Subject: His Dad’s Hickey-Freemans His Dad’s Hickey-Freemans Bill Drake ail) NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. And take a second to drop a note to an author you enjoy – a compliment goes a long way. This is a suit fetish story based on an idea suggested by reader Martelman. Heads up: it contains a lot of details about suits and menswear. There’s a lot deep roleplay and incest fantasy but no actual sex between family members. White Collar Tales 24 HIS DAD’S HICKEY-FREEMANS I knew what made Rob click, at least I had a good idea. It was there in his profile on the app where we first met. “Into suit and tie guys, daddies and DILFs. Guys into suit sex and/or role play come to the front of the line.” His picture was cute as fuck, too. Dirty blond, green eyes, trimmed beard, nice smile, looking younger than his 37 years. His profile had a shirtless pic showing off his beefy, gym pumped bod in preppy shorts. Guys like that tend to prefer muscle bear daddies, in my experience, but I figured he was worth a shot. I decided to be a little sexy and flirty in messaging him, and Rob took the bait. I was into suits myself. It wasn’t as deep a fetish as it was for Rob – basically for me it was that practical knowledge that I could score a hot guy suited up – but I get off on those Men at Play videos, and the times I’d done a suit scene with a guy were fun and a complete turn on, too. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, and I gathered Rob didn’t think he could find a boyfriend into his kinks. But the sexual chemistry between us led to a deeper connection, and pretty soon I asked my fuck buddy if he was into going on a date sometime. The rest was history. I was 47 and head over heels. Rob thrilled to have a man he could open up to. We didn’t rush things, but the great part is how our relationship progressed so quickly, naturally. The sex was scorching hot, too. We weren’t strictly top or bottom, and we enjoyed oral, handjobs and slow mutual exploration as much as we did fucking. Rob’s enthusiasm made me even more turned on. We did a lot of roleplay… dad/son, big bro/little bro, coach/player, professor/student…. Rob loved it all and said that my sexual imagination was the thing that surprised him most about me. I could have said the same thing about him. We didn’t play in our suits all the time, but at least once a week, we’d go for a scene. Whether entirely suited up, or just in shirt and tie with dress socks. Rob bought some sock garters that looked amazing on his meaty, furry calves. I tried to give him pleasant surprises, like dusting off my underused tux on a weeknight. That one earned me a deep throat blowjob. After a year and a half, I asked Rob to move in with me. Maybe eventually we’d find a new place together, but the real estate market is tough in the city and for now I had enough space, which would have to do for the both of us. I purged some old stuff to make room, and Rob purged even more. But on moving day, I was surprised by a couple of boxes he had set next to my walk-in closet, which was going to be pretty full with our combined wardrobes. “Gonna have to find room for these,” he said. I stepped up to the pile. “What are they?” “I like to keep my old suits for play time,” he answered. I had started that practice, too, and there was one old J. Press suit of mine that was all mucked up with lube and dried cum. But then the letters on the top box caught my eye. In black marker, Rob had written, “Dad’s.” I said that aloud and looked up. Rob blushed. “You’re gonna think I’m the biggest perv,” he said. I arched my brow. “Yeah, babe? We’ve gone pretty deep in the bedroom…” He laughed. “Well, when my dad retired, he was throwing out all his old work suits. Four Hickey-Freemans, conservative like Dad. I offered to take them to Goodwill for him, but instead I kept them.” “For play time?” I ventured. He nodded, clearly embarrassed at the admission. “They’re big on me, but I like to put them on,” he said softly. Then looking at me contritely, “I’m sorry, Bryan,” Rob said softly. “I should have told you before moving in.” I knew he was referring to more than the suits. He was copping to boning for his old man. I’d never met Mr. Allen, at least not yet, but I knew Rob and his dad had a cordial but not close father-son relationship. The Daddy issues themselves weren’t a surprise, but how deep they ran was. Still, it was Rob, the man I