Honeymoon couples swap


Honeymoon couples swapWe boarded our cruise ship to Mexico to start our honeymoon, a 6 night cruise to Cabo. We could not wait to finally get some alone time after the crazy wedding planning process. We wanted to go somewhere isolated and away from a lot of people, so we chose a cruise. We had been on a cruise together before so we knew what we were in for; heavy drinking and watching the same 2 movies repeat on the in room tv’s. We had been together for 6 years prior to us getting married so the “honeymoon” part was nothing new to us. It took us a full day to get used to the motion of the ocean as it were. So our honeymoon started here. We woke in the morning still recovering from the sea sickness but wanted to start the morning right. So we headed to the closest bar to our suite. Lucky for us alcohol is never hard to find on a cruise. I started with a a vodka cranberry, my new bride order a lemon drop, the special drink of the day. We sat at the bar enjoying the view of the open water as we.passed by. we order round after round for what seemed like hours just enjoying the afternoon Sun. My wife informed me that she was going to find a bathroom. She slowly spun around on her bar stool spreading her legs as she did. She gave me a slight grin and with her right hand grabbed her sundress at her knee and pulled if up to her waist as she stood up showing me her freshly shaved pussy. Her grin evident that she wanted to show me that she was not wearing any panties today, in fact not at all on this trip. Her sexiness was quickly halted, when she stood she slipped and fell victim to the alcohol. We both laughed it off and noticed that it was only 12:30pm. We decided to back to our room and take a short nap before our formal dinner that night.We awoke to a hard pounding sound at our cabin door. I stumble over to the door grabbing my white robe so as not to scare the person at the door. As I opened the door a new pounding started on to the wall next to us. We were confused, until we heard the moan following the pounding sound. The couple had apparently started fucking in the hallway and against our door. They managed to get into their room before they got any more serious. The pounding grew louder and louder as did the moans of orgasm. After 10 loud minutes of straight fucking we both looked at each other and had to fuck right then. I returned to the bed were my wife lay naked and waiting to be fucked. I bent her over and rammed by cock in her already wet pussy. She had obviously been turned on by the other couple. We fucked. We fucked hard. We now heard the same pounding sound now coming from our bed hitting the wall in our room.we had the same problem. From behind us all we could hear was a türbanlı gümüşhane escort woman yell “fucking cum on my face” This got us both going even more. We were now in direct competition with them and it couldn’t be hotter. I spanked her ass with my hand until she screamed in pain. She demanded that I fuck her deeper.”Balls deep” she yelled. I obliged and spread her ass cheeks apart and pushed my cock deep into her dripping wet pussy. She screamed in both pleasure and pain as she immediately came. Her pulsating pussy so strong it made my cock squirt my load deep inside her shaved pussy. I screamed as I filled her up. We both crashed back to the bed to discover dinner was in 45 minutes. We rushed to get ready to go and amazingly made it out the door just in time. We left our cabin following another couple now the hallway. She was wearing a gold evening gown with matching heels. Her dress was short to say the least. They walked in front of us holding hands. He was tall and wearing a black suit and matching slacks. They waited for the elevator with us and we all entered. As we rode up he could not keep his hands off her ass. Her leaned up against the glass wall as she.backed up to him slowly grinding ip and down. When we exited we parted ways they headed toward the casino as we entered the dining room for dinner. After we ate we decided to head down to the bar in the center of the ship where. There was some live music. We sat at the round bar and order a couple redbull and vodkas. The couple we saw earlier sat down next to us at the bar. My wife nudged me to show me that her nipples were rock hard and obviously not wearing a bra. I smiled and turned toward the music. After some time had passed we ordered another round. As i waited i noticed that the couple we were still very into each other. They were trading laughs and the occasional touch of the arm Or thigh. From my bar stool i noticed that i could easily see her landing strip under her glittery dress. She too was not wearing panties tonight. I could not help from looking. I had to turn back around. A few seconds later i could hear them making out. I turned back a round and could not help but stare at her pussy. When i did glance up i saw her staring at me as she was tongue deep in her lover. She grabbed his cock and begun to rub it slowly. I lightly kicked my wife under the bar. She turned and saw what i had been witnessing. She decided she wanted to play too. She grabbed my hand and led it up under her dress. The other woman immediately stopped kissing and whispered something in his ear. They both stood up and swapped their seats. They continued where they had left off. Now türbanlı gümüşhane escort bayan he was showing off for my wife. He unzipped his pants and slid her hand in. He then grabbed her left breast form under the dress. He forced