Home for the Holidays


Your time in Iraq is finally over and you get to come back to the States. You’ll be home in time to enjoy Christmas with your family, and your weary soldier’s heart lifts at the thought. Your plane was scheduled to land in Charlotte, where you’d board a commuter flight home. However, an hour before landing, you discover that a snowstorm has dumped eight inches of snow over the western part of the Carolinas and your flight’s been diverted to Raleigh-Durham. You are understandably disappointed, but determined to make the best of the situation. You hate just sitting around the airport, so you grab your bags, rent a car and decide to do a bit of exploring and shopping. You’ll be here at least overnight, so might as well make the best of it.

You hop in the car and hit the interstate, heading one town over to go shopping. Despite the fact you know I live in that town, you’re determined to fight the temptation and not look me up. You get to the mall and walk around a bit. But everything you see seems to be taunting you, reminding you of this woman who gave you such pleasure during a dark, dirty time. When you get near center court, you see the tall Christmas tree in the center, but then it barely registers as your eyes take in the display at Victoria’s Secret. You see one mannequin wearing a white chemise, another one wearing a dark green camisole/tap pants ensemble. You remember these pictures and think, Why not just call her and say hi, since I’m here? You find a phone book and call my number. I’m surprised and delighted to hear your voice on the other end. “Where are you?” I ask. You tell me you’re at the mall, and it happens to be the one near me. My head swims as I realize that you’re that close to me. When you hear my voice, you feel a familiar tightening in your groin. When I tell you that I’m less than a mile away from you, that tightening turns into a full-fledged erection. I invite you to come see me, since you’re so close.

A few minutes later, there’s a knock on my door. I open it, greeting you with a huge welcoming smile. “Come in,” I say, and you enter. I’m a little embarrassed at how rough I look. You’ve caught me in a t-shirt and sweats, my hair in a ponytail, and no make-up on. My face is pink from cooking and the impromptu dance I’d just done in the living room to Elvis’s “Blue Christmas.” The scents of pine, spices and chocolate chip cookies hits you. You caught me in the middle of baking a batch of cookies.

Still, my embarrassment is quickly forgotten as I take you in with my eyes. My gaze savors you, and our eyes lock… whiskey brown meeting your gorgeous green. My breasts rise and fall as my breathing quickens slightly. Your nostrils flare and your pupils dilate when you notice how excited I’m getting. You get harder, but you’re determined to go slow, to let me lead in this dance.

I lead you into the living room, which is dominated by a fresh spruce loaded with ornaments. You sit down on the love seat, and I disappear into the kitchen and come back with two mugs of mulled cider and a plate of chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven. I sit down beside you, and we make small talk. You tell me about your flight home, I tell you about my plans for the week. You pretend not to notice my hard nipples pressing against my t-shirt; I pretend not to notice the very large bulge in the front of your pants. The air is thick with sexual tension. Our eyes lock over our mugs, and as one, we set our mugs down and fall into each other’s arms.

Months of fantasies have led up to this one moment in time. Our lips meet, not in a tentative kiss, but in a passionate embrace that causes heat to flare through both of us. There is nothing between us but heat and desire. The scents of the holidays underscore the more potent scents of man and woman, skin and musk. Our tongues glide silkily against each other; occasionally our teeth hit in our frenzy to taste as much of each other as possible. Our hands fumble with each other’s clothes. You rip my tshirt off over my head, and as it comes off, the scrunchie holding my hair up goes with it; I pop a few of your buttons in my haste to get your shirt off, and they go flying across the room. You feel my hands on your chest. My fingers tunnel through your hair until they find your sensitive nipples. My thumb and forefinger roll your nipple between them, gently tugging as my tongue thrusts in your mouth, full of promise. A low groan comes out of you, and I swallow it.

You capture my hand and guide it down to the hard ridge behind your fly. I cup you through the cloth, letting the heel of my hand caress you. I feel you get harder under my hand, and get wetter knowing I’m the cause of it. Your pants are the next to go. You feel the zipper rasp down over your cock. I pull your pants down and he greets me, standing proudly at attention. You feel my hand wrap around him right before you feel my breath on him. I kneel on the floor in front of you and work you with my hand a bit. My soft skin caresses him, up and down. As my hand caresses you, my mouth gradually gets closer to you. Escort bayan Your member is throbbing, hard, craving my hot mouth. You can feel my warm breath against your swollen head. It jerks and I feel your head bump my lips. I’m savoring your musky scent and that one touch makes me crave your taste as much as you’re craving my mouth.

