Honeymoon Helper


Honeymoon HelperLeann and Jason Moore were looking out the window of the jet as it circled to land in Jamaica. They were to spend the next three weeks aboard a diving boat exploring the wrecks and reefs around the islands. Her father gave the trip to them as a wedding present. They both were looking forward to the trip. Both like to dive and they would take this time to really get to know each other. They had been married the day before and spent their wedding night at the Airport hotel in Atlanta. An early wake up call had them aboard on time. They had not even had time to enjoy being married. This was a problem that they both were more than ready to remedy as soon as possible.Luann was her parent’s pride and joy. She had just graduated from high school a month before the wedding. Although they didn’t like the thought of her marrying so young they both did like Jason. He was a smart young man and a good catch for their daughter. He had graduated from college and now worked for her father.She had been Miss everything in school; cheer leader, class president, first in her class, veoted most popular, and most any other award that could be given. She was a tiny girl, standing just slightly over 5 feet tall and weighted 105 pounds. Long silky blond hair that was so fine that a breeze would blow it out of place. Her breasts were large for such a small girl and her legs were perfectly shaped. She was the whole package rolled into one. Men and boys had been after her since her early teens. Because of her religious up bring she was still a virgin her wedding night.Jason was a lot like her. He had been a good athlete in high school and college. He graduated with honors and went right to work with his father-in-law to be. He was tall with wavy black hair, and dark eyes. Unlike Luann he was far from being a virgin. He had his choice from many girls while he was in school. He constantly tried to convince her that she should go all the way but she wouldn’t give in. He finally decided if he were going to crawl between her lovely legs then it would be as her husband.The wedding night was a success even though they were limited on time. She may have been a virgin but she didn’t hesitate once they were in their room. She wasn’t shy about undressing and letting him see what he had been trying to see for the last year. She also was pleased to see what a large cock he was blessed with. She had heard about men with small cocks and she was glad that he was so well endowed.Jason used his experience with her. He was very gentle and the pain was soon over. She was already on the pill and didn’t have that worry. He brought her to her first ever climax before climaxing himself. Twice more during the short night he brought her off again. The wake up call put a stop to their night. The plane landed and they met Lois who was from the boat. She helped them clear customs and soon had them loaded and on their way. Jason’s eyes liked to have fallen out of his head when he saw her. She was a tall Black woman, nearly six feet tall, with long black hair that came down to her waist. Her shin was the color of milk chocolate. She had on white shorts and a tank top. It was plain to see that she didn’t wear a bra, as her nipples were easy to see through the top. The white shorts highlighted her long legs.It was a good thing that Luann wasn’t the jealous type. She had to punch Jason in the ribs to get him back to earth. He turned red at the idea he had been caught looking.Lois explained on the ride that Juan, her husband, and his brother, along with her made up the crew on the boat. Another couple had been scheduled but something came up and they would come later. They would leave as soon as they could get loaded and would be out to sea most of the three weeks. Coming in only to get supplies when they needed them.Both men met them at the dock and helped them get their gear aboard. Juan was a tall light skinned man and Lupe was larger and darker than his brother was. Luann thought that Juan was the nicest looking man she had ever seen. When he greeted her with a hard hug she could feel his hard body against hers. Lupe greeted her the same way before they both shook Jason’s hand. Juan had the same effect on Luann that Lois had on Jason. Although there were a lot of blacks in Savannah she had never come in contact with them. She had felt a stirring in her stomach when he had pulled her tight against him when he hug her. She could not believe how good it felt to have his hard body touching hers. He held the hug a second longer than nessary before releasing her to Lupe. He quickly did the same way as his brother. When Lupe turned her lose she was slightly flushed.Juan hurried them aboard the boat. He wanted to get out of the harbor before the fishing boats started returning. They helped Luann and Jason store their luggage before casting off. They went back topside and watched as the boat left the harbor. It was a beautiful sight with the clear blue water. They stood at the bow of the boat each thinking how much fun the next three weeks would be.Once in open water Juan set the boat on automatic pilot and called them all together. “I like to go over all the do’s and don’ts as soon as we get underway. First off we are here to have a good time. When diving you must dive in pairs at all times. If one of you want to dive then one of us will go with you. You have free run of the boat, including the galley. We will prepare the regular meals but you are welcome to help anytime. Once we leave land you may dress with as little are as much as you desire. The only time this will change is if we put in to port. You must be dressed when we dock. The crew will follow your lead. We don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable during the trip. This is to be a fun filled three weeks, one you can remember for years to come.When he finished, and after a little small talk, Jason and Luann excused themselves to go to their cabin and get out of their traveling clothes. Luann said, “Can you believe he said that we could go nude?”“I am surprised but I guess they do things a little different down here. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lois without her suit on.”Luann said, “Just remember, both can play that game. You men are all alike, a beautiful woman walks by and you are ready to drop your pants.”He pulled her to him, “If you will get out of that dress I’ll do more than drop my pants.”She quickly stripped and bounced up on the bed. She may have been a virgin yesterday but after last night she was ready for him again. She liked the sex and wanted more from him. “Come on, what are you waiting for,” as she spread her legs and reached her arms up toward him.He wasn’t far behind her getting naked. He was on his knees between her outstretched legs. Her cunt was so young and fresh that he could not resist trailing his tongue across the lips and onto her clit.When his tongue touched her clit her eyes flew wide open, “Don’t do that, I don’t like it.”“How do you know you don’t like it? You haven’t let me touch you yet.”“I just don’t like the idea of your mouth touching me down there.”He didn’t argue with her, he would take care of that another day. He moved up over her and kissed her breasts as his cock found the entrance to her young cunt. She liked the way his cock filled her up as he sunk deeper and deeper in her. Before she knew it she was climaxing. She never stopped moving. Soon her cunt was leaking juice down her legs. Her cunt was tight around his cock and it wasn’t long before he was moving faster and faster.Luann knew that she was going to cum again. She used her legs to pull her cunt tight against his thrusting body. She had never known that sex could be so good. Suddenly she worked her cunt faster and faster. He had never had a woman move like she was on his cock. All to soon they both climaxed again.“What came over you, he asked?”She turned her head so he couldn’t look into her eyes. “I don’t know, it just felt so good I couldn’t stop.” The truth was at the time he was pounding his cock in her cunt she had a vision of Juan fucking her. It was the biggest turn on of her life. They showered and put on their swimsuits. The one Luann finally chose was the most conservative one she owned. It still had trouble containing her large breasts and showed off her nice round ass. “They are going to know what we have been doing, she said.”“So what if they do know? After all we are newly weds, we are supposed to fuck. They said we could even go nude if we wanted too. Wonder how they would dress if we did go nude?”“Well I am not going to find out.”Unknown to them the three above already knew what they were doing. They had watched on the closed circuit TV camera hidden in each room. Lupe had watched as Luann stripped and her big breasts bounced into view. “Man, look at those tits. I can’t wait to get my mouth around those.” When she wouldn’t let Jason lick her cunt Juan said, I guess it will be left up to me to show that little white wife how it feels to have her cunt licked.”Lois was watching Jason. Actually she was watching his cock. She was glad to see that he was very well endowed. A lot of the time she was left with the short end of the stick. She was going to enjoy giving this young husband a cunt to kiss. All three knew that it would only be a short time before they both would be available to them. On these long trips the guest were usually a little shy at first, but it didn’t take long before they wanted to try something that they never would try back home.When they entered the deck, both guys gave a whistle at Luann. This brought a blush to her face. She was use to guys noticing her but not with the same looks that Juan and Lupe had. Lois said, “Don’t pay any attention to them. Those two never get enough of looking at women in swimsuits. I must say that you certainly look good in that one.”The three of them had taken the time to change while they had been below. Lois’s suit hardly had any material in it at all. It only covered the tips of her tits and the sides and top was completely exposed. She didn’t have a problem with the guys looking her over.The guy’s suits weren’t much more than jockey straps. The out line of their cocks was plain to see. Try as she might, Luann could not tear her eyes away from them. Juan had a large bulge in his suit but Lupe’s suit could not hold the bulge that it tried to contain. She had never seen a man with so much between his legs. She wondered just how big it would be once it was out and hard. She blushed at her own thoughts.Watching the little blond haired beauty cause both guys’ cock to start to harden. Unknown to Luann and Jason, this was on purpose. They liked to shock the guest as soon as they got on board. From past experience they knew that this would go a long way toward getting the new guest to loosen up. It was going to only be a short time before they had their black cocks buried in her newly married white cunt.When Luann saw the hardening cocks she thought about thinking of Juan fucking her. Again she blushed as her nipples harden so they were plain to see through her top. She quickly looked away so Jason wouldn’t see her looking at the other men. She shouldn’t have worried. His eyes had not left Lois since he came on deck. She was also letting him get an eye full of what he could have later.Juan was the first to speak, “We will just cruise the rest of today and get acquainted. We will spend the night anchored off an island. By tomorrow you will be more at ease around us. We have three full weeks to just cruise, dive, and just do what you like.”They spent the afternoon just sunning on the deck and having a few drinks. Luann and Jason didn’t know what was in the drinks but it sure put them at ease. Soon the drinks did what they were supposed to do, loosen them up.Lois left to fix dinner and Luann went to help. What a sight they made as they moved about the galley. One short and blond, the other tall and brown, no man in his right mine could resist either one of them.Luann finally got up the nerve to ask, “Do you really go around naked on these trips?”