His Little Belly Dancer Ch. 03


Early May brought Spring fever. Sienna was lying outside on a beach blanket, bathing in the sun as it kissed her skin. It wasn’t overly warm out, but Sienna needed to feel the sun’s rays melting away the winter blahs. She adjusted her black halter top of her bathing suit. Her black bottoms were outlined in turquoise and clung to her curvy ass. Sienna enjoyed being a bit lazy for the day.

Suddenly, she felt a tickle under her chin. She opened her almond brown eyes and shielded them from the sun. Mike was lying next to her on the blanket, propped on his elbow. he gave her a purposefully goofy smile. Sienna grinned back when she saw what had tickled her.

Mike announced in a cute voice, “I brought you a flower, pretty lady.” Sienna cooed as she took it from him and inhaled it’s sweet scent: a simple, yellow carnation.

“That’s so sweet of you, Mike. Hey, it’s not 4:30. What are doing home?”

Mike shrugged, “I didn’t want to sit around cooped up inside on such a nice day. Why? Did I interrupt something?”

Sienna shook her head. “No, not at all. I was just surprised to see you.” She puckered her lips and he kissed them sweetly. Mike unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it onto the grass. He laid down next to her and allowed the sun to warm his shoulders and upper body. Sienna tickled the hair on his chest. He jumped slightly at the feel. “So, you just left work?” she questioned.

Mike shielded his eyes as he shook his head. “No, I comp-ed out.” Sienna gave him a confused look. Mike tried again, “I used some comp time. Someone else filled in for me. I didn’t want to be inside. Besides, is it bad if I want to spend time with my twenty-three year old girlfriend?” He grinned.

Sienna kept the joke going and replied, “No, it’s not a bad thing; because I want to spend time with my thirty-one year old boyfriend.” They liked to make their eight year age difference a bit of a comical matter.

She ran her fingers over his brush cut brown hair. Mike smiled at the relaxing feel. he moved closer to her, propping himself on his elbow again. He looked down at Sienna and kissed her neck.

Mike nuzzled her ear. “Are you ever going to tell me your fantasy, baby?” Her lips curled into a smile. He brushed her hair out of her face.

“Would you like to know it right now?” she asked with a raise of her eyebrow. Mike smiled and nodded eagerly. Sienna caressed his chest and lightly patted his tummy.

“Don’t poke my fat,” Mike pleaded.

Sienna sighed, “You’re not fat! Mike, please don’t say that. Anyway, are you ready to hear my fantasy?” A seductive tone played at her voice. Mike nodded against as he pulled her even closer. bursa escort “I hope you don’t think it’s boring. I mean, your belly dancer one is so exotic. I don’t know if mine can even compare.”

Mike clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “Sienna,” he began, “you told me nobody’s fantasies were boring. YOU don’t think your fantasy is boring.”

Sienna shrugged as a light breeze blew over them. “Well … my fantasy is to be fucked in a creek. Something about being out in nature, naked in the water, and feeling it rush over me gets me so hot.”

Mike, being an outdoors man himself, smiled wide. “Wow! Tell me about it, Sienna.” He played with the side tie on here bathing suit bottom.

“Well,” she began, turning her head to face him. Her almond brown eyes locked onto his smoky blues. “We’re out walking in this beautiful creek — maybe seven feet wide. The water is crisp and clear. Smooth rocks glisten at the bottom of it. There are some deep spots and shallow spots. The sound of the water is so soothing and constant.

“Suddenly, we stop and he pulls me closer. He runs his fingers through my hair and down my back. His skilled fingers untie the bow behind my neck and the halter top of my bathing suit top falls. He smiles as he cups my 38C breasts. He kisses my lips and trails it to my breasts. I gasp as I feel his warm mouth around my nipple.”

Mike glided his hand up to her breasts. Her bathing suit felt warm under the early May sun. She felt him gently roll her stiffening nipples between his fingers. Sienna smiled and gasped slightly. She continued with her fantasy:

“His mouth is so warm. His tongue traces circles around my nipple. I run my fingers over his short hair. He then kisses between my breasts. It must a little hot spot for me because I shudder at the feel. My legs go weak. His strong arms tighten their grip on me. I regain my balance and he gently pushes my breasts together to suck on both nipples at once! Ohhh, that feels wonderful!” Sienna shuddered. Mike gently kissed her neck, closing his eyes, and inhaling the tropical scent of her suntan lotion. As he continued to kiss her, she continued to tell her fantasy:

“A groan escapes my lips. I can feel myself getting wet. My little pussy wants his cock. His tongue trails down to my belly button and licks around my piercing. Quickly, he pulls my halter top off and tosses it aside to shore.

“I run my hands over his stiff cock as it bulges from his swim trunks. I can’t help myself as I reach down the front of them and release his perfect erection. It feels so hard and big in my hands. Slowly, I begin to stroke it with the perfect grip. I bursa escort bayan sink to my knees on a huge, smooth, flat rock. I take his cock in my mouth and suck on it.”

