Subject: Random Tails / Hoodwinked Please donate to Nifty to keep this site running for all our fun. This is of course all fantasy and such real life conduct is not condoned Or encouraged. We all live two great lives. One in reality and one in our minds. Hoodwinked by aol Ok I admit it I was played, manipulated hoodwinked, whatever you want to call it. The worse part of it is that it was my own young son who played me. Just turned nine and he knew how to pull my strings, push my buttons. I’m pondering how this happened as Jatz the 16 year old neighbor boy glides his 8 -1/2 inch black snake in and out of my 29 year old daddy ass. Actually my attention is more focused on my son as I watch Jatz’s twin 14 year old brothers TJ and JT slip their 6 -1/2 inch chocolate fuck sticks into my son’s mouth and ass. Their dark skin contrasted against my son’s tender white skin and the pink little lips of both his mouth and his boy pussy as he calls it, is erotic and feeds into the heart of my depravity. I’ve been afraid to ask him how long he’s been doing this but I can see he handles those big black cocks well. It’s almost like he is purring as he gets fucked from both ends. I’ve asked him if he has involved his younger brother in any of his games but he won’t answer one way or the other. But he’s not here today so I don’t have to think about that. My wife and I are separated and my younger son is with her this weekend, while Troy and I are supposed to be spending quality time together. This is Troy’s idea of quality time. How the fuck does a nine year old come to find an orgy with his dad quality time? Should I blame the media and movies and TV with all their sexualizing of everything? Should I blame the internet for the openness of all things good and bad that kids can just access? Should I blame the Blake boys for being willing to fuck a tight hot hole just to get their nut off? Or should I just blame myself for not thinking my son was smart enough to figure out the password to private files on my computer. My files where all my dark deep secrets and desires reside. The stories of men and boys having sex. The pictures and movies that depict those acts. When did he find them? How long has he known. Jatz slaps me across the ass as he fucks me and I must admit I moan in pleasure. “Get your mouth back on it.” Jatz commands and so I drop my mouth back down onto Troy’s little hard nail. I hold his cocklet and balls in my mouth as I swirl my tongue around the sweet tender meat. Troy purrs some more. The only hard cock not getting attention is mine as it throbs under me dripping precum onto the floor. I wish my younger son was here. But this isn’t about me. This is about fulfilling Troy’s birthday wish and to get him to think I’m the cool dad. It isn’t about me groveling to keep him happy with me so he doesn’t turn away from me if comes down to a custody battle. Let’s go backward and pick a point to explain how I got to this point. I go could back to when I was a kid and was fascinated by my dad and his body and when I discovered what sex was, behind the barn with the neighbor boy, I turned it into a desire for him. I go could go back to when I was in the Marines and went on leave with a buddy to his house where he shared his wife’s pussy and his son’s ass with me. But instead I will just go back to when my wife moved out of the house and took the kids with her. Sure it was only the other side of town and she went to her parents. She could have asked me to leave but she didn’t want the responsibility of the house, plus she won’t admit it but she has hated the neighborhood ever since the black family moved in next door. Now I don’t want to say my wife is a bigoted, racist, close minded, uptight asshole. But I would be lying if I didn’t. I’m surprised I got two boys out of her as infrequent as our sex life was. She always hated the size of my 7 -1/2 shaft with a fat mushroom head. Said it was too big. Ha. Sucking my cock was never ever an option and why I ever married her I just don’t know. Maybe it was because she was willing and I wanted the cover of being married. Whatever, we hit the point where we didn’t want to be together anymore. She moved out. While we, meaning her, are deciding what to do, we shared the kids back and forth time wise. She had made noise about wanting full custody of the kids if we divorced and I guess I wanted to make sure the boys objected to losing me so I was out to please. A few weeks back Troy and Benjamin were with me for the weekend. Troy’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to talk to Troy about what he wanted for that special day. I found him in my den in front of the computer. “Hey buddy.” I called warmly. “So your birthday is coming up, what would you like?” Troy smiled at me and pointed at the computer. “I want this.” I had figured he was playing a game so I wasn’t sure what he was referring to. I stepped around to his side and looked at the screen. The blood drain from my face. How the fuck did he get into my files. Troy had displayed up on the screen a picture of several men and little boys having sex as a group. “Ah.” My voice was shaky. “What do you mean you want this?” “I want us to have fun with some other people together.” He looked up to me. I was at a loss for words and just stared at the picture trying to not panic or over react. He seemed şişli travesti to