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Anti Feminism

James woke to the sound of his phone and looked at his clock before grabbing it. 12:34 the digital clock read.

“Yo,” James said sleepily.

“James, hi its Jenny from next door. I was wondering if you could come over and help me with my homework,” a girl said.

“Sure, I’ll be over in ten minutes,” James said as he hung up. ‘Wow!’ James thought as he showered. James was a handsome man just out of high school with sandy brown hair, blue eyes and a well built body that was stretched out over his 6’5″ body. Jenny was the youngest girl of three and was an 18 year old senior in High School who was a bombshell. She had flirted with James but he had never pursued because he was always busy.

James walked into his neighbor’s house and found a note on the table telling him to go to Jenny’s room upstairs. As he walked he heard Jenny yell his name and he responded.

As he entered the nice big room he found Jenny stretched out on the floor with books scattered around and Jenny right in the middle with a thick robe on.

“What do you need?”

“Well,” Jenny began as she blushed, “I need some help with my Sex Ed class. You see, the teacher wants us to measure a guy’s cock. I didn’t want to ask my dad and I need this class to graduate. Do you pendik escort think you could let me?”

“I guess so.” HOLY SHIT!! James had hit paydirt.

“As soon as I’m out of the room take off your clothes and close your eyes until I say,” Jenny said as she opened the door. Jenny stepped out of the room and James jumped into action, whipping off his clothes and closing his eyes. A few minutes later he heard the door open and close then Jenny’s soft voice telling him to open his eyes. As James looked at Jenny he found that she was totally naked!! His cock grew to an immediate boner as Jenny’s nipples hardened. Jenny brought over a tape measurer and opened it,. 8 1/2 inches. Jenny dropped the tape measurer on the bed and opened one of her books. “Now it says for me to give you a hand job.” Jenny said reaching for James dick. “Not here, the bathroom. Not as messy if I cum into the toilet,” James said as he started for the door. The two squeezed into the upper floor bathroom and James positioned Jenny so that her left hand and leg were behind him and her right hand and leg were in front of him.

Jenny started jerking James off and only a few minutes later loads of cum shot into the toilet. “Sign this” Jenny said when they got back to her room. The sheet of escort pendik paper verified that James had received a handjob from Jenny. “Well, there’s one more thing. The teacher said we get 100 extra credit points if we…have sex with a guy. I’m not saying it has to be you but since you’re here.” Jenny said looking deep into James’ eyes.

“If you want it, I’ll give it.” James said in a low tone.

“Yes please. Please fuck me!” Jenny said as she kissed James.

James didn’t hesitate. He grabbed Jenny’s shoulders and threw her to the bed where he kissed her large breasts and massaged the opening to her pussy. “Fuck me” Jenny moaned softly. James positioned his cock over the small entrance the slowly pushed in reaching a barrier. ‘She’s still a virgin’ James thought as he pulled a little out. ‘Not anymore’ he thought a few seconds later as he thrust his cock past the obstruction. Jenny let out a screech of pain but quickly began moaning softly as James thrust in and pulled out just to thrust back in again. James began picking up the pace. In and out, in and out. Faster and faster. After a record ten minutes James felt his balls tense up and then shot his load did inside Jenny’s body.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve needed. Let’s do it again, downstairs. pendik escort bayan Jenny said as she tried to stand. James leapt to his feet, his cock starting to become erect once more, and lifted Jenny by her back and the back of her knees. James carried Jenny down into their living room and as he set her down heard a noise from the basement. “Don’t worry, just the cat. Fuck me!” Jenny commanded as she turned James head towards her. James followed orders and began thrusting into the still sopping wet pussy. James continued to fuck her for at least five minutes when he suddenly heard the basement door behind me burst open and could feel the cold rush of air. James pulled out of Jenny and turned to see what had happened. Standing in the doorway to the basement was Jenny’s older sister, Anne, totally naked with three fingers in her pussy.

“My turn,” the woman said as she walked to the couch. James was pushed back into the couch as Anne lowered her 26 year old body onto his prick and started pushing against him. James met the thrusts with thrusts of his own and soon he felt Jenny climb behind him and Anne’s head lower. He bit and licked the huge breasts that dangled before him as Ann ate her own sister. The three changed position and James found himself fucking Jenny while she ate Anne. The three experimented in several different positions for the rest of the day and when they were exhausted finally went up to Jenny’s room and crashed into a big pile on the bed.

To Be Continued…

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