Subject: Honeymoon – 4 Tales This is a tale of father-son incest. If this is not to your fantasy look elsewhere. NIFTY has fantasies for every desire. When you find your desire please remember that NIFTY depends on your support to continue to bring you these tales. Please donate to NIFTY now. This is only fiction. The author can be reached at: DaddyRob2@hushmail HONEYMOON: 4 TALES FIRST: MICHAEL It was the whistling that woke him. Eyes wearily opened to the summer light as the lilting pitch descended. Struggling up from his bed Michael peered through the gentle billowing curtains to see his younger brother and his new step-father walking towards the lake. It was a logical conclusion as both guys wore runners, Speedos, tee-shirts with a fishing rod sentried over their right shoulders. The only place to fish was the lake a few hundred feet from their cabin. Michael watched until even Cole’s tall head was no longer in view. Settling in his naked rump the brown haired boy gave his body a very satisfying stretch. “They’ve gone fishing.” Michael swiveled his head towards his father’s deep calm voice. There in the doorway stood the hirsute mountain. Clad in a waist-wrapped towel and proudly still wearing his recently decommissioned dog tags he looked gloriously bronzed with a warm countenance on his handsome face. “What time is it?” Michael yawned. “Almost eight. Day’s practically over”, Sean grinned. The lad watched his father insinuate his broad shoulders into the room ever nearing the bed. With surprising grace he sat by his son. Michael watched with anticipation as the face loomed closer. Closing his eyes he felt the soft lips press upon his own. A rough paw soothed along his soft cheek. The lips pressed firmly then lolled over his own. With eager anticipation Michael parted his lips inviting the minty tongue inside. A warm wave of nostril-blast sailed along his face as the muscle began to fill his mouth. Calloused hands roamed over his back as his fingers trailed through the forest of chest hair. Since long before the wedding there had been no daddy time. Now his hunger sprung free with an intensity that frightened him. The fat tongue squirmed free lapping its way to his neck. As the mouth suckled Michael held his father’s head. He would wear this badge with pride. As the mouth and tongue sucked in a biteless vampires kiss, a rough hand soothed his smooth back as the other felt his hip then thigh. Michael’s arms wound themselves about the powerful neck. But then the paws slid up his flanks to his shoulders and as they felt along the slim arms his clasp was released. Arms held out the sucking mouth slid down to his chest. As a nipple was mercylessly teased his body was pushed down on his back. Michael moaned lightly as the tongue slid down over his tummy giving a flicker or two over his navel. His fingers clasped the thick hair of his father’s head as the tongue trailed to his aching little knob. Then his pricklet was home, secure in the warm wetness of daddy’s love. “Ah, daddy”, he groaned. “Suck me good.” Sean’s head barely moved but his mouth was unstoppable. Michael luxuriated in the magical tongue that lathed his small cock with manly attention. The warmth of the pond sucked his cocklet with such tender torture. Then fat fingers fondled his wee eggs. As he moaned he was met with his dad’s gutteral groans. Now the steady head began to bob slightly with an increasing frenzy. “Daddy, daddy”, Michael whispered harshly. His boy cock was in an insistent vacuum. Fingers mowed the head with tugs. “Don’t stop, daddy. Suck my cock. Suck my cock forever. Suck, daddy. Suck. Suck.” Then the intensity began to overwhelm his senses. Temples throbbed. Toes wriggled. His balls heated up. Fingers held tightly onto clumps of hair. His legs began to bend and unbend. The unrelenting mouth sucked hard, harder, harder still. His heart pounded. His knob became super sensitive. Too sensitive. This was different. gaziantep travesti Something was wrong. Very wrong. Too much! “Daddy”, he whispered in panic. “Don’t. Stop. Something’s. Daddy. Please.” Then the world exploded. Daddy was groaning deeply as he bobbed. Michael felt the molten liquid fly through his pricklet. He felt each pump as his knob caught fire. Wave after glorious wave emanated from his groin to spread throughout his body. A smile beamed as he realized the fullness of his first orgasm. Looking down he wondered when he had let go of daddy’s hair. Those big brown eyes looked into his with a mixture of wonder and love. Michael not only felt but saw his boy cock being lovingly attended to by the fat tongue. His dad’s mouth was curled in a triumphant smile. “Did I taste good? Did I?” Sean gave the knob a popping suck. “Fucking right. Tasty good.” The tongue slid down to gently lap at the ball-sac. “How do you feel?” “Good!” The grin was huge. Sean chuckled as he kissed his sons balls. “Do you want to rest for a little?” Michael shook his head slowly. The grin disappeared as his eyes took on a heavy lidded glare. Sean caught the change. His tongue licked the bag. Summoning a feigned innocence he asked, “What do you want?” The mouth sucked each ball then he lapped some more. “I want to suck your cock.” Michael’s voice was bold