take my hesitation as not understanding. “I want us to have sex as a group with other people.” He stated clearly. “Sex?” I mumbled back. He sighed that sigh that only little boys can do. “You know, sucking cock and fucking ass and eating cum with other guys. I want us to suck cock together and get fucked together and at the end I want you to fuck me up my ass. I want your big daddy cock in me.” He talked to me with a tone as if explaining something to an idiot. “How the fuck did you get into my file?” I started to get a hold of my senses and was intent on taking control. Troy just giggled. I don’t know if it’s because I swore or because he thought it was a stupid question. He just giggled and gave me a get real look. “What do you know about all that sex stuff? Who taught you?” I raised my voice. Troy just crossed his arms and looked at me but didn’t answer. I rubbed my hand across my face in frustration. “You’re not supposed to know about that stuff much less want to do it.” I said with my voice calming down. “And you’re not supposed to have these pictures, but you do.” He retorted now with a smile on his face. Fuck, fuck, fuck, raced through my mind. What do I do? “You like the idea dad, don’t deny it.” Troy said softly and then I felt his hand rub across my hard on that was snaking down my pant leg. I didn’t even realize I had a hard on till he rubbed it. I was surprised but I didn’t jump back away from his touch. I looked down and numbly watched his small hand caress the hardness outlined thru the material. I should stop this, I shouldn’t stop this. My big brain and my small brain were battling it out. “Watcha guys doing?” The growing lust clouded over my brain and I didn’t react fast enough. I realized that was the voice of my younger son and I looked over to see him watching us. I just looked at him as he watched us. Troy continued to rub his hand up and down my cock outline. “Dad and I are just talking about something. If you go get the bowls and spoons out we can have ice cream.” Troy calmly stated. Shit that should have been me saying that. Why didn’t I jump away? Why did I let Troy keep doing that in front of his brother? Has Troy taught him about this stuff? Benjamin trotted off and I looked down to Troy’s hand again. “Does he know about this stuff?” I asked nervous about the answer. “We’re talking about my birthday dad. Pay attention as you always tell me.” Troy answered. “I, I don’t know anyone else that would have sex with us.” Shit, did I just jump past the whole are we aren’t we part of the discussion and right into how do we do it part? “I think the Blake brothers would be fun. I always thought about you sucking some black cock.” Troy stated as he continued and I let him rub me. I looked out the window over to the neighbors as if I expected them to be standing there watching us. What does he mean he always thought about me sucking black cock? How long has he been thinking this, planning this? I returned my gaze to his moving hand, my body was starting to shake. “I can’t just ask them to fuck us.” “How do you know till you try? Another one of your sayings dad.” Troy said with some smugness in his voice. Smart ass little shit, ran thru my mind but I didn’t vocalize it. Fuck I’m gonna cum and as I realized it, I did it. Spurt after spurt shot down my leg till you could see the wetness spread thru the fabric. Troy gave a giggle and then ran from the room calling out to his brother. “Here I come.” Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck SCREAMED thru my mind. That was fucking fantastic. My son just gave me a hand job thru my pants, and he said he wanted me to fuck him up the ass. Wow. My body shook in afterglow and wanton lust for more. I went to my bedroom and peeled off my soiled pants, washed my leg and cock head. As I slipped clean pants on I remembered he did say that before I got to fuck him, I had to suck and get fucked. Well is that so bad I reasoned. I expect him to take a big hard throbbing cock up his ass. Why shouldn’t I be man enough to do the same? Then again I’m the dad and I should be in control. I should say how things will go down. We will just fuck and not have anyone else involved. I strengthened my resolve as I walked into the kitchen. “Troy.” I said firmly as I walked over to him. “I just don’t think the birthday idea will work. We can do the last part with just you and me, but not the rest.” Troy looked at me and set his hand on top of mine. He got a little pout on his face and dropped his eyes. Softly he said “That’s okay dad I understand. I’ll be happy with the computer and the party at Pizza Town that mom is giving me. You don’t have to get me anything, I understand it’s too hard to try.” Even though I knew the little conniver was trying to play me, my insides crumbled at his sad look. “Now look.” I said then the doorbell rang. “Yea it’s mom, let’s go Benjamin.” Troy shouted and ran out of the kitchen with Benji on his heels. I followed them out and found them at the front door putting their coats on talking to mom. “Mom can we live with you full time?” Troy asked as he put his hand in hers. “Of course dear.” She replied smugly. I tightened the corners of my mouth and glared at Troy. “You sure honey?” Mom asked as they walked away. I heard beylikdüzü travesti Troy say, “Yea he has his computer, he doesn’t need us.” I stood there stunned. He must have