“It depends on the guest, if they like to then we do also. No one will ever be made to do something they don’t want.”“How can you just undress around people you just meet?”“It is not a problem for me. I know I have a good body and I like to show it off. After you get use to being naked in front of others it is nice not to be bothered with clothes. After a day or two the guy’s cocks quit getting hard every time you walk by. ““I don’t think I could do that. Jason would never let other guys see me naked.”“Don’t be to sure. Most men that have a wife like you want others to see her. It must be some kind of status symbol.”Dinner was over and they set on deck drinking more of Juan’s concoctions. The soft southern breeze blew across the boat, driving the hot afternoon sun. They no longer had on their swimsuits; they had changed before dinner. The shorts and tops the ladies had on only covered their breasts it didn’t hide them. Both made it hard for the men to take their eyes off them. As darkness rolled around Lois put on some music. She and Lupe got up to dance. It was island music with a lot of drums and the beat was nearly as intoxicating as the drinks. The dance was very sexual and the three watching was as exciting as the two dancing. That song ended and another started. Juan asked Luann if she would like to dance. She really wanted to but she was afraid of what she may do in front of Jason. She declined, “I will take a rain check on that. I think I will turn in early. It has been a long day. She took Jason by the hand and pulled him along with her. Once in the room she was all over him. She striped off her clothes and jumped on the bed. Jason was right behind her. She spread her legs and pulled him down on top of her. She wanted his cock in her cunt and she didn’t want to wait. As he dropped down his cock was at the opening of her cunt. The heat from her body was pulling his cock like a magnet into her. His cock found her and he couldn’t hold back. He drove his cock all the way until his balls were resting against her ass. He didn’t hesitate before pulling out and plunging in again. Luann was already cumin before he got started well.He slowed down so she could regain her breath. “What made you so hot tonight?”She said, “Watching all these near naked bodies has been more than I can stand.”“I know what you mean. I feel the same way myself.” He once again began to move his cock in her cunt. She had wanted him all evening and his cock in her hot cunt quickly brought her to another climax. It was hard to believe that she had been a virgin only two days before.Luann loved the way his big cock felt as he moved in her. Each time they had sex it was better than before. She suddenly felt a large climax building in her. She couldn’t hold back and this time he went with her. Before she could calm down she had a mental picture of Juan and Lupe big black cocks sticking out of their pants. Jason was thinking of Lois at the same time. Something happened that hadn’t before. His cock didn’t get soft, it got harder. Then they were fucking as hard and fast as their young bodies could move. Both using the others body to fuck while thinking of someone else. They both came at the same time. As he pumped his hot juice into her she came her last time. Both were asleep within minutes with his cum running out of her cunt and soaking the sheets.Once again they had been the center of attention. Juan said, “That is one hot little women. I am looking forward to trying out that pretty cunt.”Lois said, “Jason is more than holding his own.”Juan was sitting on the edge of his chair and Lois moved between his legs. She took his large cock out of his shorts and quickly covered it with her mouth. Lupe moved behind her and pushed her shorts down her legs. As she sucked Juan’s cock Lupe slide his cock in her hot cunt. One thing he could always count on was her cunt being ready for his giant cock. She was always ready to fuck.Juan played with her tits while his brother fucked her. They had been having sex together for years. Often Lupe would spend the night with her even when Juan wasn’t around. She was one of the few woman that could take all his cock and be ready for more. The three could make the three way fucking last for hours. This was what Luann saw, as she was about to come up on deck.She had woken up after a nap. Jason was still asleep and it looked like he may be out for the night. She had regained her strength and was ready to be fucked again. She was thirsty and headed to the galley to get a glass of water. Once she had her water she thought she would go up on deck while the others were in bed. The sight that greeted her eyes as her head move up the stairs brought her to a sudden stop. Lois had told her what to expect but now she was seeing it with her own eyes. She could not make herself leave as she watched Lois swallowing Juan’s cock and Lupe pushing the largest cock she had ever heard of in her cunt. Juan had his eyes closed as Lois sucked him. When he opened them the first one he saw was Luann standing on the stairs watching them. Her fingers were in her cunt. She was moving them in the same rhythm as the fucking she was watching. It was several moments before she realized Juan was looking at her. He motioned for her to come forward but she shook her head and left, her face red with shame. She lay beside Jason and used her fingers to bring herself off again, Juan watched her on the TV and smiled knowing it was just a matter of time.The next morning the sun was shining when they woke. Luann couldn’t wait to tell Jason what she had seen the night before. After telling him they were both so hot that they fucked again before getting a shower.They started to dress for the day. Swimsuits would be the dress of the day. Luann looked in the drawer for her suit. Today she was going to wear the more reveling one. She couldn’t find it where she had left it. In its place was a suit like the one Lois had on the day before. Only this one was blue to match the color of her eyes. She looked around and found Jason holding up a suit like Juan and Lupe wore. “Are you going to wear that,” she asked?“I don’t know, are you going to wear yours?”“I think I will try it on before deciding?” They both pulled on what there was of the suits. They stood looking at each other. Luann was the first to speak. “You look pretty good in it. I think you should wear it.”Jason was looking at his new wife in a different light. The suit made her look more naked than she would have with nothing on. His cock started rising again. “You sure do look good in that suit, I think we should wear them since the others will.”Luann stood before him with her feet spread, looking to the entire world like she was ready to be fucked. Her tits were barely covered on the nipples and the sides and tops open to anyone looking. The bottom only had a patch to cover her cunt and the string running between her ass cheeks was the only thing that covering her backside. “I think it is your cock doing the talking. You do know that you are not the only man that will be getting an eye full of me? What are you going to do if they make a pass at me? If I go out there like this I don’t want you acting jealous. I saw the way you were looking at Lois and I know the other men are going to be looking at me. I can do it if you can, it is your decision.”Jason’s cock was hard and she was right part of it was his cock talking. At the same time he wanted to see the faces of the men when they saw his wife. “I will behave, let’s go.”The others were at breakfast when they reached the galley. It was plain to see that the men liked what they saw when Luann walked into the room. For a while both Luann and Jason was self-conscious in their suits. The others put them at easy by not making any comments. The only thing said was by Lois. “I see you found the suits I left for you.”They anchored off a reef where they were going to dive the first morning. It would be an easy dive to start with. Juan wanted to see just how much they knew before doing any harder dives. It was a beautiful dive over the colorful reef. Juan picked up a tank for Luann and handed one to Jason. He helped her put hers on while Lupe helped Lois slide her arms in the straps. Someone much larger last used Luann’s tank and her straps had to be adjusted. Juan did the adjusting for her. As he fixed the strap across her chest he make sure to touch her breast. When he adjusted the legs straps he let his fingers touch the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. He seemed to have a lot of trouble getting the straps just right. Each time he adjusted them he found so way to touch her. When he finished and stood up the back of his hand moved over her cunt as if by accident. Luann knew better, but she wasn’t going to stop him, it felt to good.All three swam among the many fish that called the reef home. All to soon the time was up and they headed back to the boat. Morning was almost over and they set down to have lunch. Juan moved the boat a short way to another reef that was a little deeper and had more marine life. After watching them dive that morning he knew that they knew how to handle themselves.Luann and Jason were getting more comfortable being around them in such skimpy suits. When they came out of the water after the morning dive their suits were almost transparent. Luann’s tits were on display for all to see, as were Lois’s. The men had a good view of what each lady had to offer. They afternoon they dove again. The reef was even more beautiful than the one that morning. Luann followed Juan and he would show her the diferent shells and the different type of fish. He took every opportunity to touch her when they were away from Jason and the other three. She didn’t act like she knew what he was doing but her mind was very much on his hands as he touched her body.Once the afternoon dive was over they pulled up anchor and move over to an island that had a small lagoon that was big enough anchor the boat for the night. Lois and Luann fixed dinner again while the guys cleaned up the boat. After dinner they once again sat around drinking and listing to the music. They had changed clothes after coming out of the water but the new clothes didn’t hide much of anything. Once again Lois and Lupe were dancing to the same type music as the night before. Juan asked Luann if she would like to dance. She didn’t know what Jason would think but when she looked at him he told her to go ahead. He was busy watching Lois as she moved around with Lupe. He remembered what Luann had said about seeing them fucking and it made his cock hard just to think he may get the opportunity to try a little of her himself.Juan took her by the hand and pulled her to him. Her small body just came up to his chest. He was a good twelve inches taller than she was. He