Holly Ch. 02


All characters are at least eighteen years old. Thanks go out to musicloverxo91 and boheminxen for their editorial assistance.


‘I’m glad they didn’t want to know any details as I don’t think I could have had a discussion without looking guilty. I will have to talk to Molly to see how she handles her parents with reconstructing her dates.’

Holly removed her clothes and went toward the bathroom to take a shower. She stopped at the full length mirror where her body was fully displayed. Her breasts were firm and perky with eraser sized nipples. ‘They are still mostly erect even now,’ she thought, ‘And my pussy is also damp. Yes, I definitely need a shower.’

Holly thought about her mother intercepting her a few weeks ago when she came home from school .

“Your father is working late and your brother is at golf practice so I want to talk to you about something.”

“Alright, what is it?”

“It is a little uncomfortable as I have never done this before.”

“Mom you had the talk with me years ago.”

“I know but this is more personal. I made an appointment with Dr. Smith for Monday so you can get a prescription for birth control pills. Not that I think you are active, but just in case. Your father and I are not interested in being grandparents just yet and we want you to complete college. I will tell you that I lost my virginity in college a month into my freshman year. I think that helped me find your father.”

“Sounds OK to me, what time?”

“I made the appointment for 4 after school. It probably will probably only take an half hour including the instructions on using them. It is very important that you strictly follow them or the protection will not be there. Do you want me to go with you?”

“Mom, I’m a big girl now. I think I can go to the doctor by myself!”

“Alright already; I was just offering. Don’t bite my head off. Although, I hope you realize if you were a year younger, I would have to go as either your father or I would have to sign for you to get the prescription.”

“I can see Daddy taking me to get birth control pills. Smoke would be coming out of his ears.”

“That is why I would have taken you.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome.”

Apparently her mother must have picked up on something to cause her to set up the appointment without consulting her. She went to Dr. Smith and after a check up, he gave her a prescription and had his nurse explain what she had to do.

Holly had done everything and not missed a day. After her next period she would be protected. ‘Not that it will be necessary any time soon,’ she thought.

A long, hot shower was what she needed, but it didn’t answer any questions she now had. As she toweled herself dry and walked into her bedroom, she wondered what possessed her to allow Billy to go so far. No other boy had ever gotten past caressing her naked breasts, but then they had hurt her with their squeezing and twisting. Billy was gentle with his caresses and she almost lost it when he placed his mouth over her nipples gently sucking and nipping. That felt soooo gooood! She felt her pussy get wetter than she ever thought possible.

When he started running his hand up her thigh, she was in such a state that he was able to rub her pussy through her panties. ‘It is a good thing I came to my senses when I did as he got farther than he should have. Unfortunately, now he is going to expect at least as much and more. I really like him, but he is going to have to accept my limits or adios Billy.’ At this she fell asleep and had erotic dreams for some reason.

Holly woke up discovering she needed another shower as her thighs and cunt were soaking wet. As she headed for the shower she wondered, ‘What is going on! I’ve never reacted this way before—what’s so different about now?

After showering and eating breakfast Holly called Molly to see if she was ready for their trip to the mall.

“Yep,” said Molly, “what time and who’s driving?”

“How about half an hour and I will pick you up.”

“Sounds like a plan. See you in 30.”

Holly arrived at Molly’s house 40 minutes later and had to wait five more before Molly was ready. Both were wearing tank tops, Holly’s was red and Molly’s blue. They both had on black shorts cut high. The drive to the Mall was uneventful as traffic was still light. Holly got a good parking space as a result. They went in and shopped the Hollister, Pacsun, and American Eagle and several shoe stores looking for outfits or accessories for their double date that evening.

Finally, they stopped in the food court for lunch. They both got a loaded baked potato and a diet coke.

Holly led them to a secluded table where they could talk with less chance of being overheard as she wanted to discuss the feelings she had the day prior.

When Holly was finished explaining what transpired, Molly said, “Wow, I never thought I would hear anything like that out of you. Let me tell you, Holly, you are a normal teenage girl. All those feelings are normal in making out. You know the casino oyna other boys you have dated turned you off in their roughness and you called a halt. I will tell you that is why you got the Ice Queen moniker. Apparently Billy has a more sensitive side and knows how to relax a girl. Don’t worry about this, just let things take the natural course.”

