roughly and started to come. She came with me, sinking her teeth into my shoulder. Her vagina flexed and clutched me hungrily as I spurted inside her.

Exhausted, we slid down the wall together into a heap. Peaches looked up at me with a grin and said just one word, “Thanks!”

I kept it short too, “Wow!”

That was a first for us.

There would be another first for us, indeed for Peaches, in the coming weeks. It seems my tongue in Heather’s tush combined with our new found skill at intercourse flipped some kind of switch in my buxom young blonde girlfriend.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she whispered into my ear while dropping off a file one afternoon. She disappeared back out my office door before I managed to pick my jaw up off the floor.

I caught up with her later in a private moment. Believe it or not, I declined. My problem? It was two-tiered. On top, it was an issue of geometry – her ass was tiny and my dick was big in the way that mattered for anal… circumference. The next layer of trouble – she hadn’t done it before and I’d never done it with a girl who hadn’t done it before. Butt virgins tended to run in the opposite direction when my boxers came down. Frankly, I worried that I’d ruin anal sex for her forever if it went poorly. Even worse, it could very possibly sour our relationship in the process.

Heather, however, was determined. “I have a strict rule, Hero. If you lick it, you have to fuck it,” she explained one night after I’d brought her off in a long session of her sphincter-rimming “treats.”

“Hmmm… and why haven’t I heard of this rule before?”

“I just made it up.”

“I think that’s more or less the definition of cheating.”

“A rule’s a rule. And it’s my rule.”

“We’ll see. If we do that together, if we do, we’re going to do it properly. In a soft bed after a long, hot bath. After you’ve had a few drinks too, girlie, and I’ve made you come a few times first.”

It didn’t go like that at all.

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