moved her to the music until illegal bahis she got the rhythm of what they were doing. The music slowed to a slow song and she felt him pull her tight against his body. Her head rested on his chest and her arms were around his neck. She knew that he could feel her nipples through the thin shirt she had on. She could feel his cock getting harder as it touched her stomach just above her cunt. Juan didn’t make any attempt to back away from her. He let his leg slip between hers and her cunt would rub on it each time they moved. Luann knew that she should be calling a halt to what he was doing but when she looked at Jason she found him watching her and grinning. It was turning him on to see the black arms of Juan holding his little white wife.Lupe swapped places with Juan and Lois pulled Jason up to dance with her. She had Jason’s cock hard in no time. Lupe was shorter than Juan was and his cock almost touched her cunt. He wasn’t shy about feeling her body all over. His hands were holding the cheeks of her ass as he pulled her cunt tight against his cock. It was almost more than she could take. His cock was so big that it frightened her. It was this that makes her finally pull away. When that dance was over she told Jason that they needed to call it a night. He was more than ready. He had to get his cock in her cunt and get some release. Saying good night they headed to their room. The others headed to the TV.Just as the night before they couldn’t wait to get undressed. Time after time he brought her to a climax. He came twice himself with out ever losing his hard. Exhausted they finally went to sleep. The others were watching as they once again had sex. “Tomorrow will be the day,” said Juan. The next morning they moved out and anchored over a sunken ship. All three put on their tanks with Juan once again helping Luann. He was more aggressive today than before. He touched her breasts as he slid the straps over shoulders and her legs and cunt as he fastened the leg straps. Luann didn’t quite know what to do are say. She liked him touching her but she didn’t want to make Jason mad.Once in the water Lupe led the way with Luann following and Juan behind her. Lois was next and Jason brought up the rear. It was fairly large ship that was still mostly intact. Lupe led them through a hole in the side and they needed their underwater lights to see where they were going. The passageways were narrow and dark as Luann followed Lupe through them. In one of the long dark corridors she felt Juan’s hands on her legs. She thought it was an accident until he caught her foot and pulled her back toward him. He ran his hand up her legs until he was touching the suit where it covered her cunt. The suit being so loose and not much of it didn’t stop his fingers from caressing her cunt. She grabbed his hand to stop him but he wouldn’t take his hand from her cunt. His fingers were really busy as she tried to stop him. The problem was that she really didn’t put up much of a fight. She had her first underwater climax on his fingers with her husband right behind her and didn’t know what was going on.Jason could have cared less if he had known what she was doing. Lois had his cock out of his suit and he had his fingers up her cunt. He was too busy to care what happened to Luann. Lois climaxed on his fingers and she finished bringing him off with her hand. By the time they had move out of the dark passage they were all buttoned back up.The rest of that morning Lupe and Juan took every opportunity to feel Luann. She couldn’t have stopped them if she had wanted to and it was a fact that she didn’t want too. Once the dive was over and they were back on the deck each one acted as if nothing had happened. After lunch they were going to go back down on the same ship. This time they were going down on the other end where they didn’t get to that morning. Lupe said that he needed to do some work on the electrical unit and would not dive with them. Lois had got close to Jason and told him to turn down the dive also. He didn’t know what she had in mind but he was sure going to find out. That left Luann and Juan to dive alone. Luann didn’t feel right about going back down with just him. After what had happened that morning she knew that she was in for more of the same. She didn’t mind the touching and she figured that nothing much could happen 50 feet underwater. Juan helped her with her tank and once again took liberty with her body. She had come to expect that from him. They slid off the diving platform and she followed him down to the ship. He carried with him an extra air tank and she wondered what for. As they got to the end of the boat he motioned for her to wait and he disappeared under the edge of the boat. Only a second later he reappeared without the spare tank. They went through this end of the boat the same as that morning. He would touch her each time they got close. She had come to expect it and now looked forward to his secret touches.Back outside he motioned her to follow him and he went under a small ledge that he had gone under before with the extra air tank. She followed him through a tight place she would never have gone if he had not been ahead of her.Once they were under the ledge he turned upward. She followed and to her surprise she came up out of the water. It was dark except for their lights. It was a room about the size of a closet. He stepped on a ledge and pulled her up with him. “What is this?”“It is an air pocket that my father found a long time ago. No one has ever found it but us. Each time we come in here we bring an extra tank to replace the air that we use up.” He took off his tank and helped her get hers off. “I like to bring our guess down here and show them the place. It also give us a little time alone.” He pulled her to him and brought his lips down to hers and kissed her.Luann could not believe how easy she was to be led along by him. Never in her life would she have even dated a black man at home. Now she was letting one kiss her and liking it. She returned his kiss and found herself letting her tongue enter his mouth. His hands went to her tits and her top came off. As he continued to kiss her his hands were all over her white breasts. Even in the dim light she could se his black finger covering her white tits. It was such a turn on that when he reached for her bottoms she let him pull them from her. She stood naked with him running his hands all over her white body from her head to her cunt. He pushed his suit off and took one of her hands and put on his cock. He was hard and very big. but it was soft to her touch. She had just learned what Jason’s cock felt like and now she was touching a big black cock. He was bringing her to the point that she was about to climax just from him touching her. He stepped off the ledge and his head was even with her cunt. He pulled her to him and touched the opening to her cunt with his tongue. She tried to pull back and told him to stop as she had Jason. He wasn’t listening; he pulled her cunt to his mouth with his hands on her naked ass. Before she knew it his tongue was buried in her cunt. Never had she felt anything like it. He was sucking and licking her clit at the same time. If she had known it would feel this good Jason could have had his way earlier. She was climaxing in seconds after he started. He licked her clean. He liked tasting the fresh juice that came from a hot cunt. He stepped back up on the ledge and kissed her again. She could taste her juice on his lips, and it didn’t taste that bad. He told her to step back down in the water. She did as he said not knowing what he had in mind. She found her face even with his cock. The black head was just inches from her mouth. “Suck it.”She wanted to resist since she had never even had her husbands cock in her mouth. She knew that a lot of girls at school had sucked their boyfriends but she never had. Juan reached for her head and pulled her head up to his cock. It was resting against her lips and before she realized it her mouth was open and his cock had made its way in. He told her what to do to please him and she found out that the taste wasn’t that bad. She worked her tongue around him like he told her. She could feel his cock swell and knew that he was about to cum. She tried to pull back but he wouldn’t turn her a loose. Suddenly he exploded. His cum shot to the back of her throat. She thought that she was going to choke and started to gag. “Swallow,” he said. She had no other choice but to do what he said. She swallowed and found out that she liked making him feel as good as he had made her feel. The moment Luann and Juan slid under the water Jason said, “I don’t know if I should let her go down with out me.”“Don’t worry Juan will take good care of her. Now why don’t you take care of me?”He turned and she stood before him completely naked. She had stripped of her suit while his back was turned. Even though he had seen most of her body with the suit on, it was something else to see it without a stitch covering it. Her milk chocolate colored body was a sight to behold. Her breasts stood high on her chest and her nipples were hard and the size of his thumb. As pretty as Luann’s big tits were they were no match for Lois’s. Her cunt was clean-shaven and he could see the moisture at the entrance of her sex. He knew that he was going to cheat on his wife and there wasn’t anything he could do to stop it. He had to feel what her beautiful cunt would feel like to his cock. He was speechless when she moved up to him and pushed his suit down and off. His cock was already rock hard from seeing her naked. She pushed him back in a chair with his cock sticking straight up in the air. She moved over him. She spread her legs on each side of his and lowered her cunt down until the head of his hard cock was at her opening. She took his cock in her hand and moved it to her opening. When it touched her cunt she lowered her body down until his cock was completely embedded in her cunt. “Don’t move, just let it rest in me a while.” It was almost more than he could stand. He had wanted to fuck her since she met the airplane. He wanted to work his cock around the inside of her cunt until she climaxed. Instead she was using the muscles in her cunt to fuck him without even moving. He had never felt anything like it. Soon he was cumin and he hadn’t even moved.His cum was running out of her cunt and he had one of her nipples in his mouth. His cock didn’t even start to go soft. He watched as she started moving her perfect chocolate colored ass up and down on his shaft. Soon she was speeding up as she bounce up and down. Her breasts were in his face and he had her naked ass in his hands. It was feeling so good that he couldn’t have stopped even if Luann was to come up. He was looking forward to taking her cunt in his mouth and sucking and licking her to another cum. He like to taste the fresh juice that poured from a woman’s cunt. If only Luann would let him eat her cunt their sex life would be perfect. As they fucked all thoughts of Luann was gone.Lois finally climaxed along with Jason again. She slid off his lap and unto her knees. She took his still cum covered cock in her mouth and tried to suck him until his cock was hard again. As she was on her knees Lupe came up from below. Seeing her naked ass he stripped off his suit and joined them. From behind he slid his huge cock in her wet cunt. Jason had his eyes closed as she sucked him and didn’t see Lupe until after