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Home Improvementt was late Sunday afternoon when I pulled into the driveway of our beach house. This year was very different. In years past, when they went to school in the district where I taught, we all had the same week off and would go on vacation. Now since both daughters were going to different universities, all 3 of us had different spring breaks. Kevin, my husband was very busy at work, so maybe it was for the best. I decided that I would come down and do some much needed cosmetic work on our vacation home. On the off chance he was free, I had sent Steve, a text message. He was a long time affair that had more or less ended due to a job change on his end. He did respond back that he would let me know, but it didn’t sound hopeful.As I got out of the car and opened the tailgate, I heard someone call my name.”Hey, Mrs. Reynolds how are you.” came the voice from my right. As I turned I recognized the neighbor’s k**. We had met two years ago when we had bought the house. His folks were younger than my husband and I, probably in their early 40s. He was my oldest daughter’s age, 22 or 23. For the life of me, I could not remember his name.”Oh, hi…ummm.” I responded.”It’s Luke, Mrs. Reynolds. I live next door…we met a while back.” he responded as he approached me. “Looks like you have a lot to unload.” he continued as he looked at all of the paint cans and groceries.”Yeah, I remember. Your mom’s name is Margo, and your dad’s name is…” yeah, I couldn’t remember.”It’s John.” he answered.”Yeah, that’s right…sorry. It’s been a while. Tell you what, help me up stairs with all of this stuff, and I’ll buy you a beer.” I offered.Without hesitation, Luke grabbed up some paint cans and headed up the stairs. After several trips, we had everything inside. While Luke sipped his beer, I unloaded the groceries. He asked what was going on, and I explained that I was going to spend the week doing some painting. After he offered to help, I agreed and offered to pay him 300 dollars if we could get it done by Wednesday night. That would give me a couple of days to my self.Luke was eager to get started, but I was tired and wanted to relax a bit, so we agreed to start at 8am the next day.The rest of Sunday night was uneventful. I had some dinner after which I decided I wanted to sit in the hot tub. I didn’t see a need in a bathing suit, so I stripped down, wrapped a towel around me and made my way out on to the deck. It was dark outside, and most of the houses were empty this time of year, so I didn’t think too much about it. I had turned off all of the lights in the house, so at best anything anybody would see would be a silhouette. Funny thing was, I felt like eyes were on me the whole time, so after about an hour, I headed back inside.The next morning, Luke was at my door promptly at 8am. We went right to work, but all morning I felt Luke’s eyes on me. I was dressed very conservatively in a pair of old jeans, a tank top and a flannel shirt tied at the waist. My blonde hair was tied up off of my shoulders. In my thinking, I was far from sexy, but I swear Luke’s eyes were always on me. Several times it was obvious that he had a hard on as it could clearly be seen through his jeans. Initially it was unnerving, but as the day wore on, I became accustomed to it. I even started to wonder what he was thinking about.We made far more progress in that first day then I had expected, so late afternoon, I told him to call it quits. I made dinner for both of us, and we shared a few beers before he said good night and left.I decided that I would take a bath and head to canlı bahis bed early. As I lounged in the tub, I thought back to the day. I was surprised at just how exciting it was having this young hardbody checking me out. After all I was older than his mom. After my bath, dressed just in a robe, I stepped out on to the deck and smoked a joint. Once I was done, I decided it was play time. Going into the bedroom, I turned out the lights and sprawled myself on the bed. Pulling out my dildo, I began rubbing it on my pussy. Closing my eyes, I imagined Luke on top of me. Minutes went by, my legs in the air, I was really pounding my pussy and came in an amazing orgasm. Soon afterwards I was fast asleep.Like the day before, the next day started early. Luke was knocking on my door just before 8am. Today he was dressed in an old pair of sweats, and I was dressed in the same outfit as yesterday with exception of the tank top. As we painted, we talked about school and what he wanted to do with his life. Like most young 20 somethings, he was unsure. He went on to tell me about his on again, off again relationship with a girl who lived down the street.After we had lunch, he asked, “Do you know where the other drop cloths are?” he asked.”Yeah, they are in my bedroom…help