His Darkness

Double Penetration

He looks into the mirror mounted over the bathroom sink and runs his hand through his hair. “Another day of mundane” he thinks. His reflection stares back with a blank disposition. Hell. Same old shit again. He leans against the sink resting a palm on each side, looking into his own eyes and finding nothing there. No spark, no life, no fire. Every little moment of normalcy just rubs him wrong. Work, friends, family. Normalcy. It isn’t doing it any more. The rollercoaster petered out somewhere and now there’s just the train ride. Slow, laborious and without much of a view.

He sighs to himself and turns to finish dressing. He walks out the door to his car and drops into the seat. Turning the key in the ignition he backs out of the drive and heads to the next predictable destination. At least a good cup of coffee will help fuel the blood and perhaps give him the fuel needed to face another day. As he turns into the drive-thru of the coffee shop, he notices the same long line and contemplates the same old wait. What the hell. He swings into a parking spot and gets out. Can’t take much more time inside and he was due for a change of pace. Something poking around inside him made him jumpy; out of sorts. He just wanted to get his fix and get out.

As he opens the shop’s door, the small bell jingles and the scent of hot, freshly ground adrenaline invades his senses. Yes. Feeling a bit more like himself already he thought dryly. Not that it was a positive thing, just the same. Normalcy. But the feeling stabbed at him again. He shifted his weight on his feet as he waited his turn. The feeling was unsettling.

As he approached the counter he recited his order, same as it was yesterday and same as it will be again. He walks over to the side to wait, leans on an empty leather chair and notices a woman sitting across from it cooling her coffee for a taste. Lucky cup, he thinks smiling to himself. She looks up almost as if she’s heard and looks at him. He finds himself peering into two steel gray eyes, intense and bright. She smiles quickly up at him. The feeling pushes against him again, pulling on the pit of his stomach. He watches her place a forefinger against her temple and press in slow circles as if she’s pushing tension out of her head. She glances up again and he sees it. A fire. A bolt of white hot energy bursting from her eyes. It’s quick but he notices. And something within him answers.

He feels a tug at his sleeve and tears his eyes away from hers. The counter girl smiles up at him and offers him a cup. “I assume this is yours?” she inquires. And he nods at his name scrawled on the side of the cup.

“Yeah, sorry.” He takes the cup and turns to look again at the fire that assaulted him. She’s gone. “Fuck. What the hell? I’m seeing things now.” He shakes off the tingling sensation and the burn still in his eyes and exits the shop. He checks his watch. Ten minutes behind now.

He saunters out the door and gets back into his vehicle to make the drive to work. After passing the third light he notices a flurry of movement below his eye line. On his windshield. A small folded paper is flapping in the wind from under the wiper blade. Damn solicitors. Just can’t leave well enough alone. After he pulls into a parking space at his office he gets out of the car, slamming the door a little harder than usual and snatches the paper from under the blade. He starts to ball the paper up and suddenly notices that there is handwriting on it. Not a typical flyer, he thinks and slowly unfolds the paper. “Meet me tonight.” And a phone number. Someone’s idea of a joke no doubt. Then another phrase “You’re supposed to listen for your name at the coffee shop and not stare at women.”

A jolt of electricity runs down his spine and he feels a heat like flowing lava filling him from the inside. His eyes flash and he feels it. What the hell. The feeling is vaguely familiar but he can’t place it. He smirks and puts the paper in his pants pocket. He goes about his day and forgets about the brief encounter. And the note.

After work he gets home, grabs a beer from the fridge and settles on a chair. No television, nothing on. No sound but the faint beating of his own heart and ticking of the clock above the bar. “What am I doing?” he asks himself. No answer. Then, he remembers. The folded note, now burning a hole through his pocket. He takes it and stares at the number like it’s written in flashing neon. The flash is there again. Piercing, unnerving.

And as not controlled by his own brain his fingers tap in the number on the note.