he had his cock in Lois. He couldn’t believe it when he opened his eyes and found out that he was taking part in threesome. Lois’s mouth and the erotic thought of both of them in her at the same time drove him over the edge again. He filled her mouth with his cum. She took all he offered and sucked hard for more.They had only just finished when Juan and Luann surfaced. If he hadn’t been so guilty about fucking Lois he would have noticed that something was different about Luann. The young wife had just finished giving a blowjob to another man and she had loved it. She wanted to do the same now for her husband but didn’t know how to bring it up.It was late afternoon and Lois and Luann once again fixed dinner. While they were cooking Lois asked her, “How did you like the air pocked?”The blush that came on Luann’s face told her more than any words ever would. “Don’t worry, You are not the first woman Juan has shown it to and you want be the last. I told you he is good and that you would finally give in. Don’t feel bad I managed to take care of Jason while you were gone.”Luann didn’t know where to be glad that Jason had cheated as well as she or be mad at him. She knew that he had nothing to do with the things she and Juan did. Finally she decided that she hoped he had as much fun as she had.After dinner as they all set around drinking and talking they decided to take a stroll on the island where they were anchored. It was night but the moon lit the beach nearly as bright as day. Juan said there was fresh water pool that they could reach without a lot of trouble. They swam the short distantance to shore and climbed out on the beach. They all followed Juan as he led them through the grassy trail to the pool. The moon shining on the water made it look more inviting. They all dove in and before long the horse play started. The three men were taking every opportunity to feel up the women. On the women’s part they didn’t try to hard to stop them. Luann felt a hand on her leg that quickly moved up to her cunt. She didn’t know just whose hand it could be. She caught it and pulled it away. She was surprised to find that it was Jason’s. She splashed water in his face and turned away. The next hand that found her cunt wasn’t Jason’s; his was in Lois’s pussy. This went on for several minutes with everyone playing grab ass with each other.Finally Luann said, “I need to call it a night. It has been busy day.” She couldn’t help but look at Juan when she said that. Lois saw her and laughed. They swam back to the boat. As Luann was climbing up on the dive platform Lupe caught the tie to her swim suit bottom and gave it a pull. She was standing on the platform before she realized she was naked below the waist. She tried to cover her cunt with her hand but didn’t have much luck. She turned and ran for the cabin while the other had a good laugh. Even Jason was glad to see her naked cunt.In the cabin she was already striped when he got to the door. She was on the bed waiting for him to take care of the problem she had since the episode she had in the sunken ship with Juan. Jason was pretty well fucked out from his afternoon with Lois. Seeing his naked wife spread out on the bed revived him with his cock coming up hard once again. This was the most sex he had ever had in such a short time. He mounted her and sunk his cock in her cunt. No preliminaries, Just a quick hard fuck. She soon came and he finished right behind her. Exhausted he quickly fell asleep. Luann dozed a few minutes but soon woke. She was not ready for the night to be over. Looking over at Jason she knew that he was through for the night. She wondered if the others were back doing what she saw them doing the first night. She decided to take a look.She put on one of Jason’s shirts that button down the front. It provided her with more covering that the suit she wore all day, even without panties.She eased the door open and started for the stairs. She didn’t make it before she heard the sound of fucking. The door to Juan and Lois’s room was cracked open. She peaked around the corner and saw Lois and Lupe fucking. He had her legs over his shoulders and his big cock was working over her cunt. Luann stopped and stared until they started climaxing. She moved away from the door before they knew she had been watching them. Her cunt was now wet again. She wondered where Juan was and why he wasn’t taking part with them.Juan was watching it all setting in a chair in the pilothouse. He had first watched Luann and Jason and when they finished he switched to watch his brother fuck his wife. It was a sight he never tired of. He liked to see her being fucked almost as much as he like to fuck her. He watched as Luann looked in the door and followed her as she came up on top. He hoped she was looking for him.He wasn’t on deck when she came up. He must be in the pilothouse and she climbed the latter leading up to it. As she entered the room she saw him setting in the chair. He motioned for her to come to him, which she did. She was right in front of him when she realized that he was naked and his cock was standing up hard in his lap. “Looks like you have been busy,” she said. “What causes you to be setting here with your cock in your hand?”He just motioned to the screen behind her. She turned and looked at the scene with Lupe and Lois. They were now doing a 69 on each other. She was blushing as she turned back to face him. “Oh, I see.”He reached out and took her by the hand and pulled her toward him. She didn’t bother to resist. When she was standing in front of him he turned her hands loose and put a hand on each of her hips. He moved his hand up taking the shirt with them. When his hands reached her waist her cunt was complete exposed to him. She knew that he could see her blond cunt but didn’t try to pull the shirt down. She was looking in his eyes as he pulled her closer toward him. Soon she was standing with her legs on each side of his. His hard cock was almost touching the opening of her pussy. She reached down and grasped his cock. She held it steady as she lowered her body down to it. Her pussy was so hot and wet that the juice was dripping from it. She wanted to feel his big cock as it filled her cunt. She lowered on down until the head was inside before she turned his cock loose. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward and met his lips with hers. As their lips touched she sunk the rest of her cunt on his big black cock. It felt so good to have his cock finally planted in her that she didn’t want to move and spoil the feeling.He broke the kiss and push her back far enough that he could unbutton the shirt. He slowly unbuttoned each button. He took his time as if he was opening a gift that he knew what it was but had wanted it so long that he didn’t think he would ever get it. Finally the last button was open and he pulled the shirt off her shoulders and dropped it on the deck. Her beautiful breast was there before his eyes to look at and touch. He could do anything he wanted to her. She was his for the moment, maybe for the rest of the trip. He reached up and took a breast in each hand. They were young and firm. The nipples hard as pencil erasers. Her hot cunt had his big cock enveloped.Luann never took her eyes from him. She could feel his cock in her cunt and she wanted to keep it there forever. His hands on her tits and his thumbs rubbing her nipples were causing a feeling in her stomach that even Jason hadn’t caused. His lips were thick and soft as they move over her lips and face. His thick tongue had claimed her mouth for his. She was as close to this man as it is humanly possible. Her cunt and his cock were claiming each other and their mouths were locked together in a kiss that neither wanted to break.Finally she had to catch her breath and leaned back. She watched as his black fingers caressed her white tits. It was the contrast that sent a shiver all the way to her cunt. She looked down and all she could see was his black curly hair where his cock was buried in her white cunt. She had never even thought she would date a black man, but now she knew that it was going to be a long time before she grew tired of this one.Juan had fucked many women, both white and black. Never had he had one that turned him on so. He looked at her breast as his hands ran over them. He could feel her tremble as his fingers touched her hard nipples. The tremble ran all the way to her cunt. He could feel each breath through her hot cunt. He wanted this to last as long as it could. If Lois had her way with Jason then he could take his time and enjoy the best fuck that ever came his way. He knew that he would have to share her with her husband and Lupe, but Lupe would rather be with Lois than anyone and Jason was just as trilled to be getting his first black pussy.He moved his lips back to hers and she kissed him again with all she had. Her mouth and tongue, like her cunt, wanted to touch all of him. She wanted to get closer to him but it was impossible. As she set on his lap with his cock still buried in her cunt she never thought of Jason one time.Juan released her tits and moved his hands to her ass. He stood up and held her on his cock with both hands on her naked ass. He moved across the room to a cot in the corner. He lay her back on the cot and moved over her. His cock never left the velvet sheath of her cunt. Once he had her stretched out under him he went back to kissing her tits and lips. He started moving his cock slowly in and out. The motion was so slow that it was like a gentle caress of her cunt with each stroke. Her legs wrapped around his back and she lifted her cunt up to him each time he moved back in. She may not have had the muscle control that Lois had used on Jason, but she more than made up for it with her youth and total commitment she gave to him. He knew that she was totally his to do as he pleased. He wanted this fuck to be the best that she ever had. When the trip was over and back home he wanted her to remember him each time Jason had sex with her. Juan could feel her cunt start to quiver and he knew that she was about to cum. Still he didn’t speed up. When the climax hit her she nearly passed out from the shear pleasure of it. He stopped moving until she could recover. Once she had recovered he started again with the same slow deliberate movement. Again she climaxed, even harder than before. Again he waited until she was ready before proceeding. For nearly two hours he brought her slowly to one climax after another. He had to use all the self control that he had acquired over many years of bring pleasure to women. Now he was going to have finish for himself. His balls were so full that they were starting to hurt. He was going to fill Luann young cunt with more cum this one time than she had in all her other times put together.Luann could feel when his cock had finally had all he could take. As big as he already was she could feel the swelling that came just before the climax. She wrapped her legs tighter around him and pulled his head back down to hers. She whispered in his ear, “It’s time for you to finish. Fill me up with all the hot juice you have.” She expected him to speed up and fuck her fast as all men did when they were ready to cum. Again she was surprised when he reached under her and pulled her ass up on his cock so tight that there wasn’t any room for movement. His cock illegal bahis siteleri was buried as deep in her as he could get when she felt the first