His Story


The moment I get in the car I feel your hand on my thigh, slowly moving in little circles along the soft sensitive skin. You slowly make your way under my skirt all the while sending chills up my spine with your warm fingers on my cold skin. As I look over at you I see a smile slowly spreading across your face, we pull into the driveway and I can already feel my wetness as I get out of the car. As we enter the house you turn to me and push me against the wall and begin devouring my mouth with yours, you are so passionate and urgent. You lift me up and bring me into the kitchen where you place me on the counter as you continue to massage my tongue with yours. You step up to me forcing my skirt to slide up my legs exposing my bare legs, you once again begin to touch the glistening soft skin on my inner thigh with the warmth of your hands. You slowly move your hands up to find my bare dripping wet pussy, you get ever so close but do not touch as I moan out for I need to feel you. I pull you tighter to me as you pull away and begin unbuttoning my shirt, slowly, letting your hands just graze the top of my throbbing nipples, I sit there bursa escort as I let the fabric fall to the counter revealing my silky breast under my sheer bra, you deftly unhook my bra and just step back to stare at me. You look at me with such longing and love in your eyes I feel powerless to you as you tell me how beautiful I am sitting there with the moonlight shining in though the window.

You slowly come back to me and kiss me with such intensity I feel as if I am drifting on clouds and my body is melting. As your lips are locked around mine you wrap your strong arms around me and gradually begin to rub my naked back, your hands soon find there way around me and begin teasing my awaiting breasts with light touches that send shock waves though my entire body. You gently place your hand on my breast and begin kissing my neck with slow soft kisses that make my body tremble. You make your way down my neck to my hardened nipple and take it into your mouth as my breath catches. You gently begin to suck on my nipple letting me feel your teeth ever so slightly. I can hardly breath with what you are doing to me. I begin to reach for bursa escort bayan my clit to only get my hand pushed away and I quickly get the message that you are in charge of my pleasure. You skillfully move your tongue around my nipple, suddenly I feel your hand return to my thigh, you begin playfully running your hands up and down my legs, feeling every inch of them as I place one leg on the counter opening myself to you. Longing for your touch I sigh and as if you have read my mind you begin to touch my pussy ever so lightly with the tips of your fingers. You begin to play with my clit running your fingers up and down the length of my wetness. You begin your descent on me I feel your mouth hot on my stomach as I ache to have your tongue in me. You suck on my belly ring for a second as you open my pussy lips with your fingers and tease me. You are so close and I try to push myself onto your hands but I know that I will be scolded for doing so…I have to remember that you are in charge.

You bring your mouth down on me hard and fast, I gasp as you ram your tongue into my hot dripping pussy. You begin to devour me with your escort bursa tongue as you continue to play with me with your hands. You are sucking on my clit slowly while your fingers go in and out of my hot pussy. You know exactly how I like it just enough pull on my clit, your tongue is making circles with my clit as your pace speeds up, my moans have now turned into screams telling you that is what I like and to please don’t stop. As I hear my voice I am left wondering if that is me screaming these things at you…You have me so worked up I feel as if I am outside of myself. Your fingers and your mouth working in perfect unison making my entire body shake as I am on the verge of cumming, I grab your head and hold it to me so that you do not stop. My body begins tingle as I feel my orgasm, everything in me lets go as I let out a piercing scream, you pull your fingers out of me to hold onto me as you bring your mouth to my pussy to lap at my cum. I fall back and lean against the cabinets while my body feels as if it is floating away. God you make me feel so good. While I recuperate you slowly stroke my pussy with your tongue making sure you get every last drop, I slowly begin to sit up and pull you up to me kissing you ever so gently tasting my juices on you lips. I slide off the counter and grab your hand because now it is my turn to make you feel like floating…

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