Holding for Life Ch. 01


(This is a newly written story which I’ve shared elsewhere too and I expect to form part of an ongoing series. It is entirely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. All characters are well over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy it.)

Monday Afternoon.

Anne Glenson counted the day’s arrivals as they entered the room. As she expected, there were seven of them, four newbies and three students who’d come to do a refresher course. Monday afternoon was induction, the part of the proceedings which she liked least because of what had to be done within the time available. Its one redeeming feature was the all the students would, to varying degrees, need to pee and she’d get to see the outputs they were capable of generating. She knew that one student in particular would arrive having done a transatlantic flight without peeing since leaving his apartment. Anne had been tempted to toilet him before the induction process began but knew that doing so would expose her to a charge of favouritism by other students and earn him the adult equivalent of being labelled ‘teacher’s pet’ by them. To be fair, her only option was to get through induction as quickly as possible, maybe leaving unsaid what could be left until tomorrow, and just hope he didn’t piss his pants before she’d finished.

“Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to Holding for Life. My colleagues and I hope very much that you’ll enjoy the course and come away feeling liberated and empowered by what you’ve learnt. I hate this bit but the law requires us to do certain things and fire safety is our first priority when students arrive so I’ll do a roll call.”


“Here Miss”


“Yes Miss”


“Yes Miss”


“Yes Miss”


“Here Miss”

“Linsey Dawn”

“Yes Miss”


“Yes Miss”

“Good. That’s everyone we should have. My name is Anne Glenson and I’m your lead tutor for this week’s course. As well as extending a warm welcome to our newbies- Brian, Emily, Faye and Tim – I would like to welcome back three returners — Cathy, Jonah and Linsey Dawn. When we first ran our courses in 2015 we did so under the banner of Proud Holders as the three returners from one of our first cohorts of students will remember. At that time, we ran it very strictly — a bit like a school which didn’t allow hall passes — and it was the right thing to do then. We’ve relaxed our approach slightly but we’re still fairly izmit escort strict and we have to be as the greatest enemy to students successfully completing the course and learning valuable holding skills is wilful human nature. As for my credentials, I’m a highly qualified senior urology nurse as is my colleague, Sarah Worthington, who will be acting along with matron as support staff this week. You may prefer to call me Miss or Mrs Glenson, particularly the returners, but I’ve backed off a little on the discipline since we first started and if you call me Anne it’s not a deal breaker. I am a compassionate person and I try to be as fair as I can in an imperfect world. That does not mean, however, that I will put up with stupidity or bad behaviour as everyone who’s ever crossed me has discovered to their cost. You will, I hope, remember me as someone who was kind but firm. I can tell the difference, as can my staff, between a student having a genuine accident and one pissing their pants to show off or gain attention. We have a variety of disciplinary tools including a level of classroom humiliation as well as enforced wearing of continence and/or chastity products. Our ultimate sanction, however, is to expel a student from the course prior to completion and I must make you aware that in those circumstances we don’t refund course fees. We only refund course fees when students have to leave early through no fault of their own such as illness or a genuine family emergency and, in those cases, we usually only refund the days or part days lost.”

Linsey Dawn: “Huh. You’re the fucking bitch who wouldn’t let me go to the toilet in Gym class last time. We’ll see how fair you are. I bet you get off on making people piss themselves. If I knew you were running the course I wouldn’t have fucking come here.”

Anne: “Linsey Dawn, I will not put up with being sworn at and, if it happens again, your sorrows will be considerable. As to the Gymnasium incident, my recollection of it is that I asked you to hold until the lesson was finished, knowing full well you could, but you chose not to. We will not be using the Gymnasium this time as it is awaiting some structural repairs which have been made possible due to the generosity of your fellow student, Tim here. Were I to ‘get off’ on anything, it would be seeing students leave here better able to hold their pee than I am, and it’s not happened yet.”

Linsey Dawn: “Sorry Miss.”

Anne: “Good girl. Now don’t give me any more trouble.”

Jonah: “Will we be allowed kadıköy escort to use the bathroom soon, Miss? I’m bursting.”

Anne gave him a sympathetic look, acutely aware of the way he’d been fidgeting as soon as he’d arrived and the way he was rubbing the bulge in his pants.

