High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 30


I hate sleeping on the couch, my back is always stiff when I wake up and today was no exception. Perhaps I could have Fran give me a quick massage to loosen up my stiff muscles. The door to my bedroom was closed and to my surprise when I opened it the room was empty, the bed had been made and my clothes picked up and folded neatly on the foot of the bed.

I wondered what had happen to Fran and for that matter Kay. When I drifted off last night they were still going at it and I really expected to find them snuggled together in my bed this morning. I didn’t hear any noise from the kitchen but I still walked back out to check and see if Fran was there. I found a note she had written on the counter.

It read. “Allen thanks so very much for helping me out these past few days, I couldn’t have gotten through them without you. I’ve decided it’s time for me to get back to work and start my new life as a divorced woman. You looked so comfortable sleeping on the sofa last night when Kay and I left so we decided not to wake you. I’ll see you later today at the office. Love Francine.”

“So much for a quick massage.” I said out loud as I tossed the note in the wastebasket and headed for the bathroom.

I showered quickly dressed and headed out to work in record time. A quick stop at the E-Z Shoppe for a coffee and donut had me prepared for another busy day at office. Fran’s car was already in the lot when I pulled in and parked a few spaces from her sedan. I’d have to mention that since she was about to become a divorcee maybe a flashy red coupe might be a better fit.

I draped my sport coat over my chair and with the remains of my coffee in one hand walked to Fran’s workstation. “Morning Fran.” I said to get her attention. She spun around in her chair and flashed me a huge smile. Her make-up while expertly applied didn’t completely hide the fact that she still had a nasty shiner. It wasn’t the deep purple color of a few days ago but more of a yellowish tint under her eye.

“Good morning Allen did you find my note?” She said in a soft voice.

I just shook my head yes then asked. “How are you feeling?” My question meant more for anyone in the surrounding cubicles that might overhear our conversation.

“I’m much better thanks. It’s still a little tender but that’ll pass soon enough.” Fran said quietly as she touched the bruise beneath her eye.

“Well it’s good to see you back.” I said.

Fran winked at me then pointed toward the lunchroom.

“Thanks Allen, it’s good to get back but I have a ton of work piled up here. I may have to work some extra hours to get caught up.” Fran said.

“Let me know if I can help you at all.” I said before turning and heading back to my cubicle.

Just before I reached my workstation I turned and saw Fran headed for the lunchroom. Her wink a moment ago told me she wanted to talk with me in that more private setting so I grabbed my coffee and walked back down the aisle.

Fran was standing with her back to the counter when I entered the room. She was wearing a white blouse, a black stove pipe skirt and nice looking black leather pumps. When I spoke briefly to her a minute ago I hadn’t noticed how form fitting her blouse and skirt were but as I approached I sure as hell did now.

“Sexy outfit you’ve got on today.” I said letting my eyes roam up and down her luscious form.

She smiled at me then said. “I didn’t think you noticed. With the exception of my eye I’m feeling rather sexy today.”

“Really, why is that?” I asked as I stopped directly in front of her.

“I spent last night with the most passionate man I’ve ever known who pleasured me in ways I didn’t think I would ever experience including some I never would have imagined.” Fran said smiling again and arching her back causing her breasts to press even tighter against her white blouse.

“I’m glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.” I replied and in a lower voice added. “Sorry I pooped out on you and Kay.”

“We got along just fine.” Fran answered with a mischievous tone in her voice.

I moved a little closer to her and said. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Actually I contacted an attorney yesterday; I have a five thirty meeting with him today. Then I figure I’ll go home and start getting my place straightened out, Jim moved out yesterday so I’ll have the place to myself.” Fran explained.

I was hoping Fran would invite me to her place for a repeat of the incredible ass fucking we shared last night but I was glad to hear that she’s taking the initiative to get her life back on track. She grinned and leaned forward touching me with her body as she whispered. “I’d rather spend the evening with you but we’ll have lots of time for that down the road.”

I grinned at Fran then said. “I look forward to traveling down that road again.”

“We better get back to work; I have so much to get caught up on.” Fran remarked as she slipped past me and headed for the doorway. Just in time too because she had to turn sideways pendik escort to let her supervisor Marge pass.

