Homecoming: From a Soldier Ch. 02


Chapter Two — The Truth Comes Out (Between Jen and Brad)

Sunday morning came fast and all too early for Brad. Things hadn’t gone as he had planned. Rolling over and having Jen bedside me was the greatest reminder of how much I fucked up last night.

Brad took his hand and ran it up her spine, causing Jen to moan and roll over. “Morning sleepy head.” I said as I bent to kiss Jen. “Morning handsome, did you want something?” Jen said looking into my eyes with the sexiest grin on her face.

“We have to get ready for the big homecoming day with the family, Jen. Get up.” “I’m not ready to get out of bed yet.” She moaned reaching for my dick.

“One time Jen , then we have to get ready. Promise me you will get ready.” “I prom.” Jen didn’t get time to finish as Brad ran his warm tongue across her lips. As she tried to rise up into his kiss he pushed her back to the mattress. “No baby, slow. My way.”

I took both of her hands and pulled them above her head and secured them both with my hand as I ran my tongue from her lips to her ears down her neck to her collarbone.

Jen wiggled and raised her ass off the bed. “Not yet. If I let your hands go will you pendik escort promise to keep them to yourself while I enjoy you?” This one last time rang loud in the back of my mind.

“I promise.”

Letting her wrist go, she left them above her head and I continued using my tongue, teeth, and lips to move down her body. Stopping at her nipple that was sticking out, begging to have its share of my attention and I obliged. Licking the tip of her nipple only made it stand even more at attention and made Jen moan.

“Please Brad.” Jen said in a soft moan. “Please what Jen? Are you not enjoying yourself this morning?” I felt Jen put her hands on the back of my head urging me to take her tight little nub in my mouth. As I pulled away, “No, No you promised to keep your hands to yourself.”

“Shit” was all she said as she laid her hands to her sides.

Taking the taught little nipple in my mouth I bit her gently, loving to hear her groan at the little sting of pain I had caused her, but she was soon soothed as a wrapped my lips around her and rolled my tongue around her nipple then licked and sucked until she was again squirming. Not to miss any part of her I did the same escort pendik thing to the other tit. By this time Jen is about to explode.

Running my tongue down her stomach to just above her clit I changed course and started nipping at her inner thighs. I laughed as Jen let out an aggravated sigh.

Jen began moaning and raising her hips off the bed and when I looked up she was rubbing her clit with her fingers. “Jen you are not playing by the rules.” I said grinning as I watched her fingers go from her clit to move into her tight little pussy. I could see the juices from Jen shinning on her fingers.

I was dying to taste her. “I am to, you told me to keep my hands to myself, and I am.” Laughing, she had me there, but there was no way in hell I was going to let her get herself off.

After licking her fingers I replaced them with my tongue, and My God did she taste good. Jen was now grabbing the sheets at her side as my tongue lapped at her clit. Not wanting her to come without me I raised my head licked my lips and moved my way back up her lush body and kissed her until she was panting.

My dick is hard and throbbing but I am still not ready to give into pendik escort bayan Jen. Using my finger I rub her clit in a circle, now her nails are digging into my arms and I shove two fingers into her hot cunt as she loudly moans my name and I have to kiss her to keep her from waking the entire house.

As I keep my mouth over hers I move my fingers in and out faster and harder using my palm to rub her clit, she is doing everything she can to keep from screaming. I finally give in and put her ankles on my shoulders and push my cock into her wet pussy.

Jen loves this position she says it makes her come instantly and she does. I feel her cunt squeezing my dick like a vice and damn does it feel great. A pump harder a few more times until I shoot my cum into her, but I never pull out fast, it is such a great feeling to have her pussy continue to clench around my cock as she finishes her own orgasm. When I can no longer feel her muscles milking me then and only then do I pull out.

“Good morning soldier.” Jen says as she rubs her nails on my back while I am lying across her. “Jen you ready to get up? We have a long day.” “Yeah I am ready. I’ll take a shower in my room so I can get dressed, and we don’t do anything else to make us late for church.” Kissing her on the forehead I agree and head for the shower.

What in the hell have I done. I have royally fucked up, was all I could think.

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