Holiday Hotness- How it started

Holiday Hotness- How it startedI have always had good luck buying things and selling them online to make a little extra cash. It was a nice hobby and a good stress release from my taxing job. Needing to burn through my vacation for the year I decided to treat my self and take a few weeks off between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have found in the past this is a great time to sell things as hard to get item are in real demand. I never look to price gouge people, just usually charge a little extra for my time. Since I dont price gouge I get a lot of response to my add. I usually just ask for the reason they want the item and try to find the people that actually want the item to use not trying to resell it again. This season was a smash for hard to get items and toys and having the times to get up early and hunt things down I was able to get a nice stock pile of this years hot gifts and toys. But this means that the inquiries to buy keep coming in and can get hard to sift through. I get chatting with this middle age mom of two. She says that she been so busy and her k**s have been great through he long hours that she wants to treat them to what they both really want for the holidays. I tell here that generally only sell one item to a person to help maximize my helping. She says she understands but bursa escort if I can bring two and sell them to her, she will make it worth my while.We set up a meet time at her place during her lunch break. I have one of the toys in the bag and I brought the other in the car.. just in case. I walk up to the house it is very nice. I ring the bell and a very beautiful lady answers the door. She is in a nice low cut top with a sports bra and a well fitting pair of yoga pants. She thanks me for meeting her during her lunch break and leads me into her family room. I see the exercise bike still on her damp shirt over the side she must have just finished her workout. She offers me a drink and sits down next to me on her couch. She gives me the payment for the toys, but asks if I have another to sell, I can be very persuasive. She puts her hand on my legs and give me a nice smile. I tell her I do have another but seem hesitant on if I want to sell it to her. No time wasted she crawls between my legs and rubs my legs, up to my balls and over my now growing cock. In all my years I of selling this has not happened. I let out a moan as she is undoing my belt and zipper my cock pressing against the fabric of my briefs. In one swift motion my cock was fished out of the top of my briefs and into this cock escort bursa hungry women mouth. My cock grows hard around her soft lips as she swirls her tongue around the underside of my cock and gently strokes my shaft up and down. My hands run through her hair as I watch this mother of two suck my cock for a holiday toy.She releases my cock from her lips and lick and nibble for a moment. She tell me to go get that toy and then she will let him finish. She tucks my hard cock back in my briefs and pats and rubs it a bit before standing up and heading to the kitchen. Not sure what just happened I just button my pants and leaving my zipper down and belt off I head towards my car. Unsure what to do next when I get to my car. Do I just leave, I sold her the one toy and normally don’t sell two or do I sell her it. My cock is still hard and has not seen that kind of attention in years since my wife left me. Thinking with the other head I grab the other toy and walk in the door.I I close the door behind me I hear he say she is up stairs. I walk up the stairs and find her in just her panties and bra getting changed. She bends over to pick up her yoga pants and smirks at me. Putting her pants in the hamper she walks over and grabs my cock and leads me to the bed, grabbing the other toy and placing bursa escort bayan it down on the floor. She undo’s my pants and lets them fall to the floor and pulls my briefs down my cock springs up to attention. Stepping out of my clothes I lay on the bed and she begins to suck and lick my balls.. my hands rubbing on her ass and feeling her breasts she resumes sucking my cock hard. She waste no time and pick up the pace and takes me down to my balls and swallows my cock. Knowing I am not going to last long I tell her I’m going to cum soon. She moans on my cock and takes the head out and smacks it on her tongue and lips before sliding it back down her hot mouth.Her pace picks up and her hands are stroking my cock and balls as she has her soft lips lock on my head. My head goes back and I cum deep in her mouth, she is still sucking and stroking till my legs stop shaking. She swallow my load and crawl up my chest as she places her wet pussy and panties on my face. She is reaching for her purse to get my cash. I get to take in her wet scent for a few moments before she rolls off and hands me the money. She thanks me for breaking my rule and give me a little kiss.. I can still taste my cum on her lips. She goes in the bathroom to get changed and ready for work again. I get my underwear and pants back on and head to my car. I pull out and drive to a park down the road. Not sure what happened but god damn that was on the hottest experience of my life. I think I just found out how I am going to sell the rest of my finds this holiday!

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