Mike bit his bottom lip as he traced Sienna’s lips with his index finger. She sucked it into her mouth and tickled the top with her tongue. She imitated her sucking of the fantasy with Mike’s finger. Her pussy began to moisten with desire. She winked at him. Mike begged, “Please, go on, Sienna. This is getting so hot.”

She obliged. “He kneels down with me and gently lays me back against the rock. He even puts a hand behind my head to cushion the landing. Just a bit of a water rushes over the rock — maybe two inches or so. The water is kind of cool but feels so invigorating!

He kisses my belly button piercing and then moves lower. I feel him move the crotch of my bathing suit bottoms aside and traces my pussy. ‘Wow!’ he says, ‘You’re soaking wet! I want to lick your little pussy.’ He spreads my legs apart and I feel his tongue glide to my clit.”

Mike groaned softly. His fingers moved between her legs and past the material. Sienna smiled as she felt his finger enter her well trimmed and sopping wet pussy. he returned her smile and asked, “Does he do a good job?”

She nodded as she rocked her hips back and forth over his finger. “Mike, what if your neighbors come home and see?”

He shook his head, “They’re at work, babe.” He rubbed her clit and watched Sienna react very favorably. “Tell me more about how he eats your pussy out.”

Sienna could barely speak, “He buries his face in my pussy. he sucks on my clit and rubs it, too. Ohhh, I shudder as a wave of ecstasy washes over me. My bottoms come off. He pushes my legs farther apart and back. The sensations intensify. The slight chill in the air feels great. I feel so naught with my pussy so exposed like that. I can even feel my sweet juices trickle out a bit. He laps up that little trickle. As he licks my clit, he slides his middle finger inside me. He wiggles it around, hitting my G-spot perfectly. After a few moments, he kisses my lower stomach and grins. He sucks on that finger and says, ‘Mmm! Sweet as honey, baby!’ I say to him, ‘Fuck me! Please!’ He winks.”

Sienna grinded her hips against Mike’s finger. Mike’s smoky blue eyes were frosted in ecstasy. “Tell me how he fucks you, Sienna. Tell me,” he said as he now pounded his finger into his girlfriend. Her chest rose and fell with rapid succession. Mike knew he could get her to orgasm like that. Having her tell him this fantasy turned him on.

He unzipped his pants and released his erection. Sienna smiled as he watched him stroke escort bursa it. She went on with her fantasy:

“He turns me over so I’m on tummy and the water rushes over our bodies. He caresses my ass and spreads the cheeks apart. I grip at the flat stone as i feel him lick my lower back. He trails his licks to my ass. The sensations are amazing, Mike. Gently, he inserts a finger into my tight ass. I shudder in ecstasy and groan. The creeks feels so good as the water rushes over my breasts. The smoothness of the rock feels great as my nipples rub against it.”

Mike interrupted her story telling. “Sienna!” he exclaimed, “I had no idea you liked your ass played with!” Sienna nodded and gave a coy smile. She noticed he stroked his cock faster at the knowledge of this.

“He enters me from behind. He feels even bigger in my pussy doggie-style. Slowly, he pulls his finger out of my ass and wraps his hands around my hips. He now pounds into me so hard. I inhale the sweet scent of being outdoors. Because that’s where we are, I just moan so loud. I yell, ‘Oh God! Make me cum! Pound into me!’ His grunts and groans mix with mine. I don’t even have to masturbate to cum. His cock is so thick. Every time he pounds into me, my G-spot gets a treat. Finally, I feel my pussy start to contract. My orgasm is so powerful! He thrusts one last time — hard — and he buries his cock to his groan. I feel him release and ropes of hot cum fill my pussy.”

Mike stroked his cock faster as Sienna finished her fantasy. Sienna begged him, “Mike, fuck me, please!” At her insistence, he began thrusting into her. Her pussy was so soft and moist. His cock filled her completely. Suddenly,they didn’t care if the neighbors came home and saw them fucking in the backyard.

Mike held her hips up as he pounded into her. Sienna groaned and gripped at the grass. “Please, Mike! Cum for me!” Her breasts bounced, which turned him on. Sienna slid her finger to her clit and masturbated. Mike groaned. Just the sight of his girlfriend rubbing her clit made him cum.

Suddenly, he pulled his sock out and jerked off with about four strokes. A few ropes of warm cum shot onto her tummy and chest. Sienna brought herself to her own orgasm and she moaned. She could feel her own sweet release.

Mike leaned over and kissed her. “Sienna, that was such a hot fantasy to hear! Wow! That was a vvveeerrryyyy good thing to heat.”

Sienna winked at him. “What do you say we go take a shower, Mike?” He grinned and zipped up his pants. Carrying her into the house, he cradled her to his chest. She said, “Maybe I’ll dance again for you like your little belly dancer.”

Mike countered with, “Hmm …maybe we should go for a walk in the woods. I found a little path.” They kissed as their eyes adjusted to the dimness of the house.

Sienna raised an eyebrow with a smile, “Ohhh! Maybe we will!”


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