Honeymoon Excess


Jill and Jeff Flinder were on the fourth night of their honeymoon. Their apartment on the small Greek island of Agistri was perfect, with a large bed, a bathroom that had a corner bath into which two could fit easily, and a shower which had plenty of space. There was a generous balcony which easily held a table and chairs plus a double lounger, and a view out over the blue Aegean, which was just sensational. There were other pleasing features, but for Jill and Jeff, they were the essentials.

For them this honeymoon was a climax in itself. They had met at a friend’s wedding just four months earlier. Jeff, a consultant engineer and Jill, ex-model and magazine editor, found, from the first time they’d shared a most passionate kiss, that they each had the same notion, ‘This is the one for me’. They had so much in common, a love of film, books and theatre, a delight in walking the countryside, and generous experience of the opposite sex, which illustrated their eager libidos.

They only learned this after early dates, but they knew they were destined to marry, sooner rather than later. They came to that conclusion before any union had taken place. And that was when Jill had come up with the suggestion, which was unbelievable for her, and disappointing for him, at first. Her astonishing idea had been that they avoid having sex until their honeymoon.

Jill could not believe that she would have such an idea. Sex had always been a major factor in her life, and she had rarely ducked the opportunity to take pleasure in the arms of a man she fancied.

Since his first experience at eighteen, Jeff had chased sex avidly, and with considerable success. He was confident that women came on to him easily, so the idea of going some three months in the company of this epitome of womanhood without any sex appalled him.

“Think about it, Jeff,” Jill said, so enthusiastic since the idea had taken root. “we go to our honeymoon like two virgins.”

Jeff laughed at that. “I’m afraid that genie got out of the bottle a long time ago.”

“For me too, but, Jeff, what do we have that two virgins wouldn’t?”


“Exactly,” she said, her lovely face alight with the thought of it, “and we are crazy about each other?”

“I hope so. I know I am.”

She kissed him warmly, “And I could eat you now. So, don’t you see what it will be like? Two frustrated lovers with our experience coming together on our honeymoon. What would that be like?”


“Exactly, I’m starting to look forward to it already.”

So, for the ensuing weeks, they nursed their longing for each other with a set of rules that Jeff was sure they’d never adhere to. No nudity when they were together. No caresses under clothing. Agreement to break off when the pressure became too much.

“It’s so difficult, isn’t it?” Jill admitted one night, after they’d had a long kissing session on his sofa, and she had placed a hand on the spot where his penis bulged his pants. “That thing you have down there is something I look forward to.” This whole business with Jeff had been so out of the usual pattern in her life. Fancy a guy, find it mutual, and in no time it would be bed.

Jeff was catching his breath, trying to stem the ache from where she had touched, while he had squeezed her breasts, longing to tear her dress open, and feast there, but he settled for his hand drifting over her belly, savouring the swell of her pudenda, and the gentle inlet beyond, only partly accessible, because of her closed thighs. “Can I last another two weeks without bursting?”

But manage they did, and after a fabulous wedding reception they were cheered to their flight by friends and relatives. Hand in hand on the plane, some comfort for Jill who, in spite of taking several flights in her career, had never lost a fear of flying. To keep her mind off it they talked out a new set of rules on the control they would apply to their finally coming together. Everything would be gentle, from Jill donning her see-through negligee, to gentle early kisses, through much caressing to that final moment of Jeff’s entry into her, and even then all movement would be loving and caring.

Not quite how it panned out.

The flight got into Athens at midday. The ferry had them on the island by six thirty that evening. A lovely meal with plenty of wine available, but ‘not needed’ as Jill put it. A porter had delivered their bags up to their apartment, and, meal over, they made their decorous way to the lift, which they shared with four others who were going to the second floor. Between the second and third floors, alone for a moment, they kissed with the gentility they had promised.

Out of the lift, and their apartment door was the first on their right. Before Jeff had the key turned in the lock, Jill had unbuttoned her thin summer dress all the way down, and was out of it and her bra, before Jeff had turned from closing the door. Seeing her near naked, gave him the immediate urge to reach for those jutting breasts that pointed their pink nipples bursa escort directly at him. But seeing the lascivious look on her face, he unbuckled his belt, and hastily pushed pants and boxer shorts to the floor.