with strength. Sean slowly raised his bulk. Knees spread his rump lay on the bed with his paws resting on his hairy thighs. The cock stood purple and firm raised up from the black bush. A warm grin greeted his son. Michael moved from his back to stomach on the sheets. Both hands pulled the hot rod level with his mouth. As he moved in his eyes closed in anticipation. The cock head rested on his tongue as his mouth closed. The fullness of his dad sated his hunger. Sucking he tasted the muskyness of pre-cum. His tongue slid from side to side under the warm flesh. The clean scent of his dad’s shower coupled with the bumpy hardness of the veiny prick made his senses come more fully alive. But it was the fat knob in his mouth that inspired his tongue. “Oh, son, this feels so good. I’ve missed you so much. Even with Cole I remember your sweet body and hungry mouth. Yeah, suck daddy’s hard cock, baby. Milk me good.” With a paw on the back of his head he felt the cock slowly begin to fuck his mouth. Sucking hard the meat slid up and down his wet tongue. Carefully mouth-fucking he sucked up each leak of daddy’s self-lube. The other paw slid down his back to his lower spine then up to his shoulders then down again, on and on. As always daddy fucked his mouth carefully as his gutteral groans grew deeper, stronger. “Fuck, baby, you’re the best. Ah, Mikey, you make daddy feel so fucking good. Suck me, honey. Milk me dry.” Small hands were replaced with the big paw. The masturbating hand bumped against his sucking mouth several times. Undeterred Michael sucked harder. The thrusting cock slid along his tongue and the roof of his mouth. He knew if he opened his eyes he’d be dazzled by the pumping fist so he let the fucking cock dazzle his mouth. Michael’s mouth refused to let go as the moans got caught by short harsh breaths. “Mikey, daddy’s gonna shoot, baby. You ready, honey? You want daddy’s fuck juice? It’s coming up, Mikey. I feel it, baby. Just for my sweet cocksucker.” The full deep groan signaled the first wave. His tongue felt the first pump up the belly’s tube a moment before his mouth was flooded. The waves of man cum splashed inside his sucking mouth as he eagerly swallowed. The strong taste was nectar for the boy. Even as his father stopped thrusting his mouth suckled out every drop. Michael would not let go until he had drained the balls. His daddy would know who the best cocksucker in this family was. SECOND: COLE The fish weren’t biting. The blonde former army medic stood gaziantep masaj salonları in close proximity to his stepson as they cast their lines. He couldn’t help but be impressed by the skill in which Billy at his age could bait the line and cast the lake. Their conversation was easy if not particularly inspired as they commented on the different lures or their inability to catch any fish. Billy gave up first but Cole knew the day was too warm or bright to tease their prey. “Sean shoulda come. He’s really good at fishing.” The rod was folded expertly. Cole followed suit. “I think he needed to spend some time alone with your dad. I think he was feeling kind of ignored what with the move and wedding and all.” He looked at his companion. “What about you? Have you been feeling neglected by all the activity?” “Nah. Kinda figured it would get all crazy. I knew it would go away.” Billy offered a grin. “Besides I was looking forward to going away. This island is great.” Cole chuckled at the logic. No wonder the kid was head of his class. “You’re something else.” Billy looked back towards the hill then over at his stepfather. “Guess they’re having fun.” Cole pretended to not understand the reference. “Do ya think they’re fucking or just sucking each other off?” Coles open-mouth stare made him laugh. “What did you think they were doing – fishing?” Cole threw back his head as he laughed. “Ah, kid, you’re too much.” Putting the rods side by side he opened the basket. “You hungry at all?” “Nah. Let’s go swimming.” Cole watched the lad kick off his shoes as he pulled off the tee-shirt then waded in until he could swim. Following the boy they swam together. The well-muscled smooth man enjoyed his time with Billy. Sean had been forthcoming not long after they’d gotten together. Falling deeply in love they’d held nothing back. They entered their marriage with no secrets. Luckily the boys had been most receptive to their new stepfather so the honeymoon was planned to join all of them in the extension of their world. “Poppy?” Cole grinned over at the wet haired eager face. The boys had agreed that ‘pop’ or ‘poppy’ was better than stepdad. “Yes?” “Can we skinny-dip?” Cole shimmied out of his bathing suit holding it aloft. “You got it!” Billy laughed as he swam to shore with Coles Speedos. He watched as the lads tanline was revealed. Moments later he was bobbing beside him. Together they swam for the better part of an hour before seeking a break on the grass above the short sandy shore. There was no mistaking their admiring glances at their nakedness. “Does it feel funny?” Cole took in the boys breathtaking view. “What?” “The skin on your pee-pee?” “I’m just uncut unlike you guys. It doesn’t feel like anything. It just is.” His eyes studied the lad kneeling beside him. “What