yourself.” I responded. A few minutes passed, and I just happened to walk by my bedroom door. What I saw shocked me and embarrassed me at the same time. Apparently I hadn’t put the dildo away from the night before. As I remembered back, I had just placed it on the night stand and fell asleep. Stepping aside, I watched as Luke picked it up and held it to his nose. Putting it back down, he then picked up my black lace thong that I had left on the floor. This he placed to his nose, and with his other hand it appeared as though he was jacking off. I didn’t know what to do, so I just let out a loud cough.”Find them?” I yelled.”Oh, yes Mrs. Reynolds.” he answered back.”Luke, how many times have I told you to call me Erica.” I scolded. Kind of laughing under my breath. Geez, this guy just had his hands on my sex toy, was stroking his dick while sniffing my panties, and he was still using these formalities. This is when I decided to tease him a little. Stepping into the bathroom, I removed my bra putting the flannel shirt back on. I left several buttons undone and tied it at the waist. I figured I’d give him a few glimpses of my small tits and ever hardening nipples. Let’s see how crazy I can make him.As the day went on, it was obvious that I was driving him nuts. Through the sweats, it was hard to tell if he had a boner, but considering the amount of adjustments he was doing. It was working. On top of that, it was working on me too. I was getting increasingly worked up. I was looking forward to him leaving tonight, so I could get out my toy again.After a quick meal of take out pizza, Luke said good night and went home. I still wasn’t done putting on a show for him. I decided that my next naughty act would be to leave a few lights on and head out to the hot tub. I did my best to attract his attention, but eventually went back inside. After some foreplay, I rolled over and put my ass in the air. Closing my eyes, I imagined Luke behind me with this hands on my hips driving his cock into my soaking wet cunt. Within minutes, I exploded in another awesome orgasm. Once I recovered, I dressed for bed and was soon asleep.On Wednesday, Luke arrived as scheduled. It was a little warmer today, so he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I was also dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. We were way ahead of bahis siteleri schedule, so by early afternoon we were done and had the furniture put back into place.”I’m a little sore. How about you?” I asked.”Yeah, just a little. Not used to climbing up and down the ladder.” he responded.”Why don’t you go and get your swim suit on, and come back over. We can sit in the hot tub and loosen up a bit.” I said.”Damn, that’s a good idea Mrs….um…Erica.” he shot back.Within a few minutes, he was back at the door. I yelled at him that I was getting dressed, to grab a few beers and head on out to the tub.I had only brought one bikini with me, so I didn’t have a whole lot of choice. The one I had was white and very sheer. Kevin hates it and refuses to allow me to wear it in public, only allowing me to wear it around the pool in the back yard.Exiting the house and stepping into the tub, Luke’s eyes never left my body.”If you don’t mind me saying, you look incredible.” he complimented. It was obvious that he was more than just a little nervous. Truth be known, so was I. What was I doing.”Why thank you.” I said. “What did you think the other night when you were watching me from your deck?” I asked in an attempt to embarrass him just a little.”I’m, I’m, I’mmm…you knew I was there? he stammered.”Yes, I also saw you sniffing my panties in my bedroom and inspecting my toy. You were stroking your cock, weren’t you?” I continued.”I, I, I, ummm. I’m so sorry.” he said. “What did you do every night when you left? Go home and jerk off.” I kept on.By this time Luke was blushing and couldn’t put together a coherent sentence.”Don’t worry about it, Luke. I was totally flattered. I have a feeling it’s been a long time since a guy has fantasized about me.” I said in an attempt to reassure him. “I don’t have a 20 year old body anymore.””Erica, I’ve fantasized about you since the day my mom introduced me to you. I think you are perfect.” he countered.Now it was my turn to blush for more reasons than just the flattery. I quickly moved over to him and straddled his lap facing him. Grabbing both sides of his head, I moved in and began kissing him. At first it was gentle kisses, but soon they became hard and deep, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouth. Breaking our kiss and looking into his eyes, I reached up and untied my top allowing my bikini top to fall open. Quickly his hands moved to my breasts and nipples. I could feel his hard on pressing against my pussy.”Oh yes…please touch me. Pinch and bite them…they so need your attention.” I