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Subject: Hiding in Plain Sight-3 Thanks for choosing my stories to read . Almost everything I write is based loosely on my life. I take writers liberty with the stories . I hope you enjoy them . Please offer up a donation to fty! It’s how this place stays available to everyone! Hiding in Plain Sight -3 When I woke up to the alarm going off I was sorta in a fog of did that really happen? My boner was thumping my tummy and my backside was a tad tender. I went to the paper drop and grabbed up my bundles for the morning deliveries. I generally got there before the other guys and today was no different. None of us were all that thrilled to be doing the paper routes . I finished up near first light of the day and needed to pee and the park was nearby. So I rode over slipped my bike in the space behind some bushes and slipped into the bathroom and sat on a pot. I dropped a deuce and my butt hole was sorta tender . I was playing with my Dick when the door opened up and someone came inside. I peered through the hole and saw jeans and under the divider dirty work boots. I assumed some construction worker on his way to work. He fished out his Dick and cut loose a stream into the bowl. When he shook off the drops he was getting a boner. He slipped a finger through the hole and I licked it. He turned and pushed his Dick into the hole and I put it into my mouth. I got a drop of pee it was salty ish . He grunted and pushed as I sucked him and then he stiffened up and shot off . His cum was strong and harsh. He pulled out and stuffed himself back in his jeans and left. I went out the door quietly and saw him get into a white pickup truck full of work stuff. I knew that truck it parked along my paper route. He drove away and I smiled to my self . He was a married guy with a pretty wife and three small kids . I began to put together ideas that lots of men will do these things as long as it’s done quietly. I went home and washed up and grabbed some breakfast. Gramps said a friend of his at the golf course needed some help. I listened then he was like how about you go talk to him and see . I said with both paper routes I don’t really have that much time. He said go meet him see what he wants and then we can talk. Gramps then said I told him you would be there at ne . Wear a shirt and real shorts. He pushed tuzla escort a piece of paper with the mans name on it to me. I grabbed a clean polo shirt and real shorts. I rode my bike to the country club and the guy at the carts asked what I needed. I showed him the name on the paper and he walked me inside and up the steps. He smiled and said we been expecting you Lenny. The fella in the office was tall and handsome even to my eyes . Henry this is TW’s grandson Lenny. Henry smile extended his hand I firmly shook his hand. Have a seat he instructed me. After explaining what the duties were and the expected work times he asked are you interested? I nodded and said yes sir . He explained that I would get tips from the members and how I had to work for them. That I would get an hourly wage but what I could make depended on how well I responded to the members . Learn them and be one step ahead of them. He stood up and we walked thru the club house. Locker rooms for the members . Club storage room. Showers steam room and sauna. He looked at me and said are you ok being around naked men? I nodded and said sure. He leaned in and said getting along down here is important and keeping your mouth shut is mandatory. You will hear things from the members that should be confidential to them. We went to the grill and he ordered us Colas and cheeseburgers. He leaned in and said you must assure me that you won’t gossip about things that you see hear or overhear from the members. I said that I don’t tell on folks then I relayed my Gramps favorite saying when Grams wasn’t nearby. Snitches get Stitches! He smiled and we ate . He gave me a couple sheets of paper and said get them filled out and back to me Monday. He said get rid of the evening paper route as soon as you can. I think you can make more money here than delivering papers. When I got home I showed the papers to my Grans . They helped me fill them out. One sheet was called a privacy policy. I read it and signed my name . Then Gramps read it and said you understand what you agreed to? He said you will hear conversations at the club and see or hear things that you must not repeat ….. even to me ! Yes sir I said firmly. You need to call the paper manager for the afternoon route and tell him you have gotten a better job. The manager met me at the paper tuzla escort bayan drop and asked me to check with my buddies about the route. Thanked me for doing a good job and asked where I was gonna be working. I told him and he grinned and said you will do great there. When I delivered to Ian’s I said do you want to do the evening paper route? He went and got his pops a taller slender man that smoked a lot. I gave them the managers number. I ended up training Ian for the route. The third afternoon Ian and I were at the paper drop waiting. Do you hang out at the park bathroom a lot he asked? I mean I go in there to use it I said cautiously. What’s the hole in the wall between the crappers for? I shrugged and we talked baseball. After the papers were done we rode by the park and I said I needed to go. Me too said Ian. I go in a crapper and sit down. Ian goes in the other stall and he says if I lean down I can see you. I’m rubbing my six inches and he says damn you gots a boner. I stood up and slipped it through the hole. Ian was giggling. I sat back down and he stuck his Dick through the hole. I blew on it and his Dick twitched . I licked the tip then put it in my mouth. He slightly pulled back then pressed hard towards me. I heard him say oh my and he exploded into my mouth. He shot off a whole lot. I pulled away and he just stayed there Dick through the hole twitching. Slowly he pulled back and pulled up his shorts and we left. He said when we got to the bikes that he knew already. His cousin tried to get me to go inside the bathroom. I won’t say nothing to no one I swear said Ian. We rode home talking about baseball. I was late for dinner again. I pulled my plate from the oven and ate quietly. They were watching Jeopardy. I cleaned up my stuff went and took a shower . I came down wearing a towel and told the Grans goodnight. I headed to my room over the garage. I started up the steps and I saw Ian and waved him up. He always wore a white tee shirt he’s super skinny . I had a towel and a smile. We go inside and I turn on a second fan . He was fidgety and looked away a lot. So I said to him do you have a boner? Yea he said, I’ve been thinking about what happened in the bathroom. Feels pretty good don’t it ? He nodded and finally said like the most amazing thing ever. Yea it’s great escort tuzla for sure. I opened up my towel and my boner popped out. He stared at it and I said if I do you you gotta do me . He looked at my Dick then looked at me then back and forth again. So get your clothes off doofus I said and he pulled his shorts off then his shirt. He held his shirt in front of his boner and said you promise you won’t ever tell? Sure I said , I promise this is our secret. Will your grands come up here? Nope they have tv shows to watch ! They never come up! I don’t know he said . I said well I’m not gonna if you ain’t gonna! Turn off the lights he said. So I turned off the lamp and sat spread legged on my bed and he tentatively leaned in and grasped my Dick. It’s softer than I thought he said. He smelled me and then sorta kissed it then slipped it in his mouth. He gagged a little and wasn’t any good but heck it was warm and hot so I stroked his hair and moaned. He kept at it for a hot minute then pulled away and smiled and said please don’t tell no one ever! Jump up on the bed Ian and I patted the covers . I swallowed his Dick and gave him my all. I sucked and licked on his balls . Then I licked the taint spot and he just groaned . I went back down on him and he quickly started to erupt in my mouth. His cum tasted good! Better than most adults. After he came it got sorta weird so I said man I gots to sleep . He bolted away and I could relax . I jerked off and fell asleep. Me and Ian sorta got a regular thing going a few nights a week. We would meet at my garage and go upstairs . Mostly I sucked him and after a series of struggles he actually got ok at sucking Dick. One weekend Ian’s folks had to go outa town and he and I stayed at his place. His bed was big enough for us both to sleep in it. Now he was supposed to stay at my place but boys will be boys. We parked our bikes behind my garage went down the alley to his yard. We had and hour or so before his route papers got dropped. They had central air in their house and it always was so comfy. We went to his room and it was as neat and tidy as always. Wanna he says grinning and his boner was visible along his shorts. Sure I said and clothes flew and we fell upon the bed sucking each other with gusto. I always swallowed his cum and he never swallowed mine. We finish up and he straightened up the bed clothes and we headed out to deliver papers. I think I will end this chapter here! Thanks for picking my story and I hope you like it. Cheers

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