Jill, all heated, and very aware of the moistness between her thighs, stared hungrily as Jeff’s massively erect penis poked a purple head from under his shirt. So on fire was she, all she longed to do was take it into her, into whichever orifice would afford them both the most pleasure.

Jeff enjoyed watching her reaction to the appearance of his penis, and he reached out to push her tiny panties down. Jill wriggled her hips to aid that, as she tugged at the buttons of his shirt. Jeff was stunned by the curvaceous body in front of him. He was particularly delighted that she was a natural blonde. Yes, her pubic hair was a shade more corn coloured, but his own pubic hair was darker than the brown hair on his head.

Jill was thrilled by the musculature of Jeff’s shoulders and hairless chest. She’d never been fond of hairy-chested men, found them quite a turn off. And Jeff’s belly was excitingly flat sloping away from that stomach six pack as it did. Broad thighs leading in to that very inviting penis. It was all too much for patience to survive.

So they stood there, naked at last, each wondering how they had managed to keep such goodies out of each other’s sight for so long

“Which rule are we at?” Jill asked breathlessly, giving her whole body a provocative wriggle.

Jeff had few words ready, as he bent, heaved Jill up into his arms, and, marching towards the bedroom, declared, “Damn the rules.” Aroused by just being in his arms, Jill turned her eager mouth up to his, as they moved under the arch into the bedroom.

Within seconds they were rolling over the large bed in something close to frenzy. His hands clutched her breasts, her hands reached for his penis, ‘like iron’, she murmured, his mouth and tongue lingered on her nipples, while his hands groped over her corn coloured pudenda, to nestle between her thighs, while her mouth swooped over his penis, tongue licking avidly, and both revelled in the spark of skin against skin.

All of that in the first fifteen seconds, before, without any more speech, or any clear consensus, Jeff’s penis was ploughing up Jill’s eager vaginal canal, as he gloried in the wetness, the vibrancy and the pull she was exerting.

Jill had viewed Jeff’s penis as being just about average in length, maybe a little longer, but it had been the girth that had surprised and pleased her when she had briefly gripped it. Now, her thighs spread as far as they would go, she was learning just how sumptuous such a girth could be. He was filling her lady completely and the flexing of his hips urged her to respond with her own undulations. Adding to the exquisite sensations, she flexed internal muscles to urge him into her depths. As an orgasm neared, part of her mind was luxuriating in the admission that she had chosen well.

Climax was very much on Jeff’s mind as, independent of his own motions, he became more and more aware of Jill’s. He was also aware of the nature of her breathing, deep guttural gasps for breath, quickening all the time. She was going over, he could tell. What were the chances of them hitting a high together at their very first attempt? His pulsing scrotum told him it was a possibility.

But it was at that moment that she gave a desperate squeal, her fingernails dug into his back, her head rolled from side to side, and for a moment it felt as though she was trying to pull Jeff’s whole body up inside herself.

Jill was flying on a climax the like of which she could not recall ever having before. She wanted to be touched everywhere, she wanted Jeff, all of him, inside her, outside her, all around her. And she knew her senses were useless alongside the urgent ecstasies that were exploding from her womb, all around her body.

Jeff, only slightly disappointed that he had missed her time, but the sounds, the joys that emanated from her, had his penis and scrotum spurting against Jill’s cervix, and as he released his juices, he became very aware of his own grunting, not unlike a snuffling pig.

He eased his weight off her, as she lowered her knees, and half chuckling they clung together, their perspiration gluing their skins together.

“What happened to that flimsy negligee?” Jeff chuckled

“What happened to gentility?” she responded, still breathless.

“We did caress, didn’t we?”

“I can’t remember,” she sniggered, and rose over him to nestle against his chest. “Worth waiting for?”

“I think so. Should we just go home now? Doubt if we’ll better that.”

“Oh, yes we will,” she hissed, reaching to stroke his flaccid wet penis. “What time is it now?”


“Because I have a date.” She gave him a sly look that was going to become so delightfully regular.

“Who with?”

She sat back and pointed down Jeff’s body, “Little fellow down there. I want him to meet my lady again. They bursa escort bayan weren’t formally introduced.”

“Your lady?”

Her laugh was tuneful yet erotic, “That’s what I call it. In the past when I knew the full process was about to take place with a man, I started thinking of her as my lady-in-waiting. In other words, waiting to be filled. But I shortened that to just lady. So she will need a formal introduction.”

