His Fantasy Shower


He did what he does every day for the last 10 years. Come home from work at 5, yell to an empty house that he’s home, drop his briefcase on the desk, go upstairs undress, and step into the shower. With the water running he would close his eyes and imagine his wife on her knees sucking his cock.

Only this time when he step into the shower he caught a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye. He turn to look and stop dead in his steps. He saw his next door neighbor laying on her bed, naked, and her hand was rubbing her pussy. He couldn’t help but watch. Now he like young, slim girls with big titties. But this lady was what they call a bbw, Big Beautiful Woman, and he was getting turn on watching her. He look down to find his hand was wrap around his cock, and he was stroking himself. He look back up at her, and she was pushing her finger’s deep inside her pussy, his hand kept in time with her hand. He turn to lean against the wall and watched as her hips lifted to meet her finger, his hand squeeze his cock as he lean his arm against the wall his hips started pumping, moving his cock in and out of his hand.

“Oh god baby, your pussy feels so fucking good!!! Oh yes that’s it, squeeze my cock. Ooooooo fuck baby!! Pussy so fucking tight. Oh God I’m going to cum soon honey. Oh God here it cummmmmmmmsssss!!!!” he said grunting with each hard thrust into his hand.

He finish his shower, and later that night when his wife came to bed he tried to interest her into fucking, but she just told him she wasn’t in the mood. Then she turned over and go to sleep. Over the next few months when he took his shower after work, he would watch his neighbor fuck herself with her fingers a few times he saw her use a vibe.

One day while in the back yard he noticed that she had a computer, and she was surfing around. He watch as she stop at this site that had men with huge hard cocks getting suck, and fuck. She spent some time there, He saw her hand cupping her tit, and pinching a nipple. He look around and saw that no one was watching and his wife wasn’t home. So he pulled his cock out and started jerking off.

After a few more weeks pass, he couldn’t get her off his mind. Whenever he got horny, she floated in his fantasy, He would get hard, and he’d have to jerk off just to get some relief. Then one day while watching her in the back yard he got an idea. He went in search of his binocular’s. Having found them he went back outside to a place where no one could see what he was doing.

After a while she pulled up her messenger and he saw that she had yahoo, as he watched he focus in on her ID, he got it and wrote it down quickly. Then he went inside look at the clock he had just under an hour before wolf like me izle his wife would be home. He look up her profile, and send her an email telling that he was married, and that he was wondering if she was interested in having an email buddy or if she had messenger they could chat. He click send, turn off the computer, and went upstairs to shower before his wife came home. As he was fucking his hand again he saw her walking into her bedroom smiling.

“Oh yes baby I love watching you undress for me, can’t wait till I can slip this hard cock of mine slowly into your bare pussy, and you screaming my name…….” he said groaning.

Oh fuck!!, she would come home now.” he said when he saw his wife pulling in.

“Bend over baby this will have to be a real quick fuck. Oh yes that’s it!! Oh fuck cummingggg!!!!!.” he grunted. “OH fuck yesssss!!!” he groan when he saw her bend over.

He blew his load all over the bathroom wall. Then dress quickly meeting his wife in the kitchen.

He couldn’t get back to his email till a week later. cases at work, by the time he made it home, his sexy, hot neighbor was already in bed. He couldn’t even play in the shower cause his wife would hear him.

Today he got home early, so he open his email to find she had written back, it brought a smile to his face. He added her to his messenger, and found that she was online. He IM her and she answer right back. They chatting for over an hour, and he ask her if she had any sexy pictures he could use to jerk off, cause she was turning him on. She wrote back she think about it and let him know. he heard his wife pull in and he told he had to go that his wife just pulled in from work. She told him bye and she would be on same time tomorrow.

But later that evening when went online he found an email from her waiting for him. When he open it he was instantly hard, and was jerking off to picture after picture of her lovely sexy body in every position he wanted her in. After he blasted a load under the desk he sent her a email telling her just what her pictures did to him and what he did while looking at her.

Over the next few months they chatted, and they even cyber a few times. Then one day he sent her a message telling her that he had something he needed to tell her. The next morning he sat at his desk at work and compose an email telling her everything from when he first saw her, what she was doing, to him getting so turn on he fuck his hand while she was fucking herself with her fingers, and he got her email address to write her. sent it off and went about his day ,thinking about all day.

She open the email thinking it would be bad news. She was wolf pack izle shock at first, then she was getting turn on with all he was telling her. She still wasn’t sure who he was yet, but he must live close to her. But when she got to the end of the letter….

