His Wife


The walk wasn’t long, but the narrow, winding streets often made it seem so. Particularly on evenings like this. Jeff walked quickly over the damp cobblestone path, a small introspective smile on his face, making him look a little like a Cheshire cat. He had a destination and a goal, and he was intent on getting there quickly.

Waiting in the little bungalow, non-descript by Spanish standards, quaint and charming by anyone else’s, the bungalow sat pushed tightly between two 3 story apartment buildings, both with the same whitewashed, somewhat disheveled appearance as the bungalow they crowded. But although it was not a glamorous spot, it is the place that Both Jennifer and he felt most at home these days. It was homey and comfortable, made even more so by the loving hand of Jennifer.

His pace quickening as he neared the Spanish love nest, Jeff began to look forward to the evening ahead, and the surprises in store. Jennifer didn’t often surprise him after 3 years of marriage, but occasionally she got an idea in her head and a twinkle in her eye. Most often these surprises included an evening out at the opera or a play, or a night in a café chatting and reminiscing. They inevitably lead to the little bungalow, and an evening of gentle love making.

Jeff loved those evenings. After 3 years their love had grown and he would never have thought it possible, he felt closer now to Jennifer than he ever had. Sometimes he wondered if that intense feeling of love would ever end.

Jeff thought of their first meeting, in a small restaurant in Rome. Bumbling along the street, both lost and oblivious to each other’s plight as they crossed paths over and over again. Up one street and the next, down another, they continued to run into each. Little did they know they were both looking for the same small restaurant. When they both finally arrived there at the same time they had looked at each other sheepishly and laughed, eyes turned down to the ground. Both too shy to ask the other to sit with them for supper, the motherly patron of the establishment made the decision for them, placing them both at the only table in the place. The supper was wonderful, but the companionship was better, and borne from that meeting was a relationship that would last many long periods apart, yet love intensifying despite those distances.

So after six years of absenteeism they had decided to settle down, get married and move into a new neighborhood in Seville. She would teach English and he would settle for a job as an Engineer with a small telecommunications company. They would have a perfect little life in a beautiful little city in a wonderful country.

Of course it hadn’t been that easy, but together it was never all that difficult.

As bursa escort Jeff continued to ponder the path his life had taken, he realized he had reached the door to the house and silently walked in. The aroma of roasting ham struck him as he entered the quiet hallway and the soft sounds of Enya came faintly to his ears. The lights were dimmed and the plaster walls cast shadows that emphasized the rustic surface, glowing orange where Jennifer had placed small tallow candles on the floor, leading to the living room. Although the living room was in all reality a multi-purpose room used for dining, working and relaxing, they had come to refer it as such, giving it a more appealing nature.

Jeff wandered slowly through the hall, pausing once to smell the food and to listen to Jennifer hum an Enya tune. He smiled as he imagined her cooking in an over-sized baker’s gown, humming to her herself and oblivious to his presence. Padding quietly into the doorframe he stopped and was shocked at what he saw. Jennifer had not done this before, and as he stood and stared at her naked back, her full ass and the way she stood with her legs slightly parted, stirring a pot on the stove, his excitement grew.

Jeff and Jennifer had always had a healthy sex life. There was no question about that. And after all of those years, nothing had changed. It was satisfying and Jeff loved it. There had been deviations in their sex when they first started seeing each, an exploration so to speak, an attempt to learn each other’s likes and dislikes, fantasies and desires, turn-ons and turnoffs. It had been fun, as Jeff recalled, and Jennifer had been open to trying new things, new positions until they settled into what they knew best. Jennifer rarely failed to orgasm, and that made Jeff happy.

But this was new, and he watched transfixed. Even though the act of cooking was hardly a sexual activity, the small of Jennifer’s back and the occasional peak at the lips of her pussy from behind made him extremely excited, and his cock strained against his pants. He shifted uncomfortably to alleviate the stress, and reached down his pants to move his cock to a more comfortable position. When Jennifer turned suddenly around to get a glass off the table she there she stood in all her naked glory facing Jeff, with his hand down his pants. She smiled at him and his embarrassment, but did not move toward him. Her well-rounded breasts hung slightly down and her pert nipples with their large oblong aureoles pointed upward slightly. Her supple body with its generous curves was inviting, and as she shifted she spread her legs slightly and Jeff could see the lips of her sex only partially hidden by a fine coating of hair. Even from this distance, maybe 10 feet away, bursa escort bayan Jeff could see that she was aroused, as the dampness was easily visible and her clitoris peaked out slightly above her puffy pussy lips.