shot of cum hit her womb. She held him tight as shot after shot poured from his shooting cock. She came again from the hot cum that he was dumping in her well-fucked cunt. Juan continued to pour cum in her. Never had he shot such a load and she certainly had never had so much. Luann didn’t know how many time his cum shot into her but she was full and it was being forced out around his still hard cock onto the cot. For over ten minutes they held each other without speaking as cum slowly quit flowing from his cock. It was another ten minutes before his cock started to soften.Luann knew that she had just had a once in a life time experience. It would never be like that again. When he finally rolled from her his cock pulled out with a pop. They lay side by side on the narrow cot. She lay on his arm that he had around her neck. His cum was running free from her cunt. It soaked the bed and both of them. Still they didn’t move away from each other. She reached down and took his cock in her small hand. Even soft it filled her hand.Finally she said, “I have got to get back. Jason may wake up and wonder where I am. He thinks it would be alright for me to fuck you but the reality may be more than he could take.”She kissed him as she moved from the bed. As she passed Lois’s room she saw her and Lupe wrapped in each other’s arm, sound asleep. As she climbed back in bed Jason reached across and took one of her tits in his hand. He never woke up. The next morning Jason was up long before Luann. He showered and would have liked to have a little wake up sex to start the day. He finally got her to wake up after he felt the boat begin to move. They had missed breakfast. Jason went up on deck while she took her shower. In little while he was back. “They have headed out to another dive site. We should be ready to dive in about an hour.”“I don’t think I will go down this morning. I am just going to lay around and get some sun. I’ll go with you this afternoon.”“Do you feel ok?”“Sure, I have never felt better. I am having a really great time, what about you?”“Me too, I didn’t know about it that first day when they talked about doing what ever we wanted, but now I’m all for it.”Luann hesitated for a minute before telling him what was on her mine. “Jason, I know about you and Lois yesterday.” She saw the look on his face and quickly said, “It’s ok, I’m fine with it. I think we should just do anything we like for the rest of the trip. Once we are back home it will never happen again.”Jason could not believe what she was saying. He had really worried that she might find out about Lois and may even divorce him. He really loved her and wanted to spend his life with her, but Lois was something no man could pass up. “Do you mean that I can fuck Lois when ever I like?”“Well it’s not going to be that one sided. I also have two other men that have made it plain that I am on their menu. Can you take seeing me naked with them?”“I thank that will be fine. It is really a turn on to see them watching you.”“It will be more than watching I’m going to fuck their cocks off. Just for starters, to day I leave my swim suit off.”“You mean you are going naked in front of the others?”“Yes, and so are you. Strip of that suit and you and I are going up top and let the others know that the fun has started.”Jason did as he was told. He followed her up the steps to the deck. He watched her naked right in front of his face and thought that she may be enjoying this a little too much. He didn’t have time to get jealous as they stepped out on the deck. The others saw them and at once they all stripped off their suits. Lois came over to them, “Now we can really start having some fun.”Juan, Lois and Jason put on their diving equipment and slid over board. The three naked divers slowly sunk into the deep blue water. Luann watched them go before getting a towel and spreading it out on the bow of the boat, She lay down on the towel and let the warm sun shine on her naked tits. A shadow moved over her and she opened her eyes. It was Lupe standing above her looking at her naked blond body. Without a word he dropped his shorts and Luann had a close look at a huge cock. He was so much bigger than either Juan or Jason that it frightened her. Only her pussy wasn’t afraid of him. It started to moisten and she spread her legs to let him know that she was ready to take him on. Lupe dropped down on the towel between her legs. His mouth covered her cunt as his hands lifted her ass up to his face. He buried his tongue between the folds of her young blond cunt. Luann looked down to see his black face as his tongue dove into her cunt. He didn’t take long before he wanted to feel her hot cunt wrapped around his huge black cock. He moved up over her. Holding her legs in each hand he spread her until her cunt was open to him. Lupe wasn’t one to take his time. His cock found her hot, wet opening and he entered her in one hard push. Luann would have screamed if his mouth hadn’t been covering hers. He was hurting her as he steadily pushed his huge cock to the bottom of her young cunt. When he hit bottom she could feel the head of his cock go where no one else had ever been. He didn’t move for a few seconds and in that time she had relaxed enough that it no longer hurt so much. Lupe had only one thought and that was to fuck her until he came. He started moving and the tight cunt felt so good that he just got faster and faster. He wasn’t going to last long in this young cunt.Luann had begun to like the fullness of his cock when he started fucking faster. She knew he was about to cum. and she tried to finish with him. He was just to fast and his cum spilled into her before she was ready. She could feel each shot of cum as it coated her cunt. This was a first time for her not to be satisfied when the man was.Lupe started to pull out but she wrapped her legs around him and hung on. “Where do you think you are going? You are not finished yet. If you are going to fuck me then you are going to do it right.”Lupe was surprised that Luann wouldn’t let him go. Most of the time the women were glad to get his big cock out of their cunt. Only Lois could take all of him and still want more. Maybe this young white wife was like Lois and really did want more of him.He was still hard and Luann told him, “Start moving, and this time don’t be in such a hurry.”He started working his huge cock in and out of her cunt. She rode him on each stroke he made. Her cunt had grown accustom to his size and now she wanted to feel all of him as he fucked her. He was different from Jason and Juan. So much larger and deeper than either one of them could go. She could feel the head of his cock as it reached the opening to her womb and pushed beyond. It was a good thing her mother had insisted that she start on birth control pill several weeks before the wedding. When Lupe shot his cum the last time it went straight to her womb.When he started cumin she was right with him. This time his huge cock started a climax that she could feel all the way in her stomach. As she lay with him still over her and his cock still buried in her she thought how much fun it was going to be for the rest of the trip. They were still at it when the others finished their dive.The first thing Jason saw when he dropped his diving equipment was Luann as she moved up and down on Lupe’s cock. For a moment he was jealous of the big cock that his new wife was fucking. Lois took matters in her own hands and pulled him down between her legs. His hard cock found a home in her hot brown cunt.Diving was put on hold for the rest of that day. Lois and Luann were left to take care of the three men. They did a good job of it. Luann for the first time had two men loving her. Jason and Juan took turns fucking her and having her suck them off. Lois was taking care of Lupe. Lupe was having the best time of his life. Now he had two women that wanted his big cock. They never told him to stop.The rest of their time aboard the boat was taken up with sex and diving. Luann had taken several opportunities to be alone with Juan. Some nights after Jason was asleep she would meet him back on deck for more of his black cock. He had found a place in her that even Lupe with his giant cock couldn’t reach. She knew that once this trip was over that back in Savanna she would just be Jason’s wife. She wanted to get all of Juan that she could get before the trip was over.The boat was back at the dock and Jason and Luann were unloading their luggage. They had already said their good byes before the boat docked. As they left the boat a young married couple was getting on the boat. The girl was a pretty red head and the guy was tall and dark. Luann looked at Juan and he was already giving the new girl the once over. She had to smile; the crew was ready for the next cruise.When the plane landed in Atlanta her father was there to welcome them. Jason left to claim their luggage and Luann was standing beside her father. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. “How did you like the trip?”She hugged him back; “It was great. Nothing like I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t take anything for going.”“Do they still have that air pocket in the sunken ship?”Luann looked at her father who had started to smile. “You knew about that air Pocket when you booked the cruise?”“Yes, you see, your mother and I went on the same cruise with Juan’s mother and father for our honeymoon. It was a start to out marriage that neither one of us has ever regretted. We felt that it might be a good idea if you had the same opportunity. You have always been so protected that we thought it might do you good to find out what life is about.”She was hugging her father and whispered in his ear how much she thanked him and her mother. When Jason came back with the luggage. “What going on,” he asked when he saw the smiles on their face. Luann took him by the hand. “Let’s get home and I will tell you a story.”