loved. I stepped over and hugged him. “It’s who you are man,” I said, patting him on the back. “Don’t be ashamed.” “Thanks, Bryan. I love you so much.” He still clung tight to me. Even as a grown man of 39, muscled up and hunky, he still was very much a little kid at that moment, needing affection. I was glad to give it to him. And Rob later told me that was the moment he truly fell in love with me. *** We talked and we processed Rob’s dad-lust. But mostly we just enjoyed that deeper level of roleplay in the bedroom. It was like our sexual game wasn’t just a game anymore, and the idea that Rob would trust me with his emotions and desires that way turned me on even more. I got really into the Dad role. Before I’d be more dominant on roleplay night, and I still could as Coach or Boss or some other persona. But once I was Dad, I was the loving supportive father. And Rob was “sport” or “big guy” or “little buddy.” That last one usually made my boyfriend cum really hard if I said it mid fuck. One weekend night we were getting deep into a roleplay session when Rob asked, “Would you put on a suit for me, Dad?” I nodded and an idea occurred to me. “How about one of my old Hickey-Freemans?” I offered. “Oh fuck!” Rob grunted, a grimace on his face. “Did I go too far?” I asked. Rob and I didn’t have a safe word for roleplay, but we’d switch out of character if we needed to. My boyfriend shook his head no. “Not at all, Bry… it’s just, I think I almost came from just you saying that.” I patted his knee. “Well, my boy may have a quick trigger tonight, then. What do you say, son?” “Oh yeah,” Rob hissed. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” His excitement was infectious as we made our way to the spare closet and pulled out that box. I brought it back to the bedroom, set it down and pulled off the packing tape. There they were. Four folded, vintage Hickey-Freemans. A musty wool smell to them but otherwise in pretty good shape. Charcoal, navy, pinstripe, and a light-gray plaid. Even pulling one out, I could tell they had a fuller cut than was in fashion now. But there was something exciting about the sexual power they had for Rob. “You’re about his size,” Rob said, and there was a naughty perversity to the realization I appealed to my man for matching his father’s build. “Though the waist is gonna be big on you. Dad always had a little bit of a paunch.” I peeled off my sweatshirt, wishing I’d started our session in a dress shirt at least. But it was also fun doing striptease while Rob watched, horny and erect. “Pick out a shirt and tie for your Dad,” I said softly, feeling the deeper sexual vibe building in intensity already. “I’ll start with the navy.” He jumped to the task, stepping into the walk-in closet. He picked out a basic white shirt and one of the most conservative ties in my collection, at least among those I regularly allow for sex. I buttoned up and slipped the silk tie over my shoulders. “Is your Dad a half-windsor man?” Rob smiled and shook his hand. “Four-in-hand. He’s kind of lazy.” I grinned back and tied a simple four-in-hand knot, adjusting it up to the top. As Rob watched me he stripped off all the way. I thought maybe he’d suit up too, but instead this was gonna be all about his Dad’s Hickey-Freeman, with Rob completely naked. I was hard now, too, and I decided to slip off my briefs to let Rob see my boner momentarily before slipping on the navy trousers. I was maybe an inch shorter than Mr. Allen, and the waist was a little loose, but in all they fit OK. “Jesus,” he grunted, and I could see his own prick leaking lots of clear sap. “Your cock is where his was.” For all our roleplay, this was on another level of hotness. I tucked my shirt in and zipped and fastened the trousers. A belt would have completed it but I had a good feeling I’d be fucking Rob in a moment, and belts just got in the way unless I was wearing that beat-up J. Press, when I could go to town. I felt like I had to respect his dad’s suit. Not defile it. I picked up the jacket and slipped it on. Rob was right. The waist was way loose, but everything else was surprisingly right. Rob thought so, too. “God the shoulders are perfect on you,” he said. I looked up into his horny face. “Guess I’ll be wearing this puppy a lot more, huh?” I growled. “Oh fuck yeah, Dad,” Rob moaned. He istanbul travesti was getting in the zone, all right, and fast. I almost worried he’d cum