Hips and Dips


The parking lot was one of those double-row after double-row of head-in parking. When you backed out, you could go in either direction. I had just come out of the giant discount store after picking up my monthly med refills, got in my car and backed out. When I turned back to the front to straighten out and head for the exit, there she was.

I was looking at her backside, but I could tell she was young. She had blonde hair that broke into one big up-turned curl at her shoulders. However it wasn’t her hair that caught my eye. It was a little lower down than that.

She was dressed in the uniform of the younger generation. She wore a yellow vest blouse over a longer white t-shirt and a yellow hip-hugger skirt. The two didn’t meet by a couple of inches, although as I watched her, she tugged the t-shirt down to the level of the skirt’s waistband, only to have it ride right back up her sloping hips on the next step.

It was that naked expanse of soft white flesh that really caught my attention. At first I would have said she had a big butt because her hips flared quite dramatically from her waist but a second glance showed that was not true. Her bottom was really quite small … and so was her waist, which was why the flare was so noticeable.

I had started to press the accelerator but jerked my foot back and eased onto the brake, holding the car’s speed to just the idle pull of the automatic transmission. That just about matched her speed as she walked along the row of parked vehicles. I’ll admit to being a dirty old man, enjoying the beauty and lushness of most females I encountered, but this one looked like the cherry on top of a riotous banana split.

Letting my car roll along leisurely, I avoided other shoppers heading into the store but mostly kept my eyes on the young beauty’s rolling hips. My mind was filled with the most delicious thoughts as I watched her little round bottom undulate back and forth with each step. Yes, I’ll admit it — my thoughts were purely prurient because I wanted to remember her, to play back this little real life video when I was once again alone in my own little world.

Lost in reverie rolling along just a few feet behind and to the side of her, I was unprepared when she suddenly turned toward me. I hit the brake and then ducked my head, smiling sheepishly at being caught.

She was younger than I thought she might be, probably 22 or 23, which is about a third of my age. Ah, sweet dreams! No way would she ever … Her eyebrows raised in an unspoken question and her mouth turned up in a knowing grin. I had the distinct impression that she knew exactly what I had been thinking.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I was just daydreaming.”

She smiled and took three quick steps back to stand beside my driver’s side door. “Just what were you daydreaming about?” she asked. “And be honest!”

“I … well, I … okay, I was thinking about … my hands on … those hips … while I … bumped that pretty bottom.”

“Um, hum,” she said, looking at me up and down as best she could with me seated in my SUV.

“Well, let me tell you something, hon,” she said in a conspiratorial tone. “Nobody … but NOBODY …” here she stabbed her stiffened right index finger at the tip of my nose, “holds these hips and bumps this bottom unless they make satisfactory payment in advance.”

Huh? She was a …?

“And don’t even think about it. I’m not a hooker, babe!”

“Then what kind of … “

“Stick out your tongue.”


“Let me see your tongue.”

I stuck out my tongue as far as I could.

“That’ll work. Do you know how to use that thing?” she asked.

I was a little slow. It dawned on me what she was saying. “I’ve bursa escort had some success. So far nobody has complained.”

“Okay, here’s the way it works. If you’re willing to use that thing until I tell you to stop and do a good job of it, then you’ll be paid in full and get to bump that bottom until you’re satisfied. If you don’t please me, then … NO BUMPING! Take it or leave it.”

“I’ll take it!” I exclaimed with enthusiasm. Unless she was talking in a foreign language, there was no way I could lose.

“Okay. Wait down at the end of this row. I’ll follow you to your place.”

She didn’t wait for a response but turned and strode across the driveway in front of my car. I let my car roll past to the end of the row, having to wait only a few seconds until she was right behind me.

Even though it was only two miles away, the heavy traffic and two signal lights made it seem like forever before we both pulled into my driveway. By the time I got to the door, she was right behind me, so I held the door open and watched as she brushed by me. She smelled like … hm, was that peaches and magnolias?

I thought about being the dutiful host and offering her something to drink but she looked around the house quickly, spotted the door to my bedroom and made a beeline for it. Nearing the bed, she kicked her sandals to each side, pushed the skirt toward the floor, taking a little yellow thong with it, leaving her bare from the waist down. And I do mean bare; when she turned, I saw that her pussy was as hairless as the day she was born.

