High Rise Ch. 06


I sleep the sleep of the spent, the satisfied, the sore. I feel you shift behind me in my half-sleep as I rise up from unconsciousness. My body is buzzing, as if I’ve been plugged into a universal sexual power grid that has no limiting power lines of transmission. I sense you have fallen asleep too, but you are rousing. Amazingly your cock is still at the same hard attention as when I lost consciousness. You pull me closer, reach for the breast you have somehow lost in sleep. I practically purr. You are all male behind me, hard muscles, soft skin, rough whiskers on my neck. We are both sleepily awake now and you push your cock against my ass. I push back. Your hand slides down to my pussy, slipping between the lips, finding the glide of my wetness still there.

You say, Are you okay?

And I know what you mean. I can still feel the length and girth of the man’s cock inside me, the raw soreness he left in his angry wake. And the memory of his force makes me want to replace it with you, with what you have to offer. I remember how you cleaned me out with your tongue and I think how taking you inside me now could serve the same purpose and perhaps bring me better memories.

Yes, I say. Yes.

You reach for your cock and bring it between my ass cheeks, circling the head around my wet opening, teasing me. I squirm against it, pushing back, wanting it, but also a little fearful of what will happen once you start entering me.

Are you sure?

I feel the soft globe of your head and the hardness behind it. I want you inside me.

Yes. Yes.

You slide your cock inside, slow, so slow I can’t say it really hurts. There is a hard pressure pendik escort that borders on pain, but when I hear you exhale deeply as you slide further into me, I can only feel the pleasure of having a man finding his own pleasure in me. I think of the days and weeks the man in the office has taken me from behind, always from behind, and I suddenly realize that I have never heard any sounds of pleasure from him, only the grunts and groans of false conquest and anger and jealousy. You slide all the way in now and I gasp and can’t help but hold my breath, unsure whether the pain will worsen. Holding still inside me, you bring your hand around to the front of my pussy and spread your fingers over my mound, my hair-covered clit.

Are you okay?

I gasp again. You have filled me up, completely. I am perfectly still, afraid to move for fear of the pain that is always just there, about to reveal itself.

You ask, Is it too much? I feel you tense and hold yourself still.

No, I gasp out. Just. Don’t. Move.

I am trying to catch my breath. The fullness of you pressing against my bruised insides is something to get used to. The pain, the deep pain, is always just right there, and I gasp again. And when I hear myself I get angry. I did not sign up for this. When I answered the ad, the man promised me he would satisfy my ever need. And I cannot say that what has transpired has been anything near a fulfillment of that promise. Need and satisfaction are relative terms, defined individually, and I realize that the needs I had when I first set foot off that elevator on the 23rd floor are far different from the needs I have right now with you filling maltepe escort me up in the most painful way.

But promises from men, well, that is an old and sordid story for me.

Tell me if it’s too much, you say.

And then I realize you mean what you say. You have already made and kept a couple promises to me and here you are telling me that you will continue to keep your promise to me. And you don’t even know me. I am so aroused by this thought. You, having such an obvious lust and passion that most men would use as an excuse for bad behavior, are still able to maintain your integrity. So many men, so many men, lack this quality. And I am suddenly aroused beyond the pain I have been anticipating.

I pull my hips forward so your cock moves out of me and then I shove myself back onto you. I yell out. It is pain mixed with the most luscious pleasure. Such deep, primal pleasure. I hear you groan deep and low, like a growl of male animal pleasure. I am so fucking hot for you I can’t stop myself from pulling away from you again and shoving myself back onto you, spearing myself on your hard, fantastic shaft. I yell out in pain. And pleasure. You grip my hips loosely, letting me set the pace. I start shoving myself back and forth onto you and your wonderful cock. You are moving with me, breathing in and out in a heavy, controlled way on my neck. I hear your control. And suddenly all I want to do is make you lose that control. To have you fuck me in the most basic way. I am beyond pain now and whatever power I have left I focus it on making you take me with abandon.

I am so wet and I slide back and forth on your cock, slap, kartal escort slap, slapping my ass against your hips, taking your big cock like it was meant for only me. I am yelling out at the pain and pleasure, so much pain and pleasure that an orgasm has yet to identify itself. But then I hear you, breathing so heavy, growling and groaning, so deep and low, so male and hard. I want to eat up that maleness, take it inside me, down my throat, down my cunt. I want it to be part of me always. I thrust my pussy back against you, thrust, thrust, thrust. I want to come so bad but I feel your hesitation, the promise you want to keep.

Fuck me, I scream. Fuck me!

I don’t think I can keep up my frantic pace, I am so beyond myself fucking you. I am fucking you so hard and fast and when I scream out, Fuck Me! again, you explode into the fuck I really want. You have lost all your control. You are fucking me with abandon and still keeping your promise and I am beyond myself in pleasure. Fuck. Me. Me. Fuck. The pain slips into wet slippery hard pleasure. I feel your cock when you reach that point of explosion, your sudden contraction and the spastic release, that sweet spastic twitching of a cock unloading in a wet, hungry cunt. I am so hungry for that release. I want nothing but you contracting and releasing your load into me. I wish now that I knew what it was like to take your cock in my mouth and fuck you until you cum down my throat. I feel you feeling me and I collapse onto your dick, gripping it with the walls of my pussy and moaning my way to semblance. You cum deep within me, shoving yourself into me and groaning into my neck. I feel the sharp stubble of your whiskers and I think I could make that, just that, the sharp whiskers of a man, an enjoyable fetish. I feel your dick release its load.

There is part of me that will always mourn a man’s orgasm, the loss of a good, hard erection.


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