Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 08


Before he was “Hollywood Jim” in Los Angeles, he was a geeky kid with a funny nickname in the Connecticut suburbs. And before he had numerous starlets as friends, he had various girlfriends. Here then are the “Adventures of Hollywood Jim-The Early Years”.


It took longer than expected, but our work at the Baldwin’s was finally finished. The barn and storage buildings were cleaned and painted inside and out. The Baldwin’s were very pleased with our work, and I was pleased with the stack of Playboy issues I’d secretly accumulated with Jeff. Our efforts were generously rewarded by Mr. Baldwin, who made a point of taking me aside and personally thanking me since he’d known my family for many years. It was more money than I’d ever made mowing lawns back home, that’s for sure! Jeff and I said goodbye as he went back to Philadelphia with his family, we promised to keep in touch.

I now had a few more weeks of summer to enjoy, and a nice bit of cash in my pocket too.

It felt nice to sleep late, but there was also Bonnie, too. It sure felt good that night at Joey’s. So I finally got up the courage to call her the next morning.

“Hey! I was wondering when you’d call!” she said excitedly “did you finish that stuff at the Baldwin’s?”

“Yep, finished up yesterday, got the rest of the summer now.”

“Oh, nice! So, you wanna come over and hang out?”

“Sure.” I replied, like I would’ve said no to her!

When I got to her house, I suddenly realized it was the same house she had when we were kids. Bonnie came bouncing to the door, looking so cute in gray running shorts and a bright orange t-shirt.

“Hey baby!” she said as she opened the door and we hugged.

“Hi, wow I just realized this is the same house you had long ago. I thought you might’ve sold it.”

“Oh, right. I should’ve told you about that. Since we grew up here my Dad didn’t have the heart to sell it. So he’s rented it out ever since.” She said as she softly took my arm and led me into the living room

Ah, that made sense. I’d heard different people were living there but it never occurred to me they could be just tenants.

“I just got back from running, you want some breakfast?” she asked

“Yeah, that’d be great.”

Bonnie led me into a bright, airy kitchen that looked out onto a vast backyard. I looked around and tried to recall what the place was like long ago. Bonnie could see me looking around.

“It’s changed a lot.” She said

“What?” I replied

“The house, Dad did a lot of work on it. That’s new out there.” She said as she pointed to a huge deck that included a redwood hot tub.

“Man, this place really has changed.” I said with increasing wonder. “I think your Mom used to give us cookies by the window as kids. We probably read comic books there too.”

“Yeah, feels so nice to be back home.” Bonnie said as she poured glasses of juice and then handed one to me “and also nice to see an old friend again.” She said with a sweet smile.

“Cheers, Miss Bonnie.” I replied with an equally sweet smile.

I leaned in and we kissed again.

Bonnie returned the kiss with a deeper one of her own.

“Oh, Jim…you naughty boy!” she bursa escort said.

I smiled and twitched my eyebrows in response, making her laugh all the more. We hugged and were swaying and laughing.

Just then her sister Tracy came in.

“Hey get a room, you two.” She said casually as she walked past us.

“Maybe we should, I know just the place.” Bonnie said with an equally lecherous eyebrow twitch that made us both giggle.

Tracy wore only an extra long white XXL-size t-shirt, she probably used it to sleep in. Her hair had that just-slept in look about it and she was barefoot, but still looked quite nice. She grabbed a bottle of orange juice out of the fridge and hopped up on the counter and smiled as Bonnie led me out of the kitchen and toward the stairs.

“What are you doing?” I whispered quickly.

“Doing what I said we should do next time.” She said with a naughty smile as I was led up the stairs.

“What was that?”

“Next time we should try it in a bed, a real bed.” She replied, reminding me of our last encounter in the moonlit field.

Bonnie led me into what looked like the master bedroom, it had a huge bed with thick pillows at the head. Oriental rugs on the floor, thick chairs on either side. Big windows let in the sunshine, and there was a cool breeze wafting through the curtains. Bonnie was already undressing, I was too. It seems like our pants hit the floor simultaneously and we were both naked.

Bonnie giggled in a naughty way, knowing how we were at this moment.

“Can you believe what we’re doing?” I said, knowing that my excitement was definitely visible.

She nodded.

“I like what I’m seeing.” She now said

“I do too.”

“Come here…” she said in a sexy tone.

We embraced and kissed one another, she felt incredible at this moment and I knew this could be amazing for both of us. My hands gripped her cute ass, so smooth. It was so different seeing her naked in the daylight of the bedroom. I could see her tits so much better now, they were perfectly formed orbs, definitely centerfold material with slightly puffy nipples. And she had a nicely trimmed blonde pussy. Her hands were softly caressing my chest as we kissed, and my dick grew even bigger.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful…” she whispered

“So are you…” I replied

“Mmmmm…thank you baby.” She purred

We slowly collapsed onto the large bed and I rolled over so Bonnie was on top of me. She slowly sat up and smiled, then leaned down and deeply kissed me.

“This feels so hot…” I said

“I love it too…” she replied.

Bonnie kissed me again, then slowly moved her hands down my chest until she got to my very hard dick.

“Wow…looks so different in the daylight.” She said in a soft voice as she held it in her soft hands. While gazing at me, she slowly took it into her mouth and I felt the moist warmth of her lips and tongue as she began to blow me.

“Ohhhhh…Bonnie…” I said in a gasping tone. It was even more incredible to feel her do this in daylight. I could only close my eyes and let the feeling come over me. Bonnie would take all of my dick into her mouth, someone taught her well! I’d feel her bursa escort bayan tongue encircle my head, then her lips. I knew if I opened my eyes and looked I’d explode right there.

I couldn’t resist.