“Can she wait awhile?” Jeff asked, before kissing her.

“Looks like she’s going to need to.” Jill said, giving the limp organ a casual flick. “But what name is she going to be introduced to?”

Jeff shook his head, “I’ll have to leave that to you.”

Jill was silent for a moment, her brow creased in mock concentration, before she cried out triumphantly, “I have it.”


“Lancelot—because—” And she laughed out loud, “—I trust he’s going to lance my lady—a lot.”

“Okay, you can bank on that.”

The formal introduction took place at nine thirty. This time it was slow and gentle, and Jill’s lady took a little rapturous invasion from Jeff’s tongue, before Jill held his lance tight, and slowly delivered the purple head to the wide and ready lady portal. Was there ever such a formal introduction? Both parties achieved much pleasure from it.

After a couple of glasses of wine. at eleven o’clock, there was a further meeting, this time preceded by an agreed complete body exploration, in which Jeff and Jill caressed, kissed, licked, and squeezed. This session was unexpectedly brought to a frenzied conclusion by Jeff’s lips and tongue’s injudicious foray into Jill’s lady’s rose petal borders. Jill, to her own surprise and utter exhilaration, went into a paroxysm of sensuous spasms, and she was demanding that her lady be totally filled with that wide lance. Not surprisingly, Jeff was only too keen to oblige.

When they had both caught their breaths, Jill sighed, ” God, that was as if I hadn’t had it for months.”

Jeff hugged her, and whispered, “Well, until a few hours ago you hadn’t.”

At one thirty in the morning they took their first shower together, and as the water poured over them, dripping from hair, fingers, penis and nipples, they thrilled to the erotic slide of soaped hands over their skin. Jill parted her thighs to allow the easy glide of Jeff’s fingers, and he could have allowed his hands to play there all night, especially as Jill’s little elongated sighs told him just how much she was getting from it.

Jill, enjoying playing over Jeff’s lance, and feeling it rise to the correct proportions for such a title, saw the opportunity to realise another first between the two of them. Allowing the tumbling water to wash away the soap, she kissed her way down his six pack, nuzzled into his dark brown pubic hair, and ran her tongue over Jeff’s now rampant penis.

Blinking up at him through a haze of streaming water, she said “I think I owe you this.”

Looking down at this wonderful wife he had found himself, and seeing what she was about to do, Jeff felt his penis, or as Jill had christened it, lance, pulse in anticipation. He saw his end disappear between those generous lips, and there was a moment’s hesitation when he thought she had changed her mind. But, without drawing him deeply into her mouth, he was thrilled to feel her tongue lapping and rolling around his purple head. Then, very slowly that same head was being rolled along the inside of her cheek which bulged, before he was indulged by engagement with the back of her throat. Hell, it felt terrific, maybe too exciting, and he knew he’d need to be ready to warn her.

As Jill eagerly wrapped her lips around Jeff’s lance, she realised that she had not allowed for the girth of this organ. It was going to fill her mouth, giving little scope for her tongue to do a full job on it. So, with just the smooth head inside, she played her tongue all around it, dipping into the tiny mouth it had. Then she moved her head and experienced the electric thrill of it it running along her cheek. She moved her head so that both cheeks were favoured.

It wasn’t the first blowjob she had given. How many? Well, three -three, would it be? Two of those had been withdrawals and the stuff had splattered over her shoulders and breasts, which, for her, made it rather unpleasant. The one time she had swallowed had convinced her that it was the most satisfactory way to do it. This would be her first since then, and this would give her so much more satisfaction, because this one was for Jeff.

She sucked his wide organ right to the back of her throat, sensing that it was blocking everything back there. But there was no gagging, as she moved her head back and forth along the mass of it. Happily, she could sense the quivers in Jeff’s loins. She was giving him the pleasure he had devoted to her earlier in the evening. Deliberately she increased the pace of her mouth along his shaft, as well as the frequency of her sucking on it as though it was some great popsicle. Her fingers squeezed at his scrotum, escort bursa as she heard Jeff’s grunt, and his flexing hips encouraged her all the more.

Jeff could hardly believe how good she was, as her mouth worked diligently at giving him gratification. . But the pressure was increasing, and those fingers juggling his balls were adding to that.

