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Hired helpMany years ago, I was a spotty 13 year old virgin who worked part time in our local fish and chip shop to earn some cigarette money. I worked in the back of the shop peeling and chipping the potatoes, it was a tedious job but it was money. Thankfully during my break I was joined by the old lady server (she was at least 25 but to me that was old) and we just chatted about nothing. As the weeks passed I noticed she was hanging round longer and looking at me “funny”.The boss noticed the amount of time she was spending with me and said “she’s after you”, but being a young niave virgin I wasnt sure what he meant.As it was summer time it got very hot in the shop and one day the lady in question came to work in a very loose top with obviously no bra on and the shortest shorts ever. Needless to say sales were great that day and a lot of guys opted to eat in.Again break time came and sure enough she came to join me. Before she sat down she leaned over the table to reach the salt pot, as she did there they were 2 of the most gorgeous tits illegal bahis I had ever seen, well the first actually but whos counting. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, they were perfect. I got very excited by the sight and my cock set solid. I looked up and she just smiled at me and sat down to eat her lunch.OMG what happened next I could have died. “Theres no vinegar left, would you go and get a bottle from in the shop” she said. Nothing wrong with the request but I had the biggest, hardest cock Id ever had and she wanted me to stand up. I felt my face go bright red, “something wrong” she said with a smile. She knew exactly what was wrong with me and asked me again to go through to the shop.I had no choice I had to stand up, as soon as I did her eyes went straight down to my cock area and a big smile came on her face. “Sit down I’ll go” she said. When she got back she said “sorry about that just testing you” and she went back off to work.I phoned in sick the next day but my boss new what had gone on and said “dont be silly come in, she illegal bahis siteleri wont bite you” so in I went. She was already there and just said hello as if the day before never happened. So I set about my work. I hadnt told anyone that today was my 14th birthday, it was just another normal day, or so I thought. Break time came and as I sat there alone my boss came in and asked me to set the timer on his vcr in the flat upstairs, being clever at stuff like this I was keen to make a good impression. As I opened the door I caught a glimpse of female shoes, odd i thought but carried on. When I went into his lounge the server lady was there stark bollock naked. “You have 3 options” she said “1 you can watch me masturbate and wank yourself off, 2 I can suck your cock and swallow your cum, 3 you can fuck the arse off my and come in my pussy”. Seeing as this was my first experience with a girl I opted for No1 to wank myself as she masturbated. She was fine with this and then just opened her legs spread her pussy for me to look at. canlı bahis siteleri She then started slowly rubbing her clit. I thought to myself its now or never so I got my rock solid cock out and started slowly pulling my foreskin back and forward over my bloated cock head. I knew I wouldn’t last long so I took it real slow. The eye contact between us was amazing and so sexy. She beconed me over to her so I cautiously approached her. She looked up at me, rubbed her hand on her soaking pussy and took my cock with it, still playing with her clit with the other hand.This was too much watching her, feeling her & smelling her my cock just spurted my cum all over her gorgeous tits which brought a big smile to her face. When I finished she sucked me clean and dry and called me her dirty little boy.I sat there and watched her finish getting herself off which kept my cock hard but I had no more cum to give. It was so good to watch this lady orgasm with her pussy contractions and her pussy juices leaking out.As we both got cleaned up and dressed to go back to work she turned to me and said “oh by the way happy birthday”. It was a bithday I’ll never forget but since that day we have fucked, sucked, wanked, watched each other many times and had some great sex. What an introduction to sex.

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