Holidays Thanksgiving / Christmas

Holidays Thanksgiving / ChristmasBeen a while my Son In law has been very scared of us getting caught and it just makes me want him more. True stories from Thanksgiving and Christmas. So thanksgiving rolled around and my daughter and her husband came over. It was our first holiday season since my husband left me. This made me even more horny for my son in law. Hes been hesitant to fuck me since he thinks my husband knew about us. Anyway my they came over to help cook dinner. My other daughter wouldnt come over because shes mad due to the separation. Anyway I dresses slutty to try an get a rise out of my SIL but what he tried his best to advert his eyes. I worse a low cut white blouse with no bra, Skin tight pants. I could tell my daughter was in a poor mood due to no one else being there. Anyway I needed some stuff from the store so I asked my daughter if she would run and get the stuff for me. My SIL was in the bathroom at the time and when he came out my daughter had gone. I was at the sink washing some dishes and had made sure my to pull one of my nipples out so he could see it if he was looking. He acted like he didnt notice but I know he saw. While rising some of the dishes I “accidentally” Got my blouse wet. It made it completely see through. I told me SIL to come help finish the dishes and he made the comment of “You better go change your shirt its all wet” Which I took as he could see through it which got me even hotter. When I turned to him my bust was is full view and I caught him looking. I got flush and said okay “Ill be right back”. I was wondering how I could get get him to catch the hint so I asked him to come help me grab something. I had my shirt off canlı bahis and when he came in “tried” to cover myself. He asked what I needed and asked him to grab a shirt out of the top of my closet. When he past me I dropped my hands my tits and bra in full view. He stuttered a bit saying “here you go” I gave hime a huge saying thank you then gave him butt a firm grasp. He stopped in his tracks saying “no we cant your daughter will be back soon.” I laughed and said “So what does that matter and kissed him firmly” He didnt kiss me back. So I reached for his massive cock and felt it get hard. In a split second he was fulled erect there’s nothing like a young cock that can get hard on command. I reached down his pants and slid my hand past his cock giving his balls a firm grasp. He was silent. Then I took off my bra and he grasped my big take tits in his hands. Pinching my nipples for a second then said we should. I pulled down my pants and said “This is your last chance, I wont do this again.” I got on the bed with my ass up in the air reached through my legs and rubbed my wet clit. Before I knew it his nose was firmly pressed against my butt hole his tongue flicking my clit. He grasped my hips pulling me so close i swear his nose was going to enter me ass. He stood up i heard him spit on his hand and rub his cock. Then tried to enter me. His cock is so thick he spit on my pussy again. Then after a few shallow thrusts got his cock half way in me and I gushed. I could hear how wet I was and he began pounding me. It felt like I was going to be split in half he worked it slow. A few shallow thrusts then I could feel his balls slapping my clit I wanted to scream It hurt bahis siteleri so good. He said “Im going to cum Im going to Cum, Im cumming, Im cumm….” And I turned around and sucked his dick. I could only take about 1/3 of his cock in my mouth but his load shot down my throat. Before I knew it he had pulled his pants up and was back in the kitchen with him laying there naked in the bed.Christmas.After our thanksgiving encounter I sent me SIL some sexy pictures (I posted them) told my SIL I wanted to get him something for Christmas. He didnt reply. Then out of no where messaged me asking to go to lunch to talk about what to get my daughter for christmas. We met, talked, ate and left. a few days before christmas he asked me to help wrap presents so I went over while my Daughter was at work…. Nothing happened we barely spoke.Christmas eve though is when things go interesting. My daughter made dinner at there house. I stayed the night. After everyone went to bed I went to the guest room left the door open encause my SIL wanted to sneak a peak. Well I fell asleep and was woken to him putting presents under the tree. I came out In a sexy nightly acting like I was getting a drink and he saw me. We didnt speak I got my drink and went back to my room. He came by to check on me and I made sure he would get a perfect view if he wanted. I laid on the bed naked and when he came in he immediately tried to leave. I said wait, Did you get everything done. He looked at me, didnt say a word and came to the bedside. Without speaking he grabbed his cock through his pants and said “There is one thing I still Want”. I pulled my tits out and he pulled his cock out stroking it. bahis şirketleri I said “Ugh it keeps getting bigger and bigger.” He pulled out his phone and said “I want a video for christmas” I started sucking his cock the light was blinding. He put the phone down only to pull me to the edge of the bed. He sucked my big take tits, biting my nipples while I rubbed my clit. He tried to enter me and I almost screamed. His cock throbbing he stuck his tongue down my throat to keep me from screaming. Picking me up he laid me on the floor and proceeded to ram his long thick cock in me. I bit his shoulder while he fucked me to keep from screaming and waking my daughter. In a split second he had flipped me over my stomach firmly on the ground and fucked me from behind I can still feel my ass and pussy clenching around his cock. He exited me and grabbed a few pillows putting them under my hips to get my little tight ass up in the air. Before I could stop him he was eating my asshole while rubbing my clit with his thumb. I was numb from cumming then I felt something I thought would never happen with a cock as thick as his. He worked his fat mushroom head into my butt hole. I tried to stop him but he entered me and I let out a scream. He said SHUT UP DONT WAKE (MY DAUGHTER). He was going slow but it hurt so bad. After was seemed like forever I felt him unload his load in my ass. He got up pulled his pants up and left the room. I laid there for a bit unable to move and thought I just had anal with a fucking horse. The next morning I woke up and slowly walked out to the livingroom to open presents all while thinking if only my daughter knew her husband just fucked me in the ass. I cant wait until I get to have him in me again!!If you have pictures of your inlaws (MIL, Sister in law, Step Sister, Daughter) and a story to go with them please message me and Ill share my PW! I masturbate to sexy girls all the time!

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