“Jill,” he gasped, “I think you’d better—oh—ease back.”

As an answer her head gave a little shake and her two hands clutched on his buttocks, holding him firmly in place. Jill’s hands were also pressed against the side of the shower, so there was no way Jeff could withdraw himself. The only solution would be to grab her head and force it away. But that simple action never entered his mind, as the inevitable pulsing began, and he knew he was going to pour into her mouth.

Jill was prepared for what was coming. Water cascading off her face she peered up through streaming water, to make out Jeff’s head going back, and she heard his desperate, “Oh, Jill, Jill.” Then his fluid was cascading into the back of her throat, just where she wanted it, and she swallowed hungrily. After what they had been doing all evening, Jill was gratified at the flow that his lance produced. As she became aware of the shrinking of his penis, Jill let it slip away giving the tip a final lick to catch a late drop. The salty taste did not revolt her in any way.

As they rubbed each other with towels, Jeff had to say, “That was so wonderful, Jill”

“Just for you.”

He hesitated to ask the question, but it was there, they were cosy, so he asked it, “How many -how many—men—?”

“Have I done it with?” So she told him. “— Only one where I swallowed.”

“One? You were so good-“

“I’ll tell you about it sometime. Was that a good way to close your wedding day?”

“You are so full of desire. I do think I love you.”

“That’s just as well.”

And that was the end of their first day as a married couple. The next day was almost as frantic. They ventured out to walk in the sunshine, hand in hand along the beach, and through the village, which was small and bright with all the houses pure white. But always they had to scamper back to sate their desire for each other.

In the first four days of their honeymoon they gorged on that desire for each others bodies, on the bed (regularly), in the shower (twice), in the bath (twice), and out on the balcony, three times, twice on the double lounger. The other occasion, as Jill, wearing only a thin negligee, leaned against the balustrade, looking out over the azure sea, Jeff moved behind her, lifted her gown and his lance entered her moist lady from the rear.

“What a lovely surprise,” she sighed, and pushed herself back to match his lusty thrusts. From that position, Jeff was able to reach around and trickle his fingers onto her labia, which parted easily, to give him access to her clitoris. The little target was erect and ready for his contact. The combination of lance sliding up Jill’s lady and those fingers on her clitoris brought her to a rapid and massive climax.

Jeff fully aware of how close she was had himself poised, and as he heard those tell-tale squeaks escaping her lips, he gave too massive thrusts and her squeal of abandon on that final push had her head jutting out over the balustrade.

Despite being all aglow in her ecstasy, Jill saw the couple on the balcony below look up curiously. “You all right, lady?” the man asked.

Red-faced, and now close to giggling at the question, and still in the rapture of her orgasm, Jill was able to stammer, “Yes, this lady is fine. Just thought I saw somebody I knew.” She was able to gesture vaguely down to the edge of the pool, before Jeff, who had heard the exchange, pulled her back and they collapsed, helpless with laughter, onto the lounger.

On that fourth night, totally satiated after a rainy day had confined them to beautifully salacious activities, they lay, naked in each other’s arms on the lounger out on the patio. The skies had cleared and they just lay looking up at the stars.

“What are you thinking?” Jeff asked her.

Her fingers drifted down his belly, “I was thinking we’ve broken your lance.”

Jeff laughed, “I’ll have it repaired tomorrow.”

“No, I broke it, you should let me fix it.”

“Oh, all right,” he agreed, squeezing one bare breast, adding, “but not before tomorrow. It’s badly broken.”

“I have to admit my lady’s a little frayed around the edges.” They laughed together and Jill asked, “What were you thinking, anyway?”

“About that little bay we walked to yesterday,” Jeff told her. “So secluded. Sex in the open air has some appeal. But I’ve never tried it, have you?”

“Nearly, “she said.

“Nearly? What does that mean”

“Back when I was just turned eighteen years old, and ready to get rid of my virginity, this guy, while we danced, was keen to press his erection against me. Feeling very keyed up, I allowed him to take me outside, at the back of a night club. I was all ready for it, as he lifted my skirt, and then—” Jill paused, and gave Jeff a little grin as she built up the tension, “-he shot his stuff all over my thighs and dress. A not-to-be repeated experience and certainly no first time.”

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