High School Fuck Club Ch. 01


This is an edited version of my first Story.

I did not fill in any more content because I did not have the time and this was meant as an introductory chapter. The only things that changed are grammar and some wording which is supposed to make it more immersive / better to read.

The second person still persists, in future stories I will (probably) write in the first person as it seems as that is what most people prefer.

Let me know what you think of this edit, I’ll try that a second chapter will be at least 3k words and include some more background etc.

Thanks for reading!

All characters are at least 18 years old.

Julia has invited you to her home. You feel a little weird about it since you two don’t usually have much contact with each other in class, but you get along fine. You are a little excited however because she is quite hot and sounded kind of mysterious over text and the last couple of weeks you feel like she has been flirting with you.

You arrive at her house and ring the bell.

After a short while, Julia opens the door with an excited smile. She is about a head smaller than you, but tall for a woman. She has a slim body and long brown blondish hair. Her face is not the prettiest you have ever seen, but there is something about it — about her — that has your fantasies going wild; with you fucking her face and finding out how her tongue would feel around your shaft.

“Hey! Glad you could make it!” Julia says, with a playful but slightly nervous tone.

She is dressed in a semi-business outfit, nothing you would normally wear at home or with a normal friend; but nothing too uncomfortable either, by the looks of it. Her breasts and ass are on the smaller side, but you imagine them both to be quite firm and they fit her body perfectly.

You smile and enter the house; you slip out of your shoes and exchange a few words.

“Come follow me upstairs, I want to talk to you about something,” Julia says. You ask about what, but she insists on telling you upstairs.

You follow her and the two of you enter a room that looks like a work office. It is made of dark brown wood and a door is to the left, Julia sits down behind an imposing desk and signals you to sit in a chair in front of it. Your chair isn’t too bad, but it is clearly below hers in levels of both looks and comfort. It is a curved wooden chair you would find at a garden party of your school friend, ankara duşta veren escortlar while she is sitting on a big leather chair.

“So, what’s going on? This feels a little weird,” you say, sounding confused.

“I felt this setting would be appropriate for the offer I am about to make you,” Julia responds.

“An offer?”

“Yes. Let me be blunt with you. I assume you noticed that over the last few weeks, I have been more flirtatious with you; being close to you; accidentally bumping into you, and touching your cock through your pants with my hands?”

“Umm, yeah? Where is this going?” You laugh nervously, but excited.

“I want to create a Fuck Club. With you as the cock.”

“What?” you say in a shocked voice.

“I want to create a club with you as the sole male member, and all the girls to be used, as you please. Or almost. I would be the boss of the club, and the only hole you will be allowed to use with me, is my mouth. And, I’m not going to force other girls into offering you their assholes, for example; but, if they are willing, you are free to do so. Other than that, free reigns to you.”

You look at her with a shocked expression. A fuck club? What the hell? Your dick is getting really hard at the idea, but what does that even mean? A bunch of girls wanting to fuck you? But why? You aren’t the most popular guy in the school, but I guess one of the only ones in your class, and the others barely attended. You are quite tall, but not at all that muscular and you wouldn’t call yourself the best looking, but hey. Either this is a prank, a dream, or… a great opportunity.

“What… why me?” you ask her.

“Well, I saw the bulge in your pants during class one day, and me and Iana have been wanting to see and use your cock ever since.”

“Wait, Iana is in on this?”

“Yeah, for now it is just the two of us, but I am confident we can seduce more of the girls, maybe even some teachers to join the club. I’ve never seen you undressed, and your cock naked; but it sure looked huge, and especially since there aren’t that many guys at this school, most girls are pretty horny. If you accept, I’d like to taste you myself, and after that Iana is in the other room, naked, and ready to be fucked. I do want to swallow your cum, though.”

Your dick is rock hard from hearing her words. Before you can even rationalize what just happened you say, “I’m in.”

“Great.” elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar Julia responds with a smile. She gets up and seductively crawls under the desk to get between your legs. She puts her hands on your crotch, rubs the length of your erection, and eagerly starts opening your pants. She takes out your huge dick and looks at it in amazement, before rubbing it on her face, and taking it in her mouth. It feels incredible.

