Hi Coach


Hi Coach-

We finally get a chance to get together and decide to meet half way between here and there. I get to the hotel first, grateful for the chance to clean up a bit before meeting you.

I glance at the bathtub and decide to soak in a bubble bath and drink a beer while I’m waiting. The bubble bath is lightly scented so I will smell good all over (especially in the little places) As the tub is filling I lay out a pink nightie that is slit up the front and back, and also slit on the sides. The top of it is corset style, with the flowing skirt. You can see thru it.

Laying there in the tub, I am relaxing and getting very excited thinking about meeting you. As I wash my body carefully, I take my time soaping up my pussy and my tits. I take the soap and rub it all over my tits, first one, and then the other. This makes my nipples stand up like pebbles and feels so good. So I pull on them and make them stand out even further.

When I am washing my pussy, I pull canlı bahis şirketleri my lips apart and wash good there, running the soap over my hardening clit. I soap up a finger and put it inside my hot velvet-like pussy. I push in and out, making sure that everything is getting the cleaning treatment..

This feels good and I am getting very hot! I have to stick two fingers in then. My fingers aren’t enough for me so I grab the bubble bath bottle which is shaped like a champagne bottle. I am fucking that bottle and pulling on my tits ,getting so close to cumming (not paying any attention to anything except how hot I am) that I don’t hear you come in. I look up at you and smile, kind of embarrassed that you caught me but so hot I can hardly stop myself. You tell me to go ahead, and come over and kiss me deeply. As you watch me fuck the champagne bottle to orgasm, you are playing with my tits. You are molding them in your hands. I feel the climax building and scream canlı kaçak iddaa out “I’m coming! I’m coming!” Then I explode all over my fingers, thrashing around and throwing all kinds of water on the floor but I don’t care. After I calm down a minute, you tell me how beautiful and hot I looked while playing with myself and cumming for you. I take a good look at you and your pants have a big bulge in them. I ask you if you want me to take care of that for you and you said YESSSSSSSS!

I undo your pants and shorts and your cock jumps out at me, in obvious need of instant attention. I turn around in the tub so I can lick the head of your cock. I lick all under the rim of the head very slowly. Then I stick my tongue in the eye and lick gently there. I pull apart your slit so I can blow air into it. Then I can’t stand it. I have to taste you. I bury your cock in my mouth until you hit the back of my throat. MMMMMMMM your cock fills my mouth so nice. Not bobbing up and down on canlı kaçak bahis it yet, I start humming while my hands roll your balls around. I take my forefinger and flick that sensitive under spot of your balls. You like this and I can tell you want me to start sucking you off. As I slowly move my mouth up and down your very hard cock, my tongue is dancing on your cock. I am sucking you like a vacuum, and my tongue is licking you at the same time. I am still playing with your balls with one hand, the other kneading my left tit. You take over the tit play for me and I start to suck you with wild abandon. I am fucking my mouth hard and fast with your cock now, needing you to cum for me so I can taste you. I want to taste you so bad, I need to taste you. I stick a finger in your ass and

I can tell you’re about to explode so I pick up my pace even more and then you shoot stream after stream of your sweet spunk into the back of my throat. I suck you until you are half soft. I pull your cock out of my mouth and then I lick it a few times to make sure I got all of your spunk. We kiss and say “It’s nice to finally meet you!” We laugh and you say,

”Now it’s time to play.” I agree and get out of the tub.

To be continued…………..

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