His Roommate’s Girlfriend

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Carla and Graham had been sweethearts from the seventh grade. They spent as much time together as they could, some of it in heavy petting sessions. A few weeks before they graduated they went so far as to masturbate each other in Graham’s father’s car. This was the most exciting sexual thing they did.

On graduation night, a couple of weeks after they both turned eighteen, Graham and Carla made out in the back seat. Carla pulled her panties down and Graham mounted her. It did not take long for him to shoot off into his rubber but Carla was unsatisfied and disappointed. This was not what she had expected.

Their parents never could understand how the two of them came together. The only thing they seemed to have in common was red hair; Carla’s was long, soft, luscious and hung down her back in a wave of red.

Graham’s red hair was bristly and seemed to stand out in all directions no matter how he tried to keep it under control. He was a short, skinny kid, a bookworm who thought that working out was for gays or muscle beach boys.

Carla was a luscious, sexy kid from the time she turned thirteen. By the time she was fifteen she turned many a head with her 36-24-36 figure and long, shapely legs. She was as tall as Graham, five feet eight, and looked like a swim suit model ought to look.

But there they were, inseparable. Graham wanted to have sex with Carla the day after graduation but Carla turned him down. And she kept turning him down until he stopped asking her. “You don’t know the first thing about satisfying a woman, Graham,” she told him.

Graham was mystified. He was a bright enough young man, graduated high in his class, hi enough to get a scholarship to the state university, but when it came to sex he was a noodnik.

Carla had graduated tuzla ukraynalı escort a few places ahead of Graham and was also awarded a scholarship to the state university. When fall came they drove there together in the car Graham’s parents gave him for a graduation present. Graham helped Carla move her things into her room where they met her roommate, Sophie Kulakas, a stunning blond with a figure equal to Carla’s. Graham had a difficult time keeping his eyes off her, mainly because she was wearing a tight T shirt and short shorts and it was obvious she was not wearing panties or a bra.

Carla went with Graham to his dorm and helped him unload his things and take them into his room. Graham’s roommate was already there and unpacked when they arrived. His name was Brad .. They shook hands all around and Carla felt a little twinge of excitement when Brad shook her hand, holding it longer than necessary.

She kept taking surreptitious glances Brad’s way as she helped Graham unpack. His six feet one inch frame was as athletic as Graham’s was puny; the bulging muscles and pecs of a man who worked out. He wore tight jeans which outlined the bulge of his cock.

Carla could was startled when she saw his crotch and the size of the bulge it made in his jeans. She licked her lips and wondered if Brad knew how to please a woman. Not, she told herself, she intended to find out, but she could not help but wonder what it would be like to have Brad as a sex partner.

Graham was blissfully unaware that Carla and Brad were eyeing each other covertly. He just chattered on about how nice it was to have made a friend his first day at the university and how much fun they were going to have.

When Carla left their room Brad shook her hand and again held tuzla rus escort it longer than necessary. She fel her face redden at the frank way Brad eyed her body. She was dressed in jeans and blouse, not all that sexy, but her charms were displayed nicely, she knew and it excited her to know Brad was so appreciative of how she looked. Graham took her for granted and it was nice to have a sexy, athletic looking man eye her as Brad did. It made her pussy pulse with excitement.

Brad had a hardon the moment he saw Carla come in the door. He could not believe his nerdy roommate had such a luscious girlfriend. He opened his pants and pulled out his hard cock, his mind filling with visions of Carla.

He closed his eyes and in his mind’s eye Carla was standing here in front of him, a sexy, com hither look on her face. She licked her lips as she unfastened her blouse. Letting it fall to the floor she caressed her breasts through her nylon bra. A wicked grin on her face, she turned and, reaching behind her, unfastened her bra straps.

She shook her shoulders and her bra straps fell off her shoulders, landing lightly on her arms. Turning she looked him full in the face as she held the bra in front of her and then she let her arm fall. Her full breasts, rising high on her chest, tipped with full, rigid nipples were staring him in the face.

Carla cupped her luscious tits and caressed them, teasing the nipples into even greater rigidity, their red tips like a beacon. She mouthed him as kiss as she watched him masturbate.

Her eyes held his as she unfastened her skirt. It fell to the floor and she stepped aside, letting it lay where it fell. Brad’s cock jerked in his hand as he stared at the tiny triangle that was her black bikini panties.

Her escort bayan tongue licking along her lips, she turned and put her fingers on the waistband of her panties. Her ass shimmied from side to side as she lowered her panties. Brad stared at her ass as she spread her legs and bent over, exposing to his hungry eyes her asshole and full, fat, engorged, red pussy lips with wisps of her pubic hair on either side.

Brad was almost ready to shoot off when she turned and faced him. She used one hand to caress her breasts while the other fluffed her pubic hair and then she ran a finger between her pussy lips, wet with her precum juices. She dipped a finger between her lips and wet it with her juices.

Brad arched his back as he began to cum, his jism shooting toward his distorted face. It was at that moment that the door opened and Carla walked through the door.

She stared at his prone figure a moment, his cock still shooting his cum and then grinned at him. Pulling the door partly shut she turned her head and spoke through the partly open door, “It’s OK, Graham. You don’t have to come in.” Opening and then closing the door, er ass twitching sensually, she walked to Graham’s bed and picked up her purse.

Looking down at Brad, his dripping cock still in his hand, she told him, “I’m sorry I interrupted you, Brad. You just get back to where you were.” She ran her tongue over her lips slowly as she let her eyes move from his face to his cock. “I hope we see much more of each other this semester, she told him as she turned and walked to the door, an exaggerated strut in her stride, her tight buns swinging suggestively.

She turned as she reached and looked back at Brad, a mischievous grin on her face. She blew him a kiss as she exited.

Brad’s cock was growing hard again as he recreated the scene. He licked his lips, thinking of the next time he saw Carla, hoping it would be without Graham.

His hand moved up and down his still wet cock as he filled his mind with Caala’s sexy body. Before long he was shooting off once again.

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