Bryan ran his hand across his chin as he inspected himself in the mirror, making sure he’d gotten all the shaving cream off his face. He’d missed a bit, as per usual, and cupping his hands into the warm water, he splashed it against his face before grabbing the hand towel to dry off.

“That’s better,” he murmured to himself. “Fuck, at least I feel human again.”

They’d been on a two-week promotional tour, jet setting here, there and everywhere. Christ, he’d barely had time to take a piss let alone do anything else. He’d been to one end of the country and back again and everywhere in between and was very much looking forward to getting back to LA, especially to see his wife Sarah. Oh, yeah, that sweet wife of his, how he’d missed her! He’d swept her off her feet almost 20 years ago when she was barely out of high school. He’d been touring England at the time and seen her staring up at him from the front row. Her green eyes had locked with his and he’d been lost in them since. They had a home in LA, which was their permanent residence, and one in England, so they could visit her family for long periods of time when he wasn’t touring. He’d been flying for 6 hours already and on the ground in LA is definitely where he wanted to be.

The night played out before him as he pondered the probable evening’s events, as clear as if it were happening right now. He’d arrive home, kick the door closed behind him and wait for the clip-clop of her shoes on the tile floor as she came to give him that welcome-home kiss. She’d saunter towards him, her hips swaying seductively and her long mahogany hair falling down her back in waves, as she laughed that laugh he loved so much. Whenever he’d been gone more then a few days, it wouldn’t be long before they headed upstairs, their love-making electric and explosive as they rediscovered each other’s bodies. As the night wore on, things would become more leisurely and unhurried, a much gentler pace, as he ran his hands over her curves, kissing and paying special attention to all the parts he’d probably missed earlier.

The intercom crackled to life, informing him they’d be landing soon and that he better get a move on. Dropping the towel from around his waist he headed to the closet that always had a change of clothes for him.

“I’ll dress up again, make myself respectable,” he chuckled as he pulled out his typical attire of black Calvin’s, black pants and of course, the black t-shirt. His sarcasm played across his features as he inspected the soft worn-out material. Should he pick this one, the one with ‘AC/DC’ printed in bold white letters or the one that says ‘Ride This’ with the big white arrow pointing down towards his waistband. Suppressing a laugh, he chose the ‘Ride This’ one, pulling it over his head.

“Fuckin’ dressed up, that’ll be the day! Half the time she has me dressed up like that fucker Ricky Martin, pimping myself around like a fuckin’ peacock…what the fuck!” He shook his head at himself, wondering if everyone talked to themselves like he found himself doing more and more these days. “I’m losin’ it. I’ll be in the fuckin’ loonie bin at this rate!” he grumbled.

Pulling his pants up around his waist, he reached for his bottle of cologne. He aimed the spray in the general direction of his chest, pumping the trigger too many times to count, before pulling his waistband open and pumping a few sprays in there too, just for good measure. “Gotta be getting me some more of that stuff, I’m almost out,” he mumbled to himself. Jesus Christ, there he went again! With a roll of his eyes he went to his seat, leaning his head back waiting for the familiar thump of the tires.

As they taxied to the terminal building he stuck his fingers in his ears, wiggling them incessantly to get rid of the ache. “Fuckin’ flying constantly, 50 million fuckin’ decibels screaming behind me for years, no wonder I can’t hear shit.” They were finally home though and it brought a flush to his skin and an ache in the pit of his stomach as he thought of being one step closer to what he’d been itching for all week. Yeah, there was always the ‘bone channel’ while out on the road, but a bit of skin on a flat screen and his hand wrapped around his dick just wasn’t a match on the real thing. He was anxious to get going, barely waiting for the plane to come to a stop before grabbing his coat off the arm of the chair and heading out the door.

It was a complete surprise when he rounded the corner to see her bent over, laughing hysterically with the limo driver. It had been her contagious laughter that had first caught his attention 20 years ago; that and her sparkling green eyes had been captivating. She was wearing a black tight fitted skirt that showed off her curves, he noticed, and a cream chiffon blouse with a plunging neckline that revealed the diamond pendant he’d bought her out of the blue one day while out running errands. As if sensing him, she turned around, excused herself and meandered across the pendik escort parking lot laughing like a love-struck schoolgirl. The sway of her hips was alluring and her hair was just the way he liked it, hanging loosely down her back, as he stood there mesmerized by the sight of her.