prematurely. “On the bed, son,” I ordered. “Your dad’s gonna fuck you.” Rob’s face was red he was so turned on. He scrambled onto our bed and like a flash was on his back, pulling his legs back. I’d discovered the open sesame all right. With a grin, I pulled out the lube and got on bed with him. Our kiss was fevered and intense. Rob grabbed every inch of my suited body he could get his hands on. I didn’t know exactly what he was experiencing, but I knew it was the playing out of a long-standing fantasy for him. I finally pulled up. Maybe I’d be the one with the quick trigger. I only knew I was horny as hell and needed to fuck, bad. I undid the fly and pulled my erection out of those pleated trousers. I was no longer Bryan, but Mr. Allen and I was OK with that. I reached over and got the lube, applying just a nice, thin coating. Looking up into Rob’s horny face, I asked, “What did your Dad call you growing up? Rob? Robert? Robbie?” It was a lewd question given the context. “Robbie,” he answered immediately. I nodded and placed my hardon at his entrance, as Rob kept his legs back and spread wide for me. “You tell me if this is too much,” I said. Rob knew I wasn’t talking about the physical part of the fuck. “Yeah, Dad,” he grunted. And like that I was pushing into Rob’s hole. “Fuck, son…” I hissed. “Feel good, Dad?” “You bet, kiddo. The best….” Rob’s hole was opening right up for me, and I started fucking. “You’re so good to your father.” “You’re the hottest man, Dad….” My hips were going faster now. We didn’t need foreplay, or a slow build up. We were ready to fuck hard. “Beg to differ, Robbie…. my hot fucking son.” That worked big time. Rob let out a loud moan, then a whimpery, “Oh, Dad!” “Yeah, buddy? Your dad’s right here, son. Right here fucking your hole.” “Fuck me, sir!” My hips were going wild and now Rob’s hands were feeling up every inch of the suit lapel as I shafted him. “Take it, Robbie. Take Daddy’s cock.” “Oh Dad… I’m gonna…” “Cum, Robbie. Come on Dad’s cock. Come, feeling your dad’s suit.” That did it. Hot jets of his sperm sprayed between us as I started going into orgasm myself, deep in his guts. We humped a little more to cool down then kissed passionately. “That was… wow…” Rob finally said. “Too much?” I asked. I worried adding his real dad to the roleplay mix would be tricky emotionally. Rob just smiled and shook his head. “Fuck no. Not for me, Bryan. You OK with it?” “Yeah, I’m OK with it, stud. More than OK. I love that it turns you on.” Rob ran his finger along my tie. “I think you were a little turned on too, Bry,” he grinned. I nodded and gave him a quick peck. “Yeah, I was.” *** The next morning, Rob was a little quiet. “You doing OK, babe?” I asked as I slipped behind him as he was pouring us a second cup of coffee. He gave me a faint smile. “Yeah, I’m good, Bry…” He turned around and wrapped his arms around my waist. I’m a couple inches taller than him, but it just seemed like our bodies fit perfectly against one another. “I wanna double check, you know, to see if everything was cool after yesterday.” I nodded. “It was crazy hot,” I assured him. “You having second thoughts, buddy?” I don’t know why but I couldn’t help but slip a little into Dad mode. He grinned and kind of pressed his crotch to mine. I was less of a morning guy when it came to sex, but I was starting to firm up. “No, not really,” Rob said. “Not if you’re into it, too. I just know it’s fucked up I have fantasies about Dad.” “No more fucked up than me being turned on by your fantasies about your father,” I countered. That got a relaxed smile from my boyfriend. Then, cocking my head in the direction of the bedroom. “Want me to go try on another of those Hickey-Freemans?” Rob got a sheepish expression and nodded silently. “Come on,” I said. “You can pick out which one.” We were in a giddy, playful mood as we went back and opened up the box. The navy suit I’d worn yesterday was now hanging in the closet, so I pulled out the pinstripe one and and laid it on the bed, smoothing out the crease from the fold. “A nice dry cleaning and it’ll look like new,” I said. Rob was looking on and massaging the boner tenting out his sweatpants. “I don’t know if I’ll miss that musty smell,” he chuckled, suggesting his fetishistic attachment to the suit. I picked up the charcoal one and held it up. “They’re your dad’s suits, Rob,” I said, “but what do you think of me taking these to my tailor? He