High Rise Ch. 03

Big Tits

The next time I go to the man’s office, I ask if he’s invited you over again and he says, No. When I ask, Why not, he says, This isn’t about him. I look over and see you at your desk watching us.

When he starts undressing me at his desk, you get up and take your position at the window. You take off your shoes and socks and pants and boxers, as usual, but then you take off your tie and shirt so you’re standing there completely naked. You are watching me so intently I am getting wet just remembering what happened between us last time.

I like the way you look at me. I never see the man behind me when I am cumming, never see him cum, never see if he likes what he is seeing or doing, and it just seems like you and I are having the real sex even though we are so far apart. And when you were right there in front of me, when you were pumping your cock right at my cunt, I was so incredibly turned on. I liked having that control, making you masturbate right at my entrance but not letting you in. I liked that you were so close but still not where you wanted to be, and that you were taking whatever I (and the man) was allowing you to have. You didn’t like it, but you took it. And then, when you shoved your cock into me without being told to do so, I really liked that too.

That moment has kept me up at night touching myself, because I am like most women: while I like having so much control over a man when it comes to sex, I secretly just want to be taken, I want wednesday izle him to take control by losing control. I liked that you just took what you wanted when it reached a certain point. That you had to have it and so you took it. And I know the man who is now massaging my naked breast and fingering my cunt while we watch you didn’t like that at all. And that is why you are back in your office and not over here with me. I think I am going to be a little disappointed with today’s encounter. I was so hoping you would be here again. Last night I fantasized that I would suck your cock while being fucked by the man behind me. I imagined you would grab my tits and hold them the whole time I was sucking you and getting fucked. And I came so hard just thinking about that.

The man behind me says, Does he make you horny or do I?

I’m watching you pump yourself and remember when you were right in front of me doing that.

It all makes me horny, I say. And it’s true. He is very skilled at fingering. He is slipping two of his fingers inside of me and sliding them all over my G spot and then out again and up to my slippery clit. But I’m also enjoying myself getting fingered and watching you. I moan. Ummm. He grabs my tit and squeezes hard. That makes you hitch a little in your pumping.

He wants to fuck you so bad, the man says. Look at him. He wants to be the one bending you over and fucking you until you scream.

Ummmm. weekend family izle Ummmmm.

Bend over. Now.

I do what I’m told.

Do you want him over here fucking you? The man asks. He has his hand on my ass. Do you?

I’m not sure how to answer. I think I may say the wrong thing.

He slaps my ass hard and shoves his cock hard inside me.

I cry out in pain. Oh! I see you get angry and start pumping yourself faster. You are boring down at me as I get fucked so hard by the man. You’re not going to get it, the man says. You are mine to fuck. No one elses. Do you hear me? Yes! Yes, I hear you. Fuck me. Fuck me, please. He slaps my ass hard again.

Aaaahhhh! I see you see that and you start to cum, you are pumping so hard and I see your mouth open and cry out. I see your cum shooting out and hitting the window, a big stream of cum spraying the glass.

Oooonnnnnnnh! I start cumming. It starts so deep inside my uterus, I feel everything contracting and spreading out to the rest of my body. The man is fucking me so hard it hurts and I have to go down to my elbows. Ah! Ah! I can’t keep up with him he’s slamming me so hard and fast.

He growls out as he cums. He sounds like an angry animal and I know he is really pissed that I always cum right after you do.

He collapses on me and it takes us awhile to recover. When I’m able to stand again, I see that you already welcome to chippendales izle have your clothes back on and you have already wiped the cum off the glass. The man turns me around to face him and he glides his hands over my arms and breasts and thighs.

See, it’s better when I finish you off. Remember that. He pulls his pants up and buckles his belt. I’m still standing there trying to recover. He hands me my bra and helps me clasp it, then he helps me get dressed the rest of the way. He guides me to the door.

I will tell you that it is almost always a bit difficult to walk after these encounters. He has a big dick and every time I leave his office, it feels like I still have his cock inside me. It takes a few hours for this feeling to wear off, but this time, I know it will take longer. He has never taken me that hard before and I feel bruised and swollen. I barely remember the elevator ride back down. I have been dazed by these encounters before, especially the last time, with you. But this time I am thoroughly dazed. I’m not sure I should even go back to work. My cunt is so battered I don’t think I can sit at my desk. I think if one of those young men at the office even looks at my tits sideways, I’ll ask him to take me back to the copy room and eat me out just to ease the pain. And that is not something I can afford to get started at the office.

The elevator deposits me into the lobby and from there I manage to find my way out the front doors of the building to the plaza outside. And that’s when I see you.

You are standing just outside the doors in a position where you can see all the exits. You have your feet firmly planted and your arms crossed before you and you are very definitely waiting for me. You have the stance of a man who is going to take what he wants.

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