her breast just enough that it popped out of her dress. The bartender too had noticed and asked us all to leave. We all stood up giggling and walk out together. We walked toward the elevator to return to our rooms for obvious reasons. As we waited for it to arrive he introduced them selves as Dave and Sarah. They too were on their honeymoon. We entered the elevator and got to talking. We decided to all head up to our room after we headed to a different bar to get a few rounds to take back to the room. We ended up with 2 trays of various cocktails and carefully carried them back to the room getting to know each other on the way there. As we walked through the hallway they made the comment that they were on the same floor as them. We continued down the hallway to our door when they both started laughing . We entered the room and they just kept laughing. Sarah finally spoke, glad were not the loudest ones on the floor. At that time Sarah explained that they were staying in the room next door and had head us fucking earlier in the day. I confessed that they had woken us up an had turned us on so much we had to fuck. They said it turned them on as well and walked over to the table and had a seat. We started drinking rather quickly i must say. We finished both trays without saying a word. My wife walked out on to our balcony to watch the waves and remarked how pretty it was. We a went out to see. I lingered for a second and returned to the room, so did Sarah. I looked for some other alcoholic beverage but could not find one. I sat at the table with Sarah. Her hair blowing in the nightly breeze from the ocean. I lean over and whispered i must confess, i could not stop starring at your pussy all night. She whispered back good and lifted her dress.to reveal it once more to make sure i got a good look. I noticed that Dave was now rubbing my wife’s shoulders. I had missed his moves but it was quick. I blame my wife’s flirtatious ways, but who cares. She grabs my leg and tells me that shes mine if I want her. She then stands up and walks out to Dave. “What you doing out here?” Dave responds the usual. and kinds smirks. Sarah that’s fine by me and smacks him on the ass and walks back to the room. As she leaves she stops and turns to my wife and says “hes all yours.” Sara turns back and continues to the living room. She struts passed me and pulls her dress over her head and throws it at me and continues türbanlı escort gümüşhane to the bathroom where she starts the shower. I glance out at my wife who is starring at me as Dave has managed to get his fingers in my wife’s pussy already. I stand up and head to the bathroom where I find Sarah bent over touching her toes standing in the shower . i take a long good look before I run my hand down her back, from her neck to her ass. she arches her back as I run my hand around her ass checks. I try to enter the shower but she pushes me away. She starts to slowly rub her body in the hot water. she starts to dance and slowly her hand glances over her clit. she sees my light up and her hand returns rubbing herself almost to an orgasm before I grab her hand away and I say “I did not say you can cum yet.” She turned off the water and grabbed a towel. I led her back to the bedroom where I could see my wife still on the patio but now on her knees sucking Dave’s huge white cock. It was easily 9″ and much wider than mine. She seemed to be enjoying his massive cock in her mouth. Sarah grabbed me, stripped me naked and started sucking my cock. She knew her way around my cock but I was not interested in this right now. I wanted her pussy. The same landing strip I was starring at all night. The one I had been thinking about all day since I heard her moan in ecstasy. It was now my life’s goal to make her scream as loud as she was earlier.No louder. I wanted her husband to know she was getting fucked by me. I took her by her arm and threw her over on the bed. I grabbed her pussy to find she had been ready to go for some time. She grabbed my cock and shoved it inside of her. She moaned hard as i went deep inside her. Both Dave and my wife stopped and turned to see what was going on. they came inside and moved to the couch. HE was now on top of her about to penetrate her. she stopped him at the last second and said I want to be on the bed with them. They both moved over to the bed where my wife grabbed my ass ans began to bite my neck. Dave took the hint and shoved his cock inside her wet pussy. She moaned with every thrust. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on Sarah with my wife moaning in my ear. Sarah began to cum as I rubbed her clit with my free hand. I could hear my wife say ” that’s right make her cum baby” she immediately came herself. Dave did not let up. He was a champ. Just non stop ass pounding fucking until she came again. This time she came hard and forced Dave’s fat cock out of her pussy just as her started to cum. He came all over her asshole and pussy. She rubbed his cum all over her pussy and ass. It turned her so much it made her cum yet again. This was to much for me and I came inside Sarah’ silky pussy. Her body still pulsating from orgasm I pull out to leave her pussy dripping with my cum. All 4 of us roll onto our backs and breathe. I awake several hours later to find the other 3 still passed out naked on our floor. I smile at a fun night and crawl onto the floor next to my wife, still covered with another man’s cum, and went back to sleep.

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