learned this from that bitch mother. I closed the front door and leaned against. I knew what he was trying to do and I knew I shouldn’t let him get away with it. But, he said he wanted me to fuck him. He actually wants his dear old dad to thrust his big fat daddy cock up inside him and stretch him open. Should I really deny my son something he wants so badly? After all he must have put a lot of thought and effort in to this. Wouldn’t I be a bad parent for denying him? I had a wet dream that night as the event in the den replayed in my mind over and over. Sitting at my breakfast nook alone I found myself wondering, how I could even go about asking the Blake boys if they would want to have a sex party. “Hey guys you like to get off right? How do you feel about fucking an old white guy?” No.no that won’t work. How do I get two 14 year old and a 16 year old interested in a gay Trist? “Hi boys, looking good there. I bet you are smoking hot naked.” No can’t do that either. “Hey guys let’s get down to facts, your young, probably hung and full of cum how would.” No. No. No I can see them freaking and calling the cops after any of those lines. I was at a loss as to how to do this. But I wanted to, I wanted to give my son what he wanted. As I sat there the boys came out of their house and were just messing about in the yard. I admired their sleek bodies of youth with the slick black tight skin. They were all handsome and then I wondered about, well you know. They saw me watching them and Jatz waved. I waved back. Oh what the hell. Worst case scenario I end up in prison as some one’s bitch. I rapped on the window to get their attention and then waved them to come over. I meet them outside the back porch. I didn’t want to invite them in and have them feel trapped. Outside they were free to run if they felt they needed to. “Hi guys.” I greeted. “Hey Mr. J how’s it going.” Jatz spoke for the group. I rubbed my face. “I can’t believe that I’m about to do this but I have a favor to ask. It’s a weird favor.” “Ah what is it.” This time TJ spoke. “Well of course you know my son Troy and he turns nine in a week and well this is really for him.” I paused and the guys were just waiting for me to continue. “Well he.” I paused again “He what?” Jatz asked. I sighed “For his birthday present from me he wants me to arrange with you guys to have sex with him and me.” I said it rapidly then exhaled. The boys all looked at each other then back at me. “I don’t think this is something that we should be talking about out in the open.” Jatz said lowering his voice. Well they didn’t run screaming, that’s a good sign I thought. “Yes of course let’s go inside.” I opened the door for them and directed them to the kitchen. They sat on the counter stools and I stood back behind. “Can I get you anything to drink?” I felt stupid. I’m trying to arrange for them to fuck my son and me and I’m offering them drinks like it’s an everyday thing. They took sodas. Spinning the can around with his fingers. “Explain exactly what you mean by have sex.” Jatz requested. “Ah, yes well, sex would mean Troy and I sucking your cocks and having you fuck us in the ass.” I explained softly. “And Troy, 9 year old Troy want’s this? This isn’t you using him to get to us for your pedo perv needs?” JT asked with a raised eyebrow. “No I swear, Troy said this is what he wants for his birthday present.” I crossed my heart as I said it. The three boys turned to each other and Jatz told me to leave the room so they could talk. A few moments later they called me back in. “Now we get sucked and do the fucking right? You’re not expecting us to suck or get fucked?” “Right, right you guys get all the fun of dropping loads without doing any of the work.” I answered with enthusiasm. I was thinking this is gonna work. The boys looked at each other again and seemed to be communicating with their facial expressions, then turned back to me. “Ok we’re in.” Jatz announced. “Really, oh great.” I was relieved that went so well. “But.” TJ added. My smile dropped a little. “But what?” I asked cautiously. “My brothers and I.” Jatz was talking now. “We figured that if we want to give Troy the best experience possible we should practice first.” “Practice?” I asked “Well ya, we never done it with dudes before. We don’t want to be getting all weirded out around Troy and ruin his present for him. So we figured we should come over every day and get used to having a dude swing from our meat.” Jatz smiled and rubbed the front of his shorts. I sighed. “Ok.” I don’t know if that made sense or not but I didn’t want to give them a reason to back out. As I said that the boys walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. By the time I caught up to them all three were naked. Jatz was in the recliner and the twins on the couch. They had their legs spread open and the hardening black meat rising. They were good sizes for their age and I figured by the time they hit 18 they all would probably be around 9 or 10 inches. “Start here.” Jatz indicated pointing between his legs. “But strip first.” I slipped out of my clothes and dropped to my knees in front of Jatz. His cock was istanbul travesti at its full 8 -1/2 inches. A deep purple fat head. I felt his hand on my head as he pulled me down onto him. I spent the day sucking all three of them and getting fucked by all three of them. By the end of the