“Hey Marge.” I said as I quickly left the lunchroom not wanting to hear her bitch about people not getting any work done around here.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful with the exception of a short fantasy I had about fucking Mindy. About a quarter to five I shut down my workstation and headed for the lot. Fran had already left, I assumed so she wouldn’t be late for her first appointment with her divorce attorney.

I thought about giving Ginger a call to see how her day went but decided instead to stop and flirt with her daughter since I’d been thinking about her tight ass and perky tits earlier in the day.

Happy hour was in full swing when I entered Brewster’s Pub. Mindy was behind the bar scurrying back and forth trying to keep up with drink orders from customers at the bar and a trio of waitresses handling the folks seated at the tables around the pub. I squeezed in between a couple of college dudes and gave Mindy a friendly wave when I knew she was looking in my direction. She finished mixing a drink then approached me. “Allen it’s so nice to see you.” She said as she stopped in front of where I was standing.

“Good to see you too.” I replied then added. “When you get a chance can I get a JD and water?”

“Absolutely!” Mindy answered.

Mindy can flirt even when she isn’t trying to but I was fairly certain the bounce in her steps as she moved around the bar was for my enjoyment.

She approached with my drink and said. “I get a break in about ten minutes, maybe we can talk?”

I smiled and replied. “That’d be great.”

It wasn’t hard to tell that she was braless since her hard nipples were poking at her tank top and I wondered if she was wearing panties or just a thong under her short skirt. Mindy dresses for tips and judging from her tip glass it appeared she was being quite successful impressing the young studs that frequent Brewster’s.

I spent the time waiting for her break studying her legs and the outline of her perky tits beneath the tight tank top she’d worn.

Fifteen minutes later Mindy came over to me and as she pointed toward the front door said. “Let’s go outside.”

“I’ll see you in fifteen minutes Diane.” Mindy said as she slipped by her replacement, an older buxom woman who I was certain wouldn’t draw the same attention from the male customers as Mindy but still interesting in her own right. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and the vee neck top she wore provided an interesting view of her deep cleavage.

I finished my drink and headed for the door. The bouncer smiled at me and asked. “Leaving so soon?”

Before I could answer Mindy joined us. “I’m taking my break outside Phil.” She said to the bouncer as she grabbed my hand and slid past Phil.

“Are you meeting mom here tonight?” Mindy asked.

I quickly replied. “No I wasn’t planning on it.”

She stopped and turned to face me. “So you stopped just to see me?” She asked as her index finger slid down my chest.

I captured her hand as it approached my waist and admitted. “After the fantasy I had at work today I had to stop and see you.”

Mindy giggled and placed both hands flat on my chest as she spoke. “Let’s go over there and you can share your fantasy with me?”

We headed to a dimly lit part of the parking lot. I didn’t want to go into all the details but I did offer. “Let’s just say it involved you wearing a cute little cheerleader outfit.”

Mindy smiled widely at me then bluntly asked. “So when are you gonna fuck me?”

Her question caught me somewhat off guard and I stammered for a moment before replying. “The sooner the better.”

“I’ve been fantasizing about your cock ever since I first saw it on the web cam show you did and the fantasies got more vivid after I touched your erection in my mom’s kitchen. I can’t stop thinking about what it’ll feel like having your big hard cock buried in my tight pussy.” She said as her hand moved to cover my semi-erect cock through my slacks.

“I’d love to help you fulfill your fantasy.” I replied as she slowly massaged my hardening cock.

Mindy grinned and squeezed my shaft slightly. “I know you’re an incredible fuck Allen, Kay said so and mom has been in such a great mood since that Sunday when you and Kay visited her.” Mindy offered.

She moved her free hand up and pressed it against my jaw line. “I remember Kay saying your cum tastes very good and I can’t wait to taste it.”

She slid her hand down my chest and continued her verbal tease. “I bet you’d love to fuck me in the ass.”

I just smiled.

“I can’t wait to feel this big hard cock sliding in and out of my ass.” Mindy said.

I continued smiling as I said. “I bet you have a really tight ass.”

“I want you to lube my tight little asshole and fuck it hard Allen.” Mindy replied.

