Subject: holidaying with my mates part 7 Holidaying with my mates. My Diary Part 7 We lay there holding each other close, our sweaty skin pressed tightly together as we recovered and our breathing slowed. “Why didn’t you let me know? I thought you didn’t feel like that about me.” “Alex, you told me you were married. I just thought you were being friendly. I didn’t want to spoil that.” “Oh I see. I was married, but only for a few months two years ago. It was a disaster.” “I’m sorry. Was it because you — er — prefer boys?” “Partly I guess. I was under a lot of pressure from my family to get married and I thought Greta would be all right. It turned out she was just a gold-digger. I got home one day to find her in bed with her girlfriend. We had a massive row of course and she said she didn’t like my dick; that I hurt her and that she wanted a divorce”. “So you’re not married. You’re divorced.” “No, I guess I’m still married. I offered her the equivalent of five million U.S. dollars in settlement, but she demanded half my wealth, a huge amount for only a few months of marriage, and after all, she kind of cheated on me.” “So what did you do?” “After she’d got her thugs of brothers to pay me a visit, I felt I had no choice but to tell my parents about her and what her brothers had done to me.” “What did her brothers do?” “I don’t like escort ankara to talk about that.” Alex looked as if the memory was still very painful. I hugged him closer to me. “So what did you do?” “My family know a lot of people and in Russia we have ways of dealing with these things. I’ve never seen her or her rotten brothers since.” “I really misread things”, I said. “I’m so sorry”. “Oh you silly boy”, he breathed and then kissed me tenderly, gently pressing his lips against mine. His lips felt like marshmallow cushions covering my mouth and sucking gently. He slid his tongue past my lips and his kisses became urgent and more passionate. I felt him getting hotter and harder again. I was full of his juices already; was he really going to pump even more inside me so soon? I was getting harder again too. Was it the air in this place; still the effects of that crazy local booze that we had drunk too much of last night, or just the incredible chemistry there seemed to be between us? As if he had read my thoughts, he said kind of timidly, “Do you want more? I can’t stop loving you, you are so nice, you fit me so tightly, I just can’t get enough.” In answer, I pulled him closer and pushed my tongue deep into his mouth. How could I refuse this lustful man. He once more pushed into me, prising me open an unrealistic amount and started moving again. sincan escort The friction inside me was more intense than ever. My erection was rubbing against the hair of his pronounced treasure trail. “I want you to come with me this time” he whispered in my ear. “Oh yes please”, I really wanted this. He moved his legs so they were on the outside of mine and squeezed them together tightly. This seemed to mean there was less room inside me for him and the feeling of him rubbing became even more intense. “Oh that’s so good. I have to love you harder. I have to go faster and deeper.” “Yes I want that Alex. I want you deep inside me. As hard up inside as you can. All the way” With that, the god-like being lying against me pounded frantically, desperately, confidently knowing he was capable of giving me the ultimate pleasure with the oversized organ he possessed. “That’s it; oh God yes, fuck me harder. Yes, oh yes, oh fuck I’m cumming”. My amazing lover slammed all the way in and I felt him pulsing inside me once more, making my climax even more intense. We lay there, unaware of everything but each other’s presence; completely oblivious to our surroundings, where we were, the rest of the world. We had the rest of the world in each other and time became irrelevant. He kissed me again. “I love being here with you”, he breathed, demetevler escort “I love feeling your cock pressed between us. I love your kiss, but most of all, I love the feeling of my cock deep inside your tight little bottom; so hot.” “Oh God, Alex. You feel so good pressed against me. I love your mouth, your body and the way you love my bum.” We kissed again and I felt his soft cock stir again inside me. I put my hands on the hunky Russian’s bum and pulled him further into me, my own cock swelling slowly. He nibbled my neck and I arched my head backwards. It felt so sensuous. I gasped as I felt his shaft thickening to its full size deep in me. He started moving it very slowly in and out. It felt as if the inside of my chute had become ultra-sensitive; almost over-stimulated; every nerve-ending almost raw on every square millimetre of its surface. How did this man do that to me? I’d never felt this before. He moved faster and I couldn’t help but let out a guttural grunt with his every thrust. It seemed to excite him and his passion rose, his hard cock pistoning relentlessly in and out of me. I moved my hands up his legs to his buttocks, feeling this powerful male animal using every muscle and sinew in his body; his entire being, to give both of us pleasure. His thrusting got even faster: deeper and harder and I felt him sink his teeth into my neck as his knob burst, spitting his hot man-juice deep into me. I grabbed my own cock and with only a couple of strokes, joined him in our own ecstatic place. Completely drained and exhausted, we slept, tangled in each other’s limbs.

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