should be able to bring in the waist and take in the trousers.” “Fuck yes, Bryan,” Rob hissed with excitement. I could tell he hadn’t even thought of the idea but the wheels were spinning in his head now. “Just don’t get rid of the cuffs when you hem them. Dad always had cuffs on his trousers. And a full-break.” This is something that guys not into suits didn’t get about us suit fetish guys: the way the small details were important. “Gotcha,” I said. “The dude’s old school, huh?” Rob chuckled, “You don’t even know. There are a couple of extra trousers in there, too. Dad was super practical.” I pulled out the spare navy pair. Pleated like the rest of them. “I know this isn’t your style,” Rob half apologized. It was true. I preferred a classic but fashionable look. Slim silhouette, thinner lapels, flat-front trousers, thinner ties. “That’s what makes this fun,” I said, then reached in to pull out the gray plaid suit. It was summer-weight and had a nice soft feel. But my attention was immediately on a bunch of ties beneath it. “Looks like you saved more than the suits,” I said. Rob nodded excitedly and reached and started pulling out a few of the ties. “How many are there?” I asked with surprise. “About a dozen,” Rob replied. “Dad was throwing them all out.” He held up two 80s-style power ties, one yellow with small blue paisleys, and a red one with a diamond pattern. “These are my favorite,” he said. “I may have gotten some stains on them,” he laughed. That turned me on, in a deep way. “I’d love to watch you add some more stains,” I growled. “Yeah?” Rob asked. He liked that idea. “Why don’t I try on the gray suit and then you can show me how you treat his ties.” “Oh damn, Bryan…” Rob was getting into the scene all right. I picked out a pale blue shirt and then took the red tie from Rob. Indeed, there were a few dried cum blotches on the silk, the kind of stain that won’t come out. As Rob watched me button the shirt and put on the tie, he looked on with excitement. “Dad liked those blue shirts with the white collar,” he said. “Particularly with that red tie.” I nodded, feeling my erection stick up in my briefs. I still had on some lounge wear and once I tied the four in hand, I peeled them and my underwear off, freeing my hardon. “I don’t know what it’s so hot to go commando in your dad’s suit,” I grunted as I slipped the trousers on. “Leave your cock sticking out, Bryan,” Rob pleaded. “I wanna see that.” I did as instructed, leaving the fly unzipped but the button fastened. “You like the pleats, kiddo?” I smirked. “Oh yeah. Fuck I do… I know they’re not in fashion, but give me a 90s box cut suit and I go fucking wild.” I slipped on the jacket. I’d have to think of how to keep some of that box cut while bringing in the waist. I normally liked a lot of waist suppression to show off my chest development. “I bet you do, buddy,” I smiled and then stepped up to him. Our kiss was wet and deep. Rob moaned into my mouth and let me take charge as we made out and as his hands felt my up all over my suited torso. Finally as we broke the kiss, Rob reached down and gently gripped my erection. “Let me suck you off, Bry…” he pleaded. It was interesting that we weren’t slipping into dad-son roleplay, but I was cool either way. I shook my head. “You get off first,” I countered. “Show me how you treat your dad’s best ties.” Rob’s lust grew and he nodded. He stepped back slightly and pulled down his sweats. His boner was red and wet from precum. He picked up the yellow tie and gingerly draped it over his hardon, then wrapping the wide silk around it from the base to the tip and gathering the excess in a ball in his palm. With a casual ease he started flicking his wrist in a regular motion, moving the tie back and forth over the end of his cock. I could tell the pleasure was immediate. “That’s it buddy. Stroke off with that silk,” I encouraged. It was like Rob didn’t where to look. As he jerked his rod, his eyes traveled all over my form, particularly taking in my jutting cock. As he got more into it his gaze went down to my bare feet, and I wished then I’d taken the time for some dress shoes or at least some proper socks. “What kind of shoes did he wear?” I asked. kadıköy travesti “Allen Edmonds, Park Avenues,” he replied. “But he liked wearing loafers with the gray suit.” His hand was working faster. “You getting close?” I asked. Rob nodded. “Oh yeah.” “I want you to soak