Her hand was now sliding along maltepe escort the entire length of my stiff cock. I covered her hand with mine and stopped it when it covered the bulbous cock head. “I can’t wait to see your tight little sphincter spread open by my cock head.” I said.

Mindy squeezed harder on my cock head and replied. “I want to feel this slide into my throat too. I want to press my nose against your body as your big hard cock impales my throat.”

I was completely turned on. If I could I would have fucked her right there in the parking lot. I reached around with both hands and firmly grabbed her ass pulling her loins against mine. “So when am I going to fuck you Mindy?” I asked.

“Very soon, but my break is almost over so I’m gonna have to send you home with a stiff cock and another fantasy.” Mindy teased.

After giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, she turned and quickly started back across the parking lot leaving me standing there with little more to do than watch her as she walked. When she disappeared inside I headed for my car.

As I drove home I thought about everything she said. I would have to think of a way to get her alone so we could fulfill each other’s fantasies. Once again Mindy’s teasing left me with a stiff prick and a severe set of blue balls. I’d have to figure out some way of relieving that condition tonight. I had no way of knowing that the solution to my problem would fall into my lap less than an hour later.

I parked my car under one of the lights in the apartment parking lot. I had just gotten out and started walking toward the building when the silence of the night was broken.

“Allen Goodman, I’m disappointed with you.” A boisterous female voice yelled at me from across the parking lot outside Kurtz House. I couldn’t put the voice with a name but it did sound vaguely familiar.

I turned toward her as she walked across the lot, her form silhouetted each time she stepped under one of the lights that didn’t fully illuminate the parking lot. Her short hair was teased around her face giving this unknown woman an alluring look about her even though her long coat covered her body completely.

As she entered the illumination of the nearest lamp I got a better look, she had bright red lipstick and was wearing a fluffy black fur coat. But what stood out was her height which I estimated at nearly six feet. I struggled to put the voice and face with a name, finally connecting the two. This stunning woman was the realtor who had shown me my apartment months ago.

“Stephanie Peters, how the hell are you?” I asked wondering why she would be disappointed with me.

“I’ve been busy showing units to prospective tenants here at Kurtz House and across the street at Cambridge Arms, seems like there’s been quite a turnover of tenants the last couple months.” Stephanie explained.

“I suppose for you that’s a good thing huh?” I asked.

Her wide smile confirmed it was but she further explained. “It’s a numbers game Allen, for every ten showings I might get one lease signed, and that’s usually for the lower priced units across street.”

She slipped her arm around mine and said. “Walk with me Allen; I have a showing on the fifth floor in a few minutes.”

As we walked toward the building I glanced toward her and asked. “You’ve changed your hairstyle. I seem to recall it being longer and a lot lighter when you leased me the apartment.”

Stephanie smiled then stated. “I needed a change and this is what my stylist came up with, do you like it?”

I smiled and replied. “I do, it’s very becoming.” The raven colored short sassy length having a layered look with wisps teased almost haphazardly about her head. Stephanie had a few strands of hair pulled down over her forehead that covered her hazel eyes somewhat giving her a very seductive look.

Her brilliant white smile acknowledged the compliment, but disappeared as she said. “I’m still a little disappointed with you Allen.”

“Why is that Stephanie?” I asked.

As we approached the entrance to Kurtz House Stephanie answered. “I didn’t get an invitation to your housewarming party?”

“I never had one.” I replied.

I pulled the wide glass door open and Stephanie slipped her arm from mine stepping through the doorway as I held it for her.

Once inside I was able to see her better. Stephanie is, as I estimated, at least five feet eleven inches tall. Her eye shadow contained just a hint of glitter and Stephanie had used her eyeliner pencil to extend the corners in an attempt to mask the tiny crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes. The red lipstick I’d noticed in the dimly lit parking lot accentuated her thin lips. Below the hem of her fur coat Stephanie was wearing dark stockings and a pair of very pointy toed stilettos. She certainly didn’t appear dressed to conduct business but more like a woman headed for a night on the town.

As Stephanie began unbuttoning her coat she asked the obvious question. “So kartal escort how do I get an invitation to see how you decorated your place?”