…………………………..Greg and Phyllis Turner were both struggling to see the road. The snow that started early that morning had just about made the road impassable. They were near the cutoff to the cabin but the snow made it almost impossible to see where to turn. A trip that should have taken about 4 hours had turned into an 8-hour drive.The two had been married that morning and were to spend their honeymoon at his uncle’s cabin. For the next 2 weeks they would not see a soul but each other. A heavy snowstorm was forecast for all the east coast, but the cabin was well stocked with food and firewood. If they could make it to the cabin neither one minded being snowed in for a couple of weeks. Greg was really frustrated by the long drive and weather. He had planed on being at the cabin long before now. After all this time he was finally going to get in Phyllis’s panties. The two had been going together since the 11th. Grade and both were still virgins. It wasn’t from his lack of trying, but she wouldn’t let him until they were married.Greg was a tall young man, very athletic, good at every sport he attempted. If it hadn’t been for his love for Phyllis he could have had most any other girl in school, along with some of their mothers. He weighted about 170 pounds and had real dark eyes to go with his dark curly hair. She was a beautiful little blond, only 5’3″ tall and about 110 pounds. Her long blond hair fell to the middle of her back. Her breast high and firm as only a 20 year old could be. Because of her petite size they looked even larger than they were. Her mother and father were really strict on her, especially her father. She always had to be home at a certain time with no excuses. When she was younger and starting to fill out, the boys came around in droves. Her father finally put a stop to that. Greg was the only boy that kept coming, and was allowed to date her. Her mother was one of the mothers that found him attractive.Greg finally found the cut off to the cabin. When he made the turn the only thing that kept him out of the ditch was the 4-wheel drive Tahoe he was driving. The tires caught and he pulled back into the middle of the road. It was about half mile from the main road to the cabin, and by the time they arrived it was all the 4-wheel drive could do to push it’s way through the drifts.They finally arrived at the cabin and he pulled right up to the steps. Each grabbed a hand full of luggage and headed for the cabin. He unlocked the door and pushed her inside. The cabin was just that, a cabin. His uncle used it for hunting and fishing. It had only one big room and a bath. The bath was so small only one person could possibly get in it at a time. A kitchen was in one corner and a bed in the opposite corner. A large fireplace was in the center of one wall. A porch went all the way across the front of the cabin. Most of the porch was piled high with firewood. Greg started a fire and brought in the rest of the luggage. The fire soon warmed the small cabin enough for them to get out of their heavy coats. Greg could hardly wait to get her in bed. Even being virgins they were both ready to find out just what this entire sex thing was about. It was by the hardest that she had been able to hold Greg off for so long. She was as ready as he to consummate their marriage. She didn’t know what to expect but she had read enough books and listen to her friends to know that she was ready to see and feel what Greg had between his legs. Greg was ready to do more than feel. She had only let him feel her breast through her sweater, never had he touch her flesh. Anything above mid thigh was off limits even though he knew that she was wanting more.Just as he took her in his arms and started kissing her there was a knock on the door. Who in the world would be out on a night like this? Greg moved to the door and opened it. A man stood on the porch wrapped up to his ears in a heavy coat and a cap pulled down tight against the wind. “I’m sorry to bother you folks but my car slid into the ditch. I was wondering if you could help me get it out and back on the road?”The wind was whipping the snow around the corner of the cabin and the temperature was dropping fast. Greg said, “come on in and get warm while I get my coat. Then we’ll see what we can do about your car.”The man stepped into the room and headed straight for the fire.” I’m about to freeze to death. If I hadn’t got here when did I wouldn’t have lasted much longer? He took off his cap and unbuttoned his coat. Greg and Phyllis were surprised to see he was a black man. There were very few blacks where they lived and none at all in the school they attended. He smiled, “I’m Jim Bush” and stuck out his hand to shake hands with them. It was the first time she had ever touched a black person. Her hand looked so small in his large black one.Greg told him to stand by the fire and warm while he got his coat. After he had gotten warm they left in the Tahoe to see if they could get his car out of the ditch. It was all Greg could do to keep the Tahoe on the narrow road. When they got to the main road He knew at once that Jim was never going to be able to continue on in his car. As much as he wanted the time alone with Phyllis he could not leave Jim out in the cold. They tied the towrope to the car and Greg pulled him out of the ditch onto the narrow road leading back to the cabin. He told Jim, “There is no way for you to go on tonight. You will have to stay with us tonight and try to get out tomorrow.”They made there way back to the cabin with Greg towing him all the way. Phyllis was surprised to see Jim come back through the door in front of Greg. He explained that the road was closed for the night and that Jim would just have to stay with them. She was as disappointed as Greg that they would not have this night alone but understood the situation. Maybe after Jim went to sleep they could have some time together. The cabin was nice and warm from the roaring fire. Phyllis had heated them each a bowl of soup, and Jim had gone back to his car and came back with a case of wine. “I was going to take this to my father but I think we made need to put this to good use now.”They sit around talking and they told Jim that they had just married that morning and this was suppose to be their honeymoon. He apologized again for the interruption and that he would get out of their way as soon as possible. The fire and the wine were having an effect on all of them. Phyllis had never had any wine before and Greg wasn’t use to drinking much either. Jim wasn’t drinking as much as either one of them and he kept their glasses full. He had a hard time keeping his eyes from her. As the room got hotter she had pulled the turtleneck sweater off and all she had on was thin shift that was so thin you could see her bra through it. If Greg hadn’t had so much to drink he would probably have told her she need to put something else on. Like it was he was getting one of the best looks at her that he had ever had.As one bottle of wine was empted Jim would open the next. During the conversation the talk turned to sex and they confessed to Jim that they were both virgins and that they had been looking forward to remedying that to night. Jim would have been more than happy to help Phyllis out. If Greg would just have a few more drinks then that might be a real possibility. He even suggested that they might hang a blanket between the bed and fire so they could have some privacy. Greg thought that this was a good idea and he and Jim set up some chairs and put a blanket over them. This offered some privacy unless Jim stood up, then he would be looking straight at them. Greg mentioned this but Jim reassured him that he would stay down with his back to them. At this point Phyllis didn’t care who watched them she was ready to lose her virginity.They fixed Jim a bed on the floor in front of the fire so he could keep warm and also keep fresh wood on the fire. They told him good night and went to their bed. Greg quickly stripped and slipped under the covers. She made a fast trip to the bathroom since there wasn’t any heat in there. She had a new gown that she had planned on wearing for their first time together. It was so thin that all of her would be visible to him. She realized that Greg was naked under the cover so what was the use of putting on the gown. She laid it across the foot of the bed and stripping off everything she had on slid in beside him. Greg watched his new wife’s naked body as she slid under the covers. Neither one gave Jim another thought as they came together under the blankets. Greg could not wait any longer. He had been trying to fuck her for years and now that the time was near he could not resist. The lack of experienced for both of them resulted in him just climbing on and before he even got his cock in her cunt he came. With all the wine he had drink and the sudden release of his sexual tension he passed out like a like a light.Phyllis could not believe what had happened. She was ready to give up her virginity and now he was out for the night. She could feel his cum running down between her legs and wetting the bed beneath her. She reached down to feel her cunt. It was wet just thinking about what she and Greg were going to do. She eased out of the bed and went in the bath to wipe up the mess. When she came out Jim was standing by the fire watching her. He didn’t say anything just motioned for her to come join him by the fire. She realized that she was naked and he was looking at her. She reached for the gown and pulled it on. She knew that she wasn’t hiding anything from him and didn’t care.She went and stood next to him by the fire. In the firelight she was quite a sight to behold. He stood almost a foot taller than she. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her small warm body up against him. She didn’t try to resist as he let his arm drop down to caress her right breast.He said, “I don’t think your night is going like you planned.” “I don’t know what happened. He was just to fast. Maybe he had to much to drink and the excitement got to him.”Jim knew from their earlier conversation that neither one had any previous experience. “All you need is a little time and things will work out.” All the time he was talking he was continually squeezing her breast. Her nipples were hard as marbles and he had her cunt getting wet again. She knew that it was wrong to let him feel her like this but it felt to good to stop. He swapped breast and she turned into his arms. He pulled the gown from her shoulders and for the first time in her life she was standing naked with a man. She knew that this wasn’t Greg but she didn’t care. She wanted to be loved and Jim was more that willing to help her out. She thought, “what if her father could see me now. Never letting her out of his sight and now here she was standing before a man other than Greg and she felt sure that she was getting ready to have the best night of her life. Her father wasn’t particularly fund of black people and his daughter was about to be fucked by one.”Jim leaned down and kissed her. She just melted in his arms with her lips and tongue doing battle with his. His hands were all over her. He griped her ass and pulled her up against his hard cock. She could feel him rubbing against her stomach. She just had to see him. She wanted to see what his cock looked like. Things had happened so fast with Greg that she hadn’t even had an opportunity to see him. She wanted to see Jim. She backed away and put her hands on both side of his shorts and pulled them down. His large cock hitting her in the face as it sprang free. He quickly stepped out of them and stood before her, letting her look at him all she desired. They were two superb bodies standing together before the fire. A naked black man with a beautiful blond bride just waiting to get fucked. She let her hands caress his cock. It was so hard and long and her fingers could not reach around it. How she wondered was she ever going to take all of this in her virgin cunt. Jim could not believe his luck, to be stranded in a snowstorm and about to fuck the prettiest little blond he had ever seen. He had never fucked a white woman before but he knew that now was the time.Jim pulled her down on the quilt with him. She let him take charge, doing what ever he told her to do without questioning. She lay before him with her legs spread to give him all the excess he need to her secret parts. Never had she wanted to give herself to a man as she did now. It didn’t matter who he was as long as he could fulfill her need. Her pussy was soaking from all her juice as he touched it with his fingers. “Are you ready?” he asked. She couldn’t speak so she just nodded her head. He moved over her his lips sucking her breast as he move over canlı bahis siteleri her. “Pull your legs up and open them for me.”She did as he said and immediately felt the head of his large black cock as it touches the mouth of her cunt. He inserted the head just inside her slick