Home Alone


I love it when my roommates are gone. It happens so rarely, but on a day like today when everyone but me has to work, I take advantage of the solitude. I wait for about 20 minutes after they’ve left to make sure they won’t come back for some forgotten article of importance. After I’m positive they won’t be returning, I start by gathering all of my visual and auditory stimulation. I can get off with no videos or audio files, sure, but it’s so much more fun and exciting with them. My favorites are of men. I enjoy watching videos of woman masturbating or couples fucking, but nothing gets me wetter or hotter than seeing a man masturbate, or listening to his moans and pants as he makes himself cum. There’s just something so raw about it, so sexual, and it’s become pretty much the only thing I really watch on days like this.

After I’ve picked my pleasure, I strip naked. With the roommates just a wall away most times, I usually just masturbate quietly with all of my clothes on, but when they’re gone, I’m free to go naked. I start by doing simple things around the house: picking up, doing laundry, washing the dishes, all the while thinking about what awaits me on my computer and in my drawer. I continue with the mundane until I can barely stand it.

In my room, I have these little shelves designed to be used either alone or stacked tuzla escort atop one another. I, however, have found a much better use for them. Since they are the perfect height to straddle, I’ve placed a number of pillows on them and have since decided they are the perfect masturbation aid. It’s a much better option, in my opinion, to just a regular pillow, and it allows me to slide a dildo inside of me while keeping my hands free to roam my body. Not quite as good as having a man underneath me, to be sure, but satisfying nonetheless.

Since the roommates aren’t home, I turn on the video and turn up the volume. I’ve chosen a man masturbating with electro stimulation, something I’ve become quite interested in recently. Straddling the shelf and pillows, I slowly start to roll my hips back and forth. I prefer to start out slow, so the dildo sits on the bed beside me, waiting for me to need it. The man on the screen is not touching his cock, but his hands roam over his sweat slicked chest and his hips thrust up into the air. I take his cues, running my own hand across my breasts and rocking my hips hard back and forth across the pillow. I don’t do it fast, just long, hard strokes that rub my clit in the most delicious manner. I watch as the man rolls his hips; listen as he starts to moan.

With no roommates, I’m free to be as loud pendik escort as I want, and I moan with him. I rock my hips faster, pinching my nipples. It’s almost time to get the dildo, but not quite yet. I lean back and rub my clit with my fingers, watching as the man on the screen writhes in pleasure and groans his arousal. I rub faster, tweaking my left nipple, bringing myself almost there….and then stopping. I lean over and grab the dildo, licking it up and down before slowly pushing it inside of me. The licking is unnecessary, as I am wet enough for it to slide right in. With it deep inside me, I lean forward and start to slowly rock against the pillow again. The man on the screen is getting close, so I take the video back a few minutes and watch again as he humps the air.

With the dildo inside of me, I rotate my hips against the pillow. I can feel the sweat dripping down my back and the heat between my legs. I feel my breasts swinging as I rock back and forth. The man on the screen is beautiful in his self pleasure, and I listen to his long moans.

“Ooohhh yeaaahh…” I hiss, leaning back to rub my finger over my clit. I bounce up and down, treating the shelf beneath me like a body and the dildo inside of me like a lover’s penis. My breasts bounce and I bring my hand up to pinch my nipple.


I’ve aydınlı escort closed my eyes now, just listening to the sounds on the screen as the mans moans become louder and longer. I’m rocking back and forth, faster and faster.

“Oh yes, fuck me! Harder!” I lift my body up slightly, causing the dildo to slide out, and slam myself back down. Again, and again, and again. I’m so hot, so wet, so hungry…The man on the screen is moaning, he’s under me, his fingers are grabbing my hips and pulling me onto his hard cock.

“Yeah! Yeah, oooh yeah…OOHHH yeah…..”

I’m close. I open my eyes, wanting to see him cum. I lean forward and rub hard and fast against the pillow, waiting for it. He’s bucking his hips and pulling his nipples, moaning and groaning, and I’m rocking harder and faster.

“Please cum….Let me see it….oh fuck it feels so good! Fuck me, please! Make me cum! Make me cum! Oohhh god….yeah…..”

I hear he’s breathing hitch and his moans are getting louder. He’s bucking faster and I know he’s going to cum. I’m grinding my clit against the pillow beneath me and plunging my pussy onto the dildo harder and harder waiting for it. And he cums. He moans so beautifully and his cum shoots up over his stomach and chest, and it’s just what I needed. I slam myself down on the dildo and scream in pleasure.


I slowly rock my hips back and forth as I slowly come down from my orgasm. I am sweaty and exhausted and so completely satisfied. I love it when my roommates are gone.

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