Honeymoon Cruise

Honeymoon CruiseWe had been enjoying our honeymoon, cruising the Mediterranean for the previous two weeks, with another to go. Taking in the sites, gorging ourselves on food & booze, fucking like a****ls. In fact, the numerous large mirrors in our cabin were both a surprise and we had been enjoying the new views. We had been meaning to try out the hot tubs on the boat since we got there but just hadn’t gotten around to it; they were always crowded. We finally managed to sneak a spot in one and ended up talking with some really couple from Michigan. I couldn’t help but notice how he admired my tits as they bobbed around the surface in the bubbles, practically spilling out of my bikini top. Hubby noticed him too. I reached over underwater to confirm what I already knew, he was rock hard. The pool area was closing for the night, so we said our good-byes and called it a night. Hubby ran into him in the elevator the next day. They had a quick hello when he mentioned how ‘nice’ he thought I was with a wink as he got off on his floor. Hubby got back to the room & told me what had happened. We resolved to go back to the hot tubs that night. That night it was windy and a tad chilly when we ventured up to the pool deck. We checked out all four and opted for the one with just a young black woman in it. We put our towels and sandals off to the side and made our way into the hot tub. She turned around and said “hi” as we entered and then turned back around to throw her arms back over the side, rested her head on her shoulder and closed her eyes. We settled in and began to relax, enjoying the jets. It was shortly thereafter that it began to pour. It was really quite something. And then the lightning started too. We commented with our tub mate as to what a great show it was, nestled in the hot tub undercover. After a couple of minutes she said that she was going to cool off in the rain and stood up to edremit escort get out. When she did, we both noticed that her top was barely on as both of her tits were half hanging out the bottom; probably just held on by her nipples. We watched her wander through the nearly deserted pool deck enjoying the rain, and then over to the smoking area. As soon as she was out of ear shot, we discussed how hot it was and that we both had hoped that she would fall out. Since we were now alone, I moved over to hubby and straddled his lap. I could feel his throbbing cock pressing against my spandex covered pussy. I buried my face into the side of his neck and began to work on giving him a hickey as I ground against his cock. I could feel him pressing back against me. He’d fuck me right then and there if I let him. It was at that point that our tub mate came back. And to our surprise she had not fixed her top and the bottom half of both her tits ere still exposed. I moved back to sitting normally as she settled back in across from us as she was before. I was starting to suspect that she was enjoying the jets as only a woman could; and that she was enjoying knowing that we were watching her tits as she strode in and out of the tub. I shifted back next to hubby and reached into his bathing suit to give his cock a little squeeze. He looked at me like he was going to die if he didn’t get to fuck me soon. I gave him a quick playful peck on the cheek and settled back in to enjoy the soak. Hubby put his hand on my thigh and slowly moved it up, ever closer to my pussy. I closed my eyes in anticipation of him teasing my pussy. But with a quick tug and much to my surprise, he’s tugged my bottoms down to my knees. My eyes shoot open to see if our tub mate has noticed – she hasn’t, she’s facing the other way. He’s pleased with himself I can see, he’s smiling beykoz escort like a Cheshire cat. And then just as quickly as he pulled my bottoms down, his fingers find my exposed clit. I let out a low moan as two fingers deftly dance over my clit, I slouch down and spread my legs wider for him. I rock my hips in the hope that he’ll finger me with his long fingers. However, he’s content to massage my aching clit. Our tub mates stirs. She stands up, her top still miraculously hanging on. Wishes us a good night and leaves. Hubby doesn’t miss a beat, never letting up on my clit as we speak with her. I try to keep my composure. I’m sure she can’t see his hand between my legs with the swirling of all the bubbles and jets; though I wish she did see me & my bare pussy. Once she is gone and we are alone, I beg hubby to finger me, and still he resists. Enjoying his hold over me. He commands me to pull my tits out of my top. I pull out my left, closest to him, and arch my back up. His mouth is quick to latch on to my rock hard nipple and gives it a nibble. I’m in ecstasy. And then he stops; hikes up my bottoms and releases my nipple. It’s time to be fucked.We get out of the tub, his raging hard-on clearly noticeable though his bathing suit. We towel off and make our way back down to our cabin. I’m aching and throbbing. I need to be filled. Once back at our cabin, we peel our suits off and quickly rinse off in the shower. I slowly stroke his cock with both hands as I lean my head back to rinse my hair. We dry ourselves and move to the bed. There will be no foreplay. I grab vibrator and get on all fours on the corner of the bed. The bedroom was blessed with lots of mirrors – a large one at the head of the bed that reached the ceiling and two tall, thin vanity mirrors off to the right. We’d been enjoying the views that that afforded us. I turn esenyurt escort on my vibrator and press it to my waiting clit. It’s a relief for the teasing to be over. He takes up his position behind me. He smacks his cock lightly against my spread asshole and tells me to look him in the eye as he enters me. I look up into the mirror at the head of the bed where I can see him maneuver his cock to my pussy lips. He locks eyes with me, I see his abs tense as he presses forward into pussy. With his first thrust, he’s balls deep. It’s perfect. I watch myself getting fucked like a cheap whore in the mirror. His hands wrapped around my waist. My ass jiggling with each savage thrust. Vibrator at full power. He moves his hands to my shoulders, pulling me into him as he fucks me. And then one hand to pull my hair back. My lips grip his cock eagerly and I push back into in amazing time. I can feel my orgasm starting to build. I can feel his thumb at the base of his cock, grazing my lips. He takes our juices with his thumb and uses it to massage my asshole, working circles. Each hand firmly gripping an ass cheek. He plunges the lubed thumb knuckle deep into my ass, alternating its thrusts with that of his cock. His pace quickens. I’m on the edge. I tell him I’m going to cum and that I want him to ‘cum deep in my pussy’. He loves that. I can see him clench his jaw, his body tense as he rocked me with extra hard thrusts as he pumped what would be a massive load into me. Knowing I was being filled with cum was the final piece of the puzzle. I tried to muffle my scream as I came, but I lost all control as I bore down on his cock and thumb. I was like a bitch in heat, I’m sure anyone in the halls would have heard me. I tried to catch my breath, but each gasp is more like an a****listic grunt. He hunched over my back, and kissed my neck. His arms on either side of me holding himself up on the bed. His cock still twitching in my pussy. He slowly pulls out and I crawl up to the pillows and collapse on my back. I put my vibrator on the night stand and close my eyes. I reach down to feel my still tingling pussy and lazily play with the cum that’s started to make its way out of my pussy and down my ass crack until I drift off to sleep.

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