Hi Mom!

Female Ejaculation

Hi Mom!My mother, Susan, had moved in with my wife and I. Dad died some time ago and mom was not liking living by herself. Even though she was a very healthy 63 year woman. Every thing went off without a hitch. The k**s like having grandma around and my wife liked having help with house work and shuttling everyone where they needed to go. I worked from the home so it was nice for me as mom would help me if I needed. One day I am in my office when Susan came in, she was wearing one of dad’s fancy dress shirts, and nothing else. A look I find very sexy for a woman and one my mom used to pull off alot when I was younger. Seeing her like that sent my mind back in time to when I young and seeing mom like that. My self, like most men, had a thing for my mom and always found her sexy. When I would see her wearing just a dress shirt I could not wait to run to my room and masturbate. Her large hard nipples pressing against the fabric, sometimes I got a glimpse of her beaver. Mom walked in barefoot and holding a cup of coffee with both hands wrapped around the cup. Her long blonde graying hair messed up and, yes, her hard nipples pressing against the fabric of the shirt. My cock stirred. I could not believe how sexy she looked, her wide hips, those c cup tities with her petite five foot two inch frame and her warm brown eyes. She had always looked younger than she was. “Good morning canlı bahis sweetheart, are we alone today?” Mom asked sitting on the corner of my desk. “I slept in today.” “No worries, I have to call two of my clients and then I can make you breakfast.” I said to her. “I’ll be in the kitchen getting things started.” mom said standing up and walking off. I am sure I caught a glimpse of beaver as she stood up, my cock tingled. I put my thought out of my mind and behaved myself. Mom continued to dress that way whenever she and I were alone. I liked it as my wife stopped being sexy some time ago. I was not sure mom knew the effect she was having on me. A week later my wife took the k**s and went with her sister for a long vacation leaving mom and I alone. I had a shit ton of work to do and could not go. The first night alone mom and I got take out Chinese Food and some wine and sat on the deck and a really nice time talking. Mom wearing just the same dress shirt and shorts. As we drank and got a good buzz going, mom left to potty and returned with just the shirt on. I was finding hard to not think about sex, about fucking her. I thought that I would put her bed and I could take a cold shower. I escorted mom to her room and told her good night. I started to walk away and then turned to see her taking off the shirt. My god, her naked body looked as good as it did when bahis siteleri we were younger. I could not believe it. I stood there staring, my cock growing harder. I darted away before I got busted. Once in my room I undressed and stood before the full length mirror. My cock standing at attention, I wondered about how I was aging. Then I took my cock in my hand and thought about mom and sliding my cock into her. I opened my eyes and just caught mom as she ducked out of sight. She was spying on me. She knew I busted her as she came back into the room just I had put my sweat pants on. “I needed to ask you something. I was not spying on you.” Mom stuttered. “Do not worry about it mom.” I said covering up my hard on. “Max, I have been lonely without your dad, you know.” “Sure mom no worries. I miss him too. You do not need to be lonely, whatever you need just let me know.” I said missing what she was saying. “I need …. well, um, I am really horny and need you.” Mom said as moved to me and kissed me, her hand going to my hard cock. Me being buzzed and horny was not good at this moment as I let mom continue, she knelt in front of me pulling my sweats down and taking my cock in her mouth. I was now under her spell and unable to stop her. I had not had a blowjob in years and I feared cumming to quick in her mouth. I pushed mom away and onto the bed. I spread her legs and bahis şirketleri buried my face in her sweet smelling cunt. Her aroma and the soft bush on my face pushed me on. “Oh Max, don’t stop, I am cumming! It has been so long!” Mom said squeezing her legs tightly around my head and pushing her pussy into my face. As soon as she loosened her grip I pulled my self up and let my cock slid into mom’s tight cunt. It was so much better than I imagined. I had always wondered what it would be like to fuck my mom and now I was doing it. Susan clawed at my back as I pumped hard and deep. All to quickly my balls began to boil and I hit that point of no return. My hot sperm shot from deep in my balls up threw my cock and deep into mom’s womb, rope after rope of sticky cum spewed fourth into into mom’s cunt, my sperm now swimming through her body. As my cock finished injecting its load and started to deflate, For a second I felt that having cum inside my mother was wrong. “Oh honey I so needed that, I needed to feel that I could still please young man. I needed that release and to feel a hard cock filling me full of hot cum. ” Mom said out of breath. I then knew that everything was alright. The rest of the time that my family was gone I spent working and fucking mom. I would say more fucking than work as Susan is a real horn dog. Funny thing, now my wife is just as horny as my mom. Between the two of them I almost can not keep up. My wife has no idea that I am fucking my mom and I would not tell anybody any way. And my mom is okay with me fucking my wife and then fucking her. Life is good for me!

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