A mischievous smile came across Jennifer’s face and she walked slowly over to Jeff and unbuttoned his fly. Stunned, Jeff didn’t move as Jennifer grabbed hold of his cock and led him over to the table, forcing him to sit for supper. Heaping servings of ham and scalloped potatoes were set in front of him, but truth be told, Jeff could not concentrate and stared at his beautiful wife as she leaned against the counter across the table from him. When Jennifer noticed that he wasn’t eating she quietly padded over to him and drew a chair beside him, where she began to feed him his meal.

It was difficult eating with a raging hard on, but he finally finished and Jennifer brought some strawberries over. Jeff was about to protest that he’d had enough when his naked wife poured some of the strawberry juice on his manhood and reached down to rub it all over him. She had thoughtfully warmed the strawberries up and the feel of her hand stroking up and down his hard cock with the sticky-smooth strawberry juice was almost too much to stand and Jeff slouched back onto the chair to allow her easier access.

The up and down motion of her hand on his cock continued for a couple of minutes until it began to get too sticky. Just as Jeff was about to tell her so, Jennifer stopped stroking and moved her face down to his crotch. She extended her tongue and began to swirl around the purple head of his cock, wiping it clean of the strawberry juice and coating it with a thin film of saliva. Her hand slowly began to pump up and down on the base of his cock as her lips and tongue worked around the head of his cock, venturing downward occasionally until the strawberry juice was used up and a liberal amount of saliva coated his hardness.

Soon the familiar signs of an impending orgasm began to stir in Jeff’s loins and Jennifer felt his scrotum tighten in her hands as his cock began to twitch. When he could hold back no longer, he grabbed her head and thrust upwards into her mouth, trying hard to not force himself too deep, but aching for the release that he knew was imminent. Soon gushes of white cum spewed into her mouth as Jennifer continued to milk his manhood of all his seed. She swallowed it all and looked up at him, smiling.

Jeff sat back for a moment, spent. Soon he recovered, and panting slightly, pulled Jennifer’s mouth up to his. Though she had swallowed a number of times, he could still taste himself on her lips as he plunged his tongue into her mouth and kissed her passionately. As she stood up fully he escort bursa pulled her pussy to his mouth, licking her protruding clit vigorously as she gasped. Knowing that he was spent, Jeff quickly got up and went to the refrigerator, leaving Jennifer to stand naked and excited at the table.

Jeff found what he was looking forward and ran the hot water in the sink to warm it up. When he finally turned around to see his wife, she had leaned over the table, facing him now and a big smile turned on her lips as he showed her the large cucumber he had warmed up. It was over 18″ long and tapered the way a gourd might be, narrow on one end and fat on the other.

As he moved behind her, Jeff slowly probed her pussy with first one finger and then two, preparing her for the green phallus. He pushed gently in and out, spreading the abundant juices over her lips and down to her pussy. Her puckered ass winked up at him as his fingers moved in and out of her pussy, and all around.

Finally, when he felt she was ready, he began to push the narrow end of the cucumber inside her. The first 3 inches entered easily and he pushed that amount in and out. He could hear her breathing becoming more labored and her hand reached below her to begin to rub her clit as he worked the vegetable in and out and around in concentric circles. Her hips began to push back as the cucumber pushed in and slowly another inch entered her. Her wet, pink lips stretched around the home made toy and with every thrust her puffy labia contracted inside, only to be pulled out with its extraction. Her fingers rubbed furiously on her clit, wet with her own juices and her hips bucked back forcefully onto the big cucumber. Soon 8 inches of the giant vegetable was inserted inside her, and she grunted hard. Jeff continued to plow the cucumber in and out, faster and faster as Jennifer neared her orgasm.

Finally, juices coating her pussy and his hands, Jeff plunged two wet fingers into her puckered ass and pushed the cucumber hard into her. Jennifer thrashed back and forth, fucking the vegetable like there was nothing else in the world, her anus clamped tight on Jeff’s fingers. And the she stopped, her legs twitching and her pussy clamping down on the monster inside her. Jeff knew what to do next as he slowed his ministrations and slowly removed the cucumber from her pussy and his fingers from her ass as Jennifer collapsed onto the table panting hard and slowly rubbing her clit. To allow her to revel in the feelings he replaced her finger with his tongue and softly rubbed her clit, causing little spasms of after orgasms to rock her until finally they stopped.

Jeff sat down, and Jennifer sat on his lap, sliding his now hard cock into her pussy. Not moving, but enjoying the feel of him inside her, one hand on her tit, the other reaching around and playing with her pubic hair.

It had been fabulous and exciting, Jeff thought, but perhaps it was the start of a new chapter in their marriage.

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