“You mean I should fuck him tonight?”

“Of course not, silly. Just relax and enjoy the experience with him. It can be a long time before you make that decision and you may not with him. Eventually there will be a guy you decide to give it up to, and you will.”

“How do you propose I keep him interested?” Holly asked and added, “He is not going to be satisfied with hand jobs for very long and after the mess last night, I don’t think I want to either.”

“Okay, here are some options. One, you give him a hand job, but keep a tissue, napkin or something similar handy so when he cums you can catch it before it gets all over. He has to let you know when he about to cum so you can be prepared.

Second, you can give him a blow job. All guys love them and I will say most girls I know also enjoy giving them.”

“I’ve heard girls talking about that, but I never have done it. In fact Billy’s cock is the first one I’ve seen other than little baby boys. Can you tell me what to do?”

“It’s not difficult.” Molly proceeded to give her a lesson in blow job 101. “You just have to listen to your man as he will let you know what he likes. When he cums you want to take it in your mouth otherwise the episode last night will be minor compared to the mess that will be made.

The first blow job I gave I pulled back when the guy came. He hit me between the eyes. It went all over my face and dripped down to my breasts. He was mortified and broke his neck to help clean me up.”

Holly was giggling so hard, she almost fell off her chair.

“But the worst part was when I got home and my mom wanted to know how the date went. As I was telling her the g rated version, she pointed to my hair and said “I see you pulled back on a blow job!” I was so completely mortified, I almost died. Mom said she had the same thing happen to her when she gave her first one. She told me to take it in my mouth and there would not be any mess.”

By now Holly was in a full out roar with tears streaming down her face. “I can just picture you and you mother and the expression on your face,” she managed to force out while still laughing. In fact people were starting to look at them wondering what was so funny.

Meanwhile Billy and Mark were throwing a football at Billy’s house. “How are things going with Molly?” asked Billy as they sat down on the patio.

“Great. In fact we went all the way last night. She was a virgin and it hurt her, but she is a trooper. I probably should have been gentler than I was, but I got in that hot, tight pussy and just started banging away. Man is she tight. How about you and the Ice Queen;making any progress or are you ready to give up and go looking for more accessible pussy?”

Billy told him about their date last night, the baring of her breasts, the brief touching of her pussy and the hand job and its aftermath.

“Sounds like you are getting some thawing of the Queen, but you have a long way to go as she will probably stop you before you get to her thighs next time. Unfortunately you won’t get to see how far she will let you go tonight as there won’t be much time after we get back from the concert. Molly said her parents reluctantly agreed to extend her curfew, but made it clear she cannot be even one minute late. It is crazy as we are all eighteen, but our parents make the rules as long as we live under their roof. I will be glad to get to college in August so I can make my own. I hear you and Holly got the same song and dance from her parents.”

” I guess tonight it will be short necking and maybe copping a feel. I definitely don’t want her grounded for a month. Not when she is starting to thaw.”

“Yea, I agree this is a big time bummer. But at least we are going to go to the concert you and I bought tickets for before we talked to the girls. Next time we talk to them before getting tickets.”

“That’s for sure,” replied Billy. “Hey, I have been doing some modifications to my van. Come on and I will show you what I am doing and you can help me complete them.”

Holly and Molly went into Molly’s room after they got back from the mall. They we going to try on their outfits they got for their date that evening. Holly had purchased a light blue mini skirt and a dark blue tank top. Molly had a green miniskirt with a pale yellow blouse. Both girls stripped down to put the garments on.

“I think this may not get me out of the house.” Holly said, “Look at how short this is!” It didn’t seem that short in the store.”

“Yep that is a short one, but no more than mine,” stated Molly. They both started giggling at their situation. “I think the only way I will get by my dad is if I wear a coat, but it is too hot for that.”

“I agree, so we canlı casino are going to have to come up with a plan B because my dad will not even let me in the living room in this skirt. I guess we will have to wear something else.”