that silk, Robbie,” I hissed. “Imagine your Dad’s here watching you come all over his favorite tie.” His face grew red and his body tensed and he tossed his head back as he roared in orgasm. “Oh FUCK YES!!” It was a deep cum, I could tell. He came too, still feeling the aftershocks and then looked at me with a big smile. “Oh god, Bryan, that was incredible.” He held up the tie, which was splotched with his white seed. “I used to do my best to clean them off after using them, but I kind wanna leave it on to dry this time.” “You should,” I said, trying not to betray the urgent need in my voice. Rob laid out the tie flat on the dresser then turned back to me. “Your turn,” he said then crouched in front of me. I teased him for the hair trigger the day before, but now I was primed for the blowjob he gave me and despite my best efforts wasn’t able to last long. Rob didn’t seem to mind. He gripped my ass through the trousers and swallowed every drop. *** I had my errands to do that week. I took four suits to my tailor and he said he could take them in to my size. “Haven’t seen the old cut Hickey-Freemans in a while,” the man said as he pinned the material as I tried the suits on. “At least not on a man under 60.” I think he realized he may have sounded insulting, but I made up a story to save face, about having a more conservative client down south and wanting to give the vintage suits a try. I’m not sure he bought it, but we had a good conversation about men’s fashion and changing preferences in suit wear. Between four jackets and six pairs of trousers, the alterations were gonna set me back a few hundred, but it was worth it. I had to search all over the city for a blue shirt with a white collar. At least one that would fit me. I found it in a gentleman’s store I hadn’t been to in ages, and again I paid more than I probably wanted to for a shirt. A part of me worried Rob and I were getting too fixated on the dad and son role. But that night we enjoyed a fun coach and player scene and Rob slipped on a jockstrap and a ball cap and some eye black and we had a fun rim 69 that was a great change of pace. A couple nights later, I was tired from work but found some energy for a good old-fashioned vanilla missionary fuck. Us naked, no roleplay, no pervy verbal, just Rob’s furry thighs on my shoulder as I pumped him slowly and fucked us to a mutual climax. It was awesome. And on the weekend we tried out a big-brother/little-brother roleplay scene and seemed to have fun spinning out the improvisation for a couple of hours. So I felt better, like Rob and I had a grounding in our sexual connection that wasn’t going to be reduced to a few vintage hand-me-down suits from his father. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t excited to try them on when I got them back from the tailor. Rob had to work late that day and I was all ready for him when he got home: gray plaid suit, blue-and-white shirt, red power tie, brown belt, brown loafers, sheer socks. He almost had to do a double take when he walked in and saw me sitting on the coach. “Whoa…” he exclaimed. “You look amazing, Bryan.” “You like?” I prompted. I’d been looking forward all day to showing the new/old suit off to Rob. He nodded. “Oh yeah. Stand up.” I did, taking a turn to model the altered suit for my boyfriend. “It fits you perfectly,” he said. “It does,” I replied, feeling the lapel and showing off the fit for him. My tailor had done a great job. Even the waist was perfect, not blousy on me but preserving that old-school Hickey-Freeman cut. I admired the look then looked back up at Rob. “Wanna break this bad boy in?” “I do,” Rob said with lust in his voice. “Sit there and let me get ready.” I watched some TV, distracted by my sexual excitement. It was fun to just sit in his dad’s suit and massaging my hard cock in the wool. The suit fit me now and was just as much mine as Mr. Allen’s. I had a good idea Rob was cleaning himself out, since he took a while. But when he stepped out, he looked amazing. Navy suit coat, pink shirt and repp-stripe tie, he looked freshly showered and ready for the office from the waist up. From the waist down he was mostly naked, with an erection poking between his shirt tails and those sock garters holding up some navy dress socks. Below were his favorite tan dress shoes. In one hand he held some lube which he set down on the coffee table. “Is this gonna be one of our play