I slowly ease my mouth down over your cock. You feel my hot mouth slowly envelop it. You feel my tongue against the bottom of him, my teeth very gently scraping him. He grows bigger in my mouth, and I can taste the saltiness of your precome. That one taste drives me crazy, and I start sucking you harder. You feel the pull of my mouth on your member, drawing you deeper in. The draw and release of my mouth on you drives you closer to the edge. My hand reaches up and gently grasps your tight balls. I test their size and weight in my hand, rolling them around like harmony balls, gently rubbing them. While my hand massages your balls, my mouth continues to draw you deeper inside.

You’re still feeling the draw-release rhythm of my mouth around your penis, but now I’m taking you even deeper, your head against the back of my throat. Your balls grow even tighter in my hand, and your cock’s throbbing is more insistent in my mouth. Your hands grab my head, your fingers tangling in my long brown hair. A lock escapes and drapes across the top of your thigh, right near your groin. You can feel its silkiness as my hair mingles with the hair at the base of your shaft. Your cock is throbbing unrelentingly in my mouth. You hold my head in place as you make love to my mouth. Your whole body tenses a second before your come erupts. Explosion after explosion of hot come squirts down my throat. I swallow every drop and continue to suck you, making sure to get every last little bit. You relax against the back of the loveseat. I come back up to sit beside you. You grab the back of my head and our lips meet in another passionate kiss. You can taste your come mixed with my own taste as we kiss.

Temporarily sated, we sit beside each other, your arm around me. We watch the flames dance in the fireplace as we sip our cider. I’m nestled close to your side, and my hand aimlessly starts caressing your chest. You hand drops down off my shoulder and finds my full, soft breast. Your fingers feel the rosy brown nipple pucker from your attention. Heat shoots down to my already wet pussy. I look up at you and say, “Let’s go upstairs.” I lead you by the hand down the hallway to the stairs. As I go up in front of you, your eyes watch the sway of my ass, barely covered by my red silk panties. You can faintly smell my musk. I look over my shoulder at you, my eyes full of promise.

You see my bed, a cherry four-poster with its jewel-toned comforter. Yet, to your surprise, I lead you past the bed and straight to the bathroom. I bend over to start a bath for you. My ass is sticking up in the air, inviting, enticing. As I turn around to get the bubble bath, I catch you stroking your hard cock, your eyes glazed with desire once again. You blush a little at being caught stroking yourself, and I feel myself get even more turned on that you find me that desirable. I invite you to get into the tub.

You climb in, and after taking my panties off, I climb in right behind you, my legs on either side of yours. I grab the soap and my scrubby and start washing your back. You feel the silky soap and the roughness of the nylon scrubby against your skin. As I take the scrubby around to wash your chest, you can feel my breasts pressed against your back. You’ve also started noticing the trimmed hair of my bush against your ass. I drop the scrubby in the tub and let my soapy hands caress you. I run them over your chest, paying particular attention to your nipples. My hands continue down, over your stomach and down to your rock hard shaft. My left hand grasps your cock, carefully going up… down… back up… back down. As I do that, my right hand takes hold of your balls, massaging them once more. I’m not ready for you to come right now though; I’ve got so much more planned for you. I rinse you off and we get out of the tub. As we stand next to each other on the bathmat, I dry you off. As I kneel in front of you to dry off your legs and feet, your jutting member catches my cheek. I look up at you with a playful smile and give it one hard suck before getting up and running into the bedroom.

You give chase, and I scamper across the bed. You almost catch me, but just as you make the edge of the bed and are ready to drag me into it, I surprise you by pushing you backwards. I kneel on the edge of the bed and give you my Mona Lisa smile, the one that reveals nothing and promises everything. I take your left foot in my hand, lifting it. I massage it, running my thumbs along the bottom of your foot, from the toes down to the heel, slightly increasing the pressure against the arch of your foot. I take my thumb and forefinger and gently pinch your heel, working up your Achilles’ tendon. You feel your whole body begin to relax. Then Bayan Escort I shoot you another mischievous grin as I lift your foot higher.