You let out a moan and hold the armrests of your chair while leaning back. You look down at her while she is moving her head up and down your shaft, sucking and deepthroating your cock, while stroking it in perfect rhythm with one hand and massaging your balls with the other. She looks up at you making eye contact without breaking her perfect motions. You’ve never had a blowjob like this, this feeling is pure ecstasy. In your mind’s memory banks, Julia is immediately saved as the Queen of Blowjobs, and not a doubt that anyone could do it as good as her, there are no words you could use to describe her technique, the feeling of her mouth, it is heaven.

As you let out another moan, Julia lets your cock slip out of her mouth, and asks while still stroking you fast, “Ready to fuck Iana?”

“Yeah,” you respond, a hint of awe in your voice.

She stands up, not letting your dick out of her soft hand, and leads you into the next room which is a lot bigger and has a bed in which Iana is laying rubbing her clit. Her face lights up as she sees you two enter the room; and her eyes and mouth open wide as she sees your cock still in Julia’s hands.

“Wow…” Iana gasps.

Iana’s Croatian body is a straight upgrade from Julia’s, and her face is extremely pretty. She is easily one of the hottest girls you have ever seen, tall, long brown hair; and now, she is naked in a bed in front of your eyes, spreading her legs for you.

“I don’t wanna wait,” Iana says. “Come fuck me.”

Julia lets go of your cock and you practically jump on top of Iana, her pussy is extremely wet, allowing you to easily slide inside of her pussy while locking eyes with her.

“Oh my GAAAWD!” she screams out, as you enter her. You put one hand behind her head and grab her hair, while holding your balance with the other. She wraps her legs around you tightly, as you begin to fuck her rapidly.

Julia — still fully dressed — sits down on a chair and etimesgut iranlı escort watches the two of you pleasure each other; but, you are too distracted by Iana’s pussy pulsating on your cock to notice. Iana lets out a loud moan of pleasure with every deep stroke you take inside her.


You notice Iana is trying to say something, but struggling from all the fucking; which turns you on incredibly, and you speed up your strokes even more.

Her body twitches, her fists grabbing the sheets tighter, and she moans even louder, “OH MY GOD! I’M GONNA CUUUUUM!” She wraps herself around you tight, while her vagina massages your dick tempting you, wanting you to release your seed inside her hot pussy.

As if Julia could read your mind she says, “Remember, in the future you can cum inside her all you want; but today, I want your cum in my mouth.”

Before you can respond Iana speaks again, “Let me ride you, I wanna twerk on that dick.”

You happily lay down on the bed and watch as she gets on top of you in the reverse cowgirl position, she slides your dick inside her with a slight moan, grabs your legs and starts shaking her big ass on your dick. You can see the waves as her ass wiggles from the motions — too beautiful… not to slap.

“Ohhh yeaaah, mooore,” she moans, as you slap her ass — so you oblige, and do it more often.

“Innnncredible th-th-that he hasn’t cu-cum yehhht, he is p-p-perfect for thisss,” Iana moans out, while apparently having the time of her life on your dick.

“Oh, I’m close,” you respond, with a moaning laugh and give her ass one last slap before pulling out.

You remember what Julia said, and you don’t want to lose this opportunity by getting her mad, so even though it stings that you can’t finish inside Iana today, you will make up for it by violently fucking Julia’s face. And she is already ready, kneeling before the bed with her tongue out. She is probably expecting you to give your dick a few strokes and then ejaculating on her tongue, but you slide it inside her mouth, grab her head and force it all the way down making her gag and grab your thighs.

You grab her ponytail and head and start fucking her face; the sounds her mouth makes are wonderful, and to your delight, she does nothing to stop you.

After a few minutes of ravaging her face, you make her deepthroat you and keep her down on your cock, so you can spray your cum all the way down her throat. You can feel her tongue playing around your shaft in her mouth as she drinks your load, trying not to gag. After she is done, you let go. You ruined the tiny bit of makeup she had on — her face looks beautifully fucked.

She smiles up at you and says:” We are going to have a lot of fun.”

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