suits?” I asked. There was the kind of sex you had if you worried about messing up a suit and the kind of sex you had if you didn’t care. “All of ’em are,” Rob said. “That’s why I kept them.” “Just wanted to be sure,” I said. “They’re your dad’s and I wanna respect that.” Rob’s face got a surge of excitement. “Shit, Bryan. You don’t know much this turns me on.” “I have a pretty good idea,” I smirked. His fingers traced along my spread legs, feeling the light wool fabric. “You gonna be able to hold off if I play with you a little?” he asked. “Have at it, Rob,” I replied. “I’ll let you know when I’m getting in the danger zone.” My boyfriend looked at me intently and leaned down for a kiss. I could tell he was worked up and I responded in kind, battling tongues with him. He broke if off and touched my cheek affectionately. “Thank you so much for this, babe,” he hissed then got down on his knees between my legs. He took his time feeling me up, exploring my suited body. I was rock hard as he did, but didn’t rush anything. Finally Rob nudged his face against my crotch and started rubbing it against my suited hardon. “Shit, Rob…” I gasped. This felt sexy and amazing. Even more so when he unzipped and pulled out my erection. Reaching in, he extracted my nuts too until all me was sticking out from the suit pants. “Beautiful,” he sighed then leaned in and started licking. Smartly he avoided the head of my prick and resisted taking me into his mouth. Instead, I was getting a worshipful tongue bath as our moans grew louder. At last he pulled off and with a determined look uncapped the lube, squirting some out into his fingers and reaching behind to apply it between his buns. He used more then slicked up my cock carefully. I watched with anticipation as he stood up on the cushions, straddling me, the using his balance to squat over my lap. The effect of his completely suited upper bod was amazing. Our lips met as Rob reached back to guide my dick into breaching position. He squatted down further and I felt a groan in my mouth as we kissed. He held steady. Rob’s not a power bottom and sometimes entry was easier than other times. But he soon got the groove as he pulled back and used his weight to sink all the way down on me. “Fuck!” he hissed. “Your cock feels amazing, Bryan.” I wasn’t Dad and Rob wasn’t son. We were gonna fuck as ourselves. My fingers gripped his outer thighs. Hard muscle, the blondish fur soft to my touch. “I love being suited up for you, Rob.” “Yeah,” he croaked then rose up about four inches, only to sink back down. He was riding me now, in regular swiveled motions of his hips. The raw penetration of his ass felt amazing, and a wild contrast to our formally attired selves. “Ride me, babe. Ride my hard cock.” Rob braced himself some on my shoulders, feeling up my suit as he fucked himself and as my own hips thrust up to meet his. “Come in me, Bryan,” he urged. I’d been holding back but now I held his hips around his suit coat and fucked faster. I was getting there, quick, and seeing the way his strip tie swung and bounced between his pecs got me there. I started nutting good and hard in his ass. That was Rob’s cue to let loose. He tugged at his prick with a few angry jerks and like that his slit opened up and a few heavy ropes of his seed rained all over me, soaking tie, shirt and coat. “I’ll say that’s good and broken-in,” Rob smirked as he rested on my still half-hard meat and ran his finger tips through the cum splotches. “Oh, I don’t know,” I winked. “I’m sure we can add a lot more stains to this.” *** I admired our restraint. We saved those Hickey-Freemans for when we were really in the mood to go deep. And I couldn’t help but notice that after my first time putting on his dad’s suit, we kept the dad-son roleplay separate from the sex with his father’s clothes. It came together one Saturday night. Rob and I had gone out to dinner with some friends to celebrate Rob’s 39th birthday and were heading back home by 10. I made some crack about how dating an old mad was keeping him from having more fun. Rob kind of leaned into me as we walked down our block. “Wouldn’t have it any other way, Bry,” bakırköy travesti he said with a glint in his eye. I’d gotten the vibe all evening Rob was in a horny mood, but it was becoming clearer now. We settled into our place, kicking off our shoes and reclining back on the couch, my arm draped over Rob’s. His hand ran up