It rings and a soft female voice answers. He doesn’t say a word. Her smooth, silky voice bursa escort is like a feather stroking his ears and he shudders involuntarily. “You almost forgot me, didn’t you?” she laughs.

“No, I, erm, well yes.” How did she know? The lava is boiling now and there is a strange clawing sensation in his core. The feeling is enjoyable. Dark. Something there wanting to get out. He feels himself harden. Still, no words.

“Can you feel it?” she whispers. “It’s the darkness calling you. Meet me at Chi’s. 9PM.” She hangs up.

Did that just happen? For real? He chuckles to himself and then the claws take hold ripping good sense to shreds and juicing his senses. He glances at the clock. Hours to go yet. He thinks about the face behind the voice. What he can remember. Her glancing up, the mesmerizing eyes. The flash. He concentrates harder on the rest. Her face was pale with full cheeks and lips. And curves, he remembers curves, not just the kind gives a little shape but the kind that demand attention, demand gripping and using. The kind that makes a woman real and alive. He felt himself getting harder. Damn.

Thinking a shower is a much needed fix he turns the faucets on to steaming. Not his first choice but his normal choices seem to be evading him. Fuck it. He gets into the shower letting the hotter than usual water stream over his body. Grabbing the soap he lathers up and makes a halfhearted effort at cleansing. He grabs himself, now throbbing for attention and strokes. Again and again, stoking and lathering himself into a frenzy until his release comes in waves. He leans his forehead onto the shower wall and breathes out a hard breath. He shakes it off and finishes his shower.

He takes his time getting ready. Paying attention to all the little details. “Like a girl” he laughs. “No, wait. It’s manscaping.” He recalls an overheard conversation from his office. “Yeah. That works.” Laughing to himself.

Common sense now gone, he begins to recognize the lava, the claws, the wanting. It’s the darkness. She mentioned it. He now sees it. He’s always felt it but he’s always held it at bay thinking it was an inappropriate thing. Something to be locked away. Something that needed to be hidden. Not tonight. Why? He didn’t know, but it was time.

He makes his bed. Fresh sheets, a quick vacuum, and candles. Hell, yes candles. Just in case. A quick dusting of the living room and a few dishes in the dishwasher and it was time. Holy hell. It was time. 8:30 PM. Time to leave. To meet, what? Destiny? Fate? Shit.

He grabs his keys, stuffs his wallet in his back pocket and strides out the door with purpose. Intent. And purpose. The darkness laughs deeply, not from the heart, but from the soul. In an instant his mood shifts. It gets deeper. Darker. Intense. The car becomes an extension like he’s never felt it before. Leading the way to his destination. He doesn’t even realize he has made it to his destination until he is there. The car has driven itself. He scoffs.

The club is dark. A scattering of thickly grouped tables span the floor in a sea of leather couches and chairs placed in intimate configurations. At one end, a sunken dance floor surrounded by mirrors with writhing bodies moving to beats unrecognizable by him. He wanders up to the bar and orders a whiskey. He leans against the bar facing the crowd of people and tables. A waitress walks up to him and smiles. The darkness groans an appreciation of her form but it’s not what he’s looking for. She motions for him to follow and the darkness answers. Why the fuck not?

He follows her up a hidden stairwell and finds himself in a semi-private space surround by heavy velvet curtains and couches placed at angles with a long marble table between. The waitress opens a curtain for him and he sees her. The darkness growls and he agrees. She is sitting on a couch with what he can only assume are friends. Across from her two more people sit. But he can only see her.

She stands and smiles at him. He catches the flames in her eyes. His become a reflection of hers and the darkness oozes pure seduction. She is wearing tight black pants that accentuate a round full bottom, tapered legs, black boots to mid-calf and a top that looks wrinkled to his eyes with pulls and tears that come down in waves across her hips hiding the curves he knew were there. The ones he wanted to see. To feel. To stroke. Those that might disconcert some women but that she apparently was at ease with. Those that she had earned from years of life. Years he had yet to experience but could see through her eyes. And the flash, it was there again but lingered longer in her eyes, it was white hot with bursa escort bayan sparks of ice blue and mesmerizing. His answered.