Anne: “It won’t be long sweetheart. I’ll try and get this over as soon as I can. I’m not a fan of this bit — it’s what I call the bog roll bit — but we do have some rules and regs to get through. Again, this is the law of the land and not a house rule, but our indoor premises are strictly non-smoking. Also, we don’t put up with any dope or booze here. If you got anything you shouldn’t, please hand it over at the end of this afternoon. You will be reunited with it on Friday, I promise. Please be aware we don’t allow and pads or continence products to be brought in by students as the only ones we permit are our own and they can only be used under the direction of staff. If any of the girls are on their period, please come and see me afterwards and we’ll sort something out. Soft drinks and confectionery are allowed. Ditto crisps and savoury snacks. Obviously as a nurse I prefer it if students bring fruit, cereal bars and diet or sugar free drinks to snack on. However, we live in the real world and, if you’ve brought four litres of full fat Coke and a kilo pf Mars bars with you it’s not a deal breaker. We have free wi-fi and if you want it for your laptops and ipads I’ll give it you after supper. Please be aware that we have a strict ‘no fap’ rule and any student we suspect of masturbating will have to account for their actions. We will have supervised toileting shortly and then at 10pm just before bed. If you need the toilet during the night and genuinely can’t hold, please press your bedside alarms and someone will unlock the bathroom and escort you to the toilet. Matron really doesn’t want any wet or soiled beds. Supervised toileting will take place again at 7am and we will reconvene in here after breakfast.”

Jonah: “Miss, I think I’m about to piss myself.”

Anne: “It’s alright Jonah. Stand up and pull your pants down. Girls, take a glimpse while you can — that’s the biggest woblums in the world. Fancy that in your pussy? Right Jonah, we’ll pull the curtain across and have you on the commode.”

Anne pulled the curtain across and Jonah began weeing the second he sat on the commode, an unstoppable torrent of pent up pee pouring out of his huge cock into the (fortunately) cavernous kahramanmaraş escort plastic bowl below. It was loud and splashed noisily against the plastic, sounding almost as though he’d never been to the toilet before. His moans of relief were clearly audible. As Jonah’s pee stream steadily declined, Anne crouched by his side.

Anne: “Jonah, when did you last go sweetheart?”

Jonah: “Over 18 hours ago Miss. I’ve flown all the way from LA and I hate public bathrooms as well as plane toilets so I just held it in.”

Anne: “Jonah, 18 hours is a long time, even if you’re pretty good at holding. Your bladder’s going to be very stressed and you’ll experience some discomfort over the next day or so, maybe a little urgency or incontinence. Don’t worry though as it will pass. There’s a good chance you’ll wet the bed tonight but don’t worry, I’ll see you’re not punished for it. Promise. Here’s some tissue to wipe yourself with.”

Much relieved, Jonah pulled up his pants and re-joined the class feeling somewhat better. Carefully recording his output, Anne moved another commode into place and re-emerged.

Anne: “Right Brian. It’s your turn next. Come with me young man.”

Brian got up and did as he was bidden. Once behind the curtain she gave him a business-like look.

Anne: “Drop your pants – and undies if you’re wearing any — and get on that commode. When did you last go pee?”

Brian: “About 6 hours ago at Schiphol Airport.”

Anne: “Hmm. You’ll need to go then.”

Brian was glad of the relief although his pee had nothing of the urgency or forcefulness of Jonah’s. Soon he was done and glad to return to the class.

Anne: “Right, who needs to pee next?”

Cathy: “I’m fucking bursting Miss. Linsey Dawn and I both took a piss at Cambridge services on the way up from London but that was three and a half hours ago and we grabbed a couple of lattes to keep us going.”

Anne: “Right, I’ll do you two girls together. I know from experience you need watching. Emily, Tim and Faye can be next in line.”

At length everyone had been toileted their outputs duly measured. Anne felt a quiet sense of satisfaction that induction hadn’t gone too badly and her most desperate student had held it in — just — until she’d been able to toilet him. She was forced to admit though that the thought of him not quite making it turned her on as did the fantasy of having his cock in her pussy. Quietly she rebuked herself with the thought “Anne, you’re a married woman, don’t even go there.” Composing herself she addressed the class.

“Right. Thanks everyone. Supper will be served in an hour or so. In the meantime, if anyone wishes to see me about anything that concerns them I’ll be freely available. That’s all of today’s formalities taken care of.”

(To be continued)

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