and down my polo shirt. “Up for playing Dad tonight?” he asked. My dick twitched in my shorts. “Sure,” I said. “Sounds hot, son….” Rob smiled big and we kissed. Our make out session was soft and gradual but after a while we were clearly erect and writhing against one another on the couch. “I wanna fuck you, Dad,” Rob grunted in my ear. That sounded amazing at the moment. It had been a few months since my boyfriend topped me, and well, sometimes this guy needs a cock in him. I clenched at his ass cheeks as he ground his crotch into mine. “Yeah, I want that son cock in me.” Rob’s kisses and soft beard were on my neck now, turning me on even more. “Give me a few to get ready?” I asked. Rob pulled himself back, a boner sticking out in his shorts. “Yeah,” he croaked. “God, Dad, you’re so sexy…” “You too, son,” I said, as I scooted off the couch and stood up, feeling similarly erect. I gave a wink before turning and heading to the bathroom. I cleaned myself out and took a quick rinse. I toweled off and stepped out into the bedroom to find Rob adjusting his half-windsor knot in the full-length mirror. I’d gotten him a new suit for a birthday present, though at that moment I had to ask who it benefited more. His muscular beefy bod looked just amazing in the blue pindot two-piece, a pale pink short off-set by a brown striped tie. He looked sharp as fuck. “Whaddya think, Dad?” he asked. He’d just gotten it back from the alterations and it was his first time showing it to me. I stepped forward, my erection not going down in the least. “I think I’m about to get fucked by a goddamn stud. You look incredible, son.” I was feeling a thrill that we stayed in character, even if we hadn’t committed to a particularly roleplay bit this time. That seemed to excite Rob, who placed his hand behind my neck to pull me roughly into a hard kiss. I loved the feel of his suit and his clothes against my naked body. I kind of expected he’d fuck me right then and there, bending me over or pushing me back on the bed and lifting my legs. Instead he pulled back and ran his hand over my pecs. “You have an amazing body, Dad,” he hissed. I reached down and grabbed his erection in the crotch of his pants. “The birthday boy ready fuck his daddy?” Rob looked me direct in the eye. “I want you to put on your Hickey-Freeman, Dad. The pinstripe one.” We were going back there, I realized. My heart pounded and I nodded. “Your call, son.” Rob sat on the edge of the bed and watched me get dressed. The blue shirt with the white collar, the yellow 80s tie, then the dark blue pinstripe coat, which now fit well. I started to step toward the bed, but Rob shook his head and stepped into the closet and came back holding a pair of trousers. “The full suit, Dad,” he instructed. “Might as well put your shoes on, too.” I took the pants. “Can do, son,” I said, a little confused. “But I don’t know how long these are staying on.” Maybe he wanted to pull them down over my rump, which we hadn’t done before. “Check again, sir,” Rob said with a grin. “I undid the back seam on these.” I checked and sure enough there was a big hole where the seam had been opened. That made me smile big. “You naughty boy,” I laughed. “Why didn’t I think of this first?” Rob laughed and massaged his suited erection. “The holy grail of suitfucking,” he said. “It’s been on my bucket list forever.” Eagerly, I put on my over-the-calf socks then slipped on the trousers. It took another half minute to lace up my dress oxfords. Rob was looking at me but also standing in front of the full-length mirror checking out his reflection. I stepped up to him and was rewarded with a kiss. I loved playing out a scene like this, taking our time, one of us not knowing exactly where it was headed. It was the best foreplay. Rob and I were now outright writhing against one another in our suits, standing right in our bedroom. He was getting a dom streak unusual for him. “I wanna nail you right here, Dad. Right in front of this mirror.” “Yeah?” I said, communicating that I liked the idea. Rob had clearly been thinking of this while I was in the shower because he had a couple of folded towels ready for padding. He set them down and nodded. “Get on all fours, Dad.” The newness of this scenario was driving me wild. I took one last look at my reflection. An old-style suit, pleated, cuffed pants and all, transformed me into another man. I knelt on the floor and placed my elbows