opening. His cock was soon covered in her hot fluid. He gently pushes in until she screamed for him to stop.” Stop! Stop! Wait a minute you are killing me!” He stopped and didn’t move until she said, “Now go ahead,” and pulled him down on her. Jim was all the way in her, his balls resting on her ass. He had been with a lot of women that couldn’t take all of him. A young virgin that took all of him the first time was remarkable. He had never had a woman as tight as Phyllis. Her cunt was hot as it gripped his cock.As bad as she wanted to loose her virginity, Phyllis thought she had bitten off more than she could chew. From the start it had hurt worse than she could have dreamed. Each time he would slow down the hurt would go away and then he would move again and it came back stronger than ever. When he finally burst her hymen she thought he was killing her. Then he was all the way in and the feeling improved again. He lay on her; his cock buried to his balls in her fresh fucked cunt. Jim lay still on her letting her relax before he started moving. He kissed her telling her all the time how good she was and how much fun they would have in a few minutes. He sucked on her tits; bring them back to their hard state. As he sucked, more of her liquid soaked his cock making it easier to move around in her. He started very slowly, a little in and out, going deeper each time. Soon he was using a full stroke, rubbing the full length of his cock on her cunt each time he moved in. She was so hot and tight that he was having a hard time keeping control. As he started the long strokes she was beginning to enjoy the feeling. Her cunt was getting moist and let his cock slide in smooth, rubbing her clit each time he moved in or out. She wrapped her arms and legs around his big black body and tried to pull him deeper into her.He would speed up and slow down, each stroke pushing them both closer and closer to a climax. He could not take much more, he was moving faster and faster and she was crying for him to fuck her more. He said, “I’m about to cum, do I need to take it out?””NO! Don’t pull out! I want to feel what it’s like when you cum. Just fuck faster I’m cumin to!”He pumped faster and faster, her ass jumping off the quilt each time he pulled out. Both blew at the same time. She had never felt anything to compare it to. She spread her legs as wide as she could to pull more of him in as he shot load after load deep in her cunt. He was completely spent. Her legs feel to his side because she didn’t have energy enough to even hold him. He finally rolled to her side leaving his cock buried in her cunt. When he could get enough wind back to talk he said, “How did you like your first time?””Once you were all the way in it felt wonderful, just like I though it would. Now I wish I had not waited all those years. Your cock feels good just resting in my pussy. Is all other men’s cock as big as yours? I haven’t even seen Greg’s cock yet; I hope he is like you.””No I’m bigger that most men and not all women can take the whole thing. You are made to fuck and your husband will never be able to give you all you need. I wouldn’t be able to give you all you need.”” I need to get back in bed with Greg before he starts waking up. Somehow I don’t think he would relish the idea of you fucking his new wife.” She could feel his cock still buried in her cunt, “Do you think we have time for one more?” “Yes, I’m good for one more time.” He kissed her again on the breast causing them to harden in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive. They fucked once again, taking their time and enjoying it more. He was a good lover with a big cock, and she was a fast learner who could not get enough of him.The early morning light was coming through the window when they climaxed the last time. “I’ve got to get up now before Greg wakes.””What are you going to do when he does wake?”He probably thinks he fucked me last night before passing out; I’ll just let him think that. If he tries to fuck me with all your cum in me he will just think it was left from last night.”Jim said, “I just have to fuck you again. I can’t stay here this close for days and not fuck you.””I want to fuck you also; maybe we can work something out. Just don’t let him know what we did last night. I still love him and don’t want to ruin my marriage before it’s even started.”She cleaned up in the bath before climbing in bed with Greg. Her wedding night had been as good as she always pictured it, Thanks to another man.Greg woke about an hour after Phyllis came to bed. His head was about to burst from all the wine he had drank last night. He was trying to remember just what transpired before he passed out. He lifted the covers and looked at Phyllis. She was just as naked as he. He remembered her getting in bed naked and him getting on her, but that was all he could remember. He slid his hand down to her wet cunt, which was still wet from him, or so he thought. I must have gotten farther than I thought. He started caressing her pussy and his cock harden immediately. Phyllis felt him rubbing her and rolled over on her back and told him to fuck her again.He was on her just like last night, only this time he was able to enter her cunt before cumin. Jim had made it easy for him. Like last night he didn’t last long. He came and rolled off her.Phyllis was glad that he was quick this time, for she was tired and sleepy from her time with Jim. She said before going to sleep,” Greg we are going to have to do something about you shooting so fast.” The thought was with her as she dozed off that all was not lost. Greg’s cock was as big as Jim’s. All he needed was some lessons and she knew just the one she wanted to give them.When he recovered he got out of bed and walked around the sheet to stand before the fire. Jim was lying on top of the quilt naked. Even soft his cock was very impressive to anyone but Greg whose cock was just as big. He wondered what the dried white stuff on Jim’s cock was and why he was naked. Luckily he did not see Phyllis gown on the chair by the fire.Greg slipped on his over coat and made his way out for firewood. He had to fight just to get the door open against the blowing wind. He made his way to the Tahoe. Once in it he cranked the suv to get warm so he could listen to the latest weather report. The news was not good. It would continue to get worse for the next 3-4 days. It would be at least 8-10 days before anyone would be able to travel. Like it or not they were stuck with Jim for that time.The water was frozen and the power was out, but thank goodness there was plenty of wood.He loaded his arms with firewood and was trying to push open the door when Jim opened it from inside. He had dressed while Greg was outside and together that stocked the wood box. Greg told him about the weather report and once again He apologized for spoiling their honeymoon. Greg said’ “I don’t think you are the problem, Its me.””What do you mean?”Greg knew that they had done a lot of talking last night and it had been made easy by the wine. In the light of day it was much harder to talk about it. Finally he said, “I just can’t last long. The minute I get my cock in her I can’t stop cumin.”Jim reassured him that it could be worked out in time. “You just need to learn to control your emotions. You’re both virgins and with out any experience what else could you expect. Give it some time, as you get more use to each other you will be able to last. As for Phyllis I think you have a bigger problem.””Why do you say that?””Well, she is a hot sexy girl that has never been allowed to have any sexual feeling toward a man. Now that she is free to do, as she likes she is going to try everything. Your problem is not going to help anything. She is going to want more than you are able to supply.” He could tell by the expression on Greg’s face that he didn’t like what he was saying. “Now don’t get me wrong, not many men would be able to keep up with her. You are going to have to learn how to please her in every way. You need to learn how to control yourself and how to eat her cunt until she climaxes. What ever you need to do to make sure you don’t leave her hanging.””What do you suggest that I do?”That was the question that Jim was hoping he would ask. “Learn as much as you can from others, and try to the things that turn her on. You may even want to try a threesome with another man.”Greg said, “You must be crazy, why would I want my new wife to fuck another man? I’ve waited for 4 years to fuck her, and I don’t want some other man fucking her.”Jim said, “Don’t get upset but just think of all the things 2 men can do to a woman. I’ve done it with my wife and brother. Also my best friend, who is probably at my house now fucking the hell out of her.””Doesn’t it make you jealous to know he is with her?””No, we have fucked other women together, including his wife. She isn’t going anywhere and I will have all the ass I can handle when I get home.”Jim’s talk was having an effect on Greg’s cock, which Jim noticed at once. “I think you would like to see someone fucking her. I can tell from the lump in your pants.”Greg turned red at getting caught with a hard on at the thought of Phyllis fucking another. “The idea does have an appeal but I could never get her to go along with it.””I think you are wrong, once she finds out how much more fun she can have with 2 men she will jump at the opportunity.”Greg sat there in deep thought. They were going to be snowed in for the next week with nothing to do. If he were ever going to do what Jim said then now would be the right time. He didn’t know what her feelings were toward a black man but Jim seems decent enough. He realized that Jim had been talking and he hadn’t heard a word he said. “What did you say?”Jim laughed, “I was saying that we are going to be here a long time, if you want to try now would be a fine time. We can try and if she objects then no harm done.””How are we going to get something like this started?””Just leave it to me, I’ve done this before and have a pretty good idea what will work.” Since he had already fucked her twice the night before he knew she was open to any suggestion. Phyllis woke as they were talking. She got out of bed and stood beside it putting on her bra and panties. Greg had his back turned and didn’t know she was up. Jim was facing her as she dressed and she let him watch. She looked even better in the daylight than she had by the fire last night. His cock hardens as he watched her. He could hardly wait until she was riding his black cock again. She fixed breakfast for each of them. After finishing Greg brought in another arm full of wood and then went to the car to get his cell phone. Each time he left the room Jim was at her. She likes his hands on her tits and his finger as he slid it under her panties. She couldn’t wait for another chance to fuck him.They all called home to reassure everyone they were all right. She talked to her folks but didn’t tell them anything about Jim: neither did Greg. Jim told his wife that he was in good company and she just laughed and said,” so am I.”The storm continued to worsen all day. The only time they ventured outside was to get water to warm by the fire or more wood. They spent the time drinking Jim’s wine and talking. As the day went on the more the talk turned to sex. The jokes got more and more explicit. The hot fire and the wine were having an effect on them all, but more on Greg and Phyllis than Jim. Jim kept hoping that Greg