instructed him.He did exactly what he was told. As he did, I guided his right hand down to my bikini bottoms. Pulling the crotch aside, I guided his fingers to my lips. Despite the water, my pussy was very well lubricated, and his fingers slipped in easily. Grabbing his head and pulling him to my breasts as he continued to suck and bite, I began bucking my hips riding his hand. In a rush, I came with an incredible intensity that left me limp for several minutes afterwards.As I opened my eyes, I looked at him and smiled.”Let’s get out of here and go inside.” I said. I’m going to show you what I’ve been fantasizing about the past couple of nights.”Entering the house, we quickly removed our remaining cloths and dried off. His dick was so hard, it looked like a piece of steel. Laying the towels on the floor, I dropped to my knees and slowly began licking the head of his dick, tasting his pre-cum. Looking up at him, I asked “Does your girlfriend do this for you?” A moan was all I got as I took him deep into my mouth. As I sucked on bahis şirketleri his head, I stroked his shaft with my hand all the while watching his facial expressions. I don’t think he lasted more than a couple of minutes before he grunted, “Your going to make me cum!”I think he thought I would pull away, but instead I took him deep into my throat. I felt his warmth flood my mouth and start to leak out before I could swallow all of it.With his orgasm, his knees went weak, and mine were sore from the hard floor. As I got up, my hand never leaving his cock, I suggested that we move into the bedroom. Once inside, I laid on my back with my legs spread wide. I moved one of my hands down to my pussy and began to spread my lips and rub my clit.”Now it’s your turn.” I told him. “Show my how well you can work that tongue.” I must say, either Luke was experienced or was a natural talent. He began sucking each of my lips one at a time before he buried his tongue into my hole and eventually made his way up at my clit. Grabbing his head and lifting my legs back, I wanted to open myself up for him as much as possible.”Lick my asshole too!” I demanded to which he complied. Damn the sensation felt amazing, and after several mild orgasms, I was ready to get fucked.”Um…thank you.” I said as I pulled him up to me, kissing him deeply.”I love the way I taste on you.” I told him.”I do too.” Luke replied.”I want to feel you inside me.” I continued. “Lay on your back. I’m going to get on top.”Luke was very compliant, laying on the bed next to me. I don’t think his dick ever got soft after he came in my mouth. It was standing fully at attention. Straddling him, I pushed his cock down on his pelvis and placed my pussy on top of it. Slowly I stroked his shaft with my pussy getting it well lubricated. Judging from the look on his face, he was enjoying it very much. Next, I raised up and allowed Luke to enter me. With Luke’s hands on my hips, I ground down on his pelvis as hard as I could before raising up on his shaft as I pinched and pulled my nipples. Damn it felt so good to have him so deep inside me.I’m not sure how much time went by before I could tell Luke was getting ready to cum again. With a loud grunt, Luke came as he pushed me down on his dick. The feeling of his orgasm pushed me over the edge as I ground my clit into his pelvic bone. With a loud moan and a stream of fluid, I came at almost the same time.Collapsing on his chest, I slowly worked his dick with my pussy until it went soft, milking every bit of his seed. For the next several minutes, we kissed and fondled each other.Soon his dick started to react again. Kissing my way down his body, I took the head of his cock in my mouth. Spinning around, I positioned myself in a 69 with my pussy in his face. “Now, clean me up.” I ordered as I began working on his dick with my mouth. Initially he hesitated, but soon he was going at it with a vengeance. After a few minutes, I moved back up kissing him and tasting both of use combined together. “Oh my god, that was incredible.” Luke said.”You’re not done yet. I want you to take me from behind.” I told him as I positioned myself on my knees and my chest on the bed. “Get up here and fuck me.”Without a word, Luke was up and rubbing the head of his dick on my pussy lips. With one quick thrust, he was again deep inside me. For several minutes he forcefully pounded me our skin slapping together. Through my almost continuous orgasms, I heard Luke grunt and cum again. Together we collapsed in a heap and fell asleep.When I awoke the next morning, I looked over at him sleeping and began to have guilty feelings. I felt like such a slut, but I knew that I had given him the time of his life, at least up to that point. I knew he would always remember me, and the fact is, I would always remember him.

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