on the other towel. “Goddamn, Dad, I’ve dreamed of this for so long,” Rob grunted. I couldn’t tell how much was role play and how much was the truth. It didn’t matter, it was all mixing in that deep place in both our psyches. Particularly when Rob crouched behind me and gripped my suited buns, prying them apart and leaning in. It was my first time experiencing a rim job while still wearing my suit, and I fucking loved it. Loved the feeling of the cloth on my buns contrasting with the exposed pucker. Loved the psychological pull of it. I looked straight into the mirror and watched my hunky boyfriend bury his face in my wool-covered ass and munch away. Rob enjoyed the act, savored it even, but I could tell he was eager to get inside me. So after a couple of minutes, he rose up and hurriedly unzipped to pull out his hard-as-nails tool. “You gonna fuck me right through my suit, son?” I asked, horny as hell, too. Rob drizzled some lube on his prick and scooted forward. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do sir,” he announced. And like that I felt that slick cock press pass the seam and past the furry inside of my crack, to nudge at my ring. “Let me in, Dad,” Rob grunted. His voice had a real urgency now. “You’ve been fucking me a lot. It’s my turn to be in you, now.” “Yeah, son,” I said, willing myself to open up for the dick that was already pressing in. “Get up in there, Robbie.” “Oh Dad!” He cried, both from the intensity of the verbal and the sensations around his dick. I looked up in the reflection and couldn’t imagine a hotter sight. Both of us fully suited, Rob in his new suit holding onto my hips and looking down at the sight of me in his dad’s old suit. “Attaboy,” I urged. “Fuck your dad, son.” That first shove was intense but in a good way. Then another came. Rob’s green eyes were on me now, our gazes meeting in the mirror, sharing the view of our full-suit rut. “So good, Dad.” I braced my body and took his fast thrusts the best I could. Rob didn’t have a lot of finesse as a top, but when I was in the mood I loved his hard-and-fast approach. It was amped even more now, his full body getting into the fuck and his hands gripping my suited hips harder. “Gonna seed you up, Daddy,” he hissed, getting into it. “Gonna sauce you up good.” “I want it, son. That hot raw son dick. That son sperm in me.” “Dad!” Rob cried, letting me know my words were getting to him. Thing was, it was all getting to me too. Particularly as I felt my hardon rub against the ample billow cut of the suit crotch. Wool moving back and forth as Rob’s fingers inadvertently pulled the fabric back against my engorged genitals. “Oh shit” I gasped, realizing I was approaching orgasm suddenly. “I’m gonna come in your dad’s suit, Robbie!” “Fuck yes,” Rob yelled, his hips going into overdrive to pound the cum out of me. “Soak that suit wet, Dad.” I lost focus of our reflection as I came. About six or seven hot heavy spurt of cum pulsed and made a warm wet spot spread around my hairy crotch. Just then Rob leaned his strong body right on top of mine and went rigid with his own orgasm, as he shot my guts full of his seed. We stayed like that a second, overcome with the intensity of it all. Finally, Rob dismounted and gave an affectionate pat to my rump. “Wow, Byran,” he said, slipping back into our normal names. “That was fucking amazing.” “Yeah,” I said. I didn’t usually get so needy bottoming, but the whole scenario and Rob’s lust had brought it out in me. I leaned up and got to a standing position. The cum spot was pretty big now, soaking the crotch of those pinstripe trousers full. I appraised the wanton display of my reflection. Just then Rob scooted around, still kneeling. He reached up and undid my belt, then pulled down the zipper. “I think I might be spent,” I cautioned but Rob wasn’t after my dick, at least not mainly. Instead he started slurping at all of the semen I’d shot, sucking it out of the crotch fabric, and licking it off my balls. I took a look in the mirror, seeing how Rob so eagerly tongued the crotch of his dad’s old Hickey-Freeman suit. I’d probably be meeting Mr. Allen in person before long. I knew it was be awkward as fuck meeting the man who’d had such a role in Rob’s and my sex life. But I also knew I loved every second of what happened when I wore the old man’s suits and would continue to love it.

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