She walked towards him and he took her hands in his and kissed her cheeks like old friends or reluctant lovers. She was holding secrets. Secrets he wanted to know. He knew his nerves should be on edge, but they were not. He was confident. Bold. His darkness was there, in control. She leaned into him and whispered in his ear. “You like it don’t you? This is what you have been missing. Denying. Let it out. It is part of you.” She smiled up at him and led him to the now vacated couch.

She motioned for him to sit and took his glass pouring him another from a large decanter on the table. He takes a sip. His favorite. His darkness smirks. Of course, what did you think, fool. She is his salvation, the answer. The darkness wants to taste her. Now. But he reigns it in, unwisely. It fights back. Pushes back. Hard. He resists. And then she sits next to him and frowns. “Don’t fight. It’s a good thing. You’re safe here from judgement. You need this. Let. It. Loose.”

He mentally comes undone and fists a hand in her hair and pulls her mouth into his. The darkness takes possession. It pushes his tongue deep into her mouth, intertwining with hers and moving as if it has a mind of its own. She answers with her own darkness, matching his movements with those of her own. The sensuality seeps into his pores and the darkness tastes her. His head moves to her neck with soft kisses and he runs his tongue down to the top of her shirt and stops. He is breathless. Waiting for resistance that she doesn’t give. He straightens himself on the couch and reaches for the glass of whiskey. He glances around and notices her entourage is gone. The curtains have been pulled to and all he can see is a banister looking down on to the main floor.

He pulls her to her feet and leads her over to the banister where he daringly pushes her back against the top rail. His darkness smiles as he bends her back over the railing and presses his lips between her breasts. One hand travels down her body, over her curves and around her bottom. He grabs her bottom and squeezes. She cries with excitement and his darkness is encouraged. He brings her lips back to his and kisses her again. Controlling. Demanding. And her darkness answers eagerly. Her eyes flash flames and he feels it. He is lost to the darkness now and follows its lead.

He pulls her close and her body molds to his as he places his hands her hips and leads her into an erotic dance. He worships her body and her body responds to his moving fluidly and slithering along his making him hard. She turns her back to him and grinds against his hardness making him growl. She smiles. He grasps her chin pulling her head back on to his shoulder and tracing her body with one hand. Over her breasts, over her curves and folding in between her legs. She moans into his ear and grinds harder against him.

The music switches to high intensity and without losing its magnetism his body pulls her back to the couch and into his lap. He grabs his glass, already refilled and ready for him. Like her. He can feel her intensity, her darkness, teasing him, enticing him. Seducing him. Yet, it was not her. It was him. He was seducing her. Staring intently and deeply into her eyes, down to her soul. Pulling at her darkness and making her moan in anticipation. Not touching her, not yet. He didn’t have to; the tendrils of his darkness were reaching out to her like plumes of smoke. Wrapping her and stroking her, reaching into her core without undressing her. She moaned louder with more intensity. Her eyes flashed white hot and her soul erupted into flames.

She unbuttons his shirt leaving a trail of soft kisses in its wake and pulls his shirt from his pants. She unbuttons the top button and unzips his pants and he watches with deep interest. She works his hard erection from its boundaries and wraps her hand around it. Hands hot as fire and soft as silk. Fingernails blood red wrap and fold around him. He rumbles in acceptance and rocks himself in her hand. She smiles. Her darkness smirks. We have him now. But his darkness replies. “We haven’t even begun.”

Droplets from his arousal form at his tip and she massages it back into his silky skin with her thumb and then licks its head and envelopes the tip with her mouth. He grips her head and pushes her down onto him making him harder and then pulls her head back up slowly to crush her lips back to his. She smiles against his lips and melts into his embrace. Still holding onto him with one hand as he grinds in it. He takes himself back from her escort bursa and tucks it neatly back into place. She mutters in displeasure. He chuckles and whispers in her ear. “That’s not for you yet. But soon.” He gently seats her back on to the couch and hands her a refilled glass of which she immediately disposes.