I suck your big toe into my mouth, drawing it in deep. I notice your cock jerk, and your hand slowly, lazily begins to stroke it. I’m heady with my power over you, how excited I’m making you. I wonder how many times in the past months you’ve thought of me and masturbated in the still darkness of your room. My tongue darts between your big toe and your second toe, mimicking the thrusts of your cock that will come later. I put that foot down and pick up your other foot. I give it the same treatment, massaging the ball of your foot, the arch, the heel. I run my tongue along the bottom of your toes, letting it dart between them every so often. You groan low in your throat from the pleasure. While I’m sucking your toes, my thumbs are making small circles on your arch and heel. I put your foot down and start kissing up your leg. I kiss the back of your calf. I tongue your knee pit, creating a tickle-turn on effect. My soft red lips kiss up the inside of your thigh, and you can feel my silky hair against your balls. You can feel my breath against your cock as my mouth continues upward.

I plant French kisses all along your shaft, from the base to the tip, sucking on your head before my mouth continues up, over your belly, tonguing your belly button, before continuing up to your chest. You feel my breasts against either side of your cock, the hard nipples brushing your groin. My mouth persists in its journey, and my tongue trails up your sternum, then I kiss over to your nipple. I lick it, then give it gentle nibbles before licking it again. I draw it between my lips, gently sucking on it, my tongue flicking it. Your thick, hard, throbbing cock is pressed intimately against my belly, so close to paradise, yet not quite there. As my mouth finds your other nipple, you feel the moist heat of my tongue, the gentle abrasion of my teeth. Then you’re aware of the hot tug of my lips on it, desire shooting straight down to your cock. I continue kissing up your chest, to your muscular neck, your jaw and finally finding your lips.

My mouth teases yours, brushing against it once, twice. You can feel my hot wet pussy against your throbbing cock, the trim hairs moist with my juices. I rotate my hips so that your head is right on my slit, hovering in the entrance. Our eyes meet as I slowly impale myself onto you, taking you inch by inch. You’ve waited too long as it is, had to endure my teasing through the bath, the toe sucking and the long, wet journey my mouth took up your body, and you can’t wait another moment to feel all of you in me. You grab my hips and push me down on your cock as your hips thrust up. I gasp with surprise at this move, and my head falls back. I let out a long moan of ecstasy at how right, how perfect our bodies fit together.

I brace my hands on your chest and start riding you. You grab my ass, a hand on each cheek, and guide the rhythm. My juices run down your shaft, over your balls. I can feel your cock growing harder and thicker inside of me as your come builds up and you get ready to come. I feel so incredibly full with you. My hard clit grinds against your groin as I continue riding you, taking you deeper into me every time. As my orgasm tears through me with a mind-blowing intensity, you spew hot come deep inside my sheath. My pussy tightens and convulses around your cock and your come explodes inside of me like a cannon. I collapse on top of you, spent, satiated. Your now limp cock comes out of me, contently resting against my wet lips. Our combined juices flow out of me, dripping onto your cock and balls.

In a surprise move, you flip me onto my back. I’m too boneless with desire to protest or resist. You lay on top of me, your hands roaming along my body. Your hot mouth wraps around one large rosy brown nipple, tugging it deep into your heat. My back arches and I moan in pleasure. Surely, he can’t be ready for another round already, I think. I can now feel our juices dripping down to my ass. You take a finger and spread our juices around my tight rosebud, getting it nice and lubed. Then you slide a finger deep inside my ass as your mouth finds my sensitive clit, already hard and throbbing again. You lick it a few times. You roll your tongue and slide it in my slit, alternating tongue fucking with licking my clit. All the while your finger is gently sliding in and out my backdoor. It’s feeling incredible, and I’m feeling another orgasm build.

Then all of a sudden, you stop. I let out a little whimper of protest as you place a kiss on my mound before getting out of bed. You walk towards the bedroom door, and the smile you flash at me assures me you definitely have a dark side. As you leave the room, I take the opportunity to admire your fine ass, enjoying the way the muscles in your ass and legs move as you walk. As you walk away, I rub my clit, and a little moan escapes, which you hear on your way to the stairs. I hear your footsteps as you go downstairs Escort and I hear noises from the kitchen. What in the world is he up to, I wonder, as I hear you coming back up the stairs.

