Hormonal didn’t even come close to what she was feeling. Horny, Sensual, Pliant. Relief was demanding her pussy steaming; bubbling with juices waiting to explode.

She wanted it. An Orgasm. To Cum. Her Climax.

Sitting in her usual corner in the train carriage her hands moved restlessly over her, helplessly gripping the fabric of her skirt.

She had been thinking about her lover, her imaginary lover, reveling in his worshipping routine treating her like a goddess, tasting touching invading her… everywhere.

A sandy blonde head peaked up and looked down the carriage to where SHE sat. He had an unlimited view of her without her knowing. A voyeur but he was in love so it didn’t matter. Every day he would admire her long legs sometimes encased in the tightest of jeans or bare to all with the shortest of skirts. He was a leg man. He would guard her as she slept, watching her as she leant her head against the window, at peace. Other times he would see the frustration biting relentlessly at her heels. Her face was the window to her soul, and nothing more enchanted him than that.

Today he watched her face torn with sexual frustration, he knew, it was as if her body was sending vibes to him pleading him to stop the restlessness. His cock aching for those red painted lips as they gasped. Her eyes closed tightly as she fantasised. Her hands moving back and forth over her body, stroking the high slopes of her breasts down to clutching her pussy.

He shifted in his seat, easing the pressure on his growing cock. He watched avidly as her fingers crept down to the hem of her skirt and eased it up, stroking upwards as if she was her own lover teasing herself. Higher and higher her fingers went. Take them off! Take them off!’ his mind begged of her, and as if by telepathy her black panties appear creeping down her thighs, knees to drop on the floor.

His cock bucked, responding to the source of pleasure, he stifled a groan, his treasure so achingly close but yet untouchable. His gaze fastened on her as his hands struggled to undo his button fly, moving the hampering cloth away he strokes his thick shaft, the pleasure forcing him to take their sensual finger dance to another level.

She would be sitting in the seat opposite him, shirt opened, skirt rucked up to her hips. Her brown eyes avidly watching his hand squeeze and milk his cock, while her hand cupped her bare breast her shaved pussy lips all juiced up ready to lick and suck.

The sudden change of momentum draws him away from his fantasy, he looks out the window noting that they were still many miles from their destination, noting nothing then turns back to his dream girl – to look into her deep brown eyes.

‘Oh my god! He’s watching me, his cock! I’m so horny! I want that inside me! I can’t believe he’s bursa escort watching me.’ Her mind scrambling over the facts, torn between decorum and relief. I could sit on him! I could slide that cock between my pussy! I could fuck him! I so want to cum! Her eyes were glued to his cock, gripped by his frozen hand, Reckless or temptation she couldn’t resist and moved over to seat facing him. It was as if her hormones had burst and she was a sex devil. She smiled hesitantly at him, her eyes distracted by his cock and his face. He smiled, his face blushing back as if in agreement that they were two desperate adults wanting relief.

She was hooked. Had he leered at her she would have ran away but his endearing sheepish expression won her over and decided there and then they would get what they both obviously wanted.

“Perhaps you would like a closer look” she purred as she walked towards him, her slinky red dress shimmering as she moved and sat on the seat facing him. His eyes roamed her body, with lust and desire, his hands aching to touch her through that tight dress that was moulding her round breasts. Her plump nipples all puckered up and reaching for him. Her long legs crossed sexily encased in sheer black stockings and her feet in strappy stilettos. He liked what he saw his cock was in total agreement as it bucked in his hand.

With impish dare she uncrossed her legs, placing one leg – then the other on either side of his knees. Reeling with the power of her sensuality, she squirmed her bottom down to the edge of her seat, her skirt moved slowly up her thighs, revealing her peachy lips. Smoothly shaven, plump and oh so juicy.

His reached down to softly caress her ankles, at first she tensed but slowly relaxed under his gentle fingers. “I love your legs” he murmured, his eyes tracing up her legs to linger longingly at her pussy. “Really? What else do you like?” She responded purringly. “Your breasts”, his eyes lit up as he spoke, “I love the way your breasts are safely covered but could not be more sexy. I know exactly what they want – I love the way you tempt me with them.” He then smiled at her, as his hands crept up and under her calves, his body drawn to her like an iron bar to a magnet.

“I can smell your lust, my mouth is watering, my tongue is longing to give you pleasure. I want to taste you! So I can see your clit, so I can glide my tongue over it and feel your body respond!” His voice poured over her like warm honey, as he moved slowly closer to her, forcing her legs to spread further apart, until their faces were scant centimetres apart.

She was hypnotised by his voice watching his lips move with smooth and deep resonating sound. How she wanted to kiss them, and feel them move over her body! Her body reacted to her wants and she reached up and grabbed hold of bursa escort bayan him to bring his lips down to consume.