I watched her fingers, tipped with long red nails, until she had undone the top three buttons, then looked up again at her lovely face as I said. “I’d be happy to show you tonight if you have nothing planned after your showing.”

Beneath Stephanie’s long fur coat she was wearing a form fitting black wraparound dress, its plunging neckline allowing me a glimpse of her large breasts and stunning deep cleavage.

“I was going to go out for a few drinks later but I might just take you up on that depending on how long this showing takes.” Stephanie replied with a sexy grin on her moist red lips.

“I’m sorry it won’t be much of a party, but I do have a bottle of merlot that I’ve been saving for a special occasion.” I tempted her.

Stephanie moved a little closer to me as she replied. “I love red wine and intimate parties.”

The fragrance of her perfume tempted me as it wafted up from her lush cleavage.

A wink of her sexy eye foretold of things to come and I smiled widely at her hopeful that she might be just the cure I needed tonight.

“Put the merlot on ice and I’ll try to close my deal as quickly as I can.” Stephanie suggested as she turned and started walking toward the rental office down the hall.

I watched as she walked swiftly away, her fur coat flowing away from her body almost like a witch’s cape, each foot placed perfectly in front of the other as if she was modeling the coat for me. She knew I was watching and had the confidence not to check over her shoulder as she pulled the door to the office open and disappeared from sight.

After entering the elevator, I leaned against the back wall as it rose to the twelfth floor imaging how she might look totally naked. In her heels she would be an inch or two taller than me and I suspected she would have long sleek legs. Stephanie’s complexion, while smooth, did show some ever so slight signs of an older woman and her hands were a dead giveaway that she was approaching if not beyond sixty years old.

Once inside my apartment I iced the wine and quickly emptied my dishwasher then put the dirty dishes I’d piled in the sink inside. I hadn’t entertained for a while so I spent a few minutes straightening up the living room, then went into my bedroom to clean up in there. I removed my necktie and hung my suit coat in the closet. My five o’clock shadow would have to stay since I didn’t have time to shave or shower, instead choosing to apply deodorant and a splash of cologne. I left one night light beside the bed on so when I showed Stephanie my bedroom it would appear more inviting than with the harsh overhead light.

Returning to the living room I recalled that Stephanie had made a point about the view from my apartment at night with countless twinkling lights across the city, so I opened the curtains to take advantage of that feature. She had also mentioned the fireplace and that I’d be allowed to use it since I was above the tenth floor. I picked up the remote and pressed the ignite button, a flickering propane flame instantly began rising around the ceramic logs in my fireplace.

“Perfect.” I said to myself knowing the ladies always find flames romantic.

I walked back to the kitchen and rotated the merlot in its cradle of ice then got two wine glasses from the cabinet placing them beside the ice bucket.

It wasn’t twenty minutes since I’d watched Stephanie make her seductive walk away from me, and was a little surprised when I heard a light knocking on my door.

I checked the peephole to make sure it was Stephanie knocking and was rewarded with a second glimpse of her lush cleavage since she was standing very close to the door. “Nice tits.” I thought as I unlocked the dead bolt and opened the door.

Stephanie had her fur draped over one arm and her purse hung from the same shoulder. I greeted her with a wide smile and friendly words. “Welcome to my humble abode Steph.”

She returned my smile and stepped inside. “The name is Stephanie, Al.” She said, her greeting correcting my shortening of her name and accentuated by her use of a shorter version of mine.

As I closed the door and turned the dead bolt I apologized. “Sorry Stephanie.”

She turned toward me and replied. “No apology is necessary Allen.”

“That was a short showing.” I mentioned as I moved past her into the living room.

“It was a fucking waste of my time. When I told them that tenants on the fifth floor aren’t permitted to light their fireplaces, they told me they weren’t interested.” Stephanie explained as she followed me into the living room.

I turned a little and waved my hand at the flickering flames in my fireplace and answered. “It does make a difference.”

“I keep telling the girls in the office to explain that to perspective tenants but they always seem to forget.” Stephanie commented seeming a little perturbed with the staff in the office.

“Can I hang up your coat?” I asked as she moved around the sofa.

“I’ll just throw it over the corner of your sofa.” Stephanie replied giving me the feeling she wasn’t planning on staying all that long.

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