In the time it took her to climb onto my king-sized bed and settle on the pillows like a queen waiting for service, I yanked off my shirt, kicked off my shoes, and shuffled out of my pants. I climbed onto the foot of the bed and crawled upward, watching as her knees wandered out in opposite directions. Just as I lowered my face to start kissing the soft skin of her right inner thigh, I noted that her ruby-red painted toes were already starting to curl upward in anticipation.

I spent several minutes just softly washing her inner thighs, being careful to keep from touching her center. By then she was moaning and begging me to suck her. Well, heck, I’m nothing if not a sucker for the wishes of a pretty lady. I started licking up and down her center folds, working top to bottom, left to right, until I had licked all of her hot puffy outer lips. Carefully peeling back layer after layer, I worked my way deeper until I found her steamy little opening. She was soaking wet at each stage and I loved the taste of her sweet/tart nectar.

I lost all track of time but over whatever time it was, she had three significant explosions that flooded my face, although it seemed like they were each connected by a series of mini-orgasms, little shudders that rocked her body and kept her legs closing on my head and opening as wide a possible while her fingers shoved me deeper into her interior.

With that third major climax, the juices rolled out of her faster than I could lick them up. I licked up what I could reach, savoring every drop. Then putting a hand under each of her knees, I pushed her legs up and out, lifting her little bottom off the bed and opening her anal valley in front of my face. Her cute little butt made my cock jump with anticipation.

I lowered my tongue, licking ever-decreasing ovals around her puckered rosebud until I reached the puddle of pussy juices that had settled there. Like a kitten lapping up milk, I lapped up her sweet nectar, letting my rough tongue swipe over her tender core repeatedly.

Having consumed all of her liquid I could find, I curled my tongue and jabbed it at her opening. She squealed, thrust her hips up to my mouth, and her bursa escort bayan pussy again flooded my face. I cleaned her up of her own essence and returned to her anal opening. This time I went directly to work driving my tongue inside her. By then she was so exhausted, so relaxed, that my tongue slipped into her with little effort. It didn’t go far, of course, but it was enough to tease the thousands of nerve endings that surround that one point.

I set about fucking her ass with my tongue, occasionally sliding a hand up her body under her two shirts to fondle her rather small breasts. She began squirming and wiggling, making it hard for me to keep driving my tongue into her. The next time I slid a hand up to her tits, I found out why: she had yanked off both shirts and shed the bra, leaving her firm little mounds naked to my touch. I began to twirl and pull on her nipples until she screamed, slammed her hips up into my face, and cried out that she was cumming.

When she crumpled back to the mattress, I started licking at her pussy again but she ran her fingers into my hair, grabbed a handful with both hands, and began to pull. I naturally followed the line of her pressure, until I was kneeling over her looking down.

“Paid in full, babe,” she said breathlessly.

“Oh? Are you sure?” I asked.

“Oh, honey, I’m sure!” she exclaimed. “How … how to you want it?”

“I’m not that particular. I figure I can’t lose so … your choice,” I replied.

“Okay, then. Take off your underwear,” she replied.

I complied and she wrapped her fingers around my shaft … as far around as she could. Her fingers didn’t meet, but that didn’t seem to bother her. She turned until she was sitting facing me and she spent several minutes looking at and fondling my cock and balls, letting her fingertips cover every contour of my form.

Then she completed her turn, laying in the opposite direction as me and her mouth closed over the throbbing head of my cock. I felt her tongue pierce the opening as she licked off the latest drop of pre-cum. The feelings were fantastic but I wasn’t close to cumming — one of the few advantages of aging; I had found it easier and easier to control my own ejaculations and prolong my pleasure. She spent several minutes slowly bobbing up and down my pole and then stopped.

She got up on her knees and turned back the same direction she had been before, but this time face down with her knees spread and her ass up in the air. I didn’t need a map to tell me where to go! I climbed over behind her, between her legs, and moved forward until my cock just touched the puffy wet lips of her pussy.