do you think of it?” “It’s kinda cool looking. I mean its sorta secret-like the way the knob is hiding. No one can see it.” Cole chuckled. “Never thought of it that way.” The former medic had to admit he rather enjoyed the admiring stare. “It’s designed to protect the head from the elements. Helps to keep the skin silky smooth.” “Does daddy like it?” Cole blushed slightly. “Well, he married me.” Billy smiled. “I’m glad he did.” “Me, too.” He let the boy take in the sight as he raised a knee causing his soft cock to loll onto his other thigh. His white tan-line allowed his light brown bush to glisten the remnants of water on his thick bush. His ball-sac like the rest of his body had only sporadic hairs. “Can I see the head?” Sean had told his husband of Billy’s precocious nature. With a nervous swallow he found his voice. “Help yourself.” Cole watched the glee as eager fingers took hold of the lazy meat. His heart pounded as the beauty gingerly pulled the foreskin down exposing the plump dark gaziantep escort bayan pink silky knob. The boy gasped in delight. The man stared in wonder at the small hands exploring his cock. Within moments his natural inclination caused his cock to engorge to full manhood. “Wow! You’re almost as big as daddy.” He watched as the hands played with his skin manipulating the knob to disappear then reappear. Cole struggled to hold onto a cool dignity but this was every desire coming true. He was certain Billy knew he was jerking him off. “This feels good but you know what’ll happen if you keep it up.” He watched the kid bite his lower lip mischievously. Then with unexpected speed he saw his knob disappear into the sweet mouth. Younger eyes stared into his as he watched his cock being sucked. The knob was expertly blown as he watched the lips where his cock was warmly hidden. Suddenly the knob was popped free. “Poppy?” The tongue tip licked the knobs vee. “Can I sit on your face while I give you a blowjob?” Cole simply fell back on the grass. He watch the boy walk about his form, the little hard-on bouncing provocatively. Placing a foot on either side of his head he looked up at the sweet crack and the bottom of the balls. As the boy bent down the butt slit spread bringing the asshole into clear view. Heart thundered as the body lowered down closer and closer… His eyes closed as his face accepted the weight. His nose rested in the nest of boy ass as the succulent hole nestled on his mouth. Cole parted his lips allowing his tongue tip to tickle the dimesized opening. Hands clasped the firm mounds as his instincts took over. Lustfully the tongue began to prod the boycunt. Surprisingly the hole opened allowing a deeper probe. Then he felt his knob engulf into the warm wetness of Billy’s mouth. He experienced the joyful lust of rimming a boys hole as his cock was ravenously sucked. Coles tongue licked the crack slurping back and forth over the secret spot. The boy wiggled his ass in rythm with the tongue. Pulling the boys hips further up he rested his nose on the wet asshole as he lapped at the smooth ballys. Inhaling as if the boycunt was poppers he brought the boys sex into his mouth. The blowjob urged him onward. As he sucked on the cock and balls he felt his balls tighten. Lowly he began to moan as he was brought closer and closer to the brink. “Poppy?” Cole heard. He moaned an unintelligible response as he sucked boy cock. “Poppy, can you jerk off on my face?” The lad pulled free of his lascivious lips. Looking over he saw Billy rolling into his back. “Please, Poppy. I’ll rim you if you want.” The lad wiggled his tongue. Cole began to move. “Do you rim your dad?” “Oh, yes. He spreads his legs for me when Mikey fucks his mouth. Please, Poppy.” Cole knelt by Billy. “How do you want to do it?” “Sit the other way so your balls are on my face.” As carefully as he dared he complied by backing up over his stepsons head. The small hands forced his butt cheeks apart as a tender tongue found his fuckhole. As the tongue flicked his balls fell upon each closed eye. Taking his cock in hand he began to fist his meat as the boy offered moans of delight. It all proved too much. As much as he wanted this to last it was impossible. The senses were running on overload. The sweet tongue had brought him to the abyss. “Son, I’m so close. I’m sorry. Just can’t hold back.” He felt the lad shimmy up as the balls slid down his face. Searching eyes studied the jerking cock. “Cum on my face, Poppy. Then you can wiggle your butt and squish it all over my face. I’ll rim you real good. You’ll see.” That was all it took. Aiming, his cock splooged all over the sweet face. Cum splattered in gobs over the forehead, the eyes, the nose, the cheeks. His stepson was coated in his juice. The cock head was slid over the lips then pushed inside. “Clean my knob, my little slut. You make Poppy all clean and I’ll sit on your face.” The boy sucked hard. “I’m going to rub my asshole all over your pretty face. My cum is gonna be spread all over. Then you’re gonna lick my manhole. In fact you’re gonna lick all the cum off my ass.” Cole heard Billy sigh happily. End of part 1 Part 2 will follow soon Remember to donate today to ail

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