Honey I’m Home


Honey I’m HomeWives have a way of knowing things about their husband’s. I know my make up goes missing too often and my high heels look more worn than they should, and my bras are always moved. My story starts with me coming home early one day to find my husband bent over our couch, his pants around his ankles with a husky black man behind him. he was fucking John with the biggest cock I have ever seen, the black man was balls deep in John, and John took it, he took it like a champ. The black man slapped Johns ass, John made a yep sound and told the man to fuck him harder, his cock moved in and out of Johns ass hole like a piston, a very long piston. With disbelief I backed out of the living room, almost tripping over my own feet. I snuck out of the house and got back into the car and drove off. I drove around for a hour thinking of that big cock inside my husbands little ass, I had never thought of John as a mucho man, but this was something I had to see to believe. I had never noticed that John had shaved his ass and legs, my husband was another mans bitch. I drove around a while longer before seeing a adult book store, and in that instance I knew what I was going to do. I stopped in the parking lot and began to laugh to myself thinking, Johns a pillow biter, a fucking sissy husband and he is getting cock, big fucking cock! I went inside the shop and picked up something to make my faggot husband pay canlı bahis for being a liar. I arrived home shortly and this time announced myself calling to John, John I’m home do you still have company, is the alpha still here? John walked into the kitchen freshly showered, what are you talking about dear, John said, well hello Houdini, I said, he answered with huh, with a nervous smile on his face, you know, you like to make things disappear, I said, he froze in time. I brought something for you to see, to let you know, I know your secret. I reached into the brown paper bag and pulled out a huge brown dildo. See this big cock I have? Oh you are drooling over this cock aren’t you? I’m going to show you how to suck cock properly so you can keep that big cock friend of yours, What? John stammered , you know what I’m talking about, since you have already went out and got a bigger cock than I have ever had, a real big dick up your ass and in your mouth. I know you like cock, you fucker, I walked over and smacked Johns face as hard as I could, he fell to the floor his towel flying from his hips. I stood over him, John grabbed my legs and looked up at me, but not before looking at my heels, I seen he was terrified. I looked down at him and said, It’s not unusual for men your age to want to experiment with sex although I think you are in a slightly different exploration category. You are a little sissy bitch bahis siteleri boy who really wants to be a bottom bitch to alpha men you wish you had a real pussy instead of a dick. John looked at me his mouth wide open in shock but honey I don’t know what your talking about. So you are just going to stand there and lie about getting the shit fucked out of you today by a big black cock, there might be cum all over the back of the couch you fucking faggot, I seen the entire thing his cock was fucking huge and you loved it, you fucking liar, now I know where all your extra money goes, Maybe in another year or so you can buy yourself a boob job so you won’t be as envious over mine. You should be able to afford surgery to get a vagina by the time you’re 50 next year. I know you want my boobs and my vagina but not in the usual way a guy does. You should just lop off that little dick of yours, we both know your mans dick is huge!, and you don’t need that little thing anymore, I know you hate your little clit cock, I know your man doesn’t use it, he looked like a real man. What do you think your dad would do if he knew you were a sissy boy? If you’re going to be a little sissy, I’m going to have my fun with you. You’re going to get your ass fucked in front of me again, here in our home and I am going to let you have your big dick boyfriend, as long as he fucks me too. But honey he doesn’t know I’m married! Well güvenilir bahis he is going to know now you little slut but lets get your punishment out the way first. Now suck my big fake dick like a true faggot, you sissy bitch. We’re going to practice this every day until you can suck my big dick without gagging. then we are going to invite your man back over, to get some facts straight, about our new life. Get this in your head I’m going to get some big cock also, and you can smooth things out with him with your new skills. John lay there with a blank look on his face, he then said Ok honey, if that’s what you want. So you admit it John? yes honey I’m a sissy and I love getting fucked, please don’t hate me. O John I don’t hate you I just wish you would have let me get some of that big cock, and what if one of my girl friends had been with me? I would be a laughing stock, how stingy of you, to get what you needed without thinking of me. Now get over here and drop to your knees and suck this big cock. If you do it good enough I’ll even let you put my new lip gloss on, its sissy red. Now stop staring so much at me and get over here and suck this dick, I promise if you do a good job I wont tell your family what a sissy slut you are, you know they hate fags, especially your father. John crawled over and began sucking my big dildo I looked down at him and knew what he really was, and in that instant I was ok with it. So that’s how getting home early changed both of our lives, plus now I also know what it feels like to have a big cock, me and hubby are just sluts to our new boyfriend, Eric. but that’s another story entirely.

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