He was shocked and delighted as she took the initiative, her hot lips frantically kissing and her tongue eager to explore. Then before he could take control she relinquished his mouth and pushed him downwards. Her wants clearly stated by aroma and movement.

‘When the lady request…’ it was the last thought to exit his head as his tongue reached out. Her aroma was divine; his mouth watering, and her pussy oh so soft and hot. Her hands caressed his head as he knelt before his goddess and worshipped her most sacred place.

Smelling her scent, he didn’t hold back and opened his mouth wide, trying to taste her hot little box all at one time. His tongue found her hard clit and lashed it.

She cried out and arched up closer. She squirmed, tensed and bucked every lick, nibble and suck was divine. She loved every bit of it! Having a stranger down on his knees licking and sucking her to orgasm! But he held her firm and lashed her swollen clit without mercy. She felt her orgasm welling up, and her muscles tightened. Lifting her hips off the seat, pressing her pussy against her lover’s devouring mouth, her body tensed as the orgasm rippled over her belly and down her legs to her toes. “Oh god, Yes, I’m cumming!” She cried.

He felt her juices drench his face when she came. Her pussy was slick with her cum. His cock was swollen to the point of being painful; his balls tight and full of thick ropey cum. He gave her clit one last lingering lick, loving the way her body responded helplessly to his movements. He kissed her hard, sharing her taste and sweet exotic aroma.

Purring sounds were coming from her throat as she submitted to his demands, still reeling from one of her orgasms she clung to him. “Wrap your arms around me” he whispered against her ear that he was nibbling. His hands stroking her body, running them up and down her back then as his mouth took hers for a ferocious kiss, his hands tore at her red satin shirt, releasing her heavy pendulous breasts.

She gasped, as her breasts felt free of their confines, the cool air dancing over her nipples making them pucker up even more. Her arms now wrapped around his neck as she returns his kisses hot wet and open. His big hands felt wonderful grazing her sensitive flesh, and the sleeping wanton inside her began to re-awaken.

Reveling in her silky skin, his hands wandered down to her little round butt. He grabbed her cheeks as he got up and sat back on his seat, with her in his lap. He took a finger and got it wet with her juices, and while rubbing it against her clit he took her hand to his hard cock that was arching between their heated bodies. “Feel me babe, see how hard, how hot you’ve made escort bursa me, let me fuck you mmm squeeze me yes like that! Oh Yes! Climb onto me ride me hard!”

His erotic words added to her pool of lust and not waiting any longer she rose above his lap, positioned him so that his blunt swollen tip was against her wet swollen pussy hole. Pausing she watched his face as she sank down on him. Groaning as the incredible heat and wetness squeezed his sensitive shaft; his hands reached down to cup her firm butt, to help guide her.

She gasped with pleasure, submitting to his invasion, loving the fullness and the pulsing power that promised release. His lips fastened on her nipples lapping them with his tongue then teasing and sucking strongly on the sensitive tip, the tormenting adding to her need, making her squirm and rise only to sink down. He reached down and caressed her clit with his thumb as he jostled his cock in and out of her pussy and massaged her firm ass.

“Oh please! More! Oh yes! I’m going to cum! I’m going to squeeze your lovely cock and flood you with my pussy nectar!” she panted heavily as her body swayed back and forth while he pounded into her. “Oh yes! Here it comes!” She started to cum and looked into his eyes with lust and pleasure.

He grunted as he picked up the pace even more. He felt his cock shudder and shoved deep inside her as he came. Moaning, their bodies quivered in a combination of ecstasy and exhaustion.

Soft and pliant around him she rested. He stroked his hands comfortingly along her back, mindlessly whispering his dreams and love for her as they returned to earth and cold hard reality. Would she let him see more of her? Is this the last train ride together? The apprehension was written all over his face. This time it was up to her.

She kept her face hidden against his shoulder as she slowly regained control over her body. At first she was embarrassed by her actions, but then as she listened to his voice of feelings and truth, she realized her power and their connection was more than just physical. Kissing him softly, she gently climbed off him and returned to her seat for her belongings.

When she stood up and looked at him she saw the apprehension and the fear in his eyes, all cleaned up, only the aroma of their pleasure, their lingering perfume hinted at their indiscretion. She smiled warmly at him, and walked towards him. She bent his head back as she kissed him hard, her hand reaching down to cup his groin, pushing and squeezing his pleasure tool. Then abruptly she left. Bewildered he sat and watched her sweet bottom giggle down the stairs and exit the stationary carriage.

He started to get up to chase her when he felt something soft drop silently to the ground. Looking down, he saw a scrap of black silk, and a source of that tempting aroma. The black G-string looked so erotic; his cock awoke as his imagination dressed her in it and nothing else.

Turning it over his heart thumped with excitement and hope. On her panties was scrawled – Eve 375 819.

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