He looks around for the tools he desires and notices ties that held the heavy velvet curtains back hanging from thin loops. Heavy dark red velvet braids with matching satin tassels. The perfect accoutrement to his notion. He rips two of the ties from their place and turns to her smiling. A small frown plays her lips for a moment. Then her darkness takes over and smiles.

He pulls her arms behind her and knots the ties around her wrists. He leans her over the back of the couch and reaches around to massage her breasts under her shirt and reaches lower to unbutton her tight pants. He pulls her boots off and lowers her pants revealing her fully round bottom. He pushes her top up to reveal the hidden curves he wanted. The ones he was looking for. He parts her mounds and then her folds to reveal a most exquisite trail. He traces his tongue along the trail from the top cleavage of her bottom into her wetness. She moans loudly. His darkness answers with a small nip to her sensitive bundle and she screams out in ecstasy.

He grabs her by one arm and turns her to face him still seated on the couch with her hands bound behind her back. He pushes his pants and shorts down low on his hips and his erection juts out demanding attention. He grabs himself with one hand and teases her lips with it. She opens her mouth and he slowly pushes himself in. His darkness growls. She answers by drawing him in with determination. His eyes close and then reopen to find hers boring into his soul. Alight with flames and pure ecstasy.

He pulls from her and lays her gently along the couch. He kisses her mouth deeply and long and nips at her neck. He tugs the tips of her breasts with his teeth as she pushes them towards him and arches her back. She pulls his head in and moans her approval. He moves one hand down her midsection, over her thigh and back up to her core. She tenses as he circles her with his thumb and then dips a finger into her. Her core rises to meet it. Then he dips in another and then three and she cries with pleasure. His darkness is wild with anticipation, drawing out the conclusion as long as he can.

He crawls down her body until his tongue meets her center and he explores her and suckles her with divine intensity. He takes her sweetness in at every lick. She struggles to touch him without success. His darkness smirks. He slowly inches back up her body, tasting her along the way. Creating cracks in her resolve and melting her from the inside out. He pulls her legs up around him and rubs himself against her. She arches her back and moans. Loudly. The music from the club begins to pound an intense beat that his darkness relates to.

He pushes himself into her teasingly and she cries out her impatience. Her arms struggle again against the binds and he smiles. He cages her in with his arms and slowly strokes her inside and out with his hardness. Her eyes close tightly and he whispers in her ear. “Look at me.” She hesitates. “Look. At. Me. Now.” Her eyes snap open and he stares into them as he penetrates her deeply. His darkness now has full control. He strokes harder into her. And faster. Feeding his need. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back unrelentingly. He pushes himself in deeper and she screams out.

She is on the edge and he can sense it. His darkness can smell it. It revels in the aroma. She begs for her wrists to be released and he acquiesces. She grabs his ass with both hands digging her nails in bringing him in as deep as she can. She grabs his shoulders, her nails scraping down his back and his darkness moans. Her center squeezes him and pulses with need. His mouth kisses her lips, and his tongue runs down to her shoulder where he kisses. He continues to rock into her harder and faster. His own need taking over.

As he feels his release impending, he can feel hers as well and he bites into her shoulder eliciting a scream from her as she comes undone around him. His release follows in her wake as he releases her shoulder and pushes in to the hilt. He moans loudly and collapses on her. His darkness is sated and pleased.

He pulls from her and slowly looks down. But she is gone. He rises up with a start to find himself leaning with his back against the bar downstairs. Where he started. The same waitress walks up to him and hands him a folded sheet of paper. As she walks away he unfolds the note and reads.

“Keep the darkness close and I may return. Until then, use it well.”

He looks around. Eyes of women swim over his body. His darkness revels in the attention. He smiles.

Normalcy ends.

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