“Wait a minute. You just gave me an idea. We can wear everything but the skirts. We will put them in a bag and take them over to Billy who can put them in his van. Then when we get to the Sandwich Shack to eat we get the bag and go to the ladies room and change. When we come back, I will have to change back so I can get into my house. You can change back before you get home, too.”

“Best thing I’ve heard today. Let’s do it.”

“Holy cow!” exclaimed Mark when he saw what Billy had done inside the van. Billy showed him the low level lighting he installed but the effect really wasn’t apparent in the daylight. Billy said it was bright enough to see just like romantic lighting in a house.

“That’s not all,” Billy said, “Look over in the corners.” What Mark saw was mini cameras installed. They were so small that had Billy not pointed them out he would never have known they were there. “This is what I need your help with as I have them completely installed, but I need assistance in getting them all aimed properly. The way this is supposed to work is all cameras record and then you can edit all videos into one.”

“Cool, but what do you plan to record?”

“Make out sessions and hopefully more.”

“That might happen, but I doubt you will get much action with Holly.”

“You never know. She might be thawing and could turn into a hot tomato.”

Just then Billy’s cell phone went off. “Hey handsome, what are you doing?” asked Holly. “Mark and I are just doing a little work on the van. What’s up?”

Holly explained the problem. “We decided to bring the skirts over so you guys can keep them until we get to the Sandwich Shack where we can change in the Ladies room. I guarantee you guys are going to like them. Can we bring them over now and then I can take Molly home so we can get ready for tonight? You know how long it takes me to get ready.”

“Come on over.”

“See you in a few.”

“Now we got a problem,” Billy said, “The girls are coming over and I told Holly we were working on the van. We can’t show them the inside right now.”

“Here’s what we can do,” replied Mark, “We pop the hood and take a spark plug wire off each side so we don’t get them mixed up. The girls know nothing about mechanics and will think you have a major problem. We will assure them it will be fixed by date time and they will go away happy.” Billy reached inside, popped the hood release, then went to the front and raised the hood. Mark pulled one wire on the right bank and Billy the left.

“That sets that up. Now to make it more realistic get your tool box so we can put some wrenches around to make it seem we are doing big time repairs.”

By the time the girls arrived, the boys appeared to be working diligently.

“Oh my goodness!” Molly exclaimed, “What is wrong, Billy.”

“Nothing much now as we found that two spark plug wires came loose causing the van to run rough. We will have it fixed shortly. What can we do for you damsels in distress?”

Holly handed him a package, “We want you to keep these skirts until tonight. We don’t think our fathers, and maybe mothers, will approve. So we will wear different skirts and change into these when we get to the Sandwich Shack.”

“We will be happy to do so.”

“Please don’t look in the package. We want to surprise you guys, but this is the only way to do it without getting the third degree from our parents”

“We will do as you ask, but since we are going to go our separate ways after the concert won’t your parents see you come home in different clothes? It seems to me like you will have more questions to answer.”

“We will change back into the original skirts before we go home,” Molly replied.

“Let’s get going so the guys can get the van back in action. See you guys later. Don’t be late.” Molly reminded them.

After they were out of sight the boys replaced the wires, closed the hood, grabbed the tools and got in the back of the van. “Now what I need you to do is help me sight the cameras,” Billy said as he produced a life size doll and placed it on the mattress. “Don’t make any snide remarks as I just got this to use in sighting. I only like the real thing.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Mark said with a smirk.

“That says it all. I just headed you off at the pass. Now I am going to tape these laser lights to the cameras.” Billy attached three lasers to cameras on opposite sides and turned them on. “Now what I want you to do is move the doll if necessary. I think if I get all the cameras coordinated everything will be recorded.”

It took the boys most of the remainder of the afternoon to get the system set up. “I will try this out with Holly tonight and see what other adjustments have to be made.”

“You won’t have much time to do much and you definitely don’t want to get her home late. It’s really going kaçak casino to be great when we get to college and can set our own rules.” Mark reiterated.

“That’s true, but we won’t have the freedom other students have as we are on scholarship and will have to comply with the coaches rules.”