You reappear with the large metal bowl that the cookie dough is in and a silicone spatula. My eyes darken with renewed lust as I watch you cross back to the bed and I guess what’s on your mind. You sit beside me on the bed and set the bowl down. You look on the chest of drawers and grab a couple of silk neckties. You tell me to put my hands over my head. I submit to your authoritative tone and obey you. You knot a tie around each of my wrists, then tie the other ends to the posters at the head of the bed. I’m lying in front of you, wrists bound, the position of my arms causing my breasts to lift and perk. You tell me to spread my legs, and again, I obey you. You notice my wet pussy get wetter, my nipples get harder. Being submissive to such a powerful man excites me. You pick the bowl up and start spreading cookie dough on my breasts, over my belly, and all over my mound. You top my clit with a chocolate chip. The heat from my throbbing clit makes it go soft almost immediately. You teasingly hold the spatula in front of my mouth, letting me have a lick. I can taste a hint of my own juices mixed with the cookie dough, and the combination is incredibly erotic. You seductively slide the spatula between your own lips, licking it clean, before setting it and the bowl aside.

You just sit there on your heels beside me, your eyes perusing my body, naked and spread before you, covered with chocolate chip cookie dough from my breasts to my pussy. You slide a finger alongside one breast, picking up a little dough and licking it slowly off your finger. My nipples tighten at the tease of both your touch and your hot mouth sucking your finger. You do the same thing to the other breast, and I moan at the erotic image as I think about how good that mouth feels when it’s sucking. You give me another Sith smile and dip your finger into the cookie dough that’s on my wet pussy. You bring that finger to my mouth, following it with your own mouth. We both lick the dough off your finger, and the taste of each other and my essence heightens our desire.

I nibble my bottom lip as my need for release starts to grow. You go to work on my body in earnest now. You first lick the cookie dough off my breasts. You start by licking the sides and the bottom, everywhere but the nipple. I want so badly to guide your head so that you’ll finally suck the nipple into your mouth, but I can’t. I writhe against my bonds, moaning, whimpering, pleading for you to take the nipple, but your refusal reminds me that you’re in control of my passion this time around. You lick the dough off of my other breast, again licking everything but the nipple. Finally, you have mercy on me and your hot tongue licks across my distended nipple. I arch and groan, hissing out, “Yesssssss” at the exquisite sensation. I watch your tongue flick the cookie dough off your lip as you pull your head back. I nibble my lower lip, wondering when you’ll get to the other nipple. I don’t have to wait long before your mouth descends, capturing the dough-covered nipple. Oh God! It feels so good, and I feel myself getting wetter.

My breasts now clean of cookie dough, you move between my legs, spreading them wider. You place your hands on the backs of my knees, gently pushing them back towards my shoulders. My dough-covered pussy is wide open before you, wet and inviting. Your eyes turn a darker shade of green and you smile at me, a smile full of wicked promise. The combined scents of chocolate, vanilla and my musk rise up to meet you, and you feel lightheaded, intoxicated by the fragrance. I feel your hot breath against my waiting flesh a moment before your mouth finds it. You first nibble the chip off my clit, sucking the dough off. My hips buck to your mouth, and a small scream of pleasure escapes me. You sit back a little, licking chocolate off your mouth and grinning at my enthusiastic response. Your mouth descends again, and your tongue licks all around my lips, laving up every bit of cookie dough. The blend of my juices and the cookie dough goes straight to your head, and you lick more voraciously, sucking my clit and tonguing my slit. Your tongue licks my wet cunt, drinking up all my juices.

I’m arching and bucking for more, biting my lip as I feel my orgasm start rising within me. My head thrashes from side to side, and I’m mindless, begging for release. You slide your little finger into my pussy, getting it lubed with my juices. Suddenly, you thrust two fingers deep into my pussy and your lubed little finger in my backdoor. You suck my clit harder, your tongue pushing back the hood to reveal the even more sensitive flesh beneath. Your fingers find my g-spot, and you massage that as your pinky slides in and out of my ass, your mouth working feverishly on my clit. The feelings are incredible, intense. I’m beyond any kind of coherent thought. Every part of my being is centered on your mouth and fingers and the magic they’re creating in my body. I can’t so much as moan. I’m reduced to panting, gasping for breath at the intensity. My entire self – body, mind and spirit – is grasping, reaching for the edge of the cliff, wanting to dive over. Then it starts.

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