I’ll admit that I’ve always been a huge fan of the more voluptuous female form but looking down at the beautiful curves of her hips and the roundness of her buttocks, as well as feeling the soft smoothness of her creamy white skin set my blood to tingling. I eased forward, feeling the slight constriction of her pussy around the mushroom head of my probe as it slid slowly but inextricably into her.

She wasn’t super tight but she was small enough that I felt the same sensations along the length of my shaft that I had felt when her lips slowly moved over the contours of my intruder. It was an absolutely magnificent sensation that seemed to start as tiny fingertips moving along my cock, spreading into fingers as the feelings moved up past my stomach, past my heart, into my throat and then grabbed my brain like two giant hands full of fiery lust.

I held myself deep inside her, running my fingers over her smooth skin, covering her back, her hips, her side, around to cup her hanging tits and softly pinch her nipples. She moaned and encouraged me with little words that all ran escort bursa together in my mind, but I felt her push back against me, pressing her little bottom into the shape of my crotch. I sighed with pleasure — more than once!

Ultimately I couldn’t stand it. I began to move, starting with just a little side-to-side rocking motion, just enough to feel my cock probe the walls of her vagina. When I could stand that no longer, I made it a little in-and-out motion, moving no more than an inch at a time, still not leaving the comfort of her smooth little ass. But the longer we remained connected, the greater the lust in my brain until I seemed to be consumed by a red haze of sexual pleasure. I began to lengthen my strokes. I felt her fingers occasionally, reaching between her legs and teasing my balls on some strokes, not grabbing but just touching so that I would know she was there.

Harder … faster … I drove myself into her over and over only to draw back and do it again. She continued to fondle me … and perhaps herself too … and urged me to cum inside her. I could see our combined lubricants being whipped into a frothy cream that make our connection so very slick. And then I felt that vacuous sensation in my testicles that is the precursor of a climax.

I made six more plunges as hard as I could into her hot pussy and then, holding her hips, I thrust myself as deeply as possible into her and held on, feeling the pulsing sperm shooting through my tube in search of her womb and a waiting egg. Ah, the wonders of a vasectomy … all the fun of making babies without the result neither of us wanted.

She began to tremble as my cum splashed into her and grunted that she was cumming too. I know it wasn’t earth-moving for her but she didn’t seem to mind at this stage.

I collapsed beside her as she let her knees slowly slide down until she was lying on her face. We lay there recuperating for several minutes before she turned over. She had that dreamy look on her face that said she was feeling no pain. I’m sure I looked much the same way.

“Honey, I gotta ask you something,” she said.

“Uh, huh?”

“When you … licked … my ass?”


“Did you mean to do that?”



“Yeah. You didn’t mind, did you?”

“Hell, no! I loved it. But nobody’s ever done that before.”

“I guess they just didn’t understand what they were missing, huh?”

She giggled. “Well, I didn’t, that’s for sure.”

“So … you liked that?”

“Absolutely! Another question?”


“Was it worth it?”

“Damn straight!” I replied.

“So … you liked my pussy?”

“I sure did.”

“Good. Liked it enough to do the whole thing again next week?”

“Without a doubt, sugar!”

“Excellent. Just let me rest a while and I’ll get dressed.”

“Take as long as you need, babe. I’m in no rush.”

Two minutes later she was sound asleep. More than three hours passed before she woke up. In that time, she had snuggled back into my form, resting her head on my arm and holding my top arm on her breasts. I wasn’t about to wake her.

My cock grew erect again long before she awoke and remained that way, poking between her buttocks, trying to find that warm wet place to hide again. I didn’t push it — I swear — but when she woke up, she stretched, bowing her back and pushing her bottom so that my prong found her opening. She laughed and pulled me closer, telling me to fuck her again. I didn’t need a second invitation.

My beautiful little miracle is still visiting me every week. I can’t believe my luck. A couple of friends have kidded me about robbing the cradle but I just laugh at them, knowing they are jealous that an old man like me had the good fortune to find such a gem. And their jokes will not deter me from holding her hips and dipping my wick in her treasure. Using my tongue on her is well worth the effort, don’t you think?

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