Hijabi Lesbian Seductress


Last week, while walking through the Algonquin College campus in the City of Nepean, Ontario, I came across a vision of beauty. Sagal Hussein, a six-foot-tall and bodacious beauty of Somali and Italian descent. With her curvaceous loveliness hidden by a traditional Islamic long skirt and her pretty face framed by the Hijab, this lady definitely stood out among the throngs of female students there. Miss Muslim was a glowing closet lesbian. I just had to go over and introduce myself.

The name is Kendra Witherspoon, and I’m a young woman of Jamaican and Irish descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I identify as biracial, because that’s what I am. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, curvy but fit, with light brown skin, long black hair and light brown eyes. Don’t ask me if l look more black or more white, or which I am most comfortable with. I hate it when people ask me that type of shit.

Alright, let’s get into some basic information. I was born in the City of Toronto to a Jamaican immigrant father, Kennedy Witherspoon, and an Irish-Canadian mother, Christine O’Neal. My folks met while in college, got married and had little old me, along with my brothers Earl and Trent. Nowadays, they live in the G.T.A. while I’m staying in Ottawa.

I was raised Catholic, though I am definitely not the most devout practitioner. You see, I am a lesbian and I don’t think my being what I am is compatible with Catholicism. I still believe in God, it’s organized religion that I sometimes have a problem with. I live in Ottawa, a religiously diverse place, and like many Canadians, I am fascinated by the lifestyle and ways of Muslims. Hijab girls hold a special fascination for me. Just call the Lesbian Hijabi Chaser.

Look, lots of guys are fascinated by a certain type of woman. Take my brother Earl James Witherspoon for example. Tall, lean and bursa escort bayan athletic, with light brown skin and curly black hair, he’s cocksure and nearly irresistible to the ladies. You’d think he’d be out there bagging babes left and right but all Earl does is chase fat white chicks. Oh, well. He’s got African blood in him after all. These days, he’s dating this bitch named Barbara. Chubby, blonde, and annoying as fuck. I can’t stand the chicks that Earl dates.

My other brother Trent is just as bad. Trent likes older women, and he’s only twenty two but married to this broad named Beatrice, who’s twenty nine. I should mention the fact that they have a daughter together, my niece Lily, and according to Trent’s Facebook profile, Beatrice is pregnant again. Trent confided in me that he’s sleeping with Madeline, a lady friend of Beatrice’s who’s also older than him. Some guys never learn, eh?

Still, I never judge my brothers dalliances because mine are just as bad. I like religious women. I like to seduce them and have my way with them. I once attended this Nigerian church in south-side Ottawa, and met this lovely Nigerian sister named Natalie there. This conservatively attired, tall and dark-skinned West African lady with the remarkable derriere caught my attention and I went after her. The fact that Natalie was the wife of Pastor Adrian Adewale didn’t deter me one bit.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I turn up the charm, no woman can resist me. I won’t bore you with the details. Fuck that, I will tell you the details because they are indeed juicy. I infiltrated the Nigerian church, and integrated myself among its throngs of lovely, educated female members. Only I wasn’t yet another desperately seeking for a Jesus-loving brother. Nope, I wanted some of Natalie Adewale’s Nigerian-flavored chocolatey goodness, and what I want, I tend nilüfer escort to get.

I joined the Sisters Prayer Circle, which met on a biweekly basis, and was led by none other than Natalie Adewale, First Lady of the Church. We became friends, and from the way Natalie intensely looked into my eyes, I knew that she was like me. A woman who loves women. We know our own kind when we meet them. That’s just the way of things. We are simply wired that way, women like myself.

Natalie and I began meeting each other in private, supposedly to discuss scripture, but it was all part of my game of seduction. One night, I got the pretty Christian sister in my apartment while her husband was away in Calgary for a preachers conference. Well, let’s just say that Natalie and I didn’t do much talking. Nope, I wanted some of her, and from the lusty way Natalie looked at me, I could tell that the feeling was decidedly mutual.

Thus I found myself stark naked on the living room carpet, licking my lips and rubbing my tits together while Natalie buried her face between my shapely legs and devoured my pussy. Shoot, the pastor’s wife ate pussy better than any woman I’ve sexed in a long time. See? Religious women make the best pussy eaters, ladies and gentlemen.

After Natalie Adewale finished polishing my wet, hairy cunt with those sweet lips of hers, I pulled the Nigerian gal into my arms and we shared a most passionate kiss. Natalie and I continued with our fun, and I donned a strap-on dildo before making her get on all fours. I caressed Natalie’s thick West African booty and even kissed her voluminous derriere before fucking her. I gripped Natalie’s wide hips and thrust the strap-on dildo into her cunt. Natalie squealed loudly and urged me to fuck her hard, and that’s precisely what I did.

There are many myths about lesbian türbanlı escort sex, and the one that irks me the most is that straight folks think we like our sex soft and romantic. Me? I like the rough stuff. Natalie felt the same way, and I was delighted to discover that she liked rough sex even more than I do. The good Christian sister and pastor’s wife muttered obscenities and told me to fuck her hard. I slammed that dildo into her cunt with gusto, and even pulled her hair while doing it. I fucked Natalie as hard as I could, and she loved it!

Natalie Adewale and I carried on a three-month, steamy affair that only ended when her husband the good pastor came home early one day and caught Natalie and I in the sixty-nine position. How did that go? Well, obviously I survived that little skirmish otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing these lines. I had to get out of the Adewale household in a hurry, since the scorned hubby came at me with a machete. I deleted Natalie’s number, and from what I am told, she’s divorced. Hey, don’t look at me. Natalie Adewale was a closet lesbian. If it hadn’t been me, it would have been someone else.

When it comes to chasing pussy, I have no conscience, ladies and gentlemen. Am I sorry for damaging Natalie Adewale’s marriage? Absolutely not. I am all about getting that pussy, licking it and fucking it and making it pop, and then I move on. If it’s okay for guys to do it in male/female relationships, why isn’t it okay for female/female relationships? I get my needs met, and then I move on. Find, fornicate and forget, thank you very much.

Anyhow, back to the story. I was in the mood for some new pussy, and upon encountering Sagal Hussein at Algonquin College, I decided that the quiet Muslim chick with the big ass would be mine. I approached her, and we flirted and exchanged numbers. I was so right about her. I am a genius when it comes to spotting closet lesbians from religious backgrounds. I am taking Sagal Hussein to the Silver City movie theater in Ottawa east this weekend. I’ll be eating that sweet biracial Muslim pussy of hers real soon. Happy hunting to me!

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