Honeymoon fantasy


Honeymoon fantasyI have to be honest; I married my 50 year old husband because of his money…. I also must admit I enjoy the lifestyle, the travels, clothes, jewelry, cars, house and so on, so after I met him over 4 years ago on my 25 the birthday we decided to spend our honeymoon on Jamaica, on recommendation from one of my bridesmaids…..;) Our first honeymoon night was not very memorable as he was too drunk to remember where he had his Viagra…..So on our second day of our honeymoon me and my husband Tom, were lying on the beach in Jamaica, the warmth of the sun caressing my frustrated body, the sound of the waves kissing the soft sand, the beach thronged with people, sexy reggae music, and sweet ganja in the air. Tom said he needed to go for a walk, maybe back to the bungalow as he felt sick from one little puff, and of course all the beers and rum he drank for lunch…. Poor man was too pale for me to get angry with him, so I just said goodbye and hope you feel better soon, honey, and smoked the rest for myself….When the sun started to go down I went for a last swim and when I came back to the beach I felt this young black boy’s smile on me while he passed the other sunbeds, carrying a big coconut drink. He wasn’t very tall, but his body was quite muscular and the closer he got to me, the more I had to stare on his perfect black body….hiding behind my sunglasses, of course….I saw now he looked very young in his pretty face, but his voice was very masculine, asking me if I wanted a nice massage, in this sexy Jamaican accent that said, even for his obvious young age, don’t worry, I make you happy….When he stood smiling above me, next to my sunbed I couldn’t help noticing his long bulge down and to the side in his hot, tight trunks, which if it wasn’t for the sun, he would have seen my cheeks blush, I’m sure…He said, I’m Winston. I’m Tia, I smiled, and he still handshaking me, gently but firmly in his big, strong hand.I was lying on my stomach and he sat down on his knees in front of me, his bulge very obvious indeed…. He then said, you beautiful lady should not be alone hiltonbet yeni giriş in Jamaica, as he gave me a straw for his coconut drink, I drew in my breath because he smiled wider and looked into my eyes, which made my mind racing, even though we both wore sunglasses. I felt my nipples were hard and swollen now in my sexy, white bikini, rubbing against my sunbed, while he took out his massage oils and a big joint from his bag I hesitated, but said….I love a massage but I am not alone, my husband was feeling ill after one of these, so….. We both laughed and passed to each other his big smoke…He rubbed oil in my skin with his strong, sensual hands, and I didn’t say anything when he opened my bikini on my back. My breasts were out in the open as he poured oil on my butt and moved my legs apart, rubbing oil every inch of my legs and back…. I was soaking wet already as Winston turned me, both his hands firmly on my big breasts and oiling them too, and whispered, I hope your husband isn’t worried as its almost dark now….Oh my god, It was so amazing I hadn’t even notice….Forget him, I said as I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deep, his tongue and mouth darting into my mouth and sucking on my hard nipples, taking my breath away. I moved my hand to his bulge….which was nothing but, in the darkness….His cock was way too big and hard for his trunks, standing as a pole up against his ripped stomach….OMG, I couldn’t even get my hand around it, and both my hands couldn’t cover his length….and mmmm there was pre-cum leaking out of his huge young black cock, which taste so good as I licked his big head and wrapped my lips around his massive shaft, stretching my mouth more than I’ve ever felt before…I threw him down on the sunbed now and crawled between his strong, muscular thighs, feeling his cock even bigger than my face as I lick and suck him from his smooth, big young balls, all the way up to his throbbing head….OH my god, I’ve had some guys about 8 inches but Winston must have been 11 to 12 inches….and as if he read my mind, he said, don’t hiltonbet giriş worry I’ve just turned 18…and smiled as I looked up at his sparkling eyes with his giant, black teen mamba in my mouth!!!http://xhamster.com/movies/909427/barbie_destroyed_by_black_ken.htmlWTF…OMG…I stopped sucking him as I felt I saw someone in the darkness….I whispered it to Winston….It was too dark but he whispered it is someone jerking his cock while watching or listening to us….we both went silent as I kept sucking him slowly with my eyes towards this man in the darkness watching us….OMG, can it be him, my husband….I whispered to Winston, panicking and starting to pack my bag, and put on my small, sexy red dress and walked in the opposite direction of this voyeur…. Winston caught up with me, smiled and said, mmm sexy lady, hope you want more” “I laughed a little and said I have to go by our bungalow and see if my husband’s there, and to say he would come with me, Winston put my hand around his cock for him to follow me….and I said, I’m not leaving you, let me just see to our bungalow…I want to be sure it wasn’t’ him watching us…I was so horny now and kind of felt dizzy, noticing I was unsure where our bungalow was….Winston smiled more devilishly now and said, we feel good now don’t you? Oh god yes, Winston, please find bungalow no 3, it’s nearby….my god, what was in your coconut drink??? Don’t worry, it’s my Jamaican special pleasure for sexy lady….and then we were already by our bungalow which was dark, I turned the lights on but my husband was nowhere to be seen…..I sit down on our bed and when I turn Winston is already naked with his ENORMOUSE, young, black, throbbing cock near my face….OMG, I’m in shock, just staring with my mouth open as he put me down on my knees in front of him and feed his monster into my mouth, opening my mouth a few inches at a time until it went past the back of my throat and my eyes are full of tears, and omg, now I’m sure, my husband is outside on the dark balcony stroking his 5 or 6 or whatever small inches cock of his….. http://xhamster.com/movies/807261/samantha_bond_platinum_milf_shafting.htmlWinston hiltonbet güvenilirmi manages to make me take half his length….I felt like such a slut looking out at my husband as Winston fucks my mouth and tits….slapping my face with his wet, rock hard monster….I can feel his balls even bigger than on the beach…..and then he exploded all over me….aaaaah give me all your hot, young Jamaican cum, big boyyyyyyyy I say as I look towards the window and balcony where my husband is hiding and I guess cumming too…aaaaahhhhhh OMG, Winston, you covered my newly married white face completely with your huuuuge, black boy load…Mmmmmmm rubbing his cum all over my body and kissing and licking my tits and his monster cock clean, I smile at the balcony and now my husband is so close to the window me, him, we both now understand….and when Winston is in the bathroom I open the balcony door, just a little, and without saying anything I give my husband his video camera…and blow ganja at his face as I turn and tell Winston to lie on our honeymoon bed and be comfortable and relax….http://xhamster.com/movies/881893/black_tori_black.htmlWhen I’m back again I am wearing my gorgeous, sexy white wedding lingerie….Winston’s huge black pole is lying up against his stomach, thick and almost fully hard again…..I suck him so his cock is wet and throbbing for me as I sit and lover myself down on his gigantic black pole, my face towards the balcony and I see my husband stroking his cock in a trance as my eyes roll when he stretches me up on his horsecock, making me cum so strong all over my young black boy’s niiiiiiiiiiiggggggger cockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkhhhhhhhh……………..and omg he throws me on my hands and knees towards the balcony and fucks me senseless doggy, using me like a doll, and making me his married slut….. Winston rammed his huge, young hard black cock deep inside my little pussy grabbing my hair and hips and pounding me hard, making me cum again and again, I could hear myself screaming obscenities as wave after wave of unstoppable lust surged through my willing body. When I’m about to pass out I beg him to breed me with his young nigger cummmmmmmmI woke covered in cum and sore as my husband is licking my honeymoon pussy, dripping of young black boy cum….. Open, open your mouth my cuckold husband……;)

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