Hidden Town


Mika is not excited for her birthday. In other villages or in larger towns or cities your birthday means gifts, cake, a party. But in her small Russian village Skrytyy Gorod (c?????? ????? ) which translates to “hidden town” there lives a different set of rules. Here after the age of twelve girls and women are ripe for marriage, breeding, but most of all, pleasure. Three things can happen upon a girl reaching her twelfth birthday. She is arranged into a marriage, she is sold to the brothels, or if she is unfit she becomes an upkeeper for the village and tends to the needs of the whole town as needed. Because upkeepers are never beautiful and make up much of the labor force in Skrytyy Gorod they are never bred with as their pregnancy puts them out of commission. There are plenty of zelanie (???????) or “pleasure girls” to go around.

At this moment Mika is hoping as she stands naked on the platform being eyed by the men who have come to her birthday will find her ugly. Though Mika is not ugly. She had large green eyes and red-pink plump lips. Her raven hair has been groomed and falls to the arch of her back. Her perky breasts young and firm and as her platform slowly turns the men go from seeing her indented hip bones on wide hips to her round curvy buttocks. With milky complexion and strong legs nobody thinks Mika is a Upkeeper. The brothel man, Sarkis has come as well, knowing the businessmen who detour for his house are impatient for new beautiful flesh, and would pay a small fortune on her first night. ?

Village leader Boris a large beastly man, and Ivan the village butcher fight over who has more wives and who is being greedy. Mika’s father stares daggers at Mika, making sure she doesn’t do anything stupid to lessen his sale. She has been bred for this and is the best of his daughters in years, the last two being sent to the brothels after not much interest. Her collar with his crest is tight around her throat and as she spins and makes eye contact with him he motions for her to stiffen and it hurts for her to gulp as she obeys.

While Boris looks lustfully at her it is Sarkis who continues to drive up the bid, a man who knows his investments he is relentless with her price. ?

“Eighty Gold.” bites Sarkis, shrewd eyes daring a higher bid. The best zelanie girls go for fifty gold, Sarkis has made it clear he intends to leave here today, girl in hand. Mika can’t help but allow herself a small gasp. She was sure she would be a wife, sold to a man whom she would share with many women, a chance for relief after her novelty wore off, now for every new man who came in she would be novel. Sarkis was also known for keeping his zelanie in line with harsh punishment, and unkindness. The worst Boris was known for was accidentally crushing a girl, smothering her after collapsing asleep on top of her once spent. ?

Her father came forward chain in hand and attached the delicate clip of the chain to her collar. Sarkis withdrew a fat coin purse from his pocket and with one hand gave the purse to her father and with the other received Mika’s leash. The air was bitter cold as they left the sales house but the walk was short to the brothel. Sarkis walked her up a flight of stares to a room that was majority bed, but also boasted a fireplace, small table, couch and door to a private bathroom. ?

Mika shuttered as she noticed some of the smaller details in the room. taksim escort The ceiling, floor, and walls all had brass brings for stringing, or attaching her to chains, as did the bed frame. Mika knew what she was bred for, but having never been touched or constrained apart from her collar she feared the unknown and the promise of pain. ?Sarkis still hadn’t said a word but now appraised her with his own lust in his eyes. Gently pulling her chin up he appraised her neck, then unlinked the crest from her collar replacing it with his own.?

“You are mine now. You do as I say. There is no other option.”?She opened her mouth for her well taught “Yes sir.” but his hand clenched her jaw more tightly.?

“No talking. Moan yes. Scream Yes. But no words. You don’t need to speak to do what you do. The men who come in who want words, you speak to them, after they ask for words.”?

She nodded and his eyes drifted down from her face, his hands were rough but his touch soft, unwilling to damage something so new. His hands cupped her breasts, lead down her flat stomach and smoothed over her waxed snatch. ?

“Lay down.” He said, husky breath in her ear and his face buried into her neck, inhaling her sent. She obeyed, fearful for a moment that Sarkis himself would take her purity. But no, once she lay sprawled on the plush mattress he brought her arms up above her head and set them in clasps on the bed frame. Slowly trailing down her lithe body sending shivers through her core he secured her ankles as well.

“When your purity is gone, I will be next.” Fear made her want to squirm and arch but she knew better. Instead she lay still, eyes averted from his gaze. ?Mika didn’t know how much she was worth, but she knew Sarkis intended to make his money back quickly. She could hear Boris’ shouts and curses upon his arrival and Sarkis lashing out at him that if he had wanted her purity he should have paid for it. ?An Upkeeper came in and removed her chains to wash her, allow her the restroom and bring her food while stoking the fire. She wasn’t the worst looking Upkeep but her eyes were too far apart and her frame oddly squared. ?

“Master turned down forty gold for you today. Master Boris was furious. It’s better he just gets it over with so there’s less fuss, he took it out on one of the other girls. Beat her blue and left her chained to the wall.” ?

Mika didn’t speak, afraid the Upkeep would tell Sarkis. Instead she just stared down at her meal of fish and cabbage. ?

“You really are beautiful though, and the businessmen are coming tomorrow, I think he just didn’t want to waste you on Master Boris.”?

The Upkeep had been right. The next day all the zelanies were brought out in a line and each man at the counter picked who they were to room with. One man picked and paid for both of Mika’s sisters, they looked much alike and were often passed off as twins. Though all the men were eyeing her, her price of twenty gold next to the other zelanie’s five gold kept them less choosy. One man however stared at her with such intensity that Mika wanted to shrink away and hide within herself. He was an older man in his forties or early fifties with thin lips but a wide stocky build. A scar gashed across his cheek made Mika wonder what kind of business this businessman was in. ?

“Her.” He pointed. His voice deep with some rasp to it. “Twenty gold.” beşiktaş escort Sarkis said stonily, and the man counted out his twenty gold pieces. ?Sarkis snapped to an Upkeep. “Go prep her.”

After being lathered in oils and her hair brushed the Upkeep pinched her nipples and then oiled between her legs and pressed oil into her rectum. ?Once fashioned to the bed again Mika lay splayed out, ready for her purity to end.?

The man stalked into the room with a neutral expression on his face. Seeing her on the bed he scoffed. “Like a pig on a spick.” His grin was cruel and as he undressed tossing all clothes to the side Mike feared what she saw. He was thick in all ways. Muscled ripped at his torso, arms like strong knit cables dragged her body toward him and his pulsing member looked unrealistically large next to her small petite frame.?She whimpered uncontrollably as we flipped her and mounted her like a dog to a bitch. Detaching her wrists from the bed he clamped them behind her back, forcing her face down into the pillow. Hands grasped her hips and she felt as he inserted himself into her. At first there was nothing but pressure, but then her body stretched with exertion as he pressed farther inside of her. A wail erupted from her lips as she cried out and he entered her more fiercely. Rocking her body back and fourth with his thrusts. She felt herself ripping and breaking as he brutalized her again and again, sweat from him dripping on to her oiled back, heat from the fire making her feel faint as she was pumped into again and again. His hand slapped against her as and she let out a cry that made him moan and arch inside her. While still inside her he twisted her around making her truly feel like a stuck pig before he began to slap and abuse her breasts.

Squeezing and using them as leverage from his thrusts. The pain dulled and Mika began to grow numb, her body shutting down as he ravished her. He finished on top of her before collapsing shoving her ruined body to the side so he could stretch out. ?“You feel like my wife used to.” and with that he slept. Mika lay there with shuttered breaths, a hallow ache pulsing through her core while the budding lips of her pussy throbbed. Unable to keep her herself awake Mika felt herself fall into a heavy sleep.

She didn’t know how many hours had passed but when she awoke to was to him inside of her again. Her body still raw from her last fucking she whimpered in pain but did not cry out anymore, afraid of another blow to the head. This time seemed to take longer and after awhile the pain grew to numbness and she cast her eyes to the ceiling as her small body was rocked into with rhythm and force.??

Once he left she was bathed, perfumed and presented again down stairs. Tears stung her eyes as she saw who awaited her. While Sarkis was now her master, one man would always have the right to have her, and he had come for that right. Her father’s cool gaze hit her like ice as she descended the last steps. He was narrow faced and cruel lipped and as he watched her move her body with the slightest falter do to last night’s fucking he saw his lips turn into a sneer.?

“Is she ruined?” Her father asked Sarkis, though his eyes never left hers.?“Just last night. I’m surprised she can walk. He was a big man.”?There was no exchange of coin this time. Just her father’s nod and Mika was ushered back upstairs. nişantaşı escort She stood in the middle of the room in her green silk robes. lips painted dark to match her hair.?

“Look at you. A proper zelanie now.” He said, his calloused hands jerking her chin side to side.?

Without another word he ripped at her robes angrily and they fell to the floor. She stood there stiffly as he cupped her breast in his firm grip and then brought her nipple to meet his mouth. The sucking was smooth for a moment but as it became more urgent Mika gasped in pain. Her father paid no mind. He met her other breast with the same ferocity until both her pink perfect nipples protruded from her skin. He licked up her collar bone and neck and the snaked his tongue into her mouth.

Women were women in her village. He was her sire, and that was all, as long as he didn’t have offspring with her he could do as he liked. ?

“Lick me or I beat you so you can no longer walk.”?

These words were formality. She would never dream of resisting him. She sunk to her knees close to a bow and he unbelted his trousers. Bulbous and fat his cock was hard and stuck out at her. Mika leaned forward and he grabbed her hair with one hand and squeezed her jaw open with his other, making her beautiful full lips into an O.

“Lick it.”?

She stuck out her tongue and began licking his fleshy member as it throbbed and twitched. As she followed the bottom vein up to the tip he pushed himself inside her and grabbing the other side of her head began to fuck her fiercely in the mouth. Mika gagged and pulled back unable to breath but he held her tightly and continued his attack. She felt his thick dick pulse inside her mouth and hot sticky cum the taste of salt shot down her throat and filled her cheeks. coughing she sputtered out his juices as he released her and he back handed her onto the floor.?

“All these years of preparation and this is what you show! You are ruined. A mule. you’ll need to try harder than that if you would like to stay a zelanie!”?

“Please father!” She cried, unable to hold control over her emotions any longer. ?

“Please! I want to go home!”

He hit her again and then grabbing her hair once more dragged her over to the cushioned stool by the fire. ?

“You want to go home? This is what waits for you at home.”?

The heat of the fire blew up into her face making her short of breath and her body begin to sweat.

He mounted her. Spitting mechanically into the crack of her buttocks and began to work his cock into her small hole. She screamed at the forced entry and bucked under the stretch of the thing as it entered her. He father slapped her with strength on either cheek, leaving red welts as he pressed inside her.

As he continued to thrust the stool moved forward towards the fire.

?“Father please, it’s too hot!”?

He continued. She screamed as she grew closer to the flames, finally so close she was able to brace her hands against the hot brick edges. She stayed like this, face inches from the flames, body taut as she used every bit of strength she had from being burned alive. He squeezed at her hips and thin waist as he thrusted into her with immense strength. As he finished he spit on her back and her arms collapsed to her sides. She was unable to move. The door slammed and reopened as the Upkeeper pulled her up and placed her in her plush bed. ?

“Sleep miss. The next one will be here this evening.”?

And with that, Mika slipped into unconsciousness dreaming and sleeping nothing but the painful thrum of her body.

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