I opened them and saw Bonnie’s smiling face as she kissed my dick.

“Like that?” she asked

“Oh, yes.” I replied with an equally smiling face.

She giggled, then resumed her oral magic, adding slow jerking movements on my dick, now slick from her tongue. I was trying to hold myself back from coming too quick, but my hips were moving in different directions with every lick.

“I really like your dick, Jim.” She said

I didn’t know what to say at this moment.

“I know you like it too, your hips were moving like Elvis'” she said.

I never thought someone could equate oral sex with the King of Rock ‘n Roll! But I was finally able to relax somewhat and regain my composure.

“My turn.” I said.

Bonnie’s lips came off my dick and she sat back on her ankles, her tits looked so beautiful this way. I kissed her deeply again and felt her tits, feeling her nipples with my fingertips. She cooed in response.

“Oh Jim…that’s sooooo nice.”

“You like that, huh?”

“Mmm hmmm…very sexy…feel this…” she took my free hand and moved it down her toned belly until I felt an incredible wetness on my fingers.

“Wow…you’re really, um…excited.” I said hesitantly as my finger probed her wetness. It felt incredible! With every stroke my fingers provided she let out a sexy moan or a gasping breath. She was holding my dick as I held her.

Bonnie leaned in to my ear

“I wanna fuck…” she whispered.

I gently gripped her hips and she lay down on the bed opening her legs as I moved up her body to kiss her.

“Oh Jim…please…I wanna feel you inside me…oh yessss….”

Our eyes met and she nodded, I knew for sure she truly wanted me.

I took my hard dick and rubbed it on her opening and then slowly eased it into Bonnie’s super wet pussy.

She let out a long, slow moan as I entered her fully. She was very tight, but very warm and wet. And my dick easily slid in and out of her, it felt so good. Bonnie and I kissed as we fucked and her arms felt so loving as they were wrapped around my back.

“Oh yes Jim…uh-huh…uh-huh…huh-yesss…” Bonnie kept up a stream of words as we fucked.

I slowed down and kissed her deeply. Our tongues touched and felt so sexy when they did.

Bonnie’s legs had wrapped themselves around my waist and it only encouraged me to fuck her more. My hips responded by pushing into her more.

“Oh god, Jim…oh my god…oh…oh…oh” she said in quick succession making me believe she was about to climax.

Suddenly I felt her body thrust forward and her head went back, mouth open but barely any sound emerging. Then she slowly relaxed and I slowed down, my arms wrapped around her back, and I slowly pulled her up into a sitting position as we kissed.

“Oh my god, Jim…you are amazing.” She whispered

“So are you…this feels so nice.” I replied

“I can still feel your dick inside me…” she smiled “I feel sexy.”

We smiled at one another, escort bursa knowing what naughty kids we were at this moment.

“I wanna make you cum now.”


“But I don’t want you inside me…is that okay? I wanna do something else.”

“OK, what?” I wasn’t disappointed she didn’t want me inside of her, this whole experience was so dream-like I was still expecting to wake up in my bed with a raging hard-on.

“I wanna jerk you off, one of my roommates does this with her boyfriend and she says he really loves it.”

“Uh, yeah, okay.”

“You’re not mad?”

“No, might be kinda fun.”


My dick had softened somewhat and slid out of Bonnie’s pussy, she softly held it.

“Wow, it’s so slippery…guess I was really wet wasn’t I?”

Her hands made it twitch and she giggled.

“Let’s see if I can get it hard…hope I do this right.” She said

“You’ve already got it going Bonnie.”

I was getting hard again thanks to her soft touch.

“Do you jack off to magazines?” she asked

I was surprised at how forward she was now.

“Um…y-y-y-yes, sometimes.”

Her hand was now fully around my dick and stroking it slowly

“Like the girls in there?”

She was smiling as she asked me this.

“W-w-who wouldn’t?”

“Yeah…I thought so.” She said “nasty boy, you.”

I was going between her face as she talked in such a sexy voice and seeing her beautiful tits, man could they be in magazine!

“They make you hard, huh?”

“Yessss…” I said

“I’ll bet you like looking at their boobs?”

“Yes…” I didn’t want to cum, not just yet.

“You like my boobs?” she said as she stared into my eyes “they look hot, don’t they?”

I could only nod

“I should be a centerfold, huh?”

I nodded again, but holding back my climax was quickly getting tougher and tougher as her hands gripped me more and more.

“Maybe I should pose for you?”

Bonnie now closed her eyes. Slowly and provocatively she licked her lips as my dick slid through her hands.

“Am I your Playmate, Jim?”


“Your Playmate of the Month?”


“Gonna cum for your Playmate?”

Bonnie now leaned in close to me

“Cum for me…” she whispered in my ear.

That did it!

“Oh my Goddddd…..Bonnie!”

I exploded into her hands and onto her belly.

“Wow! Yeah!” she exclaimed “Wow, now I know what she means!”

Bonnie jerked every bit out of me, I felt absolutely drained and fell forward into her. Bonnie held me in her arms.

“That was nice, Jim.” She whispered “I’m so glad I did this with you.”

As Bonnie softly kissed my cheek we slowly fell backwards onto the bed. She snuggled up close to me and laid her head on my chest.

“Wow, that was fun.” She said

“Man, must be this bed.” I said

“Worked for my parents.” She said

“This was their bed?” I was stunned

“Sure. What? You thought this was MY bedroom?”

“No, just didn’t occur to me that…oh well.” I said “Yep, it was definitely this bed.”

She giggled at my forgetfulness.

“You need to do this in a bed more often.” She said, smiling

“Well, we’ve got the rest of the summer.” I replied.

She laughed as she rolled over on top of me and we kissed again.

This summer just gets better and better, I thought.

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