would pass out so he could get Phyllis. Phyllis just wanted one of them to fuck her. Greg wanted to see if Jim could come up with a way for him to last longer.Phyllis was rambling through the closet hoping to find a game are something to pass the time when she came across a deck of cards. “We can play cards”, she said. They played several games of hearts before they grew tired of that. “Lets play something else,” she said. Jim said, “We can play poker.” Neither Greg nor Phyllis had ever played before. “I’ll teach you, it’s not hard to learn and we can play a few practice hands until you learn. Jim turns to Greg and winked at him to let him know that the games had begun. Without Greg seeing he did the same to Phyllis.Jim dealt the cards face up so he could explain the game to them. The first hand Phyllis won. She also won the next time. Greg was the next winner before Phyllis won again. Jim had made sure that he wasn’t a winner; he wanted them to feel like they were going to win each time.”I’m ready, lets play” said Phyllis. ” What are we going to play for?”” Lets play strip poker,” said Jim.Greg didn’t know what to say. He didn’t mind playing strip poker with Phyllis, but he didn’t like the idea of Jim seeing her naked. He wasn’t a fool he knew that Jim wanted to fuck her and he didn’t know if he was ready for that. Would Phyllis go along with this are put up a fuss. He sure didn’t want to ruin his marriage before it even started. Actually he was worried that he would not like a black man to fuck his pretty wife. Finally he said, “I’ll go along as long as Phyllis is willing.” Phyllis was more than willing but she didn’t want Greg to know how much. She said I would play as long as I can quit any time I’m ready.”Jim didn’t give them time to change their minds as he hurried to explain the rules. “Each one of us will start with 4 articles of clothing on. The looser will be the low hand and have to remove one piece of clothing. Once you loose all your clothing the looser will have to do what the winner tells them until everyone is naked, then the game will be over.”He dealt the first hand and was the looser. He took of his shirt and laid it by the chair. The next time it was Greg’s time to loose and he removed his shirt. Jim loss again and pulled of his t-shirt, giving them a look at his well-muscled arms and chest. Phyllis pussy was already starting to leak. Phyllis lost the next hand. She had already decided to remove her bra instead of her shirt. In a way that only women know she managed to take it off without removing her shirt. Both men let out a grown when she did this. They were looking forward to her uncovering her beautiful breast.Greg then loss again and removed his t-shirt. He also lost the next hand and had to take off his pants. He had to stand to remove them and it was easy to see that his cock was hard in his briefs as he sit back down. Phyllis then loss the next hand. She stood and removed her pants but her panties still covered what both guy’s were waiting to see. She immediately loss the next hand as well. She was running out of choices as what to take off. Greg thought that she would say that the game was over but Phyllis had no intentions of stopping. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and pulled it off and threw it away. She set there with both men looking at her bare breast. Her nipples were as hard as their cocks. Greg looked at her and could see her excitement. At that time he realized that she would not stop until the game was over.Jim couldn’t take his eyes off of her tits. Even though he had seen them the night before they looked especially good in the light of day. He loss the next hand and stood up and removed his pants. His cock was hard as it pushed his boxer shorts away from his body. They were all down to their underwear when Greg loss the next hand. He said, “Maybe we need to stop this game.” Both laughed at him and called him a coward for quitting. He refuse to back down so he stood and pushed his briefs down and stepped out of them. His big cock sprang up and he gripped it and shook it at Jim and Phyllis before setting down.Jim was surprised to see a white man with a cock as big as his. He had counted on his large cock to convince Phyllis to let him fuck her again. Now he just had his experience to fall back on.Phyllis lost the next hand. She jumped up and pulled her panties off before Greg had time to protest. She stood before them and let them look. She was as turned on with them looking at her as they were. She was a true blond with the fine hair not able to cover the opening to her cunt. She was wet and the guy’s could see the dampness on her cunt. She set back down and when she crossed her legs her cunt opened as if it was ready to be fucked.Greg lost the next hand and Jim was the winner. Since he was already naked he had to do what Jim told him. “Phyllis, lean back on your elbows and spread your legs so Greg can eat your pussy until I say stop. Phyllis was ready and quickly got in position. Greg had never eaten a girl before but he was ready to give it his all. He crawled between her thighs and lowered his mouth down to her cunt. He quickly licked his tongue through the wet opening of her cunt. For the first time in his life he knew how good a wet cunt could taste. Before he could get going good Jim called time. Reluctly he quit and went back to his place. Phyllis lost the next hand and Greg was the winner. He would have liked to tell her to suck Jim but he still had on his shorts so he told her to kiss him until he said stop. Both Jim and her were surprised that he would tell them to do anything together.She moves into Jim’s arms before Greg could change his mind. She really liked kissing him last night and to be able to kiss him with her husband looking was special. They were kissing like a couple of teenagers parked in some out of the way place. His cock was hard and she could feel it as she sit in his lap. Her back was turned to Greg so Jim could caress her tit while he kissed her. He let them kiss and make out for a long time before finally calling a stop. He was surprised to see how much she enjoyed kissing Jim. What surprised him more was how much he like watching them. It took both of them a few minutes to calm down before the next hand could be played.Jim made sure that he loss the next round. He wanted to get naked with them as soon as possible. He hoped that they had forgot the rule that when everybody was naked the game was over.Phyllis lost the next round and Jim was the winner. He told Greg to move over next to him and for Phyllis to suck Greg’s cock until he said switch and then she had to suck him until he said switch again. Last night was the first time she had ever kissed a cock and now she was getting ready to suck not one but 2 at the same time. Both large and hard: one black and one white; what more could a girl ask for.She didn’t really know what to do but she knew that she wanted to try. She knelt before Greg and licked the tip, not knowing anything else to try. Jim saw she didn’t have a clue what to do. He said,” open your mouth and let it slide in. Lick around the head with your tongue while moving up and down on it. Take it as deep in your mouth as you can. Go slow until you get use to the feel of it in your mouth. If she had been more experienced she would have recognized the sigh that Greg was about to erupt in her mouth. She was taken by surprise when he could no longer hold back and he shot load after load down her throat.Jim saw what was happing and told her to swallow until it was gone. She still had cum running from her mouth when Jim said to switch. She didn’t have to be told this time what to do. She took all of his cock down her throat. She liked the taste of Greg’s and she set out to drain Jim. He called time before she could complete her mission.Greg lost the next round with Phyllis the winner. She lay back and told Greg to fuck her and for Jim to move over where she could suck him at the same time. Even though he had just cum, watching her suck Jim had brought his cock back to life. He moved between her open legs an entered her wet cunt. She was so excited that he didn’t have any trouble entering her at all. She wrapped her legs around him and fucked him as hard as her young body could go. She looked over and Jim had his cock next to her head. She took him in her mouth determined this time to taste his cum.Greg had moved up on his knees and watched as she pulled the black cock between her lips. Even though he had just cum moments before the sight was more than he could bear. He started cumin and couldn’t stop. As soon as it was over Phyllis pushed him off and cried, “Jim get over here and show him how it done!” Fuck me! Fuck me! Show him how to fuck! I need it now!Jim was on her in a flash. With one stroke he reached the bottom of her depth. He pulled her legs up on his shoulders to open up her cunt for him to fuck and Greg to see. His black cock was moving out her so fast that the juice was foaming around her cunt opening.She started to cum, and was telling him how good she was feeling. She went over the hump and yelled “I cumin! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” This carried Jim with her as they both came at the same time. Greg watched the whole time. His new bride was fucking a black man on their honeymoon and he was excited just watching them. Who would have thought watching your wife fucking someone else would be such a turn on. He knew he had a lot to learn about self control but he also knew that in time he would last as long as Jim. All he needed was experience. While watching their wild fucking his cock was again hard. He pushed Jim off and moved over her. He quickly slid his hard cock back in her wet cunt. Jims cum mixed with hers made for a hot slippery entrance. It was a second or to before Phyllis realized that it was Greg. She thought that Jim was still hard and was fucking her again. Realizing it was Greg she wrapped her arms around him and held him to her. That fucked until she could go no further. She had cum twice before Greg finally let go with his load. The storm raged for another two days and it was another four days before they were able to leave the cabin. The three in the cabin could have cared less. Jim moved off the floor into their bed. One of the men seemed to be fucking Phyllis all the time. She was enjoying the loving they gave her. She made up for all those years her parents had kept her under control. She sucked both their cocks and swallowed their cum. She had them both at the same time, sucking one and fucking the other. They even tried anal sex, which wasn’t her favorite but was different. The only thing she really liked about that was she could have both cocks in her at the same time.Greg had finally learned to control his emotions. When he fucked now he was able to last until she gave out.The storm finally cleared and they said their goodbyes. Phyllis kissed Jim bye and thanked him for all he had done for her and Greg. They exchanged phone numbers and planed on getting together soon.Greg came in from work about six months later and she met him at the door. “Guess who called today?””Who””Jim and his wife want to meet us back at the cabin this weekend. Can we go up Saturday?””Lets take a long weekend and go up Thursday,” he said. He was already picturing Jim fucking Phyllis, and wondering if Jim’s wife was as hot as she looked.

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