“Yeah, I guess. I think we are going to have to get used to rules as they appear to be everywhere. I better get home to clean up. You heard Molly say don’t be late.”

“Yeah, I did, but you know we will be cooling our heels waiting for them even though they had all afternoon to get ready, See you at the Sandwich Shack.”

After Mark was gone Billy finished putting away the tools and other paraphernalia and went into the house to take a shower and get ready. He really had a hard time controlling his emotions as he wanted to see how his set up worked.

When Holly pulled into Molly’s driveway, Molly said, “Turn off the engine. I have something big to tell you. I was going to tell you at lunch but you were so wound up about your experiences last night that I decided to let you have your moment.”

“Alright, so what do you want to tell me?”

“Last night I gave it up!”

“What? For real? You’re joking, right?”

“Yep. We got going real good and Mark made me feel soooo good that when he asked, I said yes. Unfortunately for me he didn’t consider my feelings when he popped my cherry. He just rammed in and started pounding away like he was going to a fire. It hurt like hell and I cried during the entire time. He did apologize when it was over and admitted he was selfish. Had he been more considerate, I think it would have been a little better experience. It may not have hurt during the entire time.”

“I’m sorry your experience turned out like that. You probably are not looking forward to having sex again.”

“On the contrary, I can’t wait. It can only get better from here.”

“Be careful that you don’t get pregnant.”

“Not to worry, I’m on the pill. Mom took me to the doctor six months ago. My parents don’t want to be grandparents just yet. Are you on the pill?”

“No, my mother has not mentioned anything about it. Maybe if Billy and I look like we are serious she will do something.”

“Then if you and Billy do it, make sure you use a condom. In fact here’s a couple,” and Molly took two out of her purse and gave them to Holly.

“Thank you, but I don’t think I will need these anytime soon.” Holly wasn’t about to tell Molly that she was on the pill, but the condoms might come in handy sometime.

Holly got home with just enough time to get ready. “Hi, Mom, I’m going to shower and get ready for my date.”

“OK, sweetie, what time is Billy picking you up?”

“Around six, so we can have dinner at the Sandwich Shack with Mark and Molly before going to the concert.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for him. Your dad and brother are still at the golf course so you may get out before they get home.”

“Fat chance of that,” Holly thought, “Still sticking with the plan. Good thing we took those skirts to Billy or I might have taken a chance and got caught.”

When Holly got out of the shower she stood in front of the full length mirror once more as she dried off. She noticed again how her breasts were perky standing almost straight out from her chest and her trimmed bush was in a neat triangle. “Not that Billy is going to see it any time soon.”

Holly picked out a light blue blouse and a dark blue skirt. She put them on over a black bra with matching bikini panties. The skirt was short, but her father had passed on it previously. She had tennis shoes on as the concert was in an outdoor arena. The doorbell rang and Holly quickly checked everything and made last second touch ups. By the time she decided she was presentable, it was 5 after six when she walked into the living room where her mother was talking to Billy.

“There she is. I thought I was going to have to declare you a missing person,” her mother teased.

“Oh Mom, I’m just doing what you do to Daddy. Are you ready, Billy?”


“Great, let’s go. It looks like Daddy and Jimmy aren’t home yet. See you by 1.”

“Not a minute later,” admonished her mother.

“Alright, alright, I’ll be home on time,” she muttered as they went out the door.

“Man, they are really uptight about that curfew. It will be great when we get to college and can set our own limits.”

“True, but I am still living under their roof and have to live by their rules. Actually I don’t mind too awfully much as they have to set an example for Jimmy.” Jimmy was Holly’s younger brother at sixteen.

They arrived at the Sandwich Shack at the same time as Mark and Molly. “Where is the bag we brought over this afternoon?”

“Mark has it and now Molly has it.” Holly saw Molly get out with the bag as they walked toward them. As they went into the restaurant, Molly said, “You guys get a booth and order cokes for us. We will be back shortly.”

The girls turned for the ladies room and went into separate stalls with their respective items. When they emerged, they both started giggling. “There is no way either one of us would have gotten out of our houses in these. In fact we probably would have been grounded or worse,” Molly said.

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