day I was okay with it and actually enjoying it I will admit. That night I texted Troy. “The Blake boys have agreed, the party is on.” “Thanks dad ur the best” I arranged with Jen that Troy and I would spend the weekend alone and she would take Benjamin. I also spent the week taking the boys cocks down my throat and up my ass. Practice makes perfect so they say. The weekend came and Jen dropped Troy off. He went to his room dropped off his bag and returned naked. “When’s the party start.” He called out. “My, aren’t we eager.” I laughed. “I thought we would spend a night together then tomorrow.” I got cut off as voices called out coming in the back door. “Where’s that birthday boy.” I heard Jatz call Troy ran into the kitchen and I followed. “Hi guys. Thanks so much for coming to my party.” Troy said excitedly. “Get naked.” The boys laughed and started to strip right there dropping their clothes on the kitchen floor. Jatz was stripped first and Troy grabbed onto his cock and started to stroke it. Jatz ruffled Troy’s hair as I watched my son suck that fat bloated head into his mouth. Realizing everyone else was naked I started to strip off as I watched my son take more and more of that black shaft into his mouth. The sight of that hard black meat sliding across his soft pink little lips was mesmerizing. TJ stepped up behind Troy and ran his hand up and down the firm little round ass before slipping a finger into the valley. Even with his mouth full I heard Troy give a moan of pleasure. JT stood next to his brother and pulled me over and pushed me to my knees. I slurped that 14 year old, 6 -1/2 inch cock into my mouth. Side by side, father and son sucked cock. I felt a hand on my ass. TJ ran his finger down and pushed into my asshole. Side by side father and son sucked cock while being finger fucked. “Let’s take this to the living room.” Jatz suggested. We moved to the carpeted floor. “I wanna see you fuck my dad.” Troy said to Jatz. “Happy to oblige.” Jatz directed me over to the coffee table and bent me over it. Troy stood behind me and watched as Jatz sunk himself into me. I did moan with pleasure. Troy came around to the front of me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “Thanks dad.” Then he got down on the carpeted floor in front of me on his hands and knees. “Now me. Fuck my boy pussy.” The twins moved in and TJ slipped effortlessly into Troy’s waiting little mouth. JT did the same with his ass. They both slide inch after inch in at the same time. Troy didn’t flinch or seem to be in distress. It appeared he has done this before. He was purring for lack of a better word. “Thanks Jatz.” I said. “I’m glad I was able to get you guys to agree to this.” Jatz laughed, slapped my ass and pushed into me harder. “Shit man you didn’t talk us into anything. Troy had already talked to us and had it all arranged before you ever said a word to us.” Jatz laughed again. This past week was just for fun. We’ve fucked white male hole before.” Oh he is cunning that son of mine. Jatz was pounding into me now and I was afraid I might cum just from that. I wanted to save it for my son. TJ and JT weren’t being as rough with Troy but they were fucking at a fast pace and Troy again was purring like a cat. Both boys were going balls deep into his 9 year old body. I could see they were building and close to cumming. But of course they didn’t need to drag it out. At their age they will be ready to go again in 15 minutes. Jatz slapped me hard across the ass and then thrust himself in deep and held himself their as he flooded my guts with his baby makers and groaned out “Fuck yea.” The twins shuddered also and let lose. TJ pulled out of Troy’s mouth as he was shooting and sprayed the little sweet face with his cum. My son looked so hot with cum running down his face. Jatz pulled out of me and I dropped down onto the floor on my back. As soon as JT was out of Troy’s ass I pulled Troy on top of me and slid him down so my cock head was at his tunnel of desire. “You ready for me son?” I asked as we looked into each others eyes. “Fuck me dad please.” He lowered his mouth to mine and we kissed as I entered him. His boy pussy slid down onto my throbbing cock. Even with the JT having fucked him his ass was tight and hot. Troy took over and started to slide himself up and down on my throbbing shaft. Clenching his muscles on the up slide and relaxing on the down. I started to thrust back up into him and like a horse rider on a merry go-round we rose and fell in unison. “I love you dad.” He whispered into my mouth as we kissed. This, yes this is what I had dreamed of. This is what I desired. This is what I thought of when I looked thru my private files of depravity. Sodomizing my son with his consent and want. What oh what could make this better? “Oh dad, I forgot to tell you.” Troy said with a soft seductive voice after he pulled his mouth from mine. “Mom and I decided that Benjamin and I are gonna live with you full time. She wants to travel. She’s gonna drop Benjamin off tomorrow.” He looked at me with a smile. “Benji can’t wait to party with us.” And then he winked at me. My cock twitched and I sprayed deep into him. Ok I admit it I was played, manipulated, hoodwinked, whatever you want to call it. Just turned nine and he knew how to pull my strings, push my buttons.

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