“I wanted to let you know that I find you so hot and sexy looking that whenever I think about sex it’s your face and body that comes to mind, and I’d love to have you under me, on top of me, in front of me, in any, and every position we can come up there. I know you know that I’m married, but my wife and I haven’t had sex in, oh my, I hate to say it but believe it’s the truth, in over 2 years, she has sucked me a few time sense then, but I want to feel something hot,wet, and having it squeezing my cock, I want to cuddle up, rubbing skin to skin, naked and touching and loving. If your interested plz let me love you. by the way I’m Tom I live right next door, your bedroom facing my bathroom. P.S. I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH YOU WALK AROUND NAKED IN AND OUT OF YOUR HOUSE HONEY. Yours! Tom.” she read it again just to be sure she read it right the first time.

It didn’t take her long to answer him she quickly wrote back, and sent it off to him within an hour of getting it.

When he got home that night his wife was home already so he couldn’t get to see if she email him back,

“I’m sorry dear but this is too good to pass up I have to take this trip, I’ll be gone for a week, Tom? Tom? TOM!!!, are you listening to me?” she ask.

I’m sorry Dear.” he said smiling, and shaking his head, “My mind, what is it again please.” he said to her.

She told him again, but all he could think about was, he’d have a week to fuck his sexy neighbor if she wanted to. He quickly put it out of his mind, and asked her if she needed any help. With his help she was pack and the cab was pulling into the driveway and he kissed her bye and put her luggage in the trunk and watch her leave. He booted up his computer and was into his email.

“Good she wrote back.” he thought.

He open it and read.

“Mmmmm, what you say sounds wonderful, I want to feel, see, and play with your hard cock for a long time, provably longer than you have know. I first saw you standing in your back yard one night about 3 days after I move in, about three years ago I think. I finger fuck myself while I watch your wife suck your cock. I couldn’t believe how big your cock was, I though at the time he was about 7 or 8 inches long and she could take half it down her throat. I guess the answer to your question is yes I would love to be with you, but honey how can we your wife is home every evening and we’re gone at work during the day. woman of the dead izle Just let me know and we can work it out somehow. hugs, kisses, and lots of licks, Bev.” she wrote.

He brought up his messenger and saw she was on.

“His a good hard 10 inches of thick throbbing meat, that wants you so very much right this minute” he typed.

“OMG” she sent back, with a smiley face sucking a dick.

“I got the surprise of my life when I came home from work this evening. My wife had to leave town on business for the next week, so we have a week to play, if you want to come on over use the back door, I’ll be waiting, lover.” he told her, sending it off.

“Hell yes I want, I’ll be over in 5 or less, depends on how fast i can dress just for you.” she wrote back.

He watch as she went off line and his pulled off his clothes and lock the front door, pulled all the blinds down, and went into the kitchen to wait for her. Seconds later a soft knock came he got up and open the door to find her standing there naked. He quickly pulled her into the house close and lock the door and had his mouth press against hers in seconds flat. Her hand went to his shoulders and then slowly explored down his body. His hands slid up to her face holding her to deepen the kiss then slowly his mouth move to her neck.

“Oh fuck baby, touch my cock!!, Mmmmm, I want to feel your hand wrap around him……. OH GOD BABY!! YESS PLAY WITH ME!!!!! OH FUCK YES!!!!!!” he groan, moving his mouth down to her tit’s.

His mouth close tightly on her nipple making her cry out in pleasure. His hand squeeze them together as he lick both nipples hard, pushing them together tighter he took both nipples in his mouth, sucking on them hard. Her finger dug into his arms. She step back breathing hard and fast, holding up her hand to him.

“Slow down baby we have lots of time, right now I want to suck your cock.” she told him.

“Only if I can eat your pussy baby.” he told her.

He took her hand and lead her into the guest bedroom, laid her back on the bed and crawl up over her, his face resting between her open thighs.

“Suck away baby, Mmmm, can’t wait to get a taste of this, mmmm, great looking pussy of mine, and believe me baby it is mine.” he said, burying his mouth into her pussy, tongue slipping inside.

He lick and suck her pussy till she came in a steam of moans, and groans. His cock was hard, and throbbing so intensely he wanted to cum so bad but she squeeze the base to hold him back.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD BABY! PLEASE LET ME CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he begged.

“Fuck me baby fuck me hard , and sum deep inside my fucking pussy.” she begged him.

He moved around got between her legs, open them wide, rubbed his cock head against her pussy, then slammed his cock deep inside her. He pounded her pussy hard, and she scream for him duck her even harder.

“OH FUCK I’M CUMMINGGGG!!” she yelled.

He grunted four times then sucked her nipple in his mouth and shot thick wads of hot cum deep inside her.

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