Her voice was sultry as she purred the words she always greeted him with. “Hello you,” she said, sliding her arms around his waist to pull him towards her. “Mmm, I’ve missed you.” She buried her head against his chest, smelling that familiar masculine scent that always surrounded him and held on tight. His dark hair blew across his face and she swept her finger against it, brushing the tendril aside, as her eyes locked with his.

“You’ve missed me? Christ, I couldn’t get home quick enough. We haven’t fuckin’ stopped, not for a minute,” he said. He kissed her softly, his fingers linked behind her neck to hold her close. Looking down at her, he held her gaze, his eyes darting from one to the other as unspoken messages were sent. His kisses instantly turned feverish and slipping his tongue between her lips, he encouraged her to suck it into her warm mouth where it did an erotic dance swirling and gliding over hers. He pulled his mouth away still pushing his hips up close. “Christ almighty,” he muttered, his arousal pressing against her stomach. He was bombarded with a new mixture of sensations, emotions that hit him so hard, his head felt like it was spinning. “Let’s go,” he said, linking his hand in hers.

“Nice shirt Bry,” she commented rubbing her hand across his tight stomach.

He was glad she’d noticed it. “Ya think! I picked it specifically with you in mind,” he said.

“I bloody hope so,” she replied.

She got into the car first like always. The curve of her bottom in front of him was too much of a temptation as he brought his hand down against it with a hard slap!

“Ouch! For fuck’s sake Bryan!” she shrieked.

“Sorry babe, I couldn’t resist,” he replied, a mischievous grin spreading across his face as he rubbed his hand over the afflicted area. “I’ll kiss it better for you, don’t worry.”

“You fucking well will,” was her comeback as she sat down gingerly. “My bum’s going to be so red from that one. It even hurts to sit down,” she continued, milking it for all it’s worth wanting some kind of response from him.

He knew exactly what she was doing, playing and teasing, but he had no problem playing along with her games. “Well if your ass hurts so much, why don’t you come and sit here on my lap,” he said, patting his thighs with his large hands. “That’ll make it feel better, I’m sure of it.”

Hiking her skirt up a bit she straddled over him, her knees on either side of his hips. She gave him a smile while she brushed her fingers across his mouth. “Those are awful kissable looking,” she whispered, bringing her mouth down on his. Her breath was hot as her lips barely brushed against his before hovering over him. She licked a wet trail across his mouth, pushing her hips tightly against his. Knowing what would come of her actions, a coy smile swept across her face quickly becoming an ear to ear grin as she felt his arousal throbbing between her legs.

“What you laughing at,” he asked, giving her a devilish look.

“You’re naughty,” she simply replied.

He raised an eyebrow. “When I’m as bad as you, I’ll fuckin’ worry about it,” he said, rather amused.

His hands slid up her thighs, easing their way underneath her skirt and slipping into the legs of her panties. “Fuckin’ hell Sarah,” he sighed, his voice hoarse with lust, “you’ve no fuckin’ idea how much I’ve been thinking about this.” Grabbing tightly around her buttocks, he pulled her even closer, pushing her firm breasts against his chest. His mouth was hungry as he slipped his tongue between her lips, probing deeper into the wetness as he ran his tongue over hers.

Her body ached to be touched as she thought of how long it had been since she’d felt him against her. Just being close to him, feeling her breasts flattened against his chest, caused an immediate reaction and her nipples hardened beneath the thin fabric of her blouse. “Do you feel that,” she questioned, pushing her chest harder against him. She didn’t want to wait. She needed to feel his warm skin against hers and pulling away, she broke the kiss just enough to pull his t-shirt over his head. The heat radiating from him was instant.

Her fingers traced circles over his chest, running them over the fine hairs and around the dark coins of his nipples. Feeling them rise beneath her fingertips, she gave them a squeeze, causing him to push his hips into her harder in his attempt to alleviate the insatiable throbbing between his legs. A moan escaped her as his hips started a rhythm, pushing his hardness against all the right places.

Not only had he felt her reaction, he’d seen it too. “Let me get out of these fuckin’ things,” he groaned, slipping his pants maltepe escort off quickly. She was surprised at how big his penis looked, standing at attention between her legs, hard and erect. His hands had found their way to her waistband and he pulled her shirt out of its confines to run his fingers up her sides, caressing the smooth skin. With the awkwardness of large hands fumbling with small buttons, he undid her blouse, savoring each bit of her that was revealed with the progress. Eventually free of the garment, his tongue ran across her chest as his hand wandered to the clasp between her breasts. Many years of practice had paid off and with a flick of his wrist, he expertly undid it, her breasts falling free. They were the perfect size as he wrapped his hands around them, pushing the lace fabric of her bra to the sides. Squeezing them together, he lowering his mouth to one nipple flicking the tip of it with his tongue, instantly feeling it harden against his lips. She moaned, arching against him as he drew it into his mouth, his other hand gently squeezing the other taut bud that had risen beneath his fingertips. “These fuckin’ tits man,” he said. “I’ve dreamed about these fuckers for a week straight.”

She playfully looked at him. “Oh really, imagine that! I’ve been dreaming of this, …right here, for a week myself actually.” Her hands had wrapped themselves around his stiff cock, the entire length of it in her grip as she stroked him in time with the rhythm of his hips. She was almost sitting on it and pulling it against her, she rubbed the firm shaft against her satin panties, pushing its hardness against her till she felt the wetness seeping through the fabric. Her breath was shallow, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she lowered her mouth to his forehead. “Christ Bryan, this is insane,” she exclaimed.

He felt her legs tighten in an attempt to pull away. “No, hang on, stay there,” he said quietly. “Don’t get up.” His hands had wandered up her hips and grasping the strings of her panties he gave them a hard tug, pulling till he felt the snap of the fabric. The scrap of material fell from between her legs to the floor. “Feel better,” he asked with a mischievous grin, “it sure as hell does to me!”

“Very much so,” she replied, overpowered by the feeling of his hand slipping between her legs and running over the smooth warm flesh he’d found there.

“That’s good,” he said with a smile, “we don’t want anything getting in the way now do we?”

He’d slipped a finger into her, slowly rotating it before pulling it out and sliding it in again. “Fuckin’ hell,” he commented as his free hand pulled her head down towards his. Mouths and tongues explored as his thumb found her clitoris, rubbing it gently. He was so hard, his penis aching to get inside her, to fill her up and feel the warmth as she slid down on him. “I want you,” he murmured against her lips.

She heard the longing and desire in his voice, but didn’t want him inside her yet. “Just wait,” she whispered, wanting to savour the pleasure of rubbing up against him before he entered her. He’d removed his hand from between her legs and she was now sitting on the length of his cock, her folds parted slightly as the velvety head of his penis pressed against all her sensitive spots. She was extremely wet as she rocked her hips, sliding over the entire length of the hard shaft beneath her. His hands had wandered up to tease and taunt her nipples again, nipping and pinching them slightly between his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh fuck baby, that feels good,” he groaned as he felt her sliding over him. He was thrusting his hips slightly, matching the movements of hers as he squeezed her breasts and nipples, the pressure of his hands gradually increasing. His cock glistened as he watched the purple-hued head running along the cleft between her legs and leaning his head back, he immersed himself in the uncontrollable heat spreading through his body.

“Oh, God…,” she cried out, as her climax hit her hard. The feeling came in waves, coursing through her body as she sighed and arched against him, rolling and pushing her clitoris against the hard object beneath her. After what seemed like an eternity of this astounding feeling, she lowered her gaze, only to see him squeezing his eyes tightly shut, obviously trying to avoid his own orgasm from exploding. The feeling of her tensing and throbbing against him, her warm wetness sliding over his cock, had only heightened this unimaginable heat that was surging through his loins into the very pit of his stomach.

“Don’t hold back,” she urged as her bottom came to rest on top of his thighs. “I…I don’t fuckin’ think I can anyway,” he growled through clenched teeth as she wrapped her hand around him, her palm easily sliding over the turgid shaft that was slippery from her own juices. Savouring the pleasure of her firm grip, his eyes closed tightly. “Fuck Sar…here it comes,” he groaned feeling her hand wrapped kartal escort around him firmly, stroking him to an inconceivable climax. His cock throbbed as he arched his hips against her hand movements, his thighs shaking from the weight of her sitting on him. Letting out a primal groan that matched the intensity of his orgasm, they mutually watched the hot milky fluid pulsate from him, the endless spurts splashing high up onto his chest as well as running over her hand.

His hips came back down to rest on the leather seat, but neither of them moved, they simply basked in the pleasure they’d both just experienced. She still held onto him feeling the rigidity of his penis lessen as his hands trailed up her thighs to grab her hips causing her to chuckle. “Christ almighty” she laughed, “all that from one fucking wank.”

“That’s what happens when you haven’t had sex in a year,” he answered, “well what feels like a fuckin’ year anyway,” he continued between laughs.

He held his hands in the air, looking down, unimpressed with the mess that had collected on his belly. “What we gonna do with this?” he said, looking rather perplexed.

“Rub it in,” she chortled. “They say it’s good for the skin.”

“Fuck that,” he grimaced. His comment came too late. Her hands were already running over the sticky mess, running them up his belly and over his sensitive nipples to give them a squeeze. “Will ya leave ’em alone for fuck sakes,” he protested, his hands grabbing her wrists to hold them still. “You always fuckin’ do that after I come,” he continued.

She shrugged her shoulders looking at him in mock defiance. “I know, I love to see you squirm,” she teased. Sagging against him, she pinning their hands between them both, as she brought her mouth to his, her kisses lingering and unhurried.

He was so warm as she laid her head against his shoulder, listening to the rhythmic beating of his heart. The rise and fall of his chest was soothing as she whispered, “I could stay here all night.”

She was running her fingers through the fine hairs adorning his chest, twisting them gently between her finger and thumb. He lifted his head off the headrest, eyes wearily looking around. “You could if we weren’t home already,” was his response. They were waiting for the electric gate to open. “Come on, you better get up.”

She hesitated for a second and then replied, “I guess I have no choice, do I? Christ!” Pealing herself away from his body heat, she reached for her blouse.

“We’ve got tonight,” he went on in an attempt to console her.

With a grin she cleared her throat, flinging her arms out in a mock effort to impress him. “Who needs tomorrow,” she sang with her best impersonation of Sheena Easton.

“Aaahh, for fuck sakes Sarah, don’t! Don’t ever fuckin’ sing, shriek, whatever the hell you call that noise coming outta your mouth,” he answered, pressing his hands tight against his ears. “The birds will fall off the fuckin’ roof, stone dead, if you continue with that shit.”

Her ear to ear grin was infectious as she smiled back at him. “Well you started it,” she said amused. “You’re no Kenny Rogers yourself you know.” She started with that contagious laughter of hers, it resonating throughout the limo. He couldn’t help but laugh along with her as she continued the lyrics, her voice purposely screeching and squeaking, trying to hit every inconceivable note that she could.

“That’s fuckin’ awful, and Kenny Rogers, who the fuck’s he?” he continued, pulling his pants up around his hips.

“Some country guy who sings that song with what’s-her-face from Scotland,” she replied, still laughing.

Everything was in place, clothes on, hair tucked neatly behind the ears, when Mike, their driver, opened the car door. Grabbing her shoes, Sarah stepped out of the car, waiting for her husband to follow closely behind her. He was sweeping the hair off his face as he stepped onto the driveway looking handsome and none the worse for wear, despite the recent events.

“Oh Christ! Me knickers Bry, grab them.” She was blushing at the thought of leaving them in the car by accident.

“What?” he asked, looking at her baffled.

“My fucking panties, grab them quick before Mike sees,” she continued. “I’ve left them in there.”

Leaning into the car, he noticed the scrap of fabric lying on the floor. He scooped them up, stuffing them into his pocket to keep them hidden from view. “Got em,” he grinned.

Wrapping his arm around her waist, he handed the $100 bill to Mike, their usual driver. “Thanks for the ride man,” he said. After a slight hesitation, he grabbed another $100 from his pocket, slipping that into the driver’s other hand. “That’s for the other one I got ’cause you took your time getting here,” he added, a mischievous look on his face.

Mike thanked him and turned away shaking his head in amusement. He knew exactly what they’d been up to. If he’d been gone more then a few days, it was always the same; they never waited till they got home. He purposely hit yellow lights, people watched and checked out the same mundane